In Search of 1000x Series!!! #2


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  1. Reply
    Slots&SneaksHyperfuse November 25, 2017 at 4:40 pm


  2. just what i need for a saturday much love bud

  3. Another vid your going for it today int you mate

  4. Finally… welcome to my world. Record is 350 plus spins on that without a feature for me. Dam high voltage lol

  5. felt the pain from that 1 one m8 chin up fk the fobts and watford by the way beating the toon aghhhh!!!

  6. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel November 25, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    Fun video, shame you didn’t get the bonus on the last one

  7. High voltage once again proving its so much better than gates of shit! Unlucky man but you gotta go for it haven’t you

  8. Magic mirror is absolute shit

  9. Hey there Rocknrolla – thanks for the entertainment I appreciate your channel man! Cheers and thumbs up!

  10. So they havent tamped with these games when there new u win rope u in n rape u dry 567889 teases n when it comes in no more then 30x dhv is aids

  11. Bell then skull lol yea ok then

  12. This game is ripping all streamers off:: starts off playing well , sucks everyone in ,then fucking rips every fucker off,

  13. just started watching you and I am loving your videos exciting and kinda scary at the same time. lot of money hope you smash it mate and win big

  14. 26:49 WTF was that? “NGGHYAAAH”!!!

  15. What the fck paul £20 spins will kill you faster than crack cocaine mate!! ✌?

  16. Great video session Paul mate

  17. True what you say Rolla,and am the same,A was doing £30 spins on captain venture,hit bonus and got 35x,Were greedy bastards!?

  18. You are so degen I love it brutal indeed. I half hoped you’d save a balance for next stream. Great try though you’ll hit one day paul

  19. I’d have done exactly the same! So many spins with no bonus is ridiculous. I don’t gamble to be even as you don’t so at £950 in and down to £1k Think I’d have just span that out on magic mirrors

  20. You should have walked and you should do 10 euro spins, 20 is just redicolous.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 25, 2017 at 5:46 pm

      I know, just on previous sessions on this slot in particular its always come in so just assumed it would, pretty stupid I know

  21. 100% would have done the same I’d have lost it all on bonanza games bust me a too many times lol

  22. Great video …to be fair you deserve a monster hit on the slots…sure you will get it soon …great video (dantomo82 twitch)

  23. When you landed the kings i think i was more happy than you i flew up my chair and yelled get the fuck in there… then went back realizing it wasen’t me that was playing haha
    good one Rocknrolla

  24. unlucky dude you will have to buy Tesco value rum like the rest of us..hopefully see you streaming sunday..

  25. You made it. Then…….

  26. Mate fuck it will everything in life

  27. Dam there class to watch brutal at times but loved it bar the last slot hate that magic mirror game it’s wank to play an wank to watch better look next time pal

  28. don,t gamble kids lol it takes everything from u lol

  29. That’s sore to watch!!

  30. The posterboy of gambleaware haha

  31. you streaming tonighy

  32. I’m so happy I’m not the only one who says “fuckity fuck!” I’ve been saying that for about 20 years now. Happy to be emulating the Rolla!

  33. the feeling you have at the end is soooooo recognizable … trust me it’s extremely honest, it takes a lot of courage to share this shity emotion with us, the public here, I seriously appreciate you for this enormously !! one thing I can say ” you’re definitely not alone, when I saw your emotions it’s like I was seeing myself !! ” there were days when I faced a very cold session I was so mad I began to smash things here in my room lol … then I was thinking, WTF I’m doing ;.. I only can say this ..; analyze things , learn from your mistakes and do not over do them ..

  34. Hard luck buddy.

  35. Painful at the end mate. Good effort but painful.

  36. Paul mate take a break for a little while Cheers


  38. think off the loyalty points

  39. I was ripping on book of dead and Six acrobats last night like over 1k, last month i ripped on Danger high voltage and finer reels of life 1k!! Compulsive Gambling is ultimately baddest habit and should be recognized as a similar crap than drug addiction! I heard that it can cause more suicides than other addictions combined 🙁 anyway, love your vids and i hope all the best for you Rollaxxx(ps. From all the streamers and vid makers, only one who didnt seem like fake is you!!)

  40. Reply
    The Spinner Takes It All November 25, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    Very entertaining video, edited perfectly showing all of the teases.

  41. Reply
    Norfolknchance Udumbfook November 25, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    Just goes to show, the slots close down on high stakes, 700 spins on 20p a very different story!

  42. Them emotions are shared among alot of us. Theres always the hope but reality tells us theres no point hoping for something so unlikely to happen. You cant be told what to do especially a gambler, you just have to realise that it didnt pay off wasting all that money when you can spend it on alot more interesting things.. gl in the next 1 pal. Have a limit.

  43. iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee


  45. Unlucky that man. Danger took the piss with all those teasers! Im still yet to hit a bonus on Bonanza must be around 500 spins now!! Look forward to the next Tesco Special Ronza Rum moment!

  46. Thanks for the vid – always entertaining…

  47. Reply
    Puppydoo Online Slot Challenge Channel November 25, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    Great entertainment. so many highs & lows thanks for the videos.

  48. Did you know the boss of BetWay got paid £200 million last year? Makes you think doesn’t it.

  49. I think you can tell when they r gonna be shit… I do screen video some sometimes haha but so funny all the teases I screenshot them fails

  50. Signed up to 21 through your link Paul cheers mate 🙂

  51. fuck man.. that wasted your time big time ?

  52. Reply - Gambling Community November 25, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    nice video 🙂

  53. Great video
    I learn a lot from you when your playing, you need to learn to walk away my friend some times, you lost the lot chasing what you already had!!
    Stop getting deposit bonuses as there lies your biggest issue with the wagering, it’s not real money until you have played it.
    Good luck on your next video.
    Thanks for the entertainment. ?

  54. (huge win coming soon…)

  55. hi paul good vid m8y please look at my you tube message i won 10k from £200 wow!! please do your thing m8y much love

  56. Paul, I just wanna say that we all absolutely love your channel because its no BS, its the reality of gambling, no cuts or edits pretending that you walked away in profit, its just the real you! Love your channel, and you are the best streamer by miles and miles and miles. You are genuine, and real, and you have the respect of every gambler on youtube

  57. Why not max stake £5 for this challenge to minimise losses
    I have had 1000x’s twice in approximately 9 months timeframe

  58. my last 1000x+ came from GoT 243 ways on a .60 bet
    it paid like 1250 from baratheon feature

  59. Reply
    Gallery11Eleven™ Design November 25, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    how about some queen of riches or star quest in next attempt? both have the potential

  60. this slot has been dead all weekend

  61. 2 Down how many more to go i have the faith mate you will reach that 1000x soon. Big love lad


  63. Fantastic content mate sorry you bust next time for the 1000x

  64. As much as i love danger its fucking brutal, after 10 teases u just lose hope of it coming in lol

  65. “All we need is 660x on the last spin” – Classic Rocknrolla!

  66. danger has a tell you know when your getting thr bonus. the first scatter hits faster than usual, a bit like the old raging or Bruce lee versions . play it enough and you’ll see it

  67. every time I gamble lol unlucky Paul you will bring in 12k next stream 😉

  68. This vid shows why people love you Paul. At least 50 % of the people watching you play have done the same thing : try to get more. This is the reality. Cheers for the video mate , i hope next time you will hit that 1000x.

  69. Greed will inevitably be your downfall.

  70. why didn’t you quit on £4k

  71. Was doing good until you decided to ditch BTG for shit games.

  72. In the dictionary under ‘Degenerate’ is says : see RocknRolla

  73. i love this series paul. keep up the great work!

  74. How much did that whole video cost him in terms of loss?

  75. When you next live mate?

  76. Another ‘Rolla’Coaster ?????

  77. Hi Paul, you should try Vampires. Jimbo got a 1000x line hit during bonus.

  78. Reply
    David Zamorano Aguado November 26, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Muy buen vídeo,enseñar ala gente lo que se comen de dinero no los premios!

  79. Damn Paul…Maybe Fruit Warp. Rough Vid, but I love your channel 🙂 We will get it next time.

  80. Unlucky with the last slot was way due to hit a feature see you soon

  81. Thanks for your honesty bro – I was with you man, brutal.

  82. the way i see it it wouldn’t matter which of the two features you picked, it was either gonna pay out or it wasn’t

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