HUGE WIN!! Spinal Tap Big Wins lead to 110k CASHOUT – Casino Games – (MUST SEE)


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  1. Only 10k euro?

  2. What a great couple if hits! Last one was amazing! Congrats!

  3. Reply
    Little Lukas Slimie July 26, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    Amazing rip and pip….you guys are so funny…..awesome to see ya in the casino daddy fam???

  4. This is how ppl should react when doing big bets, Jarttus fake money will never be the biggest channel

    • +Ttt Kkk how is jarttu still able to play everyday with highest stakes? ??? get your facts boy.

    • Vakna det e julafton!!

    • Ttt Kkk u should get your facts boy. its not unlikely that jarttu plays with multilottos CC same as roshtein. how do i know this? because there are regional affilliate conventions and roshtein admited to alot of german streamers that hes using their CC. why did we ask him? cuz literally every streamer or youtuber tries to affiliate with alot of casinos to obviously earn more money. why does roshtein and jarttu doesnt and still be able to play the most insane betsizes. we wanted to know the magic behind this

    • Yes im call him fake he is well knowed fake money streamer – he streaming for over 3 years and only in Multilotto in past next Viks and N1 casino NEVER in any other casino- all 3 brands was catch with offered virtual money for streamers – You say he show his deposits history and he is legit – ? He show deposits history ( from N1 player account – where we can see specyfic date – deposits method – netteler – So he can now show to compare deposits history from Netteler – e-wallet with clear show he deposits some money to casino — Deposits history from his player account is not ANY PROOF – all this 3 casinos where he play are well knowed with offered for streamers deal with credited their account with virtual money just for bring affiliate traffic without any risk. – Im never see Roshtein playing in ANY Legit casino from 3 years he play only in 3 brands with bad reputations with offered virtual money for streamers – He is 100% fake is not abaout recived high bonuses ( beacouse he can recived high bonuses in few other Big popular high quality casinos – But they not aproved him same unethical deal like he have in example N1 casino with play for their money ( virtual money ) – It is like it its he is scamer – If he can show history of his deposit to casino from e-wallet ( Skrill / Netteler ) then will be other story – history of deposits from Player account is not any Proof.

    • ^ It’ll get worse

  5. riprock and piprock would be proud of them

  6. Awsome!! Love watching you guys!!

  7. I had some nice hits on this as well i just dont get since it should be random….why everytime first pick is mega crap that you never pick…this way it smell rigged even had 4x big money bonus till end always giving 2x 8( best win had on 11 sparks wilds for 700x and encore 10wilds for 600x all big money wins 200-300x…I had 2x 2nd best but I feel that one is really shit since it sticks wild max 2 wilds in 2 runs

    • Bonuses and features on this provider are usually pre-determined. They are rigged, but in a way all slots are. Pick doesn’t matter too much. But I get this slot has a bit of a rigged feel to it, but it’s very enjoyable still 😀

  8. Reply
    Amin Abu Al-Jadael July 27, 2018 at 5:42 am

    Nice one! Feels really unlucky when I do spins 🙁 But happy for u!

  9. Ohhh my God,it’s fantastic win!?????????

  10. Congrats guys

  11. that was so lucky. Nice one.

  12. Congratiolations boys!!

  13. I love your videos. Genuine excitement so good to see. Massive congrats! ? ?

  14. That was fun to watch

  15. rip n pip such degen dudes <3 love watching u guys

  16. haha this was amazing!

  17. yup…yeah yup yup yeah yeah yeah yeah yup yeah yup yup yup. ..yeah faking amezing yup yup yeah lol ???

  18. that block on the left is so thick lol???

  19. so it’s like 11k in £ and you shiting yourself like you won jackpot on euromillions ?

  20. what is that in real money

  21. Epic brothers

  22. Why are they so happy? It’s masse’s money ???

  23. Use euros in titles since this aint swedish website.. Or atleast write sek as it should be written

    • +Necronomous Dude do me a favour and stfu. They know very well that they put it there for fucking clickbait. If Kronas were so known in the world more people would trade in it and it would have value to be used in a video. The New Zealand fucking dollar is worth more.

    • Why? If it is 110k crowns. Or whatever…doesn’t matter. Sweden doesn’t even got euro you know. So many sites that ain’t swedish are showing either KR as crowns or SEK. Blame it on websites instead. I know these guys are from Sweden, as am I. So 110k says 110k SEK for me automatically, if I don’t watch ppl playing on slots in Vegas on Youtube…they also forgets to put dollar sign on their videos sometimes, and it is only YouTube-nazis that complains about it.

  24. Reply
    Slots&SneaksHyperfuse August 3, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    Baldy balls my lads

  25. haha so cool bois!

  26. That’s at least 12 bucks right there

  27. The bell is ringing. Awesome

  28. 12:17 2000x win. Awesome congrats

  29. It comes out as only 14.019 k gbp I’d be happy with that obviously but hell of a lot less than expected. The highest bet is only £35

  30. Gotta love Rip n Pip

  31. Guy is willing to play to down to 28000,then wins another 30000,then does not want to play max.?????

  32. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel November 18, 2018 at 8:33 am

    Amazing! ????????????

  33. Vad är det för sida?

  34. I really like the content you guys produce but one thing I hate about YouTube is Clickbait. And tbh this is one prime example of why I KNOW for sure streamers purposefully use Krona instead of Euro on their streams and videos. It isn’t because “they have to” (because let’s be honest they can use euro instead) but rather it’s because of the views and click bait title like this. Dude I didn’t even scroll down and I can already see people saying that’s only 10K euro. It’s really a shame that you guys produce good content but go this low. I went through your videos and nearly 80% are titled “record win” I mean how many records can you break lmao. And if you’re going to say “Oh that’s the only currency we can play in”. Then why is it that some of your streams you play using euro? Come on man. It’s a shame man it really is CLick bait game stronger than Jake Paul

    • Then you haven’t been watching all that much, as we pay loads of attention to gambling issues, and warning are on every video, stream. Besides all this we get many signals from viewers that actually feel helped with their addiction watching us play instead. But to each their own I guess, and we respect your decision 😉

    • +CasinoDaddy You do realise that every hated YouTuber (i.e Logan/Jake Paul, RiceGum and so on.) use clickbait. Every original YouTuber who is respected by the YouTube community has title that are factual and don’t discredit the video. You saying “110K” Discredits the fuck out of the video and if anything makes people with gambling issues watch it pushing them forward to playing more. Not once Have I seen you guys give out Gambling Warnings of any kind. Gambling is fun but then again some people fall victim to it’s addiction but you never seem to bring that up at all. None the less I enjoyed your channel as much as I could but I can’t keep watching a channel with misleading titles and has no concern for what their content may result in.

    • Actually we can not use Euros since the swedish law. Any casino with a swedish license FORCES (yes!) us to play in Swedish crowns. If they do not have this license, then we play in euro – as we prefer. Before the swedish law if you would register your account in sek, you would have to keep it in sek. On the titles – yeah. We do clickbait, as does any other youtube user. If you don’t, people mostly won’t click your videos, because that’s how the majority of youtube users think. The record win titles refer to our own records. But thanks for your feedback either way.

  35. Love yours reactions Rip and Pip 🙂 Legends of casinos 🙂

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