HUGE Roulette Loss!!!! (Part 2)


Brutal but this is the reality of high stakes roulette!

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  1. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 5, 2016 at 8:06 pm
  2. Congratulations, Top comment is for losers.

  3. Reply
    Petefromtheblacklagoon November 5, 2016 at 8:08 pm

    hope you’ve changed you’re mind and are streaming tonight???

  4. Paul, you are a beast mate… And you want the fucking lot ?

  5. please say ya streamin??

  6. Paulll do ya stream tonight??

  7. You need some effective bankroll management mate, I have been down degenerate street before but you are riding on tbe edge. I would recommend wagering no more than 10% of your bankroll at any one time and going after zero section or tier separately increasing when the streak gets hot. Good luck in the future fella, much love!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:42 pm

      cheers mate and yeh bankroll management to an extent is a must but roulette & slots is a hard one for me to use a bankroll system

  8. Really big respect putting this up, most would hide their losses but you’re completely open about it rolla, if you’re carrying on I hope you get another massive win and then run for the hills mate!

  9. This is horrible even to watch.. make me feel sick

  10. Reply
    CasinoRiggED Boizan November 5, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    22k gone in 9 minuts.. crazy bets mate

  11. defo smashed his laptop after, that a mortgage deposit you lost broooo

  12. ouchhhhhhhhhhhh ! not much to say really paul , your money and your life , in an ideal sittuation you gotta stop reverseing man ! roulette is a dangerous game , find people chaseing numbers more than you do a bonus on slots , dont let that shit get to you though chin up lad you’ll pull it all back

  13. Waiting for this video poul and not expected that shit but hope you will stream 2night mate

  14. no comment RIP ur roulette legend u will get it all back u just have to have break sometimes btw spins gl paul

  15. wow.. thats insane…. respect for showing the vid mate.

  16. Stream tonight paul ??????????

  17. that was unlucky mate great vids anyway next time you think of doing that il give you my bank details and you can send me the money lol.

  18. the chase is on bro

  19. I wish you could relive your loss .. You are a legend in courage.. gg?

  20. Paul…. I feel ur pain…. that bitch must of hurt!!!! Ull come back with a vengeance tho mate.

  21. Reply
    EvolutionHardCore S November 5, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    1 year job for this cash omg bro relax stop play soo cash….

  22. your getting stupid tbh were watching you but this aint fun. man to man you need to check yourself

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:33 pm

      I’m on it mate and clued up with it all but yeh can see these videos as not easy viewing but then they are a true account of whatever journey I’m on

  23. Reply
    at home with holmes November 5, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    sorry about your lose here mate dont go doing anything silly . i get well down just losing a hundred so god knows how your feeling. respect for putting up these vids winning and losing ones.

  24. Get it up yi

  25. just watching it feel sick,, i can understand whats going inside you,, but @ the same time a bit disappointment and,, its your money,, but losing the lots of money just like that is crazy… i personally like to watch your video and enjoying it,, i tell you mate i got 500 pounds loan and i have to pay ig 1 year. its not wise to lose it.. good luck

  26. You have my respect Paul nobody will put this video on youtube ….. but you are real …
    One advise dont be obsesed with number 10 if the tiers dont come up try the orphans or the zero section but in any case you know better what to gamble and how much money you gamble !!!!

  27. dont play this game agen???

  28. first time I’ve seen you act like a compulsive gambler

  29. i love your streams but this is just bull shit.. like you sed you have an averge salary of 30k a year and your gamblin 20k in the the space of what a week.. your winning shit tons! being patient when are you actually gunna stop before you lose everythin.. your heading that way. been a fan from the start but you takin the piss you have no appreciation for money what so ever

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:29 pm

      I hear you mate and video definitely shows no appreciation for money! But the strange thing is I really do have appreciation for money as I work so hard for what I get but I guess I detach myself from reality a bit when gambling as if I didnt to be honest I wouldnt gamble at all!

  30. rarely leave comments but FUCK ME this was crazy. I gamble I’m. devastating if I lose 2 or 300. this is next level. anyone asking g if your streaming tonight deserves a fucking castration even if we forget the 13k you got too off the 3k you just flew through 11k regardless of how good you are at this shit you must have had plans for that cash…… mate I’ve watched you since the beggining and it’s just escalated in terms of bets…. back to basics…. I feel awkward for you watching this….

  31. its only pennies m8 unlucky. Your affilaite sponsorship must be doing good. just think it’s an investment for your audience which will pay off in the long run.

  32. like i said roulette is evil and best to stay well clear!! the devils wheel, just stick to the slots you have a much longet session and its far more enjoyable than that crap mate.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:26 pm

      I find slots hard to play unless it with winnings as I like to play at slightly higher stakes than most

  33. respect for showing this but man you need major help we can all be degenerate from time to time but this ain’t good man

  34. just saw your video in the description fella. fair play on the edits and regardless of what people comment including me it’s your money at the end of the day but yeah like you said…. reasoning with yourself sometimes HAS to be better for you….. I fucking love your vids mate addicted to them last comment was purely fucking shock and awe at the amount lost
    ….. fuck the fobts

  35. crazy video man , it really is something that people should see

  36. Omg! sorry from spain Paul… 🙁

  37. That hurts man, I’m sorry for you! It looks like you have lost control on this game. Take it as a friendly advice: have a break, go somewhere on a trip, relax and if you’ll want to play start again with less money. In the future you might repent for all these losses.
    Cheers man!

  38. i was up 3k on live roulette once and blew it all off a 150 deposit and i was in bits over it for weeks cant imagine how you are feeling bro, this is just how it goes sometimes i guess

    • +If You Want Roulette Software nobody wants to fucking use it it’s a addiction that ruin people

    • +Richard South Its a waste of time and a person can get addicted real quick.

    • +Silva David good on you more people should smash them up maybe thay will take them away then it’s not even gambling your throwing away money knowing that computer is not even paying out half of what it takes in

    • +Richard South I was betting in Betfair won a thousand Euros in a match went to the roulette all my money blown in less than 10 minutes was so pissed off that I smashed the computer.

  39. I felt this was coming, but still hurts to watch. Hope you play at lower stakes for a bit.

  40. I admire your balls  buddy

  41. Didn’t have to show these video’s no one would know about them just show’s you are willing to show good side of gambling and the bad side. So much respect massive bet’s but if they would have hit a couple in a row life changing money.

  42. And that boys and girls is why the casinos always win. They love people like you. You have got some series balls mate.

  43. A legend for showing that video. but Paul take it easy, limit your monthly deposits and withdrawal. not saying other people can’t control their gambling but I couldnt, threw away 73’000 in 4 days lost my house wife job and more importantly my little 3 year old girl now I see her in a contact centre. my gambling took me to dark places. please don’t let yours or anyone reading this take you to the same place I ended up.

  44. fuck i reversed 450 quid a few weeks ago and lost it . fuck i dont feel to bad now

  45. The title of you’re video is clickbait pal, take a break from gambling 20 grand fucking hell

  46. Wow. This is what happened to me many times. Make a bet that MUST come in after missing for 6 or more spins, but it never comes in. I was betting say £100 a spin so lost a couple of thousand when my numbers didn’t come in repeatedly, not £3K a spin where I lost £20K.

    I could see in your face how deep you are into this. Get help before it gets too deep – or – cut down the spins!
    You’ve won plenty from £200 spins! This won’t always be “betting with the wins”.

    Cheers mate. Banana.

  47. Bro I know ppl shouldn’t compare… but your bets are getting close to deposits on houses! I like many are stuck in our situations. I hope u make some wise choices in life to fund this hobbie. I still wish u the best of luck!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:14 pm

      cheers mate! it was a crazy period of gambling but all with winnings, doesnt take away it was a useless waste of money but then all gambling is

  48. Mate I have some advice for you………


  49. fucking hell Paul I do enjoy your shit on here but that was excessive mate you need to calm the fuck down and stop trying to out do yourself every time soon enough at this rate you will be destitute with fuck all …… when it’s cashed stop reversing it and chasing pal…..

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:12 pm

      I know mate, the reverse should never happen and maybe once I’ve made a withdrawal thats pending to not play until its gone through

  50. fucking hell man i know that’s the way you play but shit that was a lot of money

  51. what do you think about hitting free spins on this roulette and wait to miss column around 15 times , and then start betting and double bet? is it good strategy to take some free cash that day and leave for the next day? 🙂 with around 300 euro balance to make around atleast 10-20euro per day? thx

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:11 pm

      not sure mate, I dont really like systems, just my usual degen tactics of try and get in and out as quick as possible!

  52. you’re way out of control buddy, been there myself in the past you’ve lost the plot

  53. I hope you had a smuch fun as me watching that

  54. hi paul can you give me a shout out really need help getting view on my channel. if you can i will be so happy

  55. love your stream dude. big balls and true emotions. but u should work on your mindset and stop tilting.

  56. get help. and fast. your addicted. forget youtube and everyone here look at that ring on your finger and work out which one is more important fool

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel you’re just making excuses. You just lost 21k.. You aren’t in control because if you were you wouldn’t have reversed that 8000 withdrawing. Please listen to your fans

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:08 pm

      I hear what your saying mate and watching this vid completely understand how it looks

  57. love watching your vids mate but that made me feel sick, massive respect in showing the winning and losing sides of gambling! Is just me shouting at the phone to stop?? mate surely you need a agree a limit that you will go to in any stream when you get 2 a point to call it quits?? Keep up the good work and stay safe pal NEVER feel that you have to do them kind of bets for anyone that was a fuk load of coin!!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:08 pm

      setting limits in a stream is a great idea as the only limit I have said is I will only cashout 4 figures in stream but I know if I said it then I would stick to it, so will think on that, cheers mate!!

  58. Reply
    Hugo Dasschlossgespenst November 5, 2016 at 10:15 pm

    you might win some battles but you cant win the war against the gamble

  59. Watching that and seeing the knife go through your heart mate wasn’t good I’m a 24 year old lad and il be totally honest with you I had a compulsive gambling addiction for 2years and I tried to take my own life through it the depression and anxiety it has left me with in life was never worth the buzz or the excitements it gives to you I’m left with demons in my head and a tough journey please get help mate let this be the wake up call for you all the best pal

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:05 pm

      Appreciate both your comments and can definitely relate as I have been at the bottom a few times through this, payday loans etc. But as deluded as it may sound I feel in control as not once have I gone over budget since starting my channel and when I did feel my control was slipping I said goodbye to youtube for 2months and stuck to it and would have no problem doing that again if I felt control was slipping!

    • Ryan Kelly same here Ryan I’ve been gambling online slots for 3 years now and I was funding my habit with payday loans!!!.As I only earn 15k a year losing 3k in 18 days put me in a really dark place time off work and all the guilt that goes around in your head.paul seems a really nice guy but he needs to seek professional help like the national problem gambling clinic in west London.ive heard they do good work there.all the best for the future.

  60. It’s a bastard mate only just started watching your vids mate but fair shout you didn’t have to show the loss but goes to show you can’t win all the time chin up another day start fresh.

  61. Reply
    super fast documentarys November 5, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    made me sad watching this keep ur chin up Paul stick to slots u seem a lot lucker

  62. Many times i have seen you turn a small amount into a good sum but it always ends up with you pissing it away on roulette.

    man i can see the desperation on your face when playing

    On a positive I applaud you for showing the darker sides to gambling

    Good luck.

  63. you seem like a nice lad but fck me son your daft!!! you must have a lot of cash or there is something wrong with you mate!! you need help with the online gambling it’s no good mate!! ✌

  64. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!! You just gambled away about £21,000 in less than 20mins. That’s like a year’s wages for a lot of people. Time to take a break mate.

  65. Great entertainment can’t knock you for that but you spunk away cash people can only dream of having! Can only assume you could afford to lose it?

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel ah fair one. Keep the videos going fella fantastic entertainment

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:01 pm

      it was winnings so dont really see it as actual money until its in my bank, but yes also been winning alot lately otherwise I’m sure I wouldnt have taken this as far as it went

  66. Just fuckin stop man!!!!!! Forget the vids , forget the streams , forget the channel!!!! Just fiuckin stop now!! Plz!!!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:00 pm

      I hear you mate and I do know when it is time to do that as I did a video a while saying goodbye for two months to have a break and stuck by it, so I know if I do feel that way again then I have no issue in doing it

  67. Paul for those people giving you hate here’s a few things to consider

    1. it’s his cash, Paul does not leave himself short, he gambles what he can afford
    2. ups and downs happen, it wasn’t that long ago he took 5k/10k out
    3. if you don’t like it, don’t watch, just unsub!! negativity will not change how he gambles!!!

    anyway rant over, you are the real rocknrolla mate, fantastic content and streams, hope we see more in 2017 once you finish off this contract work!!!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:58 pm

      theres no getting away from it this video/session really did hurt but I went for it and like blaindev said I never leave myself short or do degen deposits chasing losses. I dont deny I am an addict and have been at the bottom many times and like you said an addicts best trait is telling another story which I definitely relate to but 100% I am in control as deluded as it may sound! A few months I didnt feel in control and di a video saying goodbye for two months and stuck by that so if I didnt feel in control I would have no issue doing it again

    • blaindev yeah encourage the misery displayed in this video, your a good person … You can see the desperation in his face, that can’t be faked. a gambling addicts greatest trait is to be a convincing story teller, hiding the problem a loss is always a touch less than advertised , you can even convince yourself at time.

  68. Reverse withdrawals are a big risk! Even when it goes in your bank it’s still easy to deposit it back. Dude I really hope you hit a massive win. Hope the luck hasn’t turned

  69. What are you hoping to gain from this lunacy mate? i mean i thought i was bad but this is next level shit. streaming and earning commission from 21casino wont make you rich and what you do earn is gonna go straight back in. That £22,000 you just lost could pay more of your mortgage off. Or you could save for a rainy day or a family. The hours you waste on here could be precious moments with your wife or family, you never know whats round the corner. This isnt fun like it used to be, it hooks you and drags you right down. From 95%in control youre now about 5% in control and one day it will be borrow, lie, steal and remortgage. Fuck the streams, fuck the YouTubers, fuck the FOBTs, fuck the real rocknrolla and get back to being the REAL PAUL….

  70. Reply
    Northside’s Gambling Channel November 5, 2016 at 11:37 pm

    Rocknrolla, 100% Real!!! It’s a Big Boys GAME!!! Chin up!! Ya the Man!!

  71. dude gambling is meant to be fun – I mean if you’re mega rich and can afford to lose 20k then I guess you don’t care but to me that is a HUGE amount of money. I think you may need to get some help to curb your addiction a little?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:48 pm

      this definitely wasnt fun but did have fun building it up. I feel in control mate and know I am as there have been many times when I havent and I’m on it to shut it down whenever that happens

  72. Oh no! ? you seem like a nice guy and I love you’re streams but I hate see you losing large amount of cash like this. In the space of a few minutes you lost what I earn a year. Big respect to you for your honesty though as you said you could have easily edited your videos to make it look like you had two huge wins but you didn’t.I just hope you don’t put yourself at massive risk just to entertain your fans and viewers trying to chase that six figure number dream. xx

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:46 pm

      cheers natz! I know most would still be happy if I lowered the stakes and I will to an extent when building a bankroll but I gamble like this for me and just record my action and hopefully it will come across as a true account of a gambler

  73. That was awesome, couple of bad breaks! Great to watch! U are a champion!

  74. Carry on this way and you’ll lose more than money !!

  75. You have just spent my years salary in nine minutes……get some fuckin help mate before your pawning that wedding ring to feed your habit. TIME TO STOP! !!!!!!!!

  76. You know you have a problem when you have over £300 on number 5 and it comes in and you say “look at 10 though” which at best had about £25 more on than 5. That spin returned over £10,000 which is 6 months salary to the average man of your age and you’re still not happy…….come on mate, sort it out now before its too late.

  77. Your a nice guy mate but family first give up gambling fella before its to late I won’t be watching ur vids anymore good luck for the future but don’t chuck ur life and family away over a stupid wheel

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:41 pm

      I would never do that mate I always put them first, they are both fully setup and secured and my gambling will never affect that

  78. u r fucking fearless, I like it so much!

  79. You’re gonna lose everything if you carry on the way you’re going. calm down and take a break mate. Take your misses on a nice holiday and take some time to reflect.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:40 pm

      hello mate, she is treated way too much as it is haha!! It may sound like I’m delusional but I do still feel in control

  80. that’s about how much id need to buy my favourite car… nevermind though i guess ill just see the owner off this casino driving one.

  81. No one who knows what they are doing plays like this… First of all, roulette has terrible odds, theres no reason you should be playing for such a large amount in roulette of all things. Secondly, you split lines, which only pays out 17/1 so for every 35 dollars wagered, you’re losing a dollar…. If you had just put the money on both the numbers, you save 1 dollar per 35 wagered.

    Further, when you play roulette, if you’re going to at all (when imo is stupid, its a suckers game) take 5-10 numbers max and play those and bet smaller to account for variance, covering 20 of 35 numbers is simply stupid. You might as well just put 100 on each number and watch yourself hit the number but lose 100 every spin. This was pathetic on so many levels. At least learn the game and play to as much as an advantage as possible if you’re going to play for this much.

    • When I play the roullete I play the 1st and 3rd line and I do Martingale I can normally play 10 spins so if I get it in the 4th spin or higher I stop playing and leave the casino.

    • TheOPTV for example.. split 37 times you’ll hit both numbers once on average.. bet full on 1 number you’ll hit once on average in 37 spins. Both pays 36/37=no difference

    • TheOPTV thats the biggest bullshit ever.. you loose on average like 2.7% Of your bet no matter what or how you bet

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:39 pm

      Hello mate, for me I find this style has done me well especially recently and at the end of the day roulette is all luck. The reason for the splits is mainly because I will hit the max amount allowed straight up on a number. How I play depends on how much I have in the bank, I vary it up on how many numbers I bet by this as if I have a large bankroll I found it safer to go for the medium wins whereas with a small bankroll I go for less numbers

  82. The problem with “gambling”, I dont’ even like that term. I call it entertainment. BUt the problem with entertaining yourself and not having any limits and guts of steel is that There’s no amount of money that’s ever enough. It’s just a number on a screen. It doesn’t mean anything to people who like to play. It’s just the fuel to feed the fire. He should watch the movie “the gambler” with mark wahlberg. That basically sums it up. You need to find new hobbies. This sht is basically like a crack addiction. I fight the same thing, but on a smaller level maybe like 300 a week, but I constantly give it all back, 1500 to 2k i won several times. You make money you raise your limits and then you lose it all. It’s the same old spinning record week in and week out. One thing you gotta ask yourself man, is. What’ the goal? How much money will it take to make for you to chnage your ways? And really, there is no amount of money. Wahlberg’s movie really brings it home.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:35 pm

      I agree mate to a certain extent. For me I want to win huge record numbers and keep pushing it without damaging myself to much in the process. I never redeposit huge amounts to chase, after this one I could easily have reversed more or redeposit but I just sucked it up and felt sick but know I will ultimately come to this same scenario in the future and will probably do the same. I have won so much recently that I guess I felt a little invincible. But I have just rejoined the gym because I do find myself gambling a little more than I should and when all these backed up videos are up I will try to just stick to gambling on stream or for specific youtube videos/series

    • Yh mate I no exactly what you mean I’m the same I actually watch his vids to make me feel better about the hundreds I’ve lost compared to his thousands

  83. …shit happens… but sun will rise again…brighter …cheers,gl on your next stream

  84. If u would of repeated on 5;46 and hit 32 n 29’would of been rolling in iy

  85. I told you about 10 videos ago TO STOP but you didn’t listen 20,000 fucking pounds in under half hour well done it takes most people 1-2 years to make that kind of money and I’m sure it does you .. You need to stop now you have a serious addiction get help before it’s too late

  86. Kinda stupid that you didn’t just walk away you lost 16k

  87. That was painful to watch mate. Chin up lad ?

  88. Been there done that, was shitfaced though u look fairly sober. Facking hell

  89. i feel you bro. i know how horrible its

  90. man stop playing roulette. u cant control urself. and u cant stop thats the worst to see. know ur limits if not dont play roulette

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:23 pm

      hey mate yeh some times I can go crazy and lose track of things but that is also how I got this big balance so its very hard to find a medium

  91. Got to respect the man for showing his losses as well as his wins, tough night mate but you will hit it on another day, chin up

  92. Head up Paul!

  93. Paul stop now mate. Seriously, play a bit of poker again.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:22 pm

      Poker is definitely going to be back on for the new year!! would love to stream the sunday million every sunday night!!

  94. Sickness, hard to watch.

  95. I’ve a lot of respect for Paul as he’s showing that you can’t always win.. absolutely gutting seeing a loss like this. He will get it back.

  96. Mark barrett if you dont like poul style dont watch stupid dog . I can spend my own money and buy you holiday in mental hospital you idiot . Stap watch gambling chanels becouse this is all about this

  97. Good effort lad, werent your night, until the moneys in your bank there just digits on a screen…… Id take a break now tho mate

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:20 pm

      this was from a month ago mate and you’ll see from the other vids around this time that it was a crazy degenerate week!!!

  98. Reply
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel November 6, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Some of your comments amaze me mate. You say in your about page how you like to start off relatively small, build up a bank roll from winnings and then go for it in true rocknrolla style, which is exactly what we just saw. Yes, on the face of it, you lost a shit load of money but that’s how you got there in the first place with these kind of bets. People love your streams when you are betting big and going mental on the roulette wheel but if/when you bust out, these same people start to turn and say you have problems or say you are an idiot etc, they can’t have it both ways! I love watching your stream mate, the stakes are simply out of reach for 99% of people and its fucking awesome to see what slots can do at £15, £20 and sometimes even £50 and £100 spins so get some Ron Zacapa down you and put your “Keep Calm and Carry On” T Shirt on mate, best of luck in future streams and videos lad 🙂

    • Terry Tibbs jaysus simmer down before you pop a blood vessel would ye, your clearly not thinking straight if your comparing drug dealers to guys who upload gambling videos haha ?

  99. Tip : If you play roulette and it like lands on 12, even if you had 12 or not. Always respin the same AND put more money on the number that just landed. 1/12 it will go on the same number.

  100. unlucky matey, a lot of respect for you posting this though

  101. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette November 6, 2016 at 10:38 am

    It happens to us all mate. chin up. I reversed my 685 and ended up cashing out 400. also went out last night lost 350 on dog racing. Fuck it. only money. All the best

    • Reply
      FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette November 6, 2016 at 6:14 pm

      Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel as long as we got food in the belly and a licence for the tele nothing gona bring us down. lol. my 400 turned into 200.. oops. dun a 1er on montezuma 2.10 feature for 75. The rest roulette. only got 300 to last month.

  102. I don’t know about other people but i found this difficult to watch. Im a gambling man and i love what Paul does but this isn’t entertainment for me personally. It highlights the huge lows of gambling and i suppose thats why he uploaded it. It shows how quickly you can lose control. From what i see and my own experiences i would say its a full blown addiction. He’s at the stage where you justify it to yourself as you have won quite a lot in the last few months. I found deposit limits massively helped me minimise my losses. It restricted my wins but overall i was far better off. In no way am i having a go at Paul i just feel for him.

    • Reply
      Queensbridge Militia August 2, 2018 at 7:08 am

      Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel it’s the reverses and you being full blown tilt mate that’s gutting to see. Take a break and bring those stakes down huh. Maybe £500 bankroll , which won’t have the same buzz initially, but also won’t be gutting when you lose. Big love brother.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 7:49 pm

      again completely agree mate, a line was definitely crossed in this one and the important thing for me is I realise it as if a few more lines get crossed then yeh thats it and its time for a break! I dont like to think about the money as yeh in my head I think of all the things I could have bought with it ha!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel hey Paul, its great you uploaded the video as it shows the downside to gambling, where like you said in ur linked video others may edit out. It just seemed that little control line was crossed on this occasion. I would just hate to see it happen when it really matters ie when its not money which you may have won. Not that anybody can afford to lose 20k but when say you have won 40k and you lose 20k you just think ahh well i am still up 20k when really you could be buying something pretty nice with the 20k. I feel like I’m blabbing a bit now so i will leave it at that lol. Look forward to seeing some more video’s (maybe a 10th of the stake per bet lol) and wish you plenty of luck. ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:10 pm

      hey buddy completely agree and when watching it back found myself so annoyed and also surprised about what I did which probably shows I have lost a little bit more control over it all! I dont deny I am addicted its easy to see from my videos and streams that I am, but I feel I’m not compulsive which for me is the most dangerous type of gambler

  103. hey on the bright side you’ll probably make $5 or $10 off this video. The comeback is on!

  104. Paul , this is fucking devistating. Avoid the roullette and stick to Blackjack, you really have that sussed, Roullette is random numbers, at least BJ shows your skill at standing/hitting etc. Also, a cheaper way to get a gambling buzz is to put on any team to score accumulators and watch the goals come in on soccer saturday. The bets are never “burst” until the final whistle and 7 folds and above give 100x plus returns.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:07 pm

      I do miss doing football bets that could be a good idea but roulette will always feature in my gambling

  105. Listen, Paul clearly says this all started from a very small deposit, yes if he went on to deposit 20 grand I would be worried but at the end of the day if Paul views gambling like I do, I see the deposit transaction like any other purchase for something you get nothing in return for I then play with the money and get it as high as possible and also do some reckless things but at the end of the day although he’s £20k down on this and it is a brutal loss he isn’t really £20k down because is the money really yours until it hits you bank ?? I think not there’s always the curse of the reverse, casinos not willing to stump up the cash etc… Unlucky Paul these things happened mate, and all these people saying he has a problem, let’s be real we are all addicted to gambling in some way or why would we bother watching s video on it, there’s a difference between addiction and compulsion as long as he didn’t do a huge deposit after this I see no problem tbh but that’s just me maybe…

    • give up meat

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 7, 2016 at 7:09 am

      Hey mate no you didnt misread my emotions as this video did cross the line of control (for me) and I know if I keep crossing it then a break is in order and have no issue in taking one. I have been where you are mate and had my fair share of broken laptops ha crazy isnt it?!
      Glad to hear its all working out for you mate, keep it up and yeh send me a pvt msg on here if you want to talk about poker

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel . thank you for the considered reply Paul , a few weeks ago I turned £50 into £2750 , playing poker , then lost it all roulette , blackjack etc . Smashed up my laptop , did something very stupid to myself and ended up in hospital. Now everything it’s out in the open with my family , I’ve started CBT and got myself a new job which I start today. I’d like people to know things improve , even if it’s ever so slightly and try use those moments to seek perspective. I apologise to you Paul if I misread you’re emotions , I just hate the thought of anyone going through even 10% of the shit I feel when I lose control.

      I hear your a handy poker player? Is there a way that we could chat privately?

      stay safe buddy x

  106. really unlucky buddy yr better of on the slots with lower bets n very occasionally put up the stake to high roller but that there was hard to watch like a grand a minute :/ especially considering yr a decent bloke…all the best tho mate …hats of for the real deal

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 6, 2016 at 6:00 pm

      cheers mate! going to try lower stakes a bit more and managed a good couple hours last night on stream doing £1 – £2 per spin

  107. Stupid obsessive gambling

  108. to all the haters,what exactly brought you to this video? ahh of course 😉

  109. Wow that could have been a video that would have been kept very private by a lot of streamers.Gambling can be fun and brutal in equal measures that was brutality to the max.Thanks again for being a very honest gambler rolla and better luck next time mate…

  110. just looking out for you mate your a nice guy.. i personally like it wheb you stream with like 1k and turn it into 6k. im sure other love seeing you do 3k spins.. wish yu all the luck anyway i wernt having a dig btw

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 7, 2016 at 7:04 am

      yeh mate no I got that you werent having a dig and had it been the other way round would have commented something similar, take it easy bud

  111. Hi Paul..thank you for sharing your video with all of us….but please be careful with BIG bets…too easy to lose £££££ when gambling…maybe bet small.bets & withdraw small winnings…you would be surprised how quickly the bank balance grows 🙂

    I wish you all the best Paul but please take heed on comment from Jay K….take care X

  112. I absolutely hate fobt’s even though I only play the slots on them now and again. This just goes to show that online roulette can be even more dangerous as the maximum bet isn’t capped!!

  113. Sorry about the loss mate, that must have been rough.

    After watching since your channel started you have gone from 200 roulette spins to 3000 spins.. I know you’ve heard it all before but this a very common sign that you are becoming a problem gambler.. I wish you the best of luck mate. Cheers for the video.

  114. Reply
    Ricks Youtube Channel November 7, 2016 at 9:38 am

    you will bounce back mate great video to watch (for us) fuck all the negative comments. like the bandit just said a Ron zacapa moment will be In coming very soon bud.

  115. Chin up mate that was a hard vid to watch i was on the edge of my seat with you.


  117. Think its time to do the walk of shame thinking of all the things you could have bought fucking hell

  118. Mate I’ve watched all your early videos when you played marvel roulette etc and you went all out then and won/lost whatever but 1 day you will hit that big win, tilting is a twat but we all do it, it’s the devil in gambling, keep your head up pal, your streams are epic, some of these gobshite comments are embarrassing! Go for the fucking lot lad ??

  119. I hope your not using credit cards to fund this mate

  120. I’ve lost 4K in one hour doing this shit this then I smashed the laptop up saved me loosing everything I feel for you mate unlucky

  121. What is your stream website link pal?

  122. There never seems to be a big enough win to make even the smallest dream come true. When we succeed we gamble to dream still greater dreams. When we fail we gamble in reckless desperation and the depths of our misery are fathomless as our dream world comes crashing down. Sadly we struggle back dream more dreams and of course suffer more misery.

  123. play big win big and loose big simple maths too gambling but you got balls mate and that counts the casinos can only feel it wen they get taken down by big bets u must hv had a few managers sweating their pants hoping you gv it bk slot bandits the man though always replys to all his comments makes everyone feel he is listening to them and enjoying the feed bk but I hv noticed you tend to dingy your viewers that’s how u start loosing them g hope your listening noo chow 4 nw

  124. u should play in immersive roulette if u play so hard ;d

  125. I recently lost £500 and watching your video made me feel better..thanks:)

  126. See if you can sell one of your kidneys mate and go again. 😀

  127. Do £25k on 1st dozen
    £25k on 2nd dozen
    75k back and your 5k

  128. could of gone around the world with them winnings.

  129. i bet he lost it all

  130. my friend its fake game the dealers knows whitch number its full of money and dont give you nothing and roll for the small numbers i play also with this fucking dealer its very smart for me its fake game

    • Kortsari Naoun If it is fake, why do you play in the first place lol * facepalm*
      It has nothing to do with fake or real, it’s all depends on LUCK. It’s a fucking casino, jeez.

  131. this guy is too yolo to live a long life

  132. ja ja ¡’¡

  133. Love this lol such a degen! I’ve played many sessions like this and bigger losing and winning 10-20k a pop like its water flowing up and down a stream. Its so painful lmao

  134. I was hoping you were going to win big mate. I’m gutted for you. I know the feeling all to well of losing big. This gambling shit is an illness. Time to quit the same as me

  135. That’s what I call gamlein mate ???

  136. Damnn mate that hurts if i lost that much i will throw my computer out of the window lol!

  137. Reply
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN November 19, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    Crazy as fuck m8 but its your wonga and goodluck pal. ?

  138. Your crazy mate betting that much

  139. just makes him stronger nd wiser each time he gets hit he bounces back stronger could dwell n moan si but hes classy in defeat or success gl on future sessions paul good guys deserve it brother

  140. Big bets man… Never play on CasinoPalace, I deposited $100 the other day, won $1000 and can’t withdraw due to .86 cents left over from another bonus, and they mixed it with my win. So I need to wager $11k to be able to withdraw my wins.. Fuck man so upset, anyone have any ideas on what to do!?!?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 23, 2016 at 1:25 pm

      I’ve never played there mate so dont know, definitely check that they are adhering to their t & c’s though?! If you have to carry on then an 11k wager isnt great but you still have a decent enough shot at beating it! Let me know what happens bud

  141. I am also playing this vip netent roulette and
    Before the ball lands on 5 ,
    It was landed on 14…
    I know from my experience when a ball is landing slow inside a number box doesnt
    Jump 8 numbers further….
    I dont know how are they doing it,
    I can see clearly that something is blowing the ball away from 14,
    such a shame tho cause they are making tons of money and they are still cheating man…

  142. Also i see that your game rocknrollax is a fools man bet,
    Your playing is so desperate and pathetic…
    You dont need to risk 3700 to get 3600..
    Also one number is gona come up so the 24 numbers bets are for
    Granmas… however goodluck

  143. The sad thing is to expect a winning.

  144. Click bait shit

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 29, 2016 at 4:07 pm

      I normally change my titles after a couple of weeks or so but most seem to not knowing the result from the title. Wheres the excitement when you know the result if the title says big win etc

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel we expect a record win, especially if the title involves the word “my RECORD win” it’s just misleading and bullshit.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 29, 2016 at 3:45 pm

      I put 5 questions marks on it?! When I do a video especially an epic one like this I dont want the viewer to know the outcome before they’ve seen it

  145. aaaaaoooouuuucccchhhhhh that’s gotta hurt ????????????????????

  146. Man I’m gambler to as well I lost 120000£ in 10 years but I’m telling you 1 think don’t play any more in your life on online casino where you canot place your bet after the ball because the dealer they know where to land the ball in 75% so if play aye life rullett where you can place your bet after the ball release in this case they don’t know where you playing but they are smart as well after couple of hands they all ready know what you playing and they still fuck you up but at last you have more chance to win

  147. is this for real wow !!! thats serious i felt bad when i lost 90 quid once !!

  148. oooohhhhhh maaaan what have you done!!!! (but respect)

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel .
      dude you’re doing it all wrong. I know I’m just a redhead. Uplay 027 numbers to the left and 7 numbers to the right you go on the opposite end you play that number to seven numbers to the left and 7 numbers to the right and you’re good you played those continuously. and you have a good 87% chance of winning and it’s a strong 87%

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 9, 2016 at 8:19 pm

      cheers was brutal but entertaining!!

  149. hi I just wondering what work do you do for a living.. because I’m seeing your videos and the amount of money you gamble with you win or lose non of my business.. but I think you’re very rich that’s why I wonder your profession thanks

  150. ??????

  151. Hahahaha!

  152. You bet more in one spin than I make per month. That made my stomach sink, and it’s not my money.

    So you lost the first 10k and pulled another 7k out of your spare changed can?

  153. This is why you shouldn’t gamble kids

  154. think about all the times he isn’t streaming and does this.. it would be interesting to see his transaction page. 100% would be down like all gamblers. sad really

  155. try to betway casino ,, i always play black and red … cheers

  156. This game involves exactly 0% skill

    • and the reason that is true is because you play poker against OTHER players NOT the dealer like blackjack or the wheel in roulette.

      the only skill in roulette is betting limits and avoiding minimum payouts.

    • There’s a thing called variance which will not allow you to do that.
      It’s mathematically impossible to flop the nuts everytime. Therefore, if
      I am more skilled than you I am going to make more better desicions
      which will make me win on the long run. Good poker is about skill, don’t
      try to avoid the facts…

  157. i have lost 28 thousand on winnings 6 month ago and still in deprresiion any tips how u got over this ?

    • zeki hutari relax and you should avoid being greedy. You should learn how to leave when winning.Have a time limit on playing,balance your daily routine.Avoid being obsess with the game

  158. Why the ball is hanging up there? because of the magnet that makes you loose? You know what I mean?

  159. Paul you let emotion get the best of you here you can see you carelessly clicking and not thinking just hoping.

  160. it is realmoney?

  161. omg my wife suffered a life changing injury at work and is entitled to fuck all as company have lied from day 1,and I see you lose that sort of money in minutes that could rescue us and pay for her to get treatment crazy world.

  162. I WAS devastated at losing the 15 quid I’d built up from 2 quid..Wow man, you shouldn’t be doing this but enough preachers I guess going on at you.

  163. This cant be real I lose £40 and feel cheated

    • +eXampL Oh it’s defiantly real mate I use to do 20 quid spins then ended up to 1000 quid spins within 1 years I’m glad I’m clean for 2 years now tho because that fucked me up big time I still have 20 grand of debts to pay off but it’s better than the 55k I started with hope you sort your problem out mate and get help.

    • +Pj Faik i think i made mistake calling this fake… ive been doing 300e spins myself lately which seems so insane because for me 20e spins were insane few months ago…

  164. did u see the dealers face its like he could see your bets and couldn’t believe it himself what was going on

  165. My record (recorded) loss on roulette

  166. eventually you lose enough to the point you cant win back…all you do from then on is win a bit back here and there but then still lose now and again it defeats the means and objective…keep your money to yourself peeps and just enjoy it…need more money do overtime or make cut backs might not seem enough but it always is anytime over someone who gambles…Ive seen a guy have enough money in his pockets in 50s in a live casino win have enough to walk in to a audi or bmw showroom and purchase a brand new model pay cash and then just 4 hours later lose the lot and have his head in his hands and tell me he literally has no money left and ask me to lend him one of my pony chips so he can get some food and get a taxi home!

  167. people get lured in by fast cash but if it was that easy there would be no casino business…no one gets rich in a casino a poor guy needing more money will get poorer and in deeper financial trouble while the richer guy can bankroll and facilitate it longer whilst going poorer and then eventually hitting trouble.

  168. bad days and good days, nature of the beast lol

  169. When you win with profit in beginning Then you should stop ✋? playing simple Mind control and Control your greed factor Simple

  170. Where do you have so much money to play? Lottery win, fat heritage, rich parents? oO

  171. it’s never enough. at the end you just lose it all.

  172. You act like your unlucky when you only bet on like 25% of all numbers wtf bro

    • Reply
      Queensbridge Militia August 2, 2018 at 7:13 am

      Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel to be fair you have to be a gambler, a roulette player, to understand. We get it mate.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 27, 2017 at 10:22 pm

      Think I’m just hoping and gutted when it doesnt, I’m not really expecting it to come in

  173. ugh, i think you should change the title, after that 34k loss video you uploaded :S

  174. Makes like 200 in a spin fuck look at that number next to it I could have been more ?

  175. real or just some kind of “training session” with virtual money?

  176. Gamblock is a Good idea for you

  177. Haaaaaaaaa

  178. You only live once. Might as well enjoy it. Love the streams, you’re a braver man than me. Good luck and rake it in lad!!

  179. hahahahahahahahaha

  180. hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa

  181. He got what he deserved.
    The greatest minds spend 200 years studying the game…and some arrogant kid thinks he can beat it. Funny.

    • It took a lot of brilliant people (casino) to make a game that will with 100% surety, make them a living off of other people’s (gambler) bad decisions.

  182. I had to lose $150 before I learned to not gamble…and then this guy comes along…

  183. Fuck me there some haters posting on here lol. All I’m going to say is if it wasn’t for your degenerate gambling I wouldn’t have known what slots to play on high steaks and win 41k. Still ended up handing back 8k before I called it day and put in place barriers (Self- exclusion from every site I can think of) so I can’t bankroll my addiction. I put my money in premium bonds I just hope your investing your wins Wisley.

  184. This lad will end up broke. Don’t know how he affords this lifestyle. But eventually it will catch up with him. It did with me!

  185. online roulete is fixed you get Scratch? it happened to me 4 times its NET END..gameing

  186. NETENT fixed rigged wiped you?

  187. “click a mouse, loose a house”

  188. Free play?

  189. Roullete is a losers game unless you use online roullete bots or laser technology like I do , I’m. Anned from every casino but I keep changing my name by deedpoll for £10 and reorder new passport in the new name

  190. that’s roulette at its worst.
    been there, shit feeling…so many sleepless nights.

  191. I don’t understand this. You’re gambling 3k a turn to be able to profit a few hundred ? Seems dumb

  192. Booo! Stop playin this is sick! I know the feeling of winning big but this is insane ?

  193. wtfff , who the fuck gambles in roulette its just luck unless your a freaking wizard or something sports bets its wayyyyy safety and more logical gambling

  194. look at that fucking magnet dude…

  195. dude why you playing like that lool one win in roulette put 3 dollar in 1-18 and 2 dollars on 3r-12 that mean you cover most of the roulette expt 0-19-20-21-22-23-24 if it hit those number do not double you will get your money back just stick with the way i tald you ( make 10 dollars every hour and leave ,play live roulette , don t stay to long playing it your mind will mess you up that s why alot of people loose never ever keep doublllllling !!!

  196. It lookslike the ball is fake . Just take look when ball starting vibrating ?

  197. Thanks really enjoyed this vid your pain is great. Keep it up being a wanka all your life

  198. Does anyone know how to cheat these fkrs?? There must be a way around??? Anyone????

  199. I’m not 100% convinced online casinos aren’t bent when big stakes are involved.

  200. addicted

  201. The dealer has a big advantage when he spin’s the ball,his obviously saw what you was betting on.wanker was happy to take the money.

  202. Ciao ho una strategia vincente ti interessa

  203. i banned MYSELF from casinos YEARS ago…. BEST thing i EVER did!!!!!!!!!!!! play with play money chips if you have to. Eventually, you lose everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. he realy dont know how to play

  205. dam bro god bless

  206. 3 X 29 and 3 X 34. The universe was definitely against you on that one. Like Vincent said, it’s freaky but it happens.

  207. never ever chase ye money… thats when you know your fucked

  208. WTF who bets the same number two times in a row. The odds on that hitting are astronomical

  209. And I’m gutted if I lose a couple of quid. This was pure madness.

  210. So here we are again every one saying “Don’t change your numbers etc
    etc” Guys it doesn’t matter! the machine stops the ball where it wants
    too, I know its supposed to be random but if that was the case there
    would be a master wheel somewhere spinning for all the terminals at the
    same time totally separate and uninfluenced by the numbers played. If
    you go into the machines disclaimer you will find that it is set to pay
    out around 97% of its takings, well colour me stupid but if its random
    how does it guarantee the owner a minimum 3%. Imagine you were the
    machine and some punter put £10 on all the numbers apart from zero…
    Where would you stop the ball on the wheel 🙂

  211. Duck sake can’t you see there using electro magnets nearly every single spin is rigged balls don’t bounce around like that or jump 20 pockets away from were the ball hit the dimond! It’s the laws of physics bloody hell

    • Well it is Netent lmao there always scamming people i stick to speed roulette on coral

    • Yep magnets 100% that’s y I don’t play on the wheels.

    • Lewis Hacche that’s what i was thinking mate!! It looks like magnet’s are inside the wheel and possibly in the ball as well!!. Example turn on magnet on the wheel to a certain number he did not pick & tada he losses wheel has a on & off magnet switch the dealer looks happy got that smurk of a person that is cheating you!! LoL. This guy should quit playing casinos till he finds a more legit site.

      Something about that wheel & dealer looks funny hahahaha!! So much laughter I’m having. ???????

  212. Reply
    Crime Scene To Courtroom May 9, 2017 at 9:33 am

    Do you stream on twitch ?

  213. You play stupid, to be honest, I lost two grand although that was profit, but it stopped me from playing roulette again. You need to play the odds and not stupid bets such as this. You have a 1 in 35 chance of winning, but you have more chance going red or black and doubling up, when the time is right, then bet on the colour needed. E.G if 7 reds have come out, the chances are it will be black next or within a few spins, playing as you did is not the way to go. I dare say that you are a fool who believes that you can beat the casino, especially when looking at your description, saying sign up to my affiliate account and get 121% unlimited match bonus. You are playing with virtual money apart from the chump change you put in. £1,000 may be uploaded at most and yet you are looking as if you are losing real money. A complete fake.

  214. don’t play big money on online roulette you nutter. go to a casino plenty around

  215. does he legit just spam some number and hope the win some grands?

  216. Reply
    Robert Millington June 2, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    can’t help but think this is free play but could be wrong

  217. for me as a blackjack player money means nothing…its free
    And to read about people ruining their lifes playin roulette makes me sooo sad. it has incredible 2.7 % advantage for the house!!!!
    Even if u wanna believe in luck or some bet system.

  218. Your poorly mate lol

  219. can only imagine why you cut the video short at the end. i would of been in tears too! no matter how big of a man you are this kind of bravery defeat will make you curl up in a ball and beg for mercy

  220. Yo Dude! Respect to you for posting the video showing your losses. If you closely observe the video, see how the ball vibrates when landing on 8 at 2.24. There is a possibility the ball has metal in it and is made to vibrate with a magnet. Else you don’t see a ball skidding away in the real casinos. It bounces, rattles but don’t vibrate. Peace and good luck.

  221. stop gamble now….. i lose house. car. my bisnis broke…

  222. Is this real money or fake?

  223. neer mind always a go fund me page

  224. I lost 30k in Hippodrome in about half hour once. It was my biggest loss, but you cant hurt when you loose something you initially win from.

  225. fake. shame though.

  226. lol Jesus your gambling twice my poker bankroll in one spin. Was thinking about having a dabble at this but it looks to stressful!

  227. Have 7 and 28 doesnt have 29 LUL NOOB

  228. Look how thin your face is then compared to now, that’s all that drinking and KFC haha

  229. Guys I have a poor family in brasil if anybody wants to spend money for a good reason just write me 🙂

  230. Idek how to gamble lol

  231. same here I lost my all properties or money in roulette I destroyed my life or my child life in gambling now I m in big problem so I suggest to everyone please don’t do this .

  232. Those bets were way too big – too much risk – it only took a few bad spins to wipe you out.
    The bets should have been 20 times smaller.

  233. That was hard to watch! I don’t trust video roulette. Nothing like the real thing! How the fuck do you afford to lose 22k in a day? Think of all the chicks you could have rented! I mean you could have had a hell of a threesome twice a week for a year! I hope you win it back and use it on something useful, like renting chicks! haha THAT is a sure thing!


  235. Wow. Speechless how you can lose that much in so little time. I’m fucked off when I lose £50 a week. Time to maybe get some counselling I think before its too late.

  236. Reply
    Вячеслав Буркин September 14, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Попробуй ставить 0,5,9,18,22,24,31,34 гарантия

  237. I use to gamble a little 50$ here and there (5-6 times a year) … the only time I put 200$ on one single spin and lost it I was almost puking in disgrace of my move. I just can’t imagine the feeling, still a legend to share it on YouTube … jésus.

  238. This sort of behaviour is very destructive. Even if you won, would you be happy and able to stop? I think not

  239. prime of example of not knowing when to stop

  240. Fucking idiots he is showing both sides of the coin. Tru blue legend I wish you luck in the next session

  241. Crazy man. I do hope your a high flying banker or something lol. Stakes are crazy I just hope you are only losing what you can afford pal. I love your videos but i hope that you are all good with the highs and lows pal

  242. Reply
    kevin patrick scott October 11, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    It always starts jolly and happy and smiles but how the scamsters manipulating the wheel drain the smiles away until at the end it ends in misery and tears.

  243. I play roulette and this kids is why you shouldn’t start

  244. If you really want to make some money on roulette then it is high time to contact me and see for yourself how it changes your life in real. If interested then contact me on skype : johnniehall2. Or email on [email protected]

  245. I gambled away £2 million in the bookmakers in just 9 months..I had everything,a beautiful house,fast cars,jewelry,went in great holidays all the time and now I have absolutely nothing, live in a bedsit paid for by the dole and suck peppermints to keep warm because I spent my gas money on scratch cards.

  246. Best of luck to you mate ?

  247. Still pains me to watch this but you’re just a fucking legend ???

  248. Dude why do you put all thst money on 0 evrery hand instead pf all kimds of other numbers you fucking Idiot

  249. Nearly 5k a spin ? Get help, my friend, before you end up in the gutter.

  250. looking for you in twitch but i dont find you

  251. please stop bro. start a new business. do the legal thing. if you don’t listen our advice. 5 year later you will regret. give some money poor people. and talk to them. then you will understand what’s the value of money.
    today I don’t have money. but I want to start business. but u have money for cheater casino.

  252. Takes some balls #londonmoney


  254. Thanks for sharing the content broseph

  255. Bro, do you have more videos? I only watch this one, en part 1. I have lost 1000 euros yesterday, i was fucking sick.

  256. Okay now I dont feel so bad of losing 250 pounds on roulette

  257. That ball on that wheel? Is not falling naturally no wonder why the dealer looks so smurky and happy like he’s winning the lottery with this guy!! My face is so red from laughter!! Hahahahana!!! ??✈??

  258. i lost £250 euro today fuck me!!!

  259. What an amateur

  260. Buy some poker books.

  261. Massive respect to this guy.

  262. This guy Is a big ass hole reason is very simple men when he got 14000 by grace of God he should have stop he didn’t thought of that and played again to get more than 50000 casino people will give some amount and after that they take in one go

  263. Reply
    premaraj paramasivam January 15, 2018 at 1:40 am

    there was no 4 pillars secured 34,36,1,3 and he never studied the static and dynamic changes of the number and infact 34 came out twice …he lacked on focusing virgin numbers that didnt appear on the roll.. . he should have take a break upon winning 14k and pause and review his strategy on which number to follow

  264. You deserve that mate. Never seen big daft bets like that before in my life.

  265. he lost all control

  266. So sick how you kept betting on the wrong numbers haha it’s the devil roulette I lost over 100k in 6 month so when I see people lose big I feel you’re pain. Nothing more I like to see is the bookies lose so better luck next time. Some good live streaming you do ?

  267. Play video games instead, if you want to gamble play on sports just small bets..

  268. Scammers are all these casino ? ? ? ? ? ?

  269. Its fack game Pls don’t play

  270. There is more ways to lose your money, there is heroin, smoking, drinking, cocaine esc

  271. How come at 7.33 the video edits, or is it just me? It was like it was fixed. They should put a big digital clock in shot behind the fella, and also on the roulette table so u know u ain’t getting shafted by an old spin that favours the house.

  272. Reply
    kevin patrick scott February 9, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    greedy just leave .. I mean how much is enough ?

  273. what a fucking idiot

  274. You can call yourself a gambler when you understand the right time to leave the table.

  275. Balls steel mate better luck next time ?

  276. 12 k could have bought you a nice car Nd a holiday, But yet u wanted the dirties to kick in

  277. Reply
    Jasper Pfannenstiel March 13, 2018 at 10:15 am

    Please dont Call with Ur Titel what happends

  278. How can you not cover 27 when your chasing tier….!!!!

  279. They should shoot every bookie in the head n burn them !!! Ps in there big ass houses they live in

  280. Your betting System sucks

  281. I loss 360euro fucking shit this things is realy duivel you loss you get voice play more play play and then you wake with big loss i losee totly like 450-500€ and i will never play this shit i ho to work and work hard and in one min work of week is gone fuck this shit

  282. Reply
    Manuel Chaves Nogales March 26, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Gambling with rigged roulettes is a stupid thing. Playing slots, designed for stealing money, also.

  283. Well that was stupid

  284. Foolish gamblers! You’re just more losers than winners.

  285. You’re one loss away from taking a shit on the floor in the bookies. Don’t be that guy.

  286. The House always wins..

  287. if you play a game that has more risk than reward, then you will definetly lose in the long run- take this economic advice seriously.

  288. Man.. Keep posting your losses. Forget showing the big wins. I’m sure some of your followers are young, you’re giving the impression its making easy money, when in reality, we both know its not. I’ve seen some of your vids when you’ve done well. But you’re creating gambling addicts of the future. Traces of their blood will be on your hands.
    Personally, I felt sick for your loss. I’m sure you forget about it.

  289. Can’t be real

  290. Get some help fucking addict before ur out in the streets

  291. (: good

  292. And when he wins big next…he will be like ohhh huge win im up 10k or w.ever…but u aint up shit hahahaahahhaajajhajaajajjaajajhaahah

  293. Reply
    Gink the Outertale fox April 15, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    Reggie dealer a real sucker


  295. One Secret To Y’all.!! if you Want to win on Gambling There is only one way! DO NOT PLAY!

  296. some people have more money than sense, clearly. you need to stop mate. the look on your face when you lose, you look like your world has just ended. that’s never good

  297. Reply
    Steve Slothenstein April 26, 2018 at 7:27 am

    I like your vids but you need to learn some discipline, set a profit target and once it’s reached you stop!

  298. Never play Roulette I lost huge money in bet 365 Roulette

  299. Every gambler will lose…

  300. this is just random betting without reason. no wonder u lose big

  301. Reply
    Madhatter Gooner4life May 5, 2018 at 8:53 pm

    5:52 can i hear a lovely jubbly lol

  302. Hope you collected the 0.08p at the end. Be silly to waste it.

  303. Stop it never win

  304. Of course I live be bandit. U both good t a massive filling and you too r pals. But when u break it down you both r giving free crack to crack heads. I know it’s business and u make money. But am seriously. What u r doing is creating an illusion of new n stop winning. Bandit hits the top of that reel King. Every time. That’s bollox tbf. He seems like a nice guy. But he’s making money from viewers who sign up and try and replicate.

  305. Tbh. I think it’s scummy what u do. Basically walking into a crack den and giving the crack heads a free taster. If they come back and but from u

  306. Reply
    1000 SUBS AND I WILL BOIL WATER May 16, 2018 at 2:23 am

    The way he says money back again . But actually took /124 pound loss.


  308. Gambling is fucking stupid you never win you allways lose in the long run ..

  309. Power of magnets…

  310. Roulette is a dangerous game same as like baccarat and more addictive than other games.
    Do you know why Roulette is called a devil’s wheel?
    Sum up all numbers from 36 +35+ 34+ ………0 then you will know.

  311. I love Roulette it’s such a buzz but 9 times out of 10 I lose. The feeling of losing is the real deal, you can actually taste the defeat. It’s a bad Rodger Rabbit to have & I wish I never started.

  312. I’m shocked he didn’t put money on the higher numbers 30s and high 20s were coming up a lot. Anyone know what website he’s using?

  313. I made and lost 10k in about 2 days playing blackjack..I’ll probably never gamble again!

  314. Play with devil

  315. I am also post my winning video in YouTube

  316. Do you have any idea how sick you are?

  317. Paul I just lost 2grand on roulette and I’m gutted it was overdraft I I’m now debt hope never happens you Paul lloyd Duncan

  318. ha-ha, stupid gambler. good luck you moron.

  319. Net Ent is just a fucking scam! Just look how ball is jumping in unnatural way. You can play on DOUBLES, just keep Doubling, You gonna lose 80+% from larger bets. GUARANTEED!!!

  320. Dude…..why..?? …. you need help… That was pure Stupidity…
    Dont you get it… Gambling is a mental health problem… you could won £100k just then and you would still keep going until you lost it all…

  321. Loser???

  322. Thats a winning formula to stick too, make a fortune with that system.

  323. Hy man,, if u need win, u must bet same by number banker

  324. Yo bro is this game playing really money and send money on my account on bank

  325. what a stupid way to play a suicide

  326. Reply
    Sicilyalırulette davinci June 28, 2018 at 1:31 pm

    Kör olsa bir kaç el tutturur laa sen oynama bu oyunu bence

  327. Done yer bollocks

  328. Go big and go home broke

  329. Max bet on one number

  330. Idiot

  331. I feel bad for you mate that was some bad luck

  332. wow :O

  333. The maximum bets I place is £25 a spin I don’t allow myself to go over that.

  334. Some friendly advice man, I think you need to see a counsellor for this because the looks like a compulsive gambling problem.

  335. Haha wat a greedy dick

  336. You have a problem big time

  337. Fake money, fake accounts.

  338. You betting on same numbers like me 11 and 8 they sometimes not lucky numbers, but remember if you win you are not happy like normal person, if you lose still not good, you are better make happy people next to you, you enjoy much more, for you is money just a number I know that feeling, but online casino is under your control, STOP!!!

  339. Proof these Fobts machines are rigged witnessed this myself in the Hamilton Ladbrokes shop Lanarkshire ,Ok this is how it happened someone put bets on number 0 and this person done this for 7 times the bets were the maximum stake over £10.00 per spin this was done consecutively one after the other if you get my meaning on the 8th bet this person put a bet on number 31 on the FOBT roulette guess what number came up after the bet was placed number 0 this proves without a doubt that the software is crooked in my view and not offering real genuine randomness if you get my meaning its beyond words can say these FOBTS are DIABOLICAL completely and utterly crooked ITS NOT FAIR GAME PLAY they should be banned outright the people in charge of this is a Jeremy Wright MP from the conservative party the Scottish government have no control of these machines only the Westminster government in my view all the bookmaker is doing is just robbing you blind it is a complete and total disgrace that the bookmaker is allowed to have these FOBTS installed in the first place at the end of the day these machines will be getting the stake reduced to £2.00 per spin also people whom play these machines now I think know they are crooked and not offering real genuine fair game play I enclose some links which may help you if you do decide to contact the culture media minister you can email them here thank you take this advise from someone who has witnessed the operation of these games even the bookmaker manager told me who has been in the business for over 30 years told me they are crooked and not the same SG gaming who lease machines are the people who know about the software inside these FOBTS machines a complete diabolical disgrace all they do is cause crime and ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR not fair at all

    contact these people to raise you concerns about these diabolical FOBTS

    [email protected] this is person in charge of gambling and FOBTS

    not the Scottish government ok

  340. You need to go to ga pal your going to lose everything you own fill sorry for you you need help bad

  341. Reply
    karma is the Master July 31, 2018 at 8:03 am

    Rigged would never play online casino games…they shud bee banned…

  342. Got what you deserved

  343. Reply
    Issa You2be Tetova August 2, 2018 at 6:59 am

    29 killed him.
    He had a big bet.
    Dont change numbers often.
    And follow the hot numbers.
    I seen roulette in 120 spins all numbers came even repett except one number,it was 22.
    After 121 spins 22 came in 20 spins 5 times.
    From cold turned to hot.
    Its all about the luck but also stick with ur numbers.
    1 number pays 35.
    Get ur self 350 dollar and bet one number always 10 and dont change it.
    Or u will 700 or u lose 350.
    Good luck.
    Best thing is to not play always.

  344. Any 1 need help contact gamstop

  345. good on you for showing the dark side mate

  346. I lost 98 quid on roulette in the past 3 days defos is fixed

  347. Thank you this makes me feel so much better about my 180 lol

  348. This is not live casino!!!! WAY ARE YOU GAMBLING HERE!!!????but video is wery good for ppl that gamble,it shows them not to!

  349. Gamblers fallacy
    Why you set so huge and when small bets win you not get money back you spend … i should make a video … my number guesses are a master minded thing

  350. 7:00 there you should have stopped !!!!!!! But the addiction was bigger than your mind telling you you will lose!

  351. Do you want to earn money fast? then you are here *200-euro-stundenlohn. com*

  352. What does 8K “reversed” mean?

  353. Lol’ i lost my lambo , cus this shuck ! Fuccckk

  354. Gambling is only fun if you are winning.You mostly loose, that is why I don’t do it any more.GOOD LUCK.I like your video’s.

  355. When I have the urge to gamble, I just come watch these types of videos and I no longer want to gamble??

  356. I really enjoyed seeing you lose that money made me feel really good ?

  357. People will laugh at any half heart attempt at being great at anything, even in cryptocurrency, so buckle up for some stupid criticism from family and friends!

  358. I only see you loosing again and again

  359. This guys is a loser. Hes the type of guy thatd sell his house just so he could get another spin.

  360. You are very supid!

  361. Because a real rocknrolla… wants the f’ing lot hahaha

  362. No way in hell I could lose this type of money. My wife and I limit ourselves to 20 dollars each if we go to casino which might be once a year. I can’t stand the thought of giving my money away.

  363. a fools game

  364. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO SPELL “LOSE”!!! Everybody is spelling it “loose” God damn!!

  365. Shudda banged a 15k depo on, red/black to claw it back

  366. Mas de 10000 euros este tio esta loco

  367. People play here are very very stupid. Why dont you go to a real Casino men. Win in a real casino es difficukt so imagine on line

  368. I’m the 666’th Like/Thumbs Up.
    All the numbers on the Roulette wheel ad up to 666.

  369. You will know the value of money the day you will be a homeless

  370. It’s class watching you lose hahahaha you are such a mongo for doing they spins ???

  371. Gamble with winnings not earnings

  372. Don’t play any roulette game that they cover there hands after the spin it’s rigged with magnets

  373. The dealer is interfering with the spin how comes u did not see that.

  374. ….. bye something nice .or maybe a trip. . !

  375. This is the best way to become “homeless”. This dude is playing against the house. You can’t play “online” and win, no, not even in a real Casino, unless you know HOW to play. They are all guessing or using techniques or pen and paper or “whatever” but never win. [22.9.18]

  376. You need to stop gambling… lol

  377. I know many guys busted alot here and i feel sorry i busted at begin as well i am sure if you playing for luck possible to win and possible to busted , i would like to invite for my high skills formula contact me i will guide you free sessions for sure

  378. He makes great videos, they show you how NOT to play roulette.

  379. He won 30k on another video so not so bad, I only lose, lose and more losing….

  380. Is this guy playing with real money.

  381. Who can watch the wheel with that fine man behind the wheel.

  382. every time i get the urge to play roulette i come back to watch this video……thanks for sharing it and I feel your pain!

  383. Reply
    Baccino is always the first October 3, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    Looking u fuss Way cryn hhhhhhh about 13000

  384. Do u know anything about roullete computer sir??

  385. u can gamble when u have no childs no wife no house then u can anyway Nothing loose

  386. So Stupid he just had to play 9 4,4 so he would be rich. He is playing all the same shit numbers.

  387. You want a buzz get a R1 much more fun

  388. I am 4000 up this year from spins and weekend football ? unlucky for you, class being in control of what you gamble ? see yous in two weeks am away to Mexico ?

  389. Reply
    Jay Betting low risk October 17, 2018 at 10:41 pm

    Always wanted to see there hand ?

  390. 28,31 32.29,29, 34,27,34,34, idiot never play casino

  391. just lost 3000e playing roulette i had half the wheel locked each spin and each spin it was on the other side… 10 times in a row… insane how rigged these things are

  392. Ahaha this was so dumb

  393. I’ve never lost money on roulette in my life its amazing all these people commenting saying they lost everything, if you play smart you always win I’m a gambling addict who has never lost money on roulette ever !

  394. I lost 70 pounds in roulette, I can’t sleep last night ..u open my eyes ..sir ..look after ur self sir …?

  395. Unsure why I’m watching these today, But I’am

  396. What the FUCK are you doing?!?!

  397. Reply
    Michael james garrett November 1, 2018 at 1:02 am

    It hurts me losing 100 pounds this video made me feel sick

  398. dont play with this brain.

  399. Reply
    Loyal Entertainment November 2, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    Your not happy with 6k prior to depositing 8k, then after the deposit, you win some to 14k and you say ‘ get in there!’, sorry but your only fooling yourself.

  400. Lot of respect showing that. You wouldn’t catch me showing the really shit sessions like that. Lots of luck

  401. I’m gambler also, i lost 5000e in country where salary is 200e per month. I cant get back to normal life and sleep for over a week. At last i played a lot with that money in real casino. Cant you see the ball is with system to jump from sector 5-10 numbers, never play online again. Never play again better anything.

  402. You need help pal?you are spending way to much your such a bad looser I gamble but I’m definitely not a addict to it I go to the casino with like £70 and come out with nothing or more start doing that instead of spending fucking £1000s and doing £2950 spins? Are you okay in the head mate people need this money and you like the idiot you are blow it all on the casino your stupid as fuck sort ya life out mate get off YouTube focus on your kids and wife(if you have any) or donate to charaity pull your finger out your ass because it looks likes it’s already fucked you up

  403. Reply
    Roulette Logarithm Wins November 8, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    Bad feeling

  404. netent rigged roulette!

  405. Reply
    Milquetoast Eugenicist November 12, 2018 at 3:42 am

    11 17 26 down the middle. Never have I lost so much so fast as in Roulette. Never have I won so much so fast either. Still alive. Been riding this 4 grand for weeks now. It’s four, it’s three, it’s two, it’s three, it’s four, it’s five, it’s four again. Repeat ad nauseam. I’m making myself sick with gambling. I don’t have the balls to go after it because I know the second I plop half down on black, red will hit. Then the rest is going in black and if that didn’t hit it’d be over. Know thyself. Cash out? Never!

  406. Reply
    Tienes Un Llama Drama November 12, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    It does get to a point where the wins versus lose is just too high. Unfortunately it happens often..

  407. You cant play roulette for shit? you stack nearly everything on 5.8.11?? you need to even it out across the board, i started with £2 on this and won 53,000 in the end?

  408. I m enjoying… play again

  409. What kind of player are you man, you don’t even know what you’re doing

  410. Always stick with your numbers never change them, I think that way you got chance to win


  412. Lost all clarity that nite…..always respect the wheel n always take care of ur bankroll

  413. Сказочный долбоеб )) долбит в одно ))

  414. Reply
    Roulette Baccarat System LERBOH December 1, 2018 at 11:26 am

    You problem is you dont know how to play roulette take a course…

  415. How to people get all this money to gamble with and still looks like they live in a nice house. I’m slowly getting into gamballing

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel thank you for your reply. I really think authorities need to do more for a citizens. I have seen people punch those machines in the bookies. It’s just crazy. Money does a lot but it is only paper

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 1, 2018 at 6:52 pm

      Casinos games all have a house edge so they will always win in the long run! Don’t be thinking gambling is a way to make some easy money mate

  416. You look like you’re fighting tears at the end mate, and i’m not saying to take the piss either – losing that kind of coin must be devastating

  417. Помогите мой киви +77711938403

  418. Reply
    Francisco Alves Gomes December 12, 2018 at 11:05 pm

    if I had the money to bet I would win a lot, the numbers choices were wrong.

  419. – this is a UK exclusion to nearly all UK gambling websites. This helped me curb my addiction and it can help yours.

  420. i just lost 8k in 2 days never again

  421. how 34 gets 3 times there is fucking magnet in ball

  422. Bouce back please it’s not going to

  423. Think is time to pack in pal

  424. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  425. Casinos are disgusting. The epitome of human greed.

  426. Seeing your face losing on those dumb high bets was fun to watch. You don’t deserve that money or being that rich

  427. Ahhh maybe he lost the double at tomorrow

  428. Crazy vid mate, I rate u bro, your a captain in the shadows. I gamble mate and literally know how u feel. You really should of withdrew when u got back up to 14k that’s still 1k profit from your start. But this is the exact part they lur you in, it’s when u make ur money back, they know you’ll gamble again so literally long story short. AS SOON AS U MAKE YOUR STAKE BACK. LEAVE.

  429. Were is this guy getting his money from to bet like that?!

  430. Better if you play martingale or fibonacci

  431. roulette , deposit 1k$ , get 25k in 4 hour 🙂
    1 month later , -50k , almost lose my family
    stay away from this game , u cant win

  432. You had a very nice balance at one moment but forgot the rule everyone should know – when to walk away seriously this was painful to watch I hope you have received help for gambling since this video was uploaded all the best ✌

  433. You should better donated all those money you stupid gambler

  434. Reply
    Phantasia Entertainment January 30, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    i’m afraid you are sick my friend. i would close my account. you will end up in the streets.

  435. UK #1 IDIOT . You have zero strategy apart from ” could have been 14 or 9 or 3 ” . You deserve to be homeless jobless and punished for your arrogance

  436. Omg is not real money !!!!!!!

  437. Insane !! Crazy bets is to big …

  438. i lost 3000 , it hurts =(

  439. I’m watching this to prevent myself to ever play roulette

  440. I put £100 on black last night it came in red I lost. Lol ?


  441. Here’s awesome advice you degenerate gambling monkey : KEEP GOING ! I love watching people lose over the casino. Feed my hapiness bitches.

  442. What a stupid twat ????

  443. Your such a DICK HEAD think of what you can do with that sort of money! There are better and cheaper ways to get a BUZZ

  444. The problem is you dont know when to stop. It’s cringe worthy to watch.

  445. Sick fuck??

  446. Reply
    Chikka Vijaybhargav March 12, 2019 at 6:49 am

    ur big mistake was ur not able to judge the wheel so u blindly place the bet.
    that’s y u loss everything

  447. Its sick how the ball is jumping..extra spin..and how its stop and suck in a number……?

  448. I lost 60 pounds and this makes me feel better

  449. Try betting any easy soccer matches like barcelona, manchester city, ajax three matches in a list and bet 10k you win 20k easily ?

  450. The roulette is invincible. It only let you some times seems in big money. But if you don’t quit soon enough. You always end losing all. Doesn’t matter if you start with 200 or 20 thousand
    You have to be really smart and have enormous autocontrol to stop playing

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