HUGE Balance for Tonight???


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  1. bollox. harsh.

  2. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 17, 2017 at 11:34 am

    So pretty annoyed with myself over this one!! Trying to build a balance for tonight and managed it but when I saw 35k left to wager I wanted a bit more and then failed, in hindsight I could have got some features ready or did some crazy reel king gambles! Reason for the bigger deposits and not playing a few slots was because time was a factor and yes I know the 16 vs 7 and soft 18 vs 10 are both hits ha! Got a good slots wheel choice for tonight and will be a bit more sensible with the stakes tonight……….probably!!

  3. lets go rolla much love bud

  4. Looking forward to tonight! 😀

  5. Oh man!!

  6. oh sweaty balls.

  7. Guts its shite mate

  8. unlucky rolla. love the honesty with deposits and losses. good luck tonight mate il be in from the start as im on a cheeky day off. much love bud

  9. Reply
    Norfolknchance Udumbfook May 17, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Fucking Blackjack!!!!

  10. ???? not good mate

  11. you could have cancel the bonus, so your new deposit will be out of bonus so you could have done a withdrawal whenever you wanted

  12. you know the computer blackjack and roulette he plays at the beginning are they FOBTs? I normally play live blackjack and do a lot better and lost a bit of money on the computer ones, felt quite rigged dont think ill be touching them again.
    Otherwise, unlucky paul mate!

  13. 3 card poker sometime mate?

    • Best way to learn would be at a land based casino. it’s easy but anything your unsure about just wreck the croupiers head with questions lol

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 17, 2017 at 4:08 pm

      Never really played it mate, did have a look at some of the other table games for a bit more variety but would need to learn a bit more about them first

  14. rocknrolla song name at begin?

  15. Rrrh man that’s really sucks to watch so gutted for you

  16. brutal………

  17. Too bad Paul, still enough time to try a couple of times more though!

  18. Concrete knackers mate 2k quick spins haha. Good luck tonight

  19. That computer roullete is rigged pal it’s fucked me so many times just stay away from it I no you wanna believe it not but trust me it is its designed for big losses please stay away ! Good luck for tonight

  20. Chasing dozen is a bad idea, the biggest streak I saw was 14 hits in a row on the same dozen…

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 17, 2017 at 4:06 pm

      I know and will definitely try to remember this lesson, but didnt have much time and started to chase

    • Also I honestly think you are better when you build a balance from a 200 deposit, you have the remarkable ability to get to thousands.

  21. Reply
    pumping for pumps May 17, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    please whats this song called, ANYONE??

  22. you fackin loon, I love it. I can see a few more of these coming as guts equals novo’s which equals big bets which equals big balance. Don’t brake your bankroll trying to give us viewer’s what we expected but on the other hand I do get a semi on when them £45 spins hit a feature. …

  23. proper stitch up mate

  24. Fuck computer roulette! I was playing on pokerstars computer roulette and saw the ball land in a winning number and settle, almost a second later the fucking thing jumped out ov the winning number and in to next door 🙁
    Stick to live roulette

    • Yes i understand…Don’t know…Perhaps if it just lands out side of you target zone they may think you will say to yourself”gee that was close”…The live roulette at netent is also rigged…1) they use a random rotary speed wheel from Cammegh2) a gyro ball.

    • i know what you maen. but i want say i make mony all the time with the one cumputer ruolette he play now.loss all the timee on live ruolette

    • You’ve totally missed my point so i’ll try again…

      IF it is rigged, then why would it graphically need to show you it bouncing from a winning number to a losing one, you’re not watching it live, it’s just a graphical representation of an electronic generated number,. Why not just show you an animation of it landing in a losing number without messing around and giving you the chance to complain it’s rigged (based purely on the graphics)

      Do you understand what i’m saying now?

    • Ian,it is not matter of IF IT IS RIGGED…..It very well truly is a rigged game…

    • no yes butt so long you come out with winning wil be fine.

  25. Damn Paul i felt that in my gut. Better luck tonight my man ??

  26. Easy saying it but take your time when I get flustered I’m not thinkin straight an make mistakes nothing you could of done on blackjack sometimes just not your day

  27. I don’t blame you bro! You know why………..

    Coz a real rocknrolla wants the facking lot!

  28. PAUL i am upset for you TAKE A BREAK FROM ALL THIS we will be here when you get back if you don’t i will disconnect your internet lol KEEP SETTING LIMITS that’s a order!!!!!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 17, 2017 at 4:04 pm

      Yeh mate definitely need to put those limits in place! Dissapointed I went big in this one but time was a factor

  29. Easy come easy go?

  30. £6k not enough for you? You maybe starting to lose the value of money ?

  31. Great trolling poul

  32. Love the music mate whos the artist?

  33. what is the name of this song plz?

  34. Unlucky pal. 20p stakes tnight then haha ?

  35. wish you would have saved the 6k for some degen stakes on slots, not often you get chance to do that 🙁

  36. Man i think you need to stop. You streaming is gambling on steroids, the crowd wants bigger and bigger.

    • Fio na I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know how he puts up with some people on the chat with the raise reverse go for the 100k. I think he’s called cj88 every single times he’s on it raise up the stakes even if he’s already high, or don’t cash out or reverse Paul. acting like the big I am. yet a few streams ago someone was talking about writing off pay day loans and he was asking how. he’s clearly a bull shitter. people like that don’t help one bit. Paul has alot more patience than me. I’d tell him to shut the fook up. people shouldn’t push him into higher stakes and definitely shouldn’t be encouraged to reverse. everyone should let him play how he wants and enjoy the streams

    • Doesn’t neet to be big Paul. Ignore those who shout “Raise!”. I enjoy watching you stream, even on low stakes. You are a cool guy and entertaining to watch 🙂

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 17, 2017 at 4:02 pm

      It will crash at somepoint, tonight for example unless I win bets won’t be anywhere near big

  37. urrgghhh what was that awful music. did you use Windows 95 to edit that. ? still love your videos pal.

  38. Guts is wank.. it’s impossible to cash anything out of it.. it’s actually the worst one I’ve played

  39. Dude I just don’t get why would you put thousands of pounds on fishy computer roulettes. At least go for a live dealer one lol. Its just soooo sick putting up 2x my whole payment and loose it within 3 seconds… ( I work around 200 hours a month** for 160.000 Hungarian forints = 442 GBP.)

  40. everyone moaning and telling the bloke what to do . 35k wager is huge he had to try something probs needed a 10k bankroll to stand any chance . at the end of the day it is Paul’s money and I’m sure he is big enough and ugly enough to make his own decision . We all love to go degen sometimes

  41. Reply
    Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh May 17, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Chasing the big one. Then the bigger one, but never reaching the elusive goal, because the goal keeps changing and getting bigger. It’s all about the thrill of the chase. Unlucky, lad, next time ?

  42. Reply
    Evgenijs Lobanovs May 17, 2017 at 1:01 pm


  43. Nothing you haven’t experienced before, still suck tho.. Can feel the INSANE hit on the slots tonight. Glgl

  44. You are a BOSS ! This fail….. iam soooo sorry4 you….!!!!

  45. Reply
    Myles Brouillette May 17, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    Dang haha

  46. watching that gave me a rush… I know exactly what you were feeling throughout that.. been there so much.. Unlucky… but hopefully some good wins tonight

  47. Paul much love from Aus. Come visit sometime, the you’ll like the weather 😉

  48. Nice try. Unlucky 🙁

  49. Digital blackjack/roulette.. Wouldn’t trust that shit even if my life depended on it.

  50. Could u wager 35k on blackjack to release ?

  51. Fucking gutted pal, hope for a more profitable stream tonight?

  52. ey paul save this kind of craziness for the streams:) goodluck tonight!

  53. Rolla would you please be kind to reveal what music/artist this is? Thanks, GL mate!

  54. What if you wouldnt do such shit and save the money until the end of the month and then do some crazy reel king… By the way, I remember how you downrated someone elses game on blackjack in a stream…. But in the past you have shown the same. Splitting a 20 Hand, or putting 100 smackers on a fucking sidebet… Dude… All this would be even more interesting if you would try to use your relatively high deposits and a system to it. Also for Roulette… Yes it is entertainment, but honestly, its only entertaining when one wins money right? What if you take some thing from the net and show it to people, if it works or not? 2 grand,.. thats more than most of your viewers earn. Use is smarter. Sorry for these harsh words, but thats my feedback.

  55. i love you, im sorry for calling you an azzhole, forgive me

  56. some man for the big bets… ??

  57. ouch

  58. Unlucky Paul balance could of been huge tonight, but if you never bet big in the first place then you wouldnt get these big balances and wins. Would of seen some big bets and big bonuses but it wasn’t to be, you never know might hit big tonight gambling can change in an instant good luck tonight cant wait.

  59. how late is your stream?

  60. Is there a trick to blackjack vs CPU? Like can you tell when a bust is due?

  61. unlucky paul boyyy

  62. Hey Paul, big swings man.
    Joined Thrills yesterday and had two massive wins on Raging Rhino 0.40 bet and a 72 euro win and on Jungle spirrit 0.40 bet and a 150 win.
    Was up 253,- but managed to play it down to 120,- and cashed it out.
    Were do you stop when playing?
    Anyways goodluck tonight!!

  63. i wacht all ruolette only the auto ruolette it the only one with the ball jumd normal 90% some time the ball act not normal the rest live ruolette magnnet butt some time they lets you win .

  64. Unlucky 🙂 will watch later for better wins i’m sure 😀

  65. Giving gambling advice
    Only ever advice is don’t gamble
    And if you do, you do your own thing especially paul
    Paul is his own man

    Only thing I’d say is 2-1 risking 2000 a few times to win 1000 bad odds and it can land on zero roulette

  66. It’s a shame fella but it’s the gamble you take ! Sure the stream will be entertaining as per !

  67. Congrats on the 20k subs Paul ?

  68. Whoops

  69. Paul ,,Big Balls,, Rocknrolla

  70. Can someone tell me the music, i lik it.

  71. Paul what time you going live buddy

  72. Lost 2250 total

  73. hey paul, glad you put this up mate, just watched your biggest slot win video from 7 months ago 2775 on fruit warp, you were so excited to win that much, try not to let the stakes get to out of control and if you feel they are take a break, i know you feel you owe your fans but you come first mate

  74. Reply
    Michael Gildersleeve May 17, 2017 at 6:11 pm

    Ought to try The Naked Gun if you have it on the online casino your on won £400 off pound spins little bit like Top Cat and Ted

  75. I love the music you play in the backround – Lune – Y&V – gonna watch the video soon, good luck on the stream tonight Mister;)

  76. sorry man that was so hard to watch but better luck next time Paul, see you in the stream

  77. paul I love the bones of you chap but I promise to hunt you down in sunny Bournemouth and burn your flat cap if you rock up tonight with a deposit of £20 and do timmy 25p spins on novo’s because you did your bollocks with this loss.

  78. Don’t you consider yourself to be sad doing what you are doing? Gambling is taking over on you.

  79. Alright mate the thrill of chasing when you are losing or trying to win back the money you have deposited / cashed in is a buzz. I won over 11k on Sunday night of the Fort Knox platinum jackpot at the casino now I’m asking my x GF for £10 for petrol money.
    We all dream still greater dreams all the best mate on your steams you have me hooked I never miss one x

  80. Reign it in just a bit mate if you can. We’re all gamblers, but that was some reckless ass shit especially on computer roulette with those sums of cash. Hang tough and good luck for tonight

  81. Anal fisting dry there pal, multiseat BJ is pathetic I mean I’m no expert but to stick on 15 with dealer sat on a king like the guy before u did C’MON…..

  82. Apologies, I honestly know Jack Shit/NOTHING about BJ, I never play it online, but when you have two Jacks and dealer is showing a 5, (depending on your balance) is it a good idea to split?

  83. What’s the name of the song?? Gets me buzzing for a casino sess

  84. Outo Rulet totaly cheating.

  85. that’s sick lad lol

  86. luv you bro for showing the true side of gambling. we all desperate to win but in the end we all LOSE

  87. This is why I like the channel, you show the reality and variance; what happens when things go wrong – for every high there is a big low.


  89. You got too greedy man lol

  90. i love watching at any amount of play! even if you were playing dollar chips on roulette man!

  91. anyone know the name.of this track?

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