Highlights of a CRAZY Stream!!!!


Love it when a stream like this happens!!

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  1. first

  2. well done.

  3. was a good stream. Enjoyed it mate

  4. Top man Paul get in there lad

  5. Excited to watch this vid Paul, hope we got some ron zacapa moments mate!

  6. where is the last stream? are u uploding?

  7. for someone like me, this highlight package is awesome, cant be doing with staying up all night, got kids and wife and business’s to run. thanks rocka

  8. Great vid Paul. Congrats on the wins!

  9. Epic Well Done Paul

  10. Kept me up till 1am you swine! But well worth it, Gutted for you for last nights stream though.

  11. epic stream mate!

  12. Congrats! )

  13. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan April 20, 2017 at 11:20 am

    ive watched your demeanour change playing roulette at massive stakes and although theres no feeling like a big hit it is plainly visible to me that you are becoming more animated. not to say that you arent a really nice and decent bloke. remember we all are susceptable to the fierce grip of roulette. having is not the same as wanting and therein lies the illusion. you tell yourself what you would be happy with but its never enough and never will be as the brain becomes dissatisfied very quickly. ive played roulette for 35 years and was degen until 1997 where i almost had a breakdown before i gained control again. im pleased to say that ive managed somehow to gain the value of money back since then and although i still dabble from time to time, the degen bets have subsided and i actually enjoy a fee harmless spins but only if i win on my beloved horses. i took a lesser paying job in 2001 with longer hours which aided my regaining the thread of valueing money again. i remember playing in a casino called the metropole in stanley street liverpool in 1981 and the chips were valued at 12.5 pence. i walked out of there with over £200 which comfortably paid for my family holiday. sorry for waffling paul but i am a fan of your streams and as a fellow gambler have noticed the early signs of you appearing just that little bit more uncomfortable. i truly hope that you at least mull over what ive said as im no success story but ive had a most enjoyable last 20 years after hitting the point of, what i thought was no return. it took all my strength and will power and still does. take care paul. after all its only money and its for the people you love to enjoy a better lifestyle and not yourself. also money earned spends differently than won. i know that sounds beserk but think about it. love you man and stay loose.

  14. from that moment you have £2500 cashed out and reversed it, possible RIP, to 10k cash out, thats amazing man, on top of the 11k the other day, its been a good week for you getting back some of these losses. super congrats to you mate

  15. Keep these coming that’s awesome ?

  16. Paul, well done!! i fell asleep last night, any chance of the full stream being uploaded? keep up the good work #Legend!

  17. I love watching you play. I myself joined the site too. Made 15k off 1k. But because i was watching you, i saw you undo the withdrawals. And the idiot i am i followed you and lost the whole lot! wish i didnt lmao. Great videos tho man!

  18. Great video lol every time the wheel landed on a degen game u knew the balance cud disappear any moment 😀

  19. For the love of god, how do you do it ?congrats dude

  20. Another banging video dude!

  21. what is the wheel called? maybe with a link?

  22. smashed it mate

  23. i see the jealous gobshites on commenting after you win big cracking stream and win….as usual give the wife her cut

  24. great video mate, epic ?

  25. Haha great, nice lucky evening 🙂 10k withdraw.. good job!

  26. is everything broke?? well done mate.best stream in years lol…well played and well cashed out…keep it going cheers steve..

  27. I like this format for those of us who cant catch you live every night! Nice initiative!

  28. cant u make normal intro with good quality?

  29. More of these highlight videos mate they’re class! Appreciate the time you put into them! ?

  30. wow indeed.

  31. @rocknrolla can you please show people this link on your next stream please I’m desperate https://www.gofundme.com/ympgux-help-the-homeless?rcid=1286460208b74b24b3d530bfc7f31254

  32. epic stream buddy get the fudge in !!

  33. forgot just how good that stream was ( due to intoxication)

  34. Paul please do a meet and greet at a casino near you? I’d love to have everyone just meet up have drinks and play a few games would be awesome mate

  35. wow man what a sick run! congrats Paul love the vids and streams man

  36. Niceeeeeeeeeee

  37. Paul i see ya in a few day’s just had the shit kicked outta me, so all those kickboxing lessons did’nt work ffs lol tc bro.

  38. these live dealers on here look awkwardddddd

  39. Paul this video must have taken effort to edit so thanks man appreciate it ????

  40. Major congrats and credit to the online Donald donwone don!!

  41. Need to pass me some of your look ?? 21 having my life at the moment

  42. Beauty Paul, was worried you may suffocate if fruit warp took any longer 🙂

  43. happy you got a nice withdraw paul

  44. Think its great how youve edited this video from lastnites stream mate you should always do this if you have the time

  45. Reply
    Eindhoven Vuurwerk April 20, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    Fucking nice geggambled mate!

  46. What a treat this video is, that was epic!

  47. Sick luck, man!
    Congrats on the winnings?

  48. I need some of ur luck mate! Nice 1

  49. As always Paul EPIC ?

  50. nice one again dude!!

  51. Should do these more mate, love your streams but never have time to watch them all mate!

  52. The one stream i miss!!! great win paul but you still have a shite haircut

  53. get the absolute FUDGE IN THERE!!!!!

  54. Awesome stream, some great luck and well deserved.
    Nice stuff xx

  55. Wow Paul get in there lad Mega Luckly

  56. I loved that stream finally you had the luck of the slots and was also hitting big when you were betting big. You also done well to keep cashing out and going big with little stake, the hit on Fruit Warp at the end made it a perfect stream.

  57. sick paul 🙂

  58. really enjoyed that mate thanks for putting it together i bet it took ages it would be awesome if u could do this after each stream ??

  59. Almost every slot paid you that day man 😉

  60. wow, thats what i call an insane run! So lucky with the kiwano’s at the end fcking crazy! good to see you cash out MY MAN!

  61. good fucking job.

  62. Hey Paul I finally dropped jackpot on reel king 🙂 https://imgur.com/gallery/GnsXB

  63. Congratulations Paul. Excellent luck and well deserved 🙂

  64. That was fantastic, I enjoyed that.

  65. Fkn awesome mate love this vid, please do them like this more often because I miss most your streams

  66. that roulette is weird – the camera angles for the woman makes it so awkward lol

  67. Use that money wisely! 😉

  68. ah pessoas com sorte….Outras se fodem trabalhar

  69. Paul. someone is impersonating you on twitch. They are using a old stream vod of yours and pretending to be you. I see they are doing it to make money from their referrals/affiliate links. https://www.twitch.tv/topgambling. I have screenshots and recording of stream/chat as proof.

    • Spoke to paul on twitch. He is aware of this channel and has reported it. Make sure yourself and others report the channel too 🙂

  70. Yea nice one. <--- fullstop

  71. This is almost as good second time around. Brilliant night.

  72. Sick fucking wins. Watched the lot and fucking loved it. Get the fudge in their Paul, from Down Under mate!

  73. Loved watching your responses Paul. Congrats mate.

  74. When the giveaway will be Paul ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 21, 2017 at 3:37 pm

      Not sure yet mate, need to decide how I’m going to do it! I like the idea of 2x £1,000 prizes but on that deal or no deal game haha

  75. congratulations great win very enjoyable

  76. whens the next steam paul?

  77. Awsome channel bud . great vids ! check out this RIP sure you will enjoy the last spin lol https://youtu.be/Vt1hAgGGngA

  78. Can someone please Tell me about Paul? I left on holiday a few weeks ago just when Twitch banned him, I come back and I see new Twitch uploads, so did Twitch un ban Paul? Did they give a reason?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel April 21, 2017 at 5:12 pm

      I had to send in an appeal as I couldnt log into my streamlabs to withdraw the donations. Without going into to much detail about screenshots etc I was able to provide them, the petition, previous conduct and apology video they unbanned me

  79. That was a superb vid to watch. Nice one Paul. Hope there are plenty more of like it.

  80. youtube or twitch wont work for me.. never had a problem before. so i cant watch any streams anymore. great stream by the looks of things and great hilights


  82. loved this one lol, and just realised I have not subscribed yet. so I best do that lol.

  83. so great video Paul<3

  84. Your face when the wheel lands on Roulette. Superb mate. Keep
    up the good work

  85. How have I only just seen this congrats mate

  86. this guy is a bell end he will lose all his money one day

  87. This was class perfect length of time great slots wins perfect well played

  88. Online casino and evolution roulette are full of fake. Watch very carefully at 23:17 ( Make video speed 0.5 ). How can the ball get out of 29 to 18 ? It is could not be physically. Please watch carefully, you will catch another cheats too.

  89. damn nice

  90. Reply
    Blighty Calling! Funny Clips! July 18, 2017 at 10:14 am


  91. This kinda videos are awseome paul

  92. Amazing degen stream congrats man 🙂

  93. that woman on the roulette was so beautiful and the color of the dress is awesome

  94. The good old days

  95. Well done mate nigel costermils aka kingcoster

  96. Boner jams 08


  98. That was fun to watch.. Thanks mate

  99. Excellent stream big fella! Your efforts are appreciated by us all ?

  100. Hey Paul, just done 11 nights in Vegas and have to say the slots have become a joke. Over 90% of bonuses are paying less than 10x. Played in about 7 of the casinos and it was the same in all, not just for my play but for others too. It’s just getting ridiculous out there now, bloody resort fees, parking charges, $10 a pint, I do love the place but it will be a while before I go back. Nice win btw.

  101. Well done on the huge win.

  102. Where have you gone man? I know your taking a break but jeez. Big hole out my life!

  103. 23:17 not a magnet -,-

  104. I cant understand who can by this shit from you??? You are piece of shit!! Casino player !!!

  105. Wild video I watched I’m following let’s do a live stream eh

  106. Love watching you play. It actually helps me stop gambling. Thanks man 🙂

  107. Thanks for the clips your the man !

  108. Why ive never luck like you?! 21 is my lucky number… 😀

  109. u are very strange person once u begin to hit and win u move for another table or another game .dudeeee its unfair

  110. Greed is a motherfucker

  111. Nice 1 Paul ?

  112. Great watching back, massively missed on You Tube! ( One day my Twitch might work !!! )

  113. 3$ hollar feature, you should b embarrassed.. Atleast play 6 quid a spin.

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