HIGH Stakes Table Games Session!!!


Big balance for tonight's stream on youtube, or fail??

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  1. First

  2. video starts at 0.01

  3. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 6, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    Guess for free the outcome of the Book of Dead bonus and have a chance to win 10% of it here – https://thegamblingcommunity.com/forum/index.php?/topic/192-%C2%A330-book-of-dead-bonus-competition/ Paid in cash via skrill. Stream at 10.30pm

  4. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel March 6, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    What time tonight?

  5. You’re so funny Paul, fackin cam on fackin cam on. You don’t half make me laugh 😀

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing that bonus ? well done

  7. Mate your so reserved live streaming with your bets (to some extent) but totally balls deep of stream. You got a pair I’ll give you that

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 6, 2018 at 4:50 pm

      Aiming for 10.30pm tonight

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel what time stream start later. I’m banished upstairs watching football an now this stream while she watches the soaps

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 6, 2018 at 4:46 pm

      Yeh gambling on stream is a very different gamble for me, there is no way I could say bet like this at the start of a stream

  8. You need help son lol

  9. Get the fudge in there number 10 sorting you out today and the way the women’s like ‘rocknrolllllla’???

  10. a rumour going around fish party is hot asf tonight gg

  11. good thing you recovered on the wheel lol

  12. Balls of steel . Nobody else like you on youtube or twitch

  13. get in rolla lift 5g ma man

  14. Great hit mate ?looking forward to the stream ?

  15. Nice one m8 fuck yeaaaaa bring on sunday i actully loved the poker tourny

  16. time you streaming tonight paul?? looking forward to the book of dead bonus!! looks like a good one pal.

  17. How much did you rage at 2:30? ???

  18. Great shit vid
    Looks like tonight will be a hot run
    27.000 min withdrawal tonight Paul I feel it

  19. Insane bets on dreamcatcher.The real rocknrolla haha Good luck mate on the bonus !!

  20. so cool! looking forwards for tonight nolla!

  21. well done mate

  22. You crazy fcuker!! Woo woo 🙂

  23. 2:40………there goes another mouse!

  24. Well done for not playing that music
    I could watch this one

  25. Reply
    jroppa69 .SLOT VIDEOS March 6, 2018 at 5:05 pm

    Hi paul what time is the stream mate? I think it will pay about 8k ?

  26. the real rocknrolla spunked the fookin lot…. good luck mate

  27. This 500 on dreamcatcher wow i told you so many times in the stream DC pay of ?

  28. That’s another degen lvl

  29. I’m getting the same message on the website matey ? awesome hit though and look forward to what’s to come! X

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel I thought it might have been because of an update. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 6, 2018 at 5:12 pm

      Just spoke and as we upgraded the site today it might be a cache issue as the site is now on a different server

  30. That was some good old rolla! Mafacka get the fudge in neivoo

  31. Fuck Paul finaly a tilt video that payed off

  32. Very kind sir. Best of luck

  33. Ma man love these table games real rocknrolla ?

  34. When stream tonight?

  35. That dream catcher is dangerous as 4uck!

  36. Can’t wait to see £30 book of dead ..I recon horse head dog face . 4,000

  37. Fucking awesome Paul….gtfit

  38. On stream he troll us with 2,5 bets?

  39. Reply
    Tommy from IRELAND March 6, 2018 at 5:33 pm

    Good Luck for tonight………

  40. What’s the saying Paul get the fudge in there lol what time u on tonight lol x

  41. It´s gonna be a hell of stream of tonight. Looking Forward…

  42. OMG the 10 at dreamcatcher, nothing more than pure luck .. btw did you know guys that the brain of a person who has been gambling for a long period of time LITERALLY changed and is different than people who NOT gamble ? some parts became INACTIVE … just think about it , inactive !! (how scary is that) … parts responsible for reasoning, logic, sense of reality, decision making , etc ..; gamblers always think they are awesome in decision making, it’s actually the opposite … the more you gonna play, the more your brain chemically will change, the less you will be good in ‘right’ decision making .. seriously be aware of the dangers of gambling , it truly changes you !! a second scientific insight is that the brain fools and mislead you … brain scans confirmed that your gambling brain does NOT distinguish winning from participating .. so when you just participate the brain says you’re winning (while you’re not) ..

    • well, Blaise Pascal invented Roulette … one of THE best mathematicians of all time … not only that, he was the FOUNDER of probability theory … says a lot, don’t you think ? …

    • I don’t think there has been a system invented yet that beats roulette ….. unless you have a massive bank roll. Statistically bLackjack is the most favourable game to the gambler with the least house edge. Molberts I would like to know your system if you care to share .

    • For most people yes , is big problem gambling. I see many persons addicted in Casinos. They lose a lot of money and still not understand how that’s happen. The thing is they not learning nothing from experience or from another persons. When I start Gambling I clearly know what I want as this is for me just a business as many hundreds other businesses. I never gambled nor for slots etc. I only play roulette, as only one game at casino what you can beat. But don’t foolish yourself, roulette cant beat. House always win 🙂 but,but,but… if you do roulette as business, then is good, otherwise not 🙂

    • Some famous gambler said best feeling in world is gambling and winning and the second best is gambling and losing.

  43. Nice comeback mate

  44. That dream catcher win tho ??????

  45. Jacks £970

  46. so glad you’ve had a bit of luck!! about fucking time aha great win. see you tonight then!!

  47. That Book Bonus … I would love to know what you get 🙂 Cya tonight

  48. Streaming 3 in a row? Sweet!

  49. VINCENTLUCK here .. nice one GTFI .see ya tonight !!1

  50. Oooosh get in there see ya later

  51. Reply
    MissQuantum Casino Live Roulette & Blackjack March 6, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    both win was made on the number 10! DreamCatcher 10, change to Roulette….bamm number 10! Big win! 10x spin on BOD? ..baamm! 3x book ?

  52. GL on stream tonight Paul u fucking fegen smudge. Cant catch your weekday streams live as I work 7:30-15:30 and u start late for my time. – Webee

  53. If you bet on 1 and 10 then you should bet on 2 as well, half tens are surrounded by 2 other half by ones…Anyway absolutely bonkas, great enterteining, apreciate it, thats how you make money, but very stresful and risky… that comp blackjack what the hell… we are thankful paul for your work!

  54. AGAIN with the big balls haha. Get in. What time you start in Pablo? I never recived a notification last night.


    • +Football AllDay what if you’re not born with intelligence and lack of concentration so i start working everday on my 18 and get lowly paid what do you want else cant get much money otherwise i would have learned to be a doctor or something you comment makes no sens

    • football allday you do realize that even the people who earn more than enough still gamble?

    • Legendary Hamster you caught up in the endless losing and hoping for a win, get a girlfriend or wife live a clean life, I don’t know how the fuck this came up on my YouTube recommended, just gambling is a mugs game, I don’t care what you say the end its inevitable, you will give your money away in hope of winning, what life is that. Grow up get a house put all your money on a mortgage and get educated enough so you earn that much money you don’t ever need to gamble.

    • Reply
      Legendary Hamster March 6, 2018 at 8:10 pm

      So what does that make people making daft comments like yours on a gambling stream? 😉

  56. £1275 mate

  57. lol never play dream catcher again

  58. Mate you so deserve it really happy for you. Now lets see if you can get some fudgeing money back .will be watching cart wait mate ??????

  59. Because a real rock n roller whats the fucking lot 😉

  60. Stream after champions Leage bro bcs Champions Leage is BEA

  61. Nice one , dreamcatcher Boom , hope you got good cashout  .

  62. G.T.F.I.T RockanRolla!!!!!! I’m predicting Aces Good luck pal hope you break the casino!!!!

  63. Wow, what a session! That hit on Dream Catcher was incredibly lucky.
    Really pleased for you, may it continue!

  64. 3.35 nice hit, although extremely degen….ha! Good luck for book bonus, got the guess in?

  65. want to see big hit

  66. Boom. Set up an account on your website. Entered draws too. Happy days. Can’t wait for tonight’s stream. Evening sorted. The fudge in there. ???

  67. 2:45 man I`m sure I have seen her in a porno or two

  68. good win paul you lucky fucker

  69. Reply
    JDPal Fruit Adventures March 6, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    What time is the stream tonight?

  70. That 500 on 10 is insane, wicked fella

  71. Listening to the video while multitasking. The only words I hear: “shit!” “fuck!” “Get the fuck in there!” “That’ll do!” and “YES!” Words spoken like a true gambler.

  72. Reply
    Slots&SneaksHyperfuse March 6, 2018 at 8:45 pm

    still cant get better wins than hypalinx hahahahahahahahah xxxxx

  73. nice one mate congrats

  74. 1700 dollar spin on the wheel. haha. you’re fckn nuts man. god bless ya

  75. Reply
    Legendary Hamster March 6, 2018 at 9:06 pm

    @ 4:10 – Legolas was unable to find any other employment after the evil Sauron was defeated…

  76. can you go live today? please

  77. also are you sending seaside mark some love? very sad situation with him

  78. Nice man!! I guess is 50x but hope is more, more than that

  79. 150x

  80. “Git the fuck in therrrrrrrr”

  81. I have watched every single one of rocknrolla s streams but I m starting to think he’s not gambling with his own money and this is all a PR ploy by the casinos. I m probably wrong and wish nothing but the best for rocknrolla but it’s all appears a little scripted for me.

  82. the man is just playing not smart. never takes his time. just play it fast. but on the other side I appreciate that he has the balls to do that shit haha! great work

  83. What time does the stream start??

  84. So at 6:30 his balance jumps from 5k to 7k? Anyone else seeing this?

    • That’s because he bet on roulette and at the same time he was playing book of dead and his number came in.. he won £2,700 from roulette.

  85. This is the real Rocknrolla

  86. Idea for next stream Paul.
    Say you’re going for a piss, then when you’re off camera crawl back to the chair quietly and turn it so it faces the camera.
    Then wait for a bit for coming back on camera and swear you didn’t touch the chair.

  87. How much are you gambling if your risking like 5k days upon days, you won 12k other day and your still a lot down just for this year we’re only in march for God’s sake get help before you loose your wife and kids

  88. What a rush!

  89. mate when you putting the stream up ?

  90. Why did a Mexican dude chuck his wife off a cliff?

  91. You sure do know how to get a Bankroll 🙂

  92. Beginning of the end for you Paul, the rides going to be a bumpy one.
    Can see from just reactions and some erratic betting that you’re slipping.

  93. Each time it’s the same, I win well so I lose almost everything. depressive loss.

  94. Has this guy got millions does any body no???

  95. i think you might actually be the stupidest gambler ever

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