HIGH Stakes Roulette SICK Loss or SICK Win???


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A high stakes roulette session from last year.

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  1. Oioi life-changing money should have quit while you were ahead mate

  2. As soon as I see ‘NetEnt’ roulette you best believe I’m already shitting my pants. NetEnt, more like NetLoss.

  3. Cant win em all

  4. Streaming any time soon?

  5. You just couldn’t make the end up!

  6. the wheel of death

  7. You could have cut it at 7:20 and have groupies congratulating you and make more from affiliation. Props my man

    • Titus Bramble that’s why i‘m always happy to see him winning. Because I know what brutal lost he had in the three years I’m watching him.

    • +Joseph Carreon yeah u said 19k nothing for him so u are saying he is rich basically a millionaire and ive probably followed him longer than u have

    • keto diet btw you probably haven’t been following him long enough to know that this man gambles 20k like it’s nothing

    • +Joseph Carreon so you are saying he is a millionaire or what? How do u know his bankroll ?

    • Nope cause a real Rocknrolla shows the fucking lot!!!

  8. holy shit dude

  9. fuck i havent been this early in years

  10. 9.12 how did u not see that

  11. You’re SICK, SICK MAN! 🙂

  12. 10.37….you are sure?????normal for you??? Really??? Bhoooooo

  13. Sick for you mate

  14. 7.52 sorry….the number 4

  15. Can you share some insight on what’s going on in your mind when you are at 18 k making 7k bets?

    When you go into these sessions is there ever a cut off number for winning? I can’t talk crap cause I have obviously done the same but with that amount of money I don’t see the “goal” number that you would
    Cash out at. Thanks Paul.

  16. Unlucky mate, see you down the food bank on Monday.

  17. Wow lol only you can lose that

  18. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan March 1, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    Again paul, same shit happens to me. I mean my life would be a whole lot better without roulette in it. I love my horse racing bets and have had many successes only to fall foul of the roulette. Im up £23k in the last two years on the horses but im down 5 times that on roulette. It never fails to fuck me.

    • Reply
      Thewildmanarchieduncan March 1, 2019 at 3:11 pm

      +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel i played on betfair casino but im banned for life now whereas betfred will not ban me from their live casino. If i stay away from betfred for say 2 weeks i always get messages offering me free bets. I could just abstain but its proving more than difficult than i thought. Ive been playing the devil wheel for 36 years and have never understood how it keeps avoiding my numbers when i bet big. They surely cant have it all their own way all of the time….can they?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 1, 2019 at 2:59 pm

      What site do you play on? Quite a few now have the option to limit the casino side or even remove it

  19. fuck me Paul…… kick in the nuts rollercoaster …..

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel any chance of you trying something for me on small stakes please I’ve been doing myself at g in Sheffield and it’s working but with work I’m struggling to run a proper format

      start with 17 neighbours let’s say and 1 neighbours then every spin of the wheel knock it to the next relevant neighbours so 17 would move to 21 neighbours then next 2 spins 15 and so on but leaving your 1 neighbours where they are to eventually double up it’s something that’s hit alot on fobtys before they’ve changed it lol anyways enough rambling about a prospect if your ever up near dusk till dawn for some live poker drop me a message Il buy you a pint

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 1, 2019 at 3:00 pm

      Yeh a mahooosive kick

  20. Was 20k not enough for you?

  21. Cmon paul mate , this game will ruin you tbh…..I know from experience, it’s soooooooo hard to know when to walk away ….

  22. They are fuckin wit u !!! Foul play!!!

  23. The BETTER bet would be to put the stack on Nick Kyrgios to lose on tomorrow morning tennis. Can get around 2.3. Anyone with money or needs their money back should bet on him to lose. He will lose & you will be rich.

  24. Kaya kadar aptal bı oyuncusun

  25. You just dont know when to walk away… it makes me sick watching theses videos you need help ?

  26. Shit happens join the gamblers club….all a good fix

  27. Damn bro u sure go hard or go home..wow !!

  28. – 100£ at 10:15 ? next time paul ♥️

  29. Wow,so many ups and downs,man you are really entertaining for us,for me,i feel like i am the one who places the bets and take the risk!next time hope you ve got some more luck mate! P.S i love your reactions you are real !!

  30. £700 on number 8 wow mate fuck me strong that

  31. Lovely Rig on the 4 black

  32. GTFIT!

  33. Got balls of steel mate can’t fault you fortune favours the brave just a tough loss that one love your vids class entertainment, total legend

  34. MATE as soon as it Fudged you on that RIGGED 4 you should have clicked they were gonna fudge you and ran away…Oh Well… take Care Paul..

  35. U sick man …sorry

  36. u play like an idiot

  37. Ayy ya momma?

  38. Reply
    ODDBOYDANGER Wank March 1, 2019 at 3:21 pm


  39. I’d find a high bridge

  40. I play roulette the same as you mate mostly tier and zero and sometimes if they’ve been hot I’ll switch 17 20 etc but when I’m at that point were it’s a nice profit, for me it’s Wether I’m well up or in a hole which makes me carry on or decide to walk . If I did that and got to 19 gs I’d do a 4 and think walk at 15 win or loose .. but then if it didn’t come in and I was well up that’d be my walking point but if it lost and I was needing to win more I’d just have carried on too … been so many times were about 5 spins done me as well then when I’m broke 11 will come in 23 0 32 35 etc horrible mate but like you say Paul lad hindsight isn’t it mate.

  41. Hi Paul.

    Something I admire is your honesty in your betting which is a rarity in this punting world.

    Did you manage to look into the raise your edge coaching mate it’s a game changer for sure.

  42. This video was compulsive viewing. Watching someone bet thousands on a spin of the wheel when I crap myself when I bet £20 or £30 ??

  43. What a dick

  44. How can it fast forward live roulette?

  45. Reply
    Cyber Media Intel March 1, 2019 at 3:29 pm

    WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED AT 9:12… thats not just RANDOM// they fucking pick which clips to fuckin show you or something

  46. Crazy!

  47. when i loss a session then i watch your video and tell me myself i loss only 50 usd . no matter .

    • +ROULETTE SUM he is playing to win more money. U have never been in the situation where u are winning but u think u can win more money?

    • +Aaron Williams no bro i am not mention that i mention about rocknrolla . after 20 thousand he playing for what i dont know . and i have not much money i play 100 bankroll or highest 300 bankroll not more than

    • +ROULETTE SUM I never said you haven’t??

    • +Aaron Williams i have money that dosent mean i much i afford the loss .

    • It’s not about how much you lose its about how much you can afford to lose

  48. Reply
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN March 1, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    O dear wheels have fell off ha ha ha

  49. Reply
    Cyber Media Intel March 1, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    yo at 7:50… before it flashes to the number 4… if you keep your eye on a number… and gauge the speed of the table spinning… than when it flashes to 4 pick a random number to see its speed…. ITS F UCKING FASTER… AFTER THE SPIN ENDS… THIS IS FUCKING BS

  50. Ur a sick man, instead of gifting the casino give it to homeless

  51. Reply
    Cyber Media Intel March 1, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    I am so mad, i have the domain name casinolawsuit,com we have to fucking band together… with an ai simulator, to recreate these bs rolls and proves that they defy the laws of gravity… than we sue their asses for tens of millions

  52. Another great upload Paul, gambling can be a sad and devastating habit so this down side really needs to keep being shown.

  53. Sick. I could feel the anger and swear words

  54. Reply
    Rachel vanderWijk March 1, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    Greedy fuck youre were in 19k. Why chaseing that 100k. Dumm fuck

  55. asking to lose with some of those spins! unlucky paul.

  56. That’s a lot of raspberries. Lol,
    I always like your videos and live streams. I try and catch them when I can.
    I work on 999 frontline ambulance and work two days two nights, so all over the place.
    The screen was really good on this video, I could see everything which was really nice. Like a lot of the time you can’t see everything, but this was clear as day.

    Oh, and when are you and The Bandit, going to do a live stream together? I think a lot of people want to see that and waiting patiently.
    I think I would need to book a day off work, to watch it live. ? That’s something I do not want to miss.

    Shame on the outcome of the video, but I know that’s how you roll Paul.
    And you show, the good and the bad in gambling. Hope you bounce back with a big win.

  57. Balls to the wall gambling

  58. £19.000 life changing money pissed away wtf

  59. Unlucky paul just a couple of spins off a 50k withdrawal. It’s good in the knowledge that you will get it. Hopefully next time. Thanks for your honesty. Nice one

  60. I love Number 4 , it’s one of my fav .
    I only do Black / with evens . on the table , but low stakes , for good profit , or shit loss . To many bloody numbers on the damm table , anyway .
    Peace n Love .
    Saly Black .

  61. I get a sick feeling in my belly watching this…Not even my money! ??

  62. Reply
    Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH March 1, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    swapping sections at the end lol i done it once and it cost me 2k never done it gain since i would rather lose from staying on the same section anyday

  63. Reply
    Winter Tarzan Jagrup March 1, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    This roulette table looks rigged the ball moves weird compared to other tables

  64. Fudge NetEnt roulette.

  65. What an idiot. You won 12000$ on top of your 7000$ total 19000$ and you kept playing like an idiot! And am 1000% sure you kept playing after the recording and still lost more. What an idiot…

    • +Dilyan – self control is the key, remembering tomorrow is another day ?

    • +Am A Fan yes, took me 1 year of gambling to realise not house edge makes casino win, but our greed, lack of self control, tilt and the memory of previous loses. All that makes it impossible for player to win unless he is like a robot.

    • +Dilyan – but that’s how losers play. Am a gambler myself and i always stop when i lose 25% of my bankroll and its really effective my friend ?

    • Agree but if you have 70£ turn them 190£ will you cash out, if you are down 10k… You have to chase previous loses, specially when casino pays you from affiliate links. Its free shot.

  66. So sick ? did you not question that glitch Paul or is it normal for that to happen now and again? Ohh ive sent you a message on th tgc btw

  67. So sick tier last spin and then 0 .. lol like the roulette was trolling you Paul.

  68. Are you betting at these stakes for fun or for views? You certainly aren’t betting to win or you would have stopped the second time you got over £15K. Keeping it real Paul!

  69. lost the effin plot

  70. That isn’t live roulette. They have recorded numbers landing and selecting the winning numbers to suite the house.

  71. 7:51 total shenanigans. Would stop playing immediately if that happens. 9:11 and 10:08 again

    • Not just the shenanigans of being rigged. Wonder if this place pays out. If she wins crazy amounts like 100k or 1 mil

    • Yeah they are playing with a delay (the punter aka the mug is behind real time) and something fuc-ked up in the process. Sadly mate he’s just a “degenerate” (not my phrase) so the majority people wont care. we’re just “mugs”.

  72. Wtf dude that lagg and the ball just in number 4 what a scam its obvious

  73. Why?

  74. I nearly smashed my own room up watching those last 2 spins so god only knows how you were feeling ??‍♂️

  75. How the fuck do u maintain this level
    Of gambling lol

  76. Netent live roulette is shocking, stick to evolution. I’ve had all my best wins on the immersive and dragonara live.

  77. That spin tho that ended up in 4 ? cause that weren’t dodgy as fock

  78. Wowser lol. Always next time bud

  79. When is enough for u ,,,,,, your greed will be your downfall,,, not happy with £20,000?

  80. Love the vids rocky, however i think it might be wise not to play when you are already triggered at the start mate

  81. Omg this one hurt my insides. That 32 at the end..


  83. Fudge!!?

  84. this pure addiction to losing

  85. Win money, take it to a different table..

  86. Your high stakes roulette is the best out there. Better luck next time Rolla. ☺

  87. brooo damnnn mann whyyyyyyy!!!

  88. Mate i’m not being funny right, but click back to 7:50 and watch again, closely analyse this and realise that’s there’s no possible way that the ball could’ve stopped that quickly in to 4, there’s no sound of the ball dropping, compare this spin to the other spins and the length of time in which it take the ball to stop in a number from the time it hits the wheel and the FIX is a no brainer. How can we continue to allow casinos to get away with this theft? Because that’s what it is. I’ve watched a multitude of your videos over the years and this by far is the most blatant fix I’ve witnessed to date. There’s just no way based on where the ball is to when the video cuts out that the ball stops in 4 there. It is almost as if he’s picked the ball up with his hand and placed it next to 19.

  89. Unlucky Paul, I imagine this one will take some getting over. Out of interest what was your target? Balls of steel. Catch you in the forum

  90. a further mac mouse dies at 10:13 i know exactly how it feels, last year two imac’s have found their way back into parts and a lot of input devices. patience should be the the fudeing key but sometimes… hopefully sometimes just the devil inside.

  91. 10:14 you can hear an angry Paul

  92. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    So close

  93. Issues

  94. too gready, relatable.

  95. Reply
    General Issam Zahreddine March 1, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    Roulette.. Can make or break u

  96. SICK loss it was !you need to chill mate fuck me you r crazy

  97. Reply
    Ferocious Super nova March 1, 2019 at 4:40 pm

    That number 4 though. Wow. Weird. Blinked and landed so quickly.

  98. £19000 balance and you leave with £23. You need help mate, that’s some people’s wages BEFORE tax.

  99. Gambling like that make anyone homeless

  100. Always happen .. goodluck next time mate..

  101. I presume the cuts in audio were due to some rather harsh language?!!!!

  102. Lol lost the fucking plot ?

  103. Fucking idiot I don’t give a fuck if you’ve donated to charity in the past slinking thousands on roulette is fucking stupid you need your head testing

  104. Been there many times dude

  105. SHADY AS FUCK how he has one hand on the table and one hand under it.

  106. The definition of insanity

  107. Haha, ‘lost the fudging plot’.

  108. All casinos are rigged .. quite playing save your $$$$$$

  109. Online casinos you need to hit em and run …longer you play ….they put a fix on. I was hoping you were going to walk when 15 hit.

  110. Rigged spins jumping from one side of the wheel to the other , disgrace

  111. that was disgusting to watch pual, no hate but 18k was a straight walk

    • +Nath John if you’re a hardcore gambler, nobody’s advice will change your mind. If this was a live stream, he would’ve still lost. 18k was a straight walk.

    • When people lose money the YouTube comments section is the place to go for the best advice.

  112. My heartbeat sped up when you did the 7,150 bet. That 19k would be amazing. Why didn’t you lower your bet when you won that? I would stay at a few 1k bets, and then, if nothing hits, just leave the table at 15k. I appreciate the non-revealing title. Stay well.

  113. I suspect the studio is mixing live spins and recorded spins during these screen cut-offs, for the same dealer or am I throwing fake accusations?

  114. So wanted you to hit a big win, I aint had a cash out this year! lol

  115. The Fudging TILT

  116. Reply
    Ricardo Mindzielewski March 1, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    Wtf that sick of roulette

  117. Fuck that was hard to watch ….I nearly smashed my tv in ….Fuck knows how you felt …?

  118. Tilt juice.unlucky

  119. Definite fix. The casino knows the numbers big rollers bet on then cut to a video made earlier to land on a different number. I know a man who knows. Hence the instant jump in video.

  120. greedy af was nearly 20k up

  121. Greedy bastard!!!?

  122. De-stress yourself bro because that was harsh and I believe there is something fishy about online “LIVE” casinos?! Hmmm.

  123. Happens to me everytime mate i lost 40k swedish in 10 min ?

  124. Gutted mate

  125. when paul puts sick loss or win……its always a loss ;p

  126. Wow, this isn’t all that conspiracy bollocks but that was 100% rigged. It’s like they cut to a recording from earlier or whenever , that’s y he doesn’t make much movement or say too much. Every spin from number 4 was well booky

  127. the 04 number was rigged m8, it did it again later in the video. I suspect the guy spinning the wheel was a previous recording. rigged rigged rigged!

  128. That must have hurt up to 18 grand then lose it in minutes then your number comes out. Is this a video from ages ago or just recently?

  129. is better u play in casino outside online gemblling is not real they are chiters

  130. youve shown no care for money mate, it was obvious he was spinning on teh sides so why risk when you reached 18k brother. Gotta think sometimes

  131. pfffffffffffffffffffffff

  132. Still the only guy I know that can make a 10k+ score into a loss in 3 mins flat! Unlucky this time Paul mate. Still a Legend.

  133. You are very addicted to gambling, you need to stop.

  134. You need to send this video the GAMING BOARD .
    Cut video and not live footage of number 4 landing . They totally rigged that spin
    . Unfair and fixed .if you are to stupid to see this or take this further then you are just crazy mate
    . Fucking robbed you of 20 k
    Fuck that

  135. Sore to watch mate ✌?

  136. What target was you going for……when is enough enough and even if you do win you know where it’s going !!!

  137. We all know 1:20 contained vile expletives and was dubbed out.

  138. Woulda quit after the 4 “rigged”

  139. Thought at one stage the champers was on ice was on mate ……. gambling God’s we’re asleep today!

  140. Hey Rolla, cheers for the upload. At least you are still still able to enjoy some sessions, decent ending with the mouse bashing, don’t hold back so much though?!!!!

  141. Reply
    Jonatan Hyll Hansen March 1, 2019 at 6:34 pm

    You can clearly see it’s rigged. The ball vibrates when they push their button and jumps out of the section, for example at 6:25 the way it bounces out of jackpot 10

  142. I swear they rig this game. Look at the number 4 spin for instance. The screen cuts out, lands on 4 faster than the speed of sound…..not possible! I played this particular roulette game last year, and a LOT of spins made no logical sense. Please stay away and stick to Immersive roulette. I don’t think ANY live casino games are 100% legit. But at least Immersive seems a little more natural.

  143. Stream sunday or earlier?

  144. What the futsh

  145. Correct!!

  146. Lost the funking lot more like lol gg

  147. Unlucky mate, you should bank a little profit when you were 19K up and then play with the rest.

    • +PeckyThePigeon Indeed in hindsight that did not happen on this occasion. You cant always get upto 70K every time, gamblers wishful thinking. Im just saying take profit then with the rest see how it goes. You know as a gambler the house will always win.

    • killerpants that’s not how you climb to 70k

  148. Stupiddddd

  149. You do play diffrent off stream 😉 ahhh it hurts everytime, damn it.. Next stream tho, will be epic

  150. Talk about a troll 8 then 32 waw must of been £40,000 plus . That live video footage is dodgy from casino end bet they can switch videos of the ball dropping on numbers few people have

  151. 7:50 That is dodgy as fuck. I don’t believe for a second these live roulette providers are truely independent from the casinos. It would be very easy for both themselves and the casinos to rake off the top on big stake spins. This to me is proof of foul play. Of course the casino will say internet delay ect, but it just so happens on a 5K spin ?? To convenient in my opinion.

  152. Up £10,000 in 7 minutes. £10,000 not enough?! Fuck man ???

  153. This is why roulette is the worst game. Thanks for posting this Paul makes me remember why I stopped

  154. At 10:07 you can see the dealer moving from side to side, shaking his arms slightly. Cut to wheel shot and the hands are absolutely still. Cheating confirmed!

  155. 500£ spins on a slot would be sick to watch

  156. That is as sick as it can get

  157. Soon as that dodgy spin happend new u was gunna bust shuda walked with 15k outta that 19k

  158. Should hVe bailed after that dodgy glitch Rolla I mean WTF was that …..a warning ⚠️

  159. What is the goal here? Because honestly casinos wouldnt exist without people like you my man…

  160. Take the slow train to making money because the fast train is never reliable. With 7 – 8k u could easily throw a few dozen bets and make few hundred quid a day off the cunts, with 18k you could make 1k a day easy – 1 year = 365k in the bag. Use ur loaf. I respect your bravery tho to say the least

  161. Reply
    Зайчик Весенний March 1, 2019 at 8:34 pm

    Hello Paul and all patients with gambling.I also doigralsya to the fact that I can not put the conclusion at the time.Let the one who invented these roulette and slots be damned.

  162. Very stupid bets, so tilting, your mistake…. sorry

  163. ?????? don’t forget the £23

  164. That hit on 15 was a walk! I love your reactions when you hit a number ??

  165. Hahaha bye keyboard

  166. Reply
    Nigel Costermills March 1, 2019 at 9:05 pm

    Unlucky bud something very suspect about that tho

  167. Reply
    Jordan Grncarevski March 1, 2019 at 9:11 pm


  168. nt

  169. You must be minted to keep having such huge losses! When I lose huge I can’t bet again for ages

  170. I kno the feeling all to well. I liked the “lost the fucking plot!” at the end comment was listening thinking before it was said if it would say “lost the fucking lot!” ul man hope ur ok its all hindsight frustratingly so.

  171. Well, this is what we all gamers do always on big balance. We tilt. Thanks for rockinrollaa to chare this whit us.

  172. can also win by betting two numbers … never go against roulette!

  173. Fcuk it’s so clear this guy is gambling with his life. He’s addicted to the emotional rush. He could have hit 5 numbers in a row he still would have bet the lot. It’s not the money it’s the ride.

  174. That 32 at the end was apocalyptic

  175. Crack head

  176. Cus the real rocknrolla lost the fucking plot haha shotgun the strawberrys 😉

  177. Horrible to watch…

  178. From 7k to 19k to £23.00…..That’s quite a ride!

  179. how brave do you have a colleague, if I lose that money I commit suicide hahahaha

  180. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette March 1, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    Sick mate….. The fact 8 came in then 32….. Joke

  181. Thats like the biggest burner ever. First tier comes in the 0 neighbors. Its like they bent u over and went in bareback.

  182. when the video changes to show his hands it doesnt look real. those are small hands for a big guy. his posture dosent match his hand position either.

  183. Pig Sick man
    I just hate that feeling, not much else i can say or add

  184. Dude you have wasted almost 20k! Thats 2/3rd of the average annual income in the UK man!
    And on top you are still playing at NetEnt Casinos which are known for manipulation.
    This really hurts to watch Rocknrolla.. It is beside the past roulette videos where you have wasted e.g. a 22k bet, one of the top 5 losses here on your channel. To me it feels a bit like watching someone taking heroine because he wants to feel better since his life sucks with heroine. 20K and not happy enough to leave! 6 to 10 streams (and a possible income source) – gone. A possible ten step progression on simple chances – gone. WTF man, what have you become? 2015 – 300 Pound sessions, 2016 – 1000 Pounds, 2018 – 3000 Pounds and now its like nothing to give away 20k. It was much more entertaining when the total amount was lower, since it was reasonable. 300 Pounds, 500 Pounds, a lot of your viewers could do the same and “identify” with you as an example (good or bad). Of course, you are a businessman, but I am convinced this is out of control if this is your own money and not the bank´s or companies.

    You are missing so many opportunities with your “Style” of playing roulette, its horrible. 2 Big spins – But what if you could play much smarter where your bets and bet size gives smaller wins, but therefore a chance of longer game sessions and thus higher chances of hitting a sector? I dont get it. Especially when you look at the past videos you never had much success using your tier and zero section bet. And guess which provider took the most with the most interesting physics and methods to watch? Right.. Oh and slot games: You have higher chances of winning with low bets. What you do with e.g. 60 Pounds a spin is just pumping money into the distribution where there is a Labowsky waiting for a 5000x hit on a 2€ spin. I have contacted you many times, I hope you may think about what people try to express in the longest comments. Cheers

    • +COALA CHAOS i’m down £100k and i could have literally been a millionaire had i stopped betting at the right time with small wins. But when you’re use to big wins than small wins means nothing. Small wins just means more money to wager with and it’s all downhill after that.

      I wish my freinds never introduced me to gambling. It’s turns into a sickness (zombie gambler) and not about wins or losses anymore.

    • Umer Iqbal Well… What do you consider as „big“? Is it 3k and a double up? Or 10k? 50k? There is no big one. The big one, I promise, (maybe 70k or 130k) is gone within a month when you deposit 3k giving the game one or two spins to get the „jackpot“ only. If you miss you deposit again. And on top: Never leaving at 20k. What would one expect?
      I would even cash out if Im 500 in profit.

      1000 £. Loss limit: -10%. Profit session limit at +10%. Takes 73 winning sessions to make you a millionaire. Or, 22.000 £ in one big spin which gives you 72k
      Your ways of playing arent smart guys. Its just impulsive and has no „moneymanagement“ at all.
      Playing with limits trains self control, discipline and it keeps one down to earth. Much more chances, balance lasts much longer and thus the gaming experience. And with that also a certain level of frustration decreased. E.g. I would hate myself for weeks or months losing so much. But yeah.. the heat :/

    • You can plan and strategise all you want. But with people like me n rolla it all goes out the window during the heat of betting and that hope for 3-4 streaks to the BIG ONE coming completely overwhelms us.

      Watch how he plays slots and gets bored to death even though he doubles or triples his money than loses it all to roullete within 2 mins. You can’t change the mindset once you’re use to quick big stakes n streaks. Rolla needs to give it a break till summer otherwise i’ve bad feeling this year gambling will kill him.

  185. SOMETHING TO PONDER. – THE ROULETTE WHEEL MANUFACTURER: http://www.cammegh.com/product.php?product=mercury360rrs&tabs=1-0-0-0-0
    “The Mercury 360 RRS looks identical to the standard Mercury 360 wheel.
    The RRS mechanism is totally invisible and inaudible. Since no part of the RRS mechanism comes into contact with the rotor, there is no wear and tear.”

  186. Clicked like before even watching:)

  187. It’s like they have a bunch of pre recorded spins possibly from 1-36 and when they see a huge bet like rocknrollas and he HASN’T covered 1 or 14 for example, I’m guessing whoever is in charge just plays that clip of the ball landing in 1…and boom he loses thousands. As it seems to something along those lines?

  188. Back up to 19k with hit on 15 …but then bet nearly 5k next spin then 7k following spin etc , i just understand your logic with that tbh

  189. Mate stick to lightining roullete and with you betting on numbers it’s perfect. It also has the most players so rigging will be tough for them.

  190. Oh yes man that 8 was always coming in to scunner you more after heavily backing it ??

  191. ” Because the Real RockNRolla ” wants to end the video with £23.00 quid ??

  192. You all say rigged, didn’t seem rigged when they let him hit the 19k?……BTW , lol love the RNR

  193. 15 drops in and he says fkin finally!!! like its a huge win. Then bets half the balance the next spin lol

  194. Gambling away my years wage like it’s peanuts. Fucking stupid. Get some help please.

  195. Paul , a few weeks ago you showed us a video of you losing with the same casino big style, just cant understand why go back to the same casino

  196. fking brutal, that 4 was so bent its unreal.

  197. Biggest scam ever seen

  198. Reply
    Freddy from the hood March 2, 2019 at 1:36 am

    I know its not funny but the mouse smashing sound got me haha. Unlucky man.

  199. Time for a long break..

  200. Gamble your house away. Pfff 7 k bets a spin. Please stop playing this bullshit.

  201. Just imagine you played at a real casino and the lights went out leaving the roulette wheel in complete darkness and suddenly the ball stopped in a loosing number .
    Would you suspect foul play ? Of course you would .
    You’ve just been mugged .
    I won’t be watching you again .
    It used to be fun , but it ain’t anymore. I suspect it’s probably not fun for you either.
    Don’t know or care what you do for the cash you waste , but your addiction has taken over and its pretty painful to watch .

  202. As much as I love to gamble. I’m realizing now, that these casinos are rigged to fuck. That Black 4 was impossible and a completely different, pre recorded video. Utter scam. I’ve currently got 2k sitting in Kaboo casino. I’ve been waiting 4 days for them to simply review my documents so I can withdraw. Such a struggle trying to get my money. Fucking sick and tired of these online casino leaches. Every last one of them.

  203. fuck me i’m hungover. nicw vid

  204. What was that Mustakkkk

  205. Loved it ???

  206. Reply
    big joe joyce fan March 2, 2019 at 6:21 am

    Pure greed….up over 10 grand and pisses a huge fortune away …very disappointed in you m8…it’s greed and you need to learn cos not the first time you’ve did it and those who egg him on …hang yr heads in shame

  207. Reply
    scousebusters1989 March 2, 2019 at 7:39 am

    This is the most realistic gambling channel on youtube. There are a lot of streamers that affiliate to death and don’t seem bothered about taking losses of 1k GBP/EUR a day because they know their subscribers will subsidise their gambling (is it even gambling with preferential casino bonuses?). A classic example of this is the Reelraiders, they are two young girls who have previously worked in customer support of casinos and realised how much money you can make from this game marketing casinos. They would go bust without the affiliate commission. The Casinos in the UK shouldn’t be giving preferential bonuses to streamers IMO. It does nothing but give the wrong impression about gambling, ie you never beat the house.


  209. In your face

  210. Many people commenting to stop at19k.. I am gambler myself and I told you winning big is not impossible at casino, but holdin to it that always be a problem, if you hit 19 k, you want 25k, then 50k, then 100k, never ending story.. and also when you were winning, you always thought that was your lucky day.. so you didnt stop.. my advice is.. to be accompanied with beautiful and sexy girl by yourside.. when you won big.. look at her.. i hope its gonna stop you gambling for a moment 😀

    • Wow you think exactly like me! That’s how it should be when you win a few times and your sexy girl grabs you by the arm and says ‘that’s enough darlin, lets go and book a room now’.

    • Man, you’re so right…unfortunately 🙁

  211. Are you seriously that retarded or is the casino retarded trying to advertise their scam platform on your channel. Its obvious the wheel is rigged. People have told you this. And you still plsy here? Why?

  212. Watching this makes you sick to your stomach. Man, you were up to 19000…. For some people that already can be life changing money. Battling gambling addiction myself, paying of debts and doing well this moment. After two years not playing just started trying the slots again although I know I shouldn’t. Happened to win 2000 on a 2 euro bet…. Nice of course, but this really put me in danger of getting into a heap of problems again. Sorry to say, but this video certainly helps to quit playing again. Enjoying your videos though were you play slots.

  213. Dealer played you

  214. Lmao sick man

  215. Reply
    Eindhoven Vuurwerk March 2, 2019 at 11:17 am

    We’re all been there Rock. Greedy as f*ck..
    All people that watch this kind of videos and commenting hindsight stuff aren’t any better. Otherwise they wouldn’t watch this kind of videos imo..
    Sry for my English hehe i’m a Dutchguy :p

  216. It’s a walk after black 15 hits ! ?

  217. I wonder if real legends get annoyed by people being branded a legend that just gamble for a living. Don’t over sell the word or it becomes useless

  218. Dude just stop it.. i used to have fun watching your videos, i ruined my life on gambling and you are about to do the same. What is enough money for you? you had 17k and still pumping money on that crap. It is a mortgage for a home. You could have bought How many houses or appartement by now? Enough to make real estate a career and be rich for the rest of your life. Think bout it Now it makes me feel sick just watching. Not saying that to diss, but just to be rational and realistic. You are gonna loose everything… please stop

  219. Brutal ?‍♂️

  220. All to get high. You know the psychology of what you are doing. Ridiculous that I work 5 hours for one $100 chip that you throw on there like it’s a piece of candy.

  221. I am still waiting for a video when you are going to hit 100k. You are one of the streamers that really deserve it.

  222. That’s a problem u reach 19k and walk away

  223. 7:50 real scam lol by random just after he got the 19k and than only down and down, wtf someone can trust them ? they are located in paradise money like cyprus guys there is not law against them. Call the police no one can help you

  224. Stopped gambling 3 weeks ago never had so much money give up guys. To quote the bible “Dishonest wealth will dwindle, but what is earned through hard work will be multiplied”

  225. Just before this weird 4 fell, he scratched his head -look it up- as a signal to pull up a pre-recorded video of number 4 falling.
    Mark my words.

  226. The dealer scratches his head, then looks up to the right at someone, then he smiles.
    This is soooooooo rigged, soooo fucked up. it’s a crime,

  227. Why not walk away with 12grand profit?

  228. Reply
    1000 SUBS AND I WILL BOIL WATER March 2, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    You make me sick. But its still entertaining.

  229. All I can see is betting totals that are equivalent to a deposit on a house. Or half a new, ok not great new. But still a new car. I hope you are mortgage free bud. I been watching your vids for a while. I no longer bet and haven’t for years. Although I wasn’t a serious gambler. Just the odd £20 flutter on a fruit machine every few weeks. I stopped. From starting to watch you a while back. Your bets are getting bigger and bigger it seems. Just hope you keep posting great vids and don’t end up full potato.

  230. 19k wow.

  231. Ffs spoiler.d.ck

  232. Reply
    psychedelic thoughts March 2, 2019 at 9:39 pm


  233. I lost 250 on football bets today feeling like topping myself I don’t know how you must feel pal 20k-zero time to put some restrictions in place I’d say mate. ?

  234. Wow 1 more spin and you won!

  235. Reply
    LiveWithoutLimits LWL March 3, 2019 at 12:15 am

    Not unlucky, Very stupid to not cashout 19K ?

  236. Idiotic

  237. That’s kinda funny.

  238. Is this fake money??

  239. You made a lot
    Of peoples YEARLY salary in the space of 10minutes lol wasn’t that enough for you to walk away and come back later instead of losing it all????

  240. You are to gredy

  241. Reply
    Boogbelldropper 23 March 3, 2019 at 10:09 pm


  242. Paul please stop next time. I love your vids but this type of gaming will fck you over. And that’s something I don’t wish upon you

  243. hahhahah PMSL

  244. Why do people always comment telling him to stop when you know 1 he won’t and 2 if he didn’t have the funds to play this high level he wouldn’t.

  245. That was brutal man.. I’m a compulsive gambler too.. if you’re not having fun man it’s time to take a break.

  246. Reply
    GySgtCarlos CasinoStreamer March 4, 2019 at 2:04 pm


  247. Sound like such a little fanny when your number don’t come in loool

  248. Jesus christ

  249. Unlucky mate it’s looks like is fix

  250. Lol people are really retarded

  251. That 1 spin off shit is happening everywhere wtf man it’s so unfair

  252. yeah this number 4 was weirddddddddddd … I’ve never ever in 5 years of playing seen something like that … this little time gap in the video … hmmmm .. it was in the neighborhood of 4 and also the position of his arms are exactly the same before and after that gap .. so it’s a bit strange yes, but still ok ..

  253. This video has cured my gambling addiction. I love you man.

  254. Ahh i love when players lose so many money in such a little time ? btw that 4 was so satisfying to watch and that last 32 ?

  255. Reply
    Gazmatronic 'Reborn' Cavanagh March 7, 2019 at 8:00 pm

    I was nervous just watchin that.
    Unlucky Paul lad

  256. Omg I feel sick for you you must be loaded

  257. Never change your bet

  258. You had so much on 32!! Just needed one more repeat so you could get close to 20k but then rollercoaster to 0….

  259. Cause a real rocknrolla, loses his shit

  260. Blatantly fixed!! Can i ask why you continue to play on netent? Why dont you try evolution or playtech?? Atleast you can see the wheel at all times…

  261. Magnet Play the rules

  262. i made many problems for myself becouse gambling, so im one of last people, who can tell u something about gamb. addiction etc, but, really, U should make something with that, U r happy when won to 19 000, and 1 minute later U lost that, U try to win 1 mln during 1 day or what? we must be strong, i hope all good in ur life, real greetings from poland

  263. Reply
    A Brummie Broadcast March 20, 2019 at 9:39 am

    So much respect for showing this sort of loss. Probably fuck all to you but blokes who are tempted to get back into this will hopefully shy away after seeing these videos

  264. Watch 7:50,

    Paul serieus question, how many signs do you still need too see that those fking sites are rigged as fack. Do you even realise?? it was a 5k spin!!

  265. Where r u vids not had one in 2 weeks hope u not on tilt again ??

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