HIGH STAKES Dreamcatcher & Roulette!!!


High stakes dreamcatcher & roulette session from around 4 months ago.

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  1. Reply
    If You Want Roulette Software October 18, 2018 at 8:59 am

    Hello Dear

  2. Fuck yeah the man is back

  3. Stream again dam it (twitch doesn’t count)

  4. Great to get the rolla notifications again ??

  5. Reply
    I'm right You're wrong October 18, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Watched someone else’s video of “dream catcher” the other week. The wheel just kept spinning and wouldn’t stop. I guess the motor was faulty. Complete fix!

  6. 2 days in a row get the ronza kappa gonna watch this now

  7. Paul if you remmebr a while ago on stream I mentioned I put £500 on 20 and it came in but didn’t pay me because apparently I cancelled my bet!? finally after about 3-4 months they gave me my 10k

    • Trumps Hairdresser what’s the most honest site of gambling ?

    • Fuck ! Nice

    • kevin chamberlain 32 red is the worst site of them all

    • Mine was on 32 red with £50 on blackjack, had all the proof that my bet was accepted and I could watch my cards being dealt but I couldn’t hit or stand. I lost my bet and they refused to pay me back my money. They said” you must’ve lost connection”. It wasn’t the case of losing connection as I took screen shots of it all happening.

      £50 is a lot of money to me, and for 32red to have all the proof of the screenshots and still refuse me my money made me realise how much of s rip off that company is.

    • Just Basics no put it on 20 again ?

  8. God damnit, what a horrible last roulette spin… this is why I don’t have the balls to put £500 bets on the board. Most I do is £200 to cover zero section… Enjoy your break and look forward to your return on twitch!

  9. So glad you are uploading again bruvva. I missed these type of videos. good Luckings all the way mon frere

  10. What could possibly be worse than losing money and having to listen to an absolute wanker talk utter shit while you do? Dont know how you play dream catcher without the mute button on mate… XD

  11. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan October 18, 2018 at 9:16 am

    Dreamcatcher is brutal. Never played it myself and dont want to start. Unlucky mate.

  12. Nice to see you Paul. Hope we get more from you on youtube pal


  14. Great vids keep em coming!!!

  15. make more video plz.

  16. Was I the only one watching dream catcher and thinking “is it going to stop”

  17. GREAT VIDEO!!! ☘️?☘️?

  18. Nice 1800 wins. Unlucky in the end but still a nice upload. Fuck dream catcher stupid by a motor controlled rigged bastard

  19. The noise at the end, sums up the feeling

  20. Reply
    рулетка лайф October 18, 2018 at 9:53 am

    братишка смотрел и плакал от ты исполняешь !))))))))))

  21. Paul I love you man, but how can you play that dream catcher? It is bent to fuck…can’t you remember that vid where it just kept spinning, and they still haven’t come forward with an explanation!!! ❤️✌️
    When you streaming again, really look forward to them and thanks.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel October 18, 2018 at 3:26 pm

      Yeh all these sessions were from a few months or so ago, not saying its rigged but didn’t exactly make me want to play it! Hopefully streaming in November but late November probably

  22. 7x comes in with no bet. I feel for you

  23. this is why you don’t gamble lol

  24. Best thing I ever did closing all my online betting accounts down I only have one now bet355 and casino and slots are blocked on that just use it for my sports bets…people say there not rigged but the spins on roulette are just not natural…and also seen two videos of the dream catcher wheel breaking down there a joke

    • I have done the same mate. The odds are stacked against us as it is, but when you have the disgusting practices some online casinos and games employ, what the fuck is the point!

  25. Reply
    Freddy from the hood October 18, 2018 at 10:16 am

    that was shit. when you say fuck instead of fudge you know its going assjuice.

  26. RAPED again

  27. Miss these . Needs more of these . Fuck slots .

  28. sadly my dad past in 2015

  29. The boss is back!

  30. Stream tonight?


    • +Jordan Ramsey but how can they choose when there are 100 bets or more at a time on there? Pretty much most numbers are covered equally. They don’t need to cheat when they are already winnings with the house odds every spin.

    • Twsz13 Empress YES!! They can choose where it stops. Especially when you do high bets like that. As soon as you chose number 1 it will come in silly something like 2,2,5,10,20,40

  32. That is devastating mate I feel your pain

  33. Dumbass of the year

  34. Paul are you planning to come play poker In bournemouth any time soon?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel October 18, 2018 at 3:23 pm

      Yeh probably in November, I actually went in a couple of weeks ago but there weren’t any poker tables live

  35. Always same, end=0

  36. Nice one Paul, signed up to TGC and wrote a little post on the introducing section, have to say watching videos like these are keeping me away from gambling, keep doing what you’re doing

  37. This gambling sometimes you win most the times u lose like myself just try to bet small and bluid up anyway legand is legand

  38. I love watching you lose

  39. Blackjack/Roulette better combination bro.

  40. You Should go onto Lightning Roulette might get lucky

  41. Actually so glad you’re back

  42. Have you seen bandits top on reel king? I think that needs to be beaten! Lol

  43. Wasn’t dream catcher found out Tobe rigged with a motor on the back?

  44. Stay away from dreamcatcher. It has been proved they are cheating on it with a motor in it.. YT cheating on dreamcatcher

  45. Reply
    Kyle&RichardVsSlots October 18, 2018 at 5:13 pm

    This wheel has be proven to be completely manipulated via a motor. I’d recommend never playing it or posting videos of it on your channel. Anyone watching do not touch this wheel would be my advice.

  46. Wished I can grab u by the collar and say stop with the dream catcher this session lol.

  47. ay slits pays lately alot

  48. Do also a bonus hunt on slots

  49. Where you been Paul mate good to see your still alive

  50. Reply
    Аблайхан Жакупов October 18, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    Молодец, что показываешь, что в казино не только выигрывают но и проигрывают. За это тебе лайк bro

  51. my maaaaaaaan <3

  52. The main man is back!!

  53. That’s one hell of a problem you’ve got there Paul. I thought the time away would of done you good.

  54. DC was not your friend

  55. lol i have highest stakes on youtube de lads

  56. Hey rolla! remember me? 😀

  57. Well my my, it’s certainly been a while mate.

  58. This is your old video ine??

  59. hey Paul love you vids as always mate. what’s happened to Steve @thebandit

  60. 2 vids in 2 days hell yeah paul

  61. You shouldn’t have left that table man it was hot with zero and tier u could have won alot

  62. Encouraging people to gamble nice real fudging nice

  63. Yes Paul mate how are you

  64. great to see you uploading again! missed your videos alot

  65. Great to see you streaming/posting videos after 2 months! Keep up with the entertaining-risky Bets!!

  66. I love you soooo much!!

  67. @vipafterparty on instagram Check me out mate

  68. considering how you almost always bet all in the start, my guess would be you need everything from 5-10 deposits on average to make it so that you have enough material to make a video about it. not that you care, but wouldn’t it just be better to put in a extra big deposit to not “have to go all in”, more like 1/5 or 1/10 of the bankroll? At least then you’re giving yourself better odds of getting a proper video and profit out of it.

  69. Why do we do it mate ?


  71. You are sick Mr Paul

  72. OMG.!!! That girl at 1:50.. Dammn Why is she working there. She should be a model or something. Hella fine.

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