HIGH STAKES Computer Blackjack!!


Will be a stream tonight, about 8.30pm

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  1. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 27, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    Will be streaming around 8.30pm tonight x

  2. Good Lucky bro. <3

  3. Not exactly perfect strategy being used here…

  4. Whats the song called mate

  5. Rich Wilde is making an appearance.

  6. That’s gotta be a massive hit mate ..see you tonight….banging tunes btw lol

  7. That’s okay with us ps thanks for the kiss haha

  8. £50 bonus on BOD. Hoooollllyyyyy sh*t. Hoping for a record!!

  9. Can not wait bring it on its time you had a good payout

  10. What’s the music you play ?? ??????

  11. I love how that’s at the end 😉
    Well done!!!!!

  12. Come on the re trigger. Good luck paul

  13. Teasing mcfudger

  14. That tunes sick Rollaaaaaa!!!!

  15. Great choice of music pal

  16. big up Phaeleh

  17. Coman Cheers Paul Gl

  18. You teasing fudger x. Hope it’s massive.

  19. I’ve been watching your streams for while but never commented. It’s fun to watch and I like how you have given us a little tease on what will surely be a big win. Good luck

  20. Tune from 5mins on called ?

  21. holy shit, Rock N Rolla played a decent track on one of his videos…… *Edit* I take it back Tequila started off awesome then sounded like an epileptic falling down a flight of stairs.

  22. Shiiiiit, the music is on point. #fire

  23. 5 explorers incoming ? ? ? you deserve a fudging massive win buddy ??

  24. I’m on nights so perfect time to stream, see u in abit

  25. Computer BJ rigged to fuck

  26. Good luck mate…. prob want aces or kings on tht stake… full screen obvs

  27. nice music

  28. cant wait to see book of dead at £50……RON ZACAPA!!!!!!!!

  29. Come on mate hope u hit a monster win £5000 upwards ??

  30. Quality……unlike the music ?

  31. i like the music man, is relaxing 🙂 i like the 0ne at 5:25

  32. Roll on half 10!!?

  33. I’m excited enough for a Rocknrolla stream…. but a £50 bonus ???

  34. You tease lol lookin forword say jacks

  35. I did like the computer Blackjack and can’t believe how many 21’s dealer had and no busts. Good luck for the stream mate and win BIG on the book 🙂

  36. First 10 mins was so degen, I fucking loved it

  37. so close to explorer line as well

  38. Awesome rocknrolla! Just wanted to thank you for putting so much effort in recording and streaming, and even trying to get such crazy high bonuses to entertain us in streams! I’ve recently tried the gamban thing and it has really helped me out.. I was not able to control my gambling… Had a lucky 150 to 6000 euro win couple weeks ago, lost like 1500 back in a day or two, but gamban has made me save the rest of the money! Really helps to watch your video’s and streams also 🙂

  39. try to get another bonus at pimed max stake or monte.


  41. Gl tonight hope it pays.

  42. Its money …its money!!!! Im getting in early with it begin the black dog with a scarf on its head symbol!!!! All the best paul

  43. Hope you get the big win. Long overdue. Good luck

  44. Paul please don’t make us wait ages for the bonus on stream!!!! Best of luck buddy?

  45. Whats the last song, with the epic drop and trumpet called?

  46. Nice hit….. £50 bonus ?…… Now just….. ” Murda Dem”….. “Murda Dem”….. Telling RockNrolla just fi “Murda Dem” ……… Good Luck Don!!!!

  47. Not a big fan of black jack but the high stakes book of dead trigger…….. get the fuck in there mate I hope and will be watching to see a £40.000+ feature…..

  48. Premium symbol and over 140x incoming. Good luck….great teaser vid!!

  49. Isnt live BJ alot better than these fake ones? Especially with this kind of bets

  50. Never had you down as a casisdead fan paul hope that bonus pays nice

  51. That’s insane

  52. Lovely mate proper throw back vid. What’s the song on one of your roulette vids from a year ago the same guy was rapping on it ? I think it had cocaine in the chorus

  53. Wow @ the saved bonus! So is it 8:30 as written or 10/11pm as said in the vid mate?

  54. love that you’re a fan of cas pauly

  55. Reply
    pokerman111111111111 February 27, 2018 at 7:43 pm

    go go pat earrings top tune

  56. Love it can’t wait for stream tonight Paul (( let’s hope £50 bonus goes fxxxxxg mental

  57. 1 off a explorer line at £50 ??

  58. Gambooll!!!!!

  59. Awesome job Paul. Paul can I email you?- seeking advice

  60. #deadteam carnt beat cass is dead man’s a genius

  61. Good Luck mate Get the fudge in

  62. Paul, im not going to be able to mirror your play on tables tonight 🙁 , as much as i want to join you….. sticking to a strict limit and 3 month break

  63. Love the music, love the idea. Bring on the hot stepper.

  64. Hoping for Aces Mate, the pictures never deliver the KPI.

  65. It’s on bod it’s going to be a fail ?

  66. jesus…50 quid bonus on Books could be life changing money GET THE FUCK IN!!!! Ill take anything on that….litterally if you pull explorers ill shit myself, get that life changing hit…i told you were due last stream m8…..last time i said that to Nickslot he won 20k and then 15k….i’d rekon thats a 50k hit incoming.

  67. Reply
    Reece hittin the Piece February 27, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    Rolla get in will be watching on the 70 inch big screen tv like always mate. I will request this tonight as well, can ya play some wish upon a jackpots or venture or bonus hunt please? Thanks Rolla top mate and lad

  68. What’s the music mate

  69. Gunna be 100% a fail big stakes never pay big casino not gunna pay ya 20k r they unlikey

  70. omfg get the fudge in there for that bonus tho

  71. nice 1buzzin

  72. Reply
    Reece hittin the Piece February 27, 2018 at 8:26 pm


  73. oh fuck lol how exciting get in

  74. Where do you get the tunes from in the background

  75. Man blackjack is my Achilles heel, either I walk away a happy man or it fucks me over for a grand

  76. Fukin deadly 50quid good luck man big win incoming!

  77. Wie heißt des erste Lied lan?

  78. Don’t saveeeee !!!! Playyyy lol get the fuck in there

  79. Anyone know the songs? Love it

  80. What timezone?

  81. You’re fk teaser man

  82. Sick Gameplay. Sick Soundtrack B-)

  83. Tequilaaa

  84. Wow 50 quid bonus mate!

  85. @rocknrolla you should credit the Persons behind the songs in your Description, help them get more fans . Exposure.

  86. I observed this method of betting.
    thanks for vidéo, i think i try later

  87. If i could give you 100K likes just for using CasIsDead i would mate!

  88. Paul you Know if you do 250 pounds to 1000 pounds twice a week an give that money to the mrs that’s 1500 Pounds or 75000 pounds a year earnings …Its Just a Thought…Less Stress …Much Love to You an Your Family 🙂

  89. GTFI You a wild man

  90. Is this real deposited money? Or is this site credit for giving them advertising?

  91. Ahh missed the fucking stream, what was the result of the bonus?

  92. What’s the song 6.00 mins in?

  93. Computer blackjack (not online)!!?? That sounds so pre-internet!!

  94. Love your videos and stream, but, come on Paul, you know proper Basic Strategy, so play it! So many obvious and intentional “diversions” let’s call them, it really shows you are just “gambling”, not taking an intelligent approach to the game. You’re better than this and it does your viewers no favors when playing in such a non-optimized manner, though playing computer blackjack with a shuffle after every hand is just a complete gamble to begin with. The odds are STACKED against you and you know it. I expect better from such a recognized and popular online gambling personality such as yourself.

  95. Mate I’ve been playing low stakes black jack on bet fair App these past months it’s awesome taking home about 400-600 per month it’s a great way to supplement your income that’s rent and food covered ?? keep up the great content!

  96. Is it even possible to play black Jack without screaming and swearing? Love the way you try to build up you roll and then to play highroller slots….

  97. Nice content Rolla. It would be great if you could add the music tracks to the video:-)

  98. What tune is that m8

  99. Imagine a 1000x on that feature. Potential is there! Good luck pal. ?

  100. Why when you stream you can’t watch it when you finish the stream?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 28, 2018 at 11:06 am

      Sometimes I take it down to get footage off it but it will mostly up that day or next, or can still watch it on twitch

  101. Hi paul whats this poker tournament on sunday??are you doing a tournament for all your views to buy in £5odd or just to watch yourself cheers m8

  102. Are you going to upload last nights stream? I fell asleep before the big bonus ??

  103. Love the Vids, and the music is top class, for a novice on the pc you do great video editing compared to boring other streamer, 1 more point these people on your stream asking why you need money, MAN we all need money and its your money, for your future streams and to keep the Mrs happy. they should encourage you to bank a bit and support you that way rather than wanting huge bets,

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 28, 2018 at 12:56 pm

      Cheers mate, appreciated!! Yeh I don’t mind too much as its quite a mix of people that watch, I do get the ones wanting bigger and bigger bets and then those that tell me to bank and get nervous when it gets high etc. I do listen and last few streams (even this one) I’ve adopted a new mentality as I’ve been losing where I’m the first one to think bank without any temptation to reverse and have definitely enjoyed it more as like you said mrs will be happier ha

  104. That 16 hand so many times

  105. Paul, you a fan of cas????

  106. Why wouldn’t you just play live black Jack

  107. Fuck !, ROCKNROLLA you dream I really want to do like you but I suffered setbacks and it’s hard to believe in the casino when we lose a lot and we do not win enough to reimburse losses.

    I hope to evolve in the game, I think I have the balls to win like you …

    Get the fudge..

  108. The gut said stand on both at 4:00 and it paid, good call

  109. anyone know the name of the second song?

  110. Unwatchable with the music

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