Greedy Roulette Session???


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  1. Reply
    First step Investment December 4, 2018 at 6:50 pm


  2. When are you back streaming Paul?

  3. The casino doesn’t always win when you exploit their promotions!

  4. Hi pal you on twitch tonight ?!!! ))))

  5. It went 16, 19, 8 twice and you didn’t spot that pattern Paul??? oh my…


  7. Paul….omggg…it ran the same pattern twice…Zero, tier, zero section, tier…now look at the numbers….16, then 19, then 8. The next time it hit 16 you got it, you switch and got the 19, guess what was next and you stayed???? Yup the 8. DAMNIT…SMH 🙁 Now that’s EASY MONEY!

  8. At least it’s something reasonable to look at while you do your brains

  9. Poo balance for stream ???

  10. You a legend mate! Honestly… balls of steel

    • +Evan Osburn listem firstly your bader than him you fucking idiot you need to stop egging people on go plag yourself i bet you wont you fucking waste of space im trying to help him by saying alll this your pratically telling him to go fucking bet everything on you are an evil human so please before replying do us all a favour go and upload a video of you playing please i bet you wont hahahahhaha lets see if you can

    • +Ziggy Mar I have received zero likes but I didn’t solicit any and it’s only been about 2 hours since I left my comment so wtf is your point? I also didn’t come to a GAMBLING channel to spew hate and rage on people who are GAMBLING like you did. So please get your bitch ass tf outta here and go watch your knitting channel. This is where I come to watch to watch true degenerate behavior get paid or punished. So kindly fuck off. It’s time you went home gramps, you’re embarrassing yourself.

      Btw Paul does have balls of ice cold, solid fucking steel

    • +Evan Osburn how many have u recevied idiot go lose

    • +Ziggy Mar Its been almost a week since your comment… how many likes have you received?

  11. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan December 4, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    It does it to us all bro. You arent alone. Take it easy.

  12. Win some you lose some

  13. Don’t apologise for gambling how you want mate…

  14. Are U on twitch or just a break mate

  15. Do you still have 120k ?

  16. Ah that double 29! One day you’ll back that just for me ?

  17. Ouch. Better luck next time.

  18. Interesting how your focus is drawn to how many losing spins you have left, not even interested in how much up at the time you were. Because it’s about the buzz of the bet and not the result anymore. That’s why I think you struggle with having a hard and fast walk figure. Not knocking as you’re money your choice. It’s also a fine example to others how compulsive gambling works. Congrats on the poker win and best of luck

    • It’s a game. To understand it same way, you have to place bets that you can afford to lose. Winning on those bets does not really matter because stakes aren’t high enough yet. And winning few thousands is nothing when you are down say 100 000. Watching from our perspective we see stakes and money we can’t bet or afford to lose, so we can’t understand it. But then 5 000 is a lot for anyone. Yes, but not for big boys who sees 5000 as we see 50. It’s like deposit 1£ make it 50 and why cash out when you are down 1000 for the year etc.

    • +Adam Blakley People that correct grammar on youtube make me want to puke.

    • You are money, your choice.

  19. Unlucky m8 , sometimes hard tu run…tx for nice vids

  20. learn how to play poker better mate and grind 6 tables at 2/4 and make yourself a living doing something you enjoy where you have the edge not the bookie

  21. Oh boy what a rollercoster ?

  22. is ok Rolla ist not your first Rodeo ist ok we love you Man

  23. Would have been nice to smash it to 30k but hey the odds are 35:1 better luck next go bud

  24. Wish you’d just bank transfer me whatever you think of gambling because it’s better off in my pocket than a casinos!

    • +Matty Johnston it’s because of turning 2000 into 50 000 on roulette look his last video.

    • I guess most gamblers here can’t get out of the delusion phase of thinking they’re actually going to beat the casino

    • Reply
      Chocolate chip Charlie December 11, 2018 at 1:10 am

      That was me 10 years ago all about the bet thank god i know gambing is a mug game and never do it

    • +Alwaysnextdoor 24 he means that gambling is a waste of money even if you win next week you will lose and so on until all is gone or you keep digging hole. So in that matter money will be better in someone else pocket a. K. A you sponsor and help others so your money is not lost because you helped someone other than casino. In return you get that feeling of someone who actually did good with the money you know, not just throwing them

  25. All this whilst playing on pokerstars too! Get the fudging lot

  26. You crazy frenchman! 😀

  27. and that’s why you don’t gamble

  28. Wow lmao

  29. Dying for you to have a sick run of 10numbers again hit the motherload

  30. That music’s annoying it’s so sad when you lose your money.

  31. Happened to me just now started with £250 got to £1480 and lost it all

    • Sheikh ANDO get yourself a woman (girlfriend/wife NOT prostitute) and start going to gym. The more lonely you get the more you will gamble. Keep yourself busy all time and stop staying awake till late night. Get xbox, play online games.

    • Umer Iqbal feel you man, yeah Im a smart guy and have lost the battle to gambling. It’s destroying.i should push myself to succeed but I focusing on gambling everyday. I wish to leave it all behind me. What would you recommend brother?

    • Sheikh ANDO you’re only 21. I’m a gambler myself but i advise you to seriously stop now. You can restart your life again and delete this phase from your mind. Tomorrow after Friday prayers i’m going to pick our Holy book and swear that i will never ever gamble again. I cannot continue otherwise i will lose my wife, kids and my entire family. Pray for me bro!

    • Umer Iqbal you have job mate, yeah the value of money becomes nothing,bring anxiety and stress my friend, it makes you a different person. I’m only 21 but been gambling big since 16 biggest win is 6k in 1 month, biggest loss is 6k 1 month, id say I lose 10k a year, about 50k down for sure. I live with just my mum, left my good job as I was awake all night gambling and could work through the day. Lost all friends as I would
      Just gamble all the time. And tonight lost another £1500 no money or food for months right now

    • Sheikh ANDO during the weekend i played in real casino on saturday. From £60 i took it to £650 than lost it all. On sunday i tried again, from £80 i took it to £900 than lost it all. My biggest win is £35k start from £100 and i need atleast £5k before i stop. I wish my friend never introduced me to this shit bro…

  32. 3:04 pokerstars reminders if ave ever heard ?

  33. So greedy

  34. Paul why don’t you just stick to lightning roulette? You strictly play numbers so there’s more chances of winning big there like you did before.

  35. fs ul bud when was this?

  36. No,not greedy just wanted more and it ran cold that’s all ?

  37. When you go to the Casino, what slots do you look to play?

  38. Reply
    рулетка лайф December 5, 2018 at 7:19 am

    Это жопа на 5000 ставку менять нужно было !?

  39. Go on my lad hope it’s a massive cash out… Much love as always

  40. Hello…
    I need a help ….
    Can give me 100$ ¡???

  41. Your session isn’t that bad. I use to play all blood night and end up with zero. Or trying to get even all night

  42. That’s the thing you just don’t know how much is ENOUGH. I deposited £1k and made £27k last week(Played tier section, got 6 bets in a row ). Anyways I withdrew £17k and left £10k to make more. Guess what I lost 10k in an hour then started to deposit £2k ,3k, 5k ,… and lost all £27k plus £5k more from my savings. I have no idea how many times I promised myself I won’t play again but I still play . What’s wrong with me. Now I m going through a huge depression.

    • Umer Iqbal True this shit is really bad .I lost lot of friends. I just don’t understand why I play although I know End of the day ll hurt a lot of people (friends and family. I also regret the first time I put £3 in machine and walked out with £150:(

    • hadesfc speak to who? Did almost everything.

    • Salaam bro. Thats exactly what happened to me. I was up £35k than lost it all within a week. This motherfucker is a complete mind fuck. Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and cry and keep questioning myself as to why i keep doing it. I curse that day (first day) i walked into the casino with £50 and walked out with £6000. What i’ve lost since than could have cleared a mortgage.

    • Speak to someone get help

  43. That moment people are trying to tell you about how the ball is landing with patterns etc. Yer, because we all know roulette has a system and can be predicted before the spin. Paul just decided to do the losing numbers on purpose ?????

  44. “If I lose it from here, I’m going to be a called a greedy bastard……
    but I am a greedy bastard” *Keeps going*
    Hahaha, that cracked me up… legend mate

  45. Reply
    Milquetoast Eugenicist December 6, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    Had a few of these this month. Got even and then some last night thank FUCK! +520 for the week. I wanted to stay and do this… now I’m glad I didn’t. But today’s a new day to lose! Sorry for the loss mate. Happens to the best of us. Subbed because you seem to be as addicted to the Wheel as I am. Noir, Impair, Passé, Column 2, 3rd Dozen. *0* 1 2 3 *8* 9 10 *11* 13 *17* 20 *26* 31 *32 33 35.* Tiers du Cylindre now and then. Jackpot numbers emboldened. But not as bold as you!

  46. When r u streaming again?

  47. Brother I will tell you some thing which you have to do, firstly don’t be greedy daily min 75 Euro or usd can make, when you just watch the trend for red and black that’s all, in that case you can make more than what I am saying, for 5-6 spins may be some time the number comes in a sequence upto 13 as from past some days I am seeing this, what you are doing is just selecting 7-8 numbers and placing that’s not correct you just follow the matrix system as many numbers comes regularly in lightning as well as in normal roulette

    • +Gaming Boss when you don’t know don’t say who are you mother fucker you know how much numbers are there in black and red

    • Lol matrix system.. You will still lose no matter what system you use. Watch his previous videos he’s made 100k – 200k that’s how he bets.. one of the luckiest guys ever to be honest with you. But almost every losing video he’s posted he’s probably made a few grand on top of what he had before and was very greedy and lost it all.. when you’re up, you should always run.

  48. Coming off the 8 was costly


  50. That 75k poker win should soften the blow Paul ???

  51. Mate its fucked youe life up you need help my friends lost 23k in 1 month hes on druvs to wipe it all out like my comment if we should ban these evil machines and tables also add me on psn truekilla1234 @rocknrolla yout need help

  52. Gog di ma

  53. Been following you from day one. from small betting to huge and winner poker tournaments! Well done Paul! Sad thing is you don’t even know me lol

  54. That PokerStars beep in the background!!!

  55. Playing again, nice to see you m8. Good luck!

  56. Nice! We all been there!?

  57. Poor Paul

  58. Magnets strong on this one. Look that pattern

  59. Reply
    Stacey's High Limit Slots December 9, 2018 at 2:29 am

    I’ve never watched a video like this before. Moves fast! Thanks for sharing! Just subbed -please check out out channel too!

  60. Loving you’re poker…. I’d buy a pice or enter any game in UK n half if up for it….. I’ve been a fan since days takings were gone ?

  61. Ps I should probably say I’d spend 4/5 but that’d be a biggish bet for me…. And I can count as well as anyone, so I know odds… but basically I play the feel best ?

  62. Reply
    Chocolate chip Charlie December 11, 2018 at 1:16 am

    Just think what 6000 quid could buy its crazy 10 times your bet not to stop is madness sorry but it is

  63. Reply
    Roulette Logarithm Wins December 14, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    Maybe next time you withdrawal 4k and continue with 1k, how about that? And you have to understand when 0 spiel section is due. Is when 31, 33, 19, 21 and 14, 25 is played, when not you cannot play 0 spiel section. And when in the last 10, 11 spins was only one of those numbers played than 0 spiel section will be played also just one time.

  64. Lost £35,000 today on roulette I wanted to win like you rock n rolla

  65. Stupid gambling

  66. Fake 2.0

  67. Why you dn’t wait for few hands then start play again bro.?

  68. I don’t understand what you’re hoping to achieve, it’s entertaining to watch don’t get me wrong, but it’s such a lot of money being casually thrown around but there’s never a point to stop, only when it hits zero pounds.

  69. I would totally do her

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