Greedy Mo Fo goes BIG on Roulette!!!


The reality of high stakes roulette!

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  1. Greedy or tipsy hahah

  2. double 12 lolololol

  3. easy come easy go

  4. Unlucky hun! x

  5. disscusting roulette. cheers mr paul…next time you will hit it

  6. mate maybe take a couple of weeks off gambling for your own sake

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel good on you mate fair play to ya

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 19, 2017 at 1:07 am

      I hear you mate, it might not sound like much but taken 3 days off until Mondays stream which I’m hoping will calm things down a little but will have no problem in taking weeks/months off if I feel I need to

  7. proper tilt that Paul good effort tho.

  8. Is that Mondays stream money? either or you and bandit are growing and taking yt by storm i love watching you both good luck mate in everything you do not just streams ur a legit guy with what sounds like a lovely family all the vest to you ur mint❤

    • *mate

    • Sorry for the essay I’m getting a tad fookin blaked just wish u all the best late that is all?

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel fook off bandits ur bum boy without a doubt?? ur amazing man you just need to keep it cool, rocknrolla wants the lot but Paul don’t want fuck all, cos u have it all, if u know what I’m saying gambling is pure degenerate and u will forever want more the more u win and more than that, i almost spoilt my full life betting £20 spins off camera because i as winning on £10 spins, lol i don’t wanna sound like I’m having a go at you cos i ain’t and u know

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 19, 2017 at 1:06 am

      No thats still safe, just ha!! Cheers for the comment mate, appreciated!! (apart from the bandit bit)

  9. not having a pop but when you say just trying to get a run together and have 6+grand in credit can see a problem coming up ive been there lost a third of a million in 3 years i know i am a dick but gambling got me

    • It’s also an addiction when you’re making excuses for yourself.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 19, 2017 at 1:04 am

      I’m pretty sure that had this been a straight £300 deposit then 100% I would have walked with something but what I didnt really mention it in the vid is I had just lost 5k on roulette (3.7 of it being profit) so was just going for it, had I hit again I think I would have repeated on something and then walked

  10. Boooooooo, but thanks for keeping it real…

  11. I thought you were going to leave the balance til Monday….. Arr well, win some you lose some. Good stream Paul.

  12. yeah a little bit of a money grab then got your cash up from 300 to 5700 should of done last spin and walked away with 4G

  13. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan February 19, 2017 at 1:06 am

    unlucky this time paul but the theme is keeping it real. hats off to you paul

  14. Assuming this isn’t fake then this guy is a gambling addict and will lose everything, the house always wins in the long run, it’s how Vegas has always been able to keep their lights on.

  15. at the end off the day it’s his money he is playing with. I watch all his streams and videos on YouTube he has done some expect wins and loses. if he is comfortable with the highs and lows then no one should judge him for what he plays.

    • Alan Young Hi Alan I don’t think it’s about judging him ! He’s heading for a car crash , being a stupid gambler myself, not at Paul’s level mind, I hope something is said on utube which helps Paul stop and think about where’s all this degenerate gambling is going to lead him, don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching his streams, but when his degenerate head comes out it’s painful, also it’s seams to be happening a lot more often, u can c than all the bandits don’t do anything for him , from the beginning of the stream hes itching to play roulette , and with roulette when u win u lose!!! Because if u win u want to play more! And when u play more u lose. ??

    • Daisy Domergue he’s always said he’s addicted, you haven’t watched anyone become anything. just a bloke who admits he has a problem but doesn’t want to stop and is fine with that

    • I do watch his twich steam. no one wants to see him lose money. Yeah some fans say don’t but as he has says in his steams as well as that he would have cancelled his withdrawals off line as well. but at the end off the day it’s his choice to do it and no one should judge him for anything. That’s what I am trying to say.

    • Alan Young I don’t think you understand, I love watching him, but this actually now has become watching someone become addicted to gambling. I don’t think any of his fans want to watch him lose everything. If you watch his twitch streams his fans beg him to stop and cash out. No one, including me wants to watch someone lose it all.

    • Daisy Domergue aye maybe it will end badly for him or maybe it might not. but no one should judge him for the stakes he plays or the way he plays it’s his choice and his bank roll.

  16. Thanks for sharing Paul know you didn’t have too.

  17. Unlucky lad, problem with this is you’ve got an addiction to provide content to your subscribers. Just remember look after yourself first.

  18. “He who dares Rodney. . .” Good for showing it to show the dark side!

  19. Unlucky pal , yh greed fucks me eveytime it’s almost like you no what’s coming .. Gl for the stream try win some back?

  20. thanks for the content Paul I wouldn’t worry about any negative feedback anyone who watches this must have interest in gambling therefore has probably been like this life of a gambler unfortunately keep up quality content epic streams epic wins and see you on Monday pal good luck in the mean time if u need it

    • John Titor read it again I mean in streams and other wins I never said this was epic obviously a foolish yank that vote for a glorified celebrity big brother winner as president and he’s a grow man why the fuck would he want a ps4 to poke other sad grown man and kids with his weapon on COD get back to your burgers and heart disease the man earns it does what he pleases and gambles so if you watch his content you’ll know playing like this has served the guy well numerous times so you comment is irrelevant goodnight sir ??

    • Yeh but it wasn’t an epic win though. he gambled and lost. Had he collected at 6k, could have gone to florida for a couple of weeks with the family, bought stuff for the house, ps4…could go on. i’m not a gambler, i watch cos i knew someone just like this guy. he threw his life away and ended up in the toilet then worse. i’m curious to see how this guy gets on.

  21. Unlucky mate but remember tomorrow is another day and you will win BIG on Mondays stream.

  22. Your dealer looks like she’s from The Big Bang Theory… lol

  23. The roulette is a online scam

  24. What a nice try. Don’t fault yourself for taking the gamble. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t! Good luck next time

  25. that was hard to watch

  26. Man is it me or do you just like wasting your money everyday of your life………..

  27. Sick… Just sick

  28. Got to hit the 100K at some point and it will! Thanks for sharing mate, better times to come!

  29. shit luck paul but f what people say its your money do as you please   and are you streaming monday

  30. Reply
    Stake and Chips Gambling Channel February 19, 2017 at 3:05 am

    Thanks for the video upload … unlucky there in the end but some days we know you hit it ! Enjoy your streams to , I watch for hours on end thanks ?

  31. Hope you don’t chase it Paul but we all know what your like ahha.. since your weekened in london ypur lucks took abit of a turn for you. hope it changes for ypu mate roll on monday

  32. Next Time, That could’ve been a different vid if ya hit twice on 17

  33. Man that hurts watching you bet what i make in two months on one bet.

  34. Just a theory put you seem to have changed alot of sections on roulette you cover. not a fan of zero section but seems to have paid off for you in the past i have seen quite a few of your vids not seen them all. just my opinion but keeping the faith seems to work for you

  35. i ve lost 10 thousand pounds in 6 month if i wanst greedy i could walk away with 50 thousand pounds (40 thousand profit )but i couldnt stop playing now its has been 3 month i didnt bet a penny but i still think about what i could do with that money every day my point is gambling isnt just emptying ur bank account but also fucks u mentaily .

  36. Paul, did you know Ron Zacapa is being sold in wetherspoons now?

    The website says it’s perfect for drinking neat and being sophisticated, you in a nutshell!!

  37. good try only really lost 300 coulda won a house lol

  38. rip monday’s stream

  39. Reply
    snowboarding raptor700 February 19, 2017 at 8:34 am

    I’m happy when he wins. Some of the losses are like fuuuck. That 34ker. I’m sure he can afford to no problem. We all want the big wins. I gamble and have done for 15 years but not online. Bookies roulettle. Get in get ya win and get the fudge out! I can honestly say the bookies have payed for some awesome holidays to Oz Canada the Alps and a shit load of material things. Rc cars tvs Gas bbq American fridge … Remember don’t chase it and walk up. money is money and makes the world go round and can buy you some nice shit. Good luck to you all you gamblers???

  40. as always mate balls deep, takes an even bigger set to upload…. respect

  41. Is this an old vid or do you still have the balance for Monday?

  42. yo rolla check this youtube vid mate if u aint seen it ye ONLINE CASINO CAUGHT CHEATING Blackjack Pro Michael Morgenstern. fucking sick bro

  43. Wow Paul betting on orphelin section? Are you ok men? Haha nice vid hope you are having gl 😉

  44. Love 17 section always hits for me unlucky mate.. 100k incoming next time

  45. R.I.P MONEY

  46. Nice win at the start mate ! I think greed takes control of most of us when gambling. Ive turned 20 pound into 200-300 on blackjack many a times and i end up losing it all when 200-300 is alot of money to me. Gambling is like a drug you get a huge rush when you win and you just keep wanting more and more >.<

  47. No guts no glory, being a gambler I know we rarely listen to advice, but watch the escalating stakes Paul! Money is money and getting a big win means you want more big wins! The best gamblers hit it big at the right time, not all the time! I Wish you the best of luck.

  48. Remember Paul only lost 300 GBP here. That’s the difference I his bank account between yesterday and today. The 5k was only token towards the 100k dream. It might have came off..

  49. how much did you lose before the stream started Paul ? as you said you where in a bad mood ……………….

  50. A real RocknRolla wants the fucking lot! You’ll bounce back I’m sure of it!

  51. Reply
    Cam - Second Channel - CamOnRS Main February 19, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    turned 300 in to 5 months wages for me and fluttered it away. it hurts to watch 😛 great videos tho

  52. Oh mate, this is a perfect example of chasing your losses and winnings. You saw your winnings as losses and decided to try and get that back. You reached £5.7k from £300 which is an amazing achievement. You won the £5k you lost and covered £300 deposit. So in effect you were £400 quid up. Why didn’t you just slow down and go back to the beginning, play some low level slots? It was clear you were chasing your winnings and taking huge risks which did not pay off. I think most people would be relieved to even win their £5k loss. And yes you are going to get a lot of stick!! It’s not good to show as it’s not responsible gambling, it is compulsive gambling. If you were in profit then it is easier to argue you can take more risks but you weren’t!! You could had walked away with £3.7k, not sure exactly what you were after. I wish you all the best next time.

  53. always loved the way you bet you usually give your self the best chance of winning bye progressive betting. but when you on a bonus why not start at 30 pound a hand then you can afford 2 losses before a win obviously you know this you play blackjack great when you ain’t on a bonus. Great vid you lost this 1 but with out sessions like this you won’t get the 100k . peace and love

  54. no greed,no big win…just my opinion…best of luck next time

  55. unlucky matey!! it’s your game its your money fuck the haters and fuck the FOBTS! to win another day lad

  56. This looks dodgy to me… Maybe works for the company advertising the games like other channels on here!

  57. your playing a very dangerous game know it aswell but do you really want to keep doing it for the sake of views.i get that you win but the house always wins.its your money and your life but most people only come here because they enjoy seeing you lose money.look at the comments where people openly egg you on to keep going.anyway mate goodluck for the future but my advise would be take a step back and focus on poker,at least your in control of your destiny in that ame unlike these slots where the computer controls everything….just look at the 34k loss…..anyway what ever you decide good luck for the future mate

  58. sick mate but never mind onwards and upwards! total respect for you mate see you tomorrow hopefully

  59. Paul fuck the haters ! I lost 2 grand last month and I know that’s a big hit from my 50k bank roll ! But guess what I don’t give a fuck as long as I had a good time ! Definitely learnt from my loss ! Luckily that Just put me breakeven with all my wins lately ! So yeah I’ve not gambled for a month now and I feel good ! Fuck the fOBTS! And fuck y’all haters mother fuckers!

  60. 99.9 per cent of his followers want rockandrolla to win ! And I’m one of them! But carry on as u r and your going to lose everything! Don’t live your life for gambling! Your children can give you more than gambling ever will! Just take some time out and give a lot of thinking as to what you want out of life, carry on Paul as u r and all you’ll find is misery, and sadness, This is from someone who has lost thousands from gambling Best wishes paul?

  61. that’s just vile. I watch all your videos and from an entertainment perspective it’s great. you can clearly afford to lose the money but I think what needs to be addressed when you see stuff like this is your gambling addiction. one day it will fuck u. beating your addiction will taste a lot better than beating the casino. blazing 5k in a few . spins ain’t good for your health or happiness. madness

  62. Never seen you bet 17 section! Wow must have been tilted. Love watching mate, keep it up

  63. how to piss a way a huge profit in 5mins 😉
    on a serious note tho u shud stop when u reach huge profits like this cause they will win it back – house is always in favour

  64. Been there mate.. happens… if you don’t “gamble” you never really win big… unless you’re going to play slots for a year waiting for some mega jackpot… This is gambling… real gambling.. for those people that are crying. You ain’t seen shit.. Vegas/Casino’s… this is nothing. GoodLuck for Monday Paul m8.

  65. Great video, unlucky result on this occasion. Every single person who watches this video would have got to your stage as well doing the bets you have done.

    I remember the Marvel Roulette spins and you were like “Woah £200 spin” and now a £200 spin is just a standard “Do a bet whilst waiting for a viewer to decide what to spend their £50 on”.

    I think you need to set yourself a big target, then f*ck gambling off forever, else it will ruin your life mate. It’s just a matter of time. Who cares about Youtube and Twitch? Unless of course Youtube and Twitch are 100% funding this!

    Cheers for all these videos again. Fran.

  66. Well as you know I watch everyone you do , I know I know your gonna hit 100.000 plus , it’s your dream , your a honest player , I have nothing but PURE RESPECT ! for you Paul . For the rest of you , when anyone in this case RR wins , looses , wins big then looses , he or she knows they will be back . Because thats a gambler , BUT if he had to STOP 10 -20 weeks , trust me it would not be a problem , and the reason I know this , , he would know why he had to stop meaning money needed to go else where , or maybe to prove to ???????????? He can take a brake from it . His wife and children will always always come first . I cant speak for everyone , PAUL loves his lady , and children , on that he goes to a different mind switch . ????

  67. Love n peace ?

  68. Hey Paul,Fair play for the honest upload and I”m sure you”ll bounce back soon [email protected]#RonZacappaMomentsComingOnStrong???????

  69. harsh, I thought a huge win was on the horizon

  70. Another great vid Paul.

  71. such a waste of money

  72. I instructed them to hit zero section more often just in case paul is in there. I hope my heritage brings luck next time! thnx for the entertaong aswellonce again 🙂

  73. Reply
    Casino Slots Challenges February 20, 2017 at 7:38 am

    Good Luck

  74. Difference is Paul is not playing with personal money if you watch his streams you would know. He made big money last year with massive cashout so the money he is playing with know is winnings from last year. A lot of people are commenting on here about how he as a problem why doesn’t he take money etc but you are the same people egging him on stream to do stupid bets. I just think if he cashed out before going degenerate he would be ok. I am just waiting for him to show a big win video on roulette this year to show one of his sessions paying off.keep it up Paul we love your vids.

  75. Why u didnt stop?

  76. you fuckin degenerate! I love it tho!

  77. Hate to see you lose!Love to see you win!Keep ya chin up pal!

  78. You set your limits and you play to them, you can afford to play more and don’t look at £6k as a big win, that’s your choice mate, if you aren’t making yourself skint and still give the family what they need..what does it matter? Yeah other people could buy a lot with the money you win/lose but so what? It’s your money not theirs, they choose to not take the risk or gamble as much, that’s their decision, don’t let them get to you. Nobody wants to see you lose, I actually hate watching you lose and always hope you’ll cash at least money back on each vid/stream. Fuck the haters/wishers and most of all, fuck the fobts

  79. you streaming today paul boy??

  80. Reading the negative comments is very depressing, everyone know the risks involved when gambling , the house will always win , just enjoy , I’m sure he will bounce back ?

  81. Was unlucky but would have been huge if come in keep going what is your highest win bet it’s over 10 k

  82. the fucking balls on this guy!

  83. Some people don’t realise that roullete is not random at all if your good at maths and probability you will win allot of money , or like I did before I got banned from UK casinos , I used lazer technology, it measures the speed of the ball and hits right on the number or mostly neighbours bets , the device is £3,000 tho

  84. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel March 19, 2017 at 12:46 am

    My number is 17 and my usual bet in the casino is 2,4,6 &17 by £20 I’ve doubled 17 once and tripped 2 once. They were epic nights

  85. I thought he won dur he got he’s ass passed to him …idiot

  86. gambling is good fun if you don’t bet your ass just bet what you can afford to lose and if you win it’s a bonus never chase the ace

  87. Great hand

  88. Stand with 12 at Blackjack, hahaha, I’ve seen enough

  89. im sure people LOVE it when you lose and dont withdraw especially when your at a high amount

  90. 6:10 And the ball is actually flying, gentlemen

  91. Fucking retard lol

  92. Jesus Christ. I said I wouldn’t watch any more of your videos after the last dumb one I watched but here I clicked this one because the title sounded like you would win but another waste of time. C ya for good this time.

  93. These videos help on the cravings we all feel for your streams ?? Have a great weekend Paul!

  94. Hi I need your help

  95. you need help. you’re addictive

  96. When u next on bud?

  97. Do never play on net gambling,you want to gamble you go live, go to casino then play that the best you can do

  98. U will never learn
    Well keep it up
    And have a nice time

    There is one born every min

    Problem with u is its every spin
    U are born again

    Like I said keep it up
    It’s great to see u lose lose lose

  99. Fucking idiot instead of putting all that money in the middle pf numbers why didint you just put it on top of all the numbers to cover your ass

  100. hahahahahha shame

  101. Hello from America , watched two different videos today . The number 34 came out 3 times in a row . The next video 12 came out twice , back to back. You can’t spare a few dollars of a 1000.00 bet on the last number hit. Please cover that last number. Watching your big money bets gets me twisted .

  102. Hmm looks like a rigged wheel…no way should the ball stick with the wheel …

  103. Very Silly 300 to 5000 no cash out

  104. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahahahahahahahahahahah

  105. i dont have any earth-shattering wisdom to add. But i would say, giving up and accepting the losses are a big problem that may be worse than the gambling that got you there.. Try going back with some discipline and a plan-yell at yourself to stop, change banks or use a prepaid card. You gotta win some of that back-esp in a spurt streak game like roulette. and you will develop a different way of looking at yourself to help you stop.

  106. Reply
    Drums and bass live CHAKANOWANNA November 22, 2018 at 2:25 am

    Every time you turn hundreds into thousands get the fuck out of there and go to the most expensive steak house or something. Peace

  107. I really felt for you, after you got number 17, you didn’t hit anything, at least you tried, that is gambling, one minute you’re on top of the world,next minute you want to die

  108. $300-$5.775 really?
    really do not know how to stop buddy?

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