Going For a Youtube Record!!! #3 Dead or Alive HIGH STAKES!!!!


Is this the one?? Thanks for watching!!!

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  1. yes rolla lets go gl bud much love

  2. let’s see if u can do it Paul! 🙂

  3. hi paul are you on today ?

  4. Hi Paul! Don’t see many roulette vids anymore, are you playing it less? I love your roulette ones especially the one you hit that slow mo 8 ???

    • You legend!! ????

    • Get those bad boys up mate!! Always watch your streams! Stand up guy!! Just got twitch as well so will shout out on that 🙂

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 7, 2017 at 11:27 am

      Next vid will be a roulette one!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 7, 2017 at 11:26 am

      Have 40 to 50 videos backed up, some epic roulette ones as well!! Unfortunately I dont get time to edit them and when I do get a little spare time I gamble and add to the backed up list lol sorry!!

  5. wheres your link to guts rolla?

  6. Love these type of videos

  7. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan May 7, 2017 at 11:29 am

    always a pleasure paul.

  8. Need roulette paul

  9. i predict a 5 scatter spin on your next try bud. lets get it

  10. think you should keep at it Paul…….YouTube record coming on strong

  11. Finally got the volume sorted on the intro. Never understood what it said

  12. much needed money lol,you had 13 k the other day

  13. love these video’s m8….hope you hit soon the 5 scatters or the wildline ! gl next try

  14. Why are you burning money Paul??:(

  15. How long was you playing for?

  16. Next time you’ll get it m8 ☺ glgl

  17. I always get so excite when i see one of these videos pop up cuz when it its its gonna be fudging epic lol nice 1 paul

  18. if going for record, why bet 13.50 and not max 18 bet?

  19. this helps me not be homosexual

  20. love these dead or alive sessions keep em coming m8=)

  21. imagine 5 scatters on this stake :O

  22. Nice video man! I’ve had atleast 200 bonuses on this game so far, haven’t even hit a single 5 extra spins, let alone a wildline or 5 scatters. Best hit’s I’ve landed were a 360x bonus and a double line of the badge in the base game. It’s so fucking rare.

  23. Geezer. I watched your video the other day when you nearly had 5 scatters. Luckily for me on Monday at £5.40 spin I hit the 5 scatters. Buzzing from the win and taking the family on hols now because of it. It’s all about the five scatters!!!

  24. wot a rollercoaster! really good watch. boring for you I guess but gr8 entertainment for us. cheers bro?

  25. Part 4 on wild north 20€ spins ps. Great vid

  26. So draining to play DOA. wp mate 😀

  27. your monday evening streams are the best, always a good end to an awful day…keep it up

  28. Paul I won just under 400£ on this game on 18p stake

    • I know it’s really good game but sometimes can be a rip I remember spending probably 250 on 1.20 stake with 1 bonus and give me 20x back and then I star chasing it by spending more on it

    • Reply
      Rabbi Snatchshekelstein May 8, 2017 at 12:26 am

      Hayos29 ive done 430 on 9p stake. but then if i do play online it is literally the only game i play… 4 lots of 5x scatters and 24 wild line hits. all on 9p – like a boss.

    • Ohh mate I wasn’t expecting that much to be honest on 18p stake I was like fucking hell this is crazy by the way that was from a 20£ bonus

  29. 14 minuts in great video as allways paul cheers! 🙂 Hope you get the wildlines in a bonus.

    Allways funny part about casino had the same when I used to highroll bonus after bonus after bonus and as soon as i got a decent hit I had already played away so much I was back to my starting balance. then all the bonuses was just crap untill I allways was +/- 0 from my starting balance untill either rip or 1 big win and as soon as I made a withdrawal I would usually all sessions after that just be between 0 to startingbalance untill rip untill I lost all I won from that big win then Boom another bigwin.

    Exactly all casinos I have played on where I have well over 50K€-90K€ spent they are all within 1000€ win or loss exactly every single casino now how do one explain that?

    The only casino I am really huge plus on is the one I won extremly big on and quit directly.

    I mean I gambled for nearly 10 years and only 1 time hit the “dream” that every casino player is chasing and that was from a 80€ spinn and after all this time im now far on the minus side on gambling even tough I quit highrolling so many years ago it just eats balance.

    And the funny thing Is when I play 10€ a spin and get a bonus it usually pays up to my starting balance a really small win. then I play 2€ a spin and get this really huge win and guess what only back to starting balance. And this happens allways for me so I still have a rigged feeling. from my own experience. 😀

    On the other hand I am extremly good at seeing patterns like all slots have this thing they do like make a lag or roll a extra loop or show a special symbol on the reels wich when they do allways going to miss.

    I like for example reel rush when you are about to get the bonus it stops up and spinns infinity to load something then when its done it misses most of the times when you are on the + side on the total balance. but when on the – side it usually hits after loading. Who knows might just overlook things but every time it happend I have been right in this. 😛

    I’m glad im out now because all it ever done was eat balance or give small quick hits of happyness then boom rip sessions.

  30. Coming soon rolllaa i can feel it but a 5 scatter trigger would do in mean time at these huge stakes great video pal

  31. I said this on your stream the other night, I love watching your (stream/vids) to see you WIN and Bandit’s to see him LOSE 😀

    • Jaky Potter Bandit deserves better luck at the moment but I have my fingers crossed for him, as a Fellow Welshman

  32. dude these videos r fkn awsome! PLEASE make more of these<3

  33. just kills me watching you play slots half the time buddy. last night I’m not shitting you I did well over 600 spins on dolphins pearl or whatever it’s called with atleast 100 teases and the biggest win x20 in the Base game which happend once then the next best was like x8…. that was my turning point last night so I self excluded from all the sites I use and any which offer decent withdrawals haha

    • 20 17 It is impossible to be random lol, I think novomatics are the closest to random

    • Deadmau5_l even if you win, it always goes back. It’s a loan basically. You done the right thing imo. That’s coming from someone who also self excluded a while back.

  34. Cor what a mental run think you done the right thing leaving when you did hope you get those wild lines mate cant wait for the next one ?

  35. Not to be rude, but maybe you cannot cut out the spins in Bonus rounds? 🙂 I think it’s exciting to see if a sticky wild comes in 😀

  36. Reply
    ultimategtaplayer May 7, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    Why you only play on 21 casino all the time go have a bash on novomatics with those high stakes don’t waste your money on these shitty games

  37. Reply
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE May 7, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    Worst slot

  38. great video still think joker pro will do it before this does. Keep trying though bud

  39. wow how about that for a hit great vid thought u did right thing pal shot game to play but great for us to watch well played

  40. I counted 21 bonuses. That’s quite a lot in the amount of spins you had I presume. Pretty unlucky that none of them was a really good one.

  41. one day

  42. was on energy CASINO whene you wear on everyone was give you a shout out the guy like hoo is rocknrolla HE A FUCKING LEGEND a said

  43. nice video man good luck in your next session

  44. break the bank!

  45. Maybe next time… 🙁

  46. 5 stars and you click straight past it lol

  47. Great vid unlucky not to hit a line. Keep going on this game it has to hit big. Great channel mate keep it up.

  48. Alright mate watch your videos all the time always say hello but your stream busy anyway hope you wi loads of cash David anderson

  49. today I finally hit 1744 x on this game.. 🙂

  50. You can’t force the big money on this it took years to get my first one and I’ve now had 12 moneylines and two 5 scatters… within 5 years. You’ll get it eventually…I got all of mine on autoplay though ?

  51. good video man.. one of these days

  52. Reply
    Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos May 7, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Nice hit pal looking forward to part 4

  53. Reply
    Mark 'firefly 'Miller May 7, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Goddamn you reel 4!!

  54. Take it you’ve had a wildline on a lower stake?

  55. Maybe the slot machine recognizes it’s a $13.50 spin and therefore gives a lot of bonus’s with no real big payoffs…

  56. Very interesting Paul lol, not many sweats which was poor, try creature black lagoon £10 spins, can make a fortune on that stake. good luck Buddy

  57. tbh I rather see a 2k roulette spin and a big win on that. You probably have a higher chance of getting to 100k on roulette than hitting this wild line on DOA.

  58. what is the youtube record?

  59. Reply
    Stake and Chips Gambling Channel May 7, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    Loads of bonuses, you’ll get it someday for sure ?

  60. Any chance of a sneaky stream on guts tonight?

  61. rocknroller I won £12,500 yesterday on casumo playing this slot on £4+ a spin . just like to say thx because if I hadn’t seen you playing I probably would have never played this slot…

  62. “First, fourth, gun! Shit!” Gambling perfectly encapsulated in four words.

  63. Maybe I’m synical but I think they reduce the variance at higher stakes, hence way more bonuses but not always paying far lower multipliers.

  64. The rocknrolla voice at the start has changed ? those amount of bonuses on dead or alive were insane wtf! Haha, Part 4 Break da bank sounds good, Great vid as always Paul

  65. Brilliant video, good luck for the next one.

  66. Top class Vid as always! Break da bank sounds fun! – Stream tonight??

  67. One day Paul, one day! 🙂 keep these sessions comin

  68. Do it on Ruby SLippers – at them stakes u can win some serious money ! eg winning 500 quid on 60p bets from bubbles

  69. try for hot mode on T2 mate you know you want it

  70. when you smack your lips it makes me want to murder someone !!!

  71. remember when this slot was decent….

  72. you never know when to bail out dude. your wasting your time.

  73. On that day wagering would have been a breeze. Never seen so many chance’s of hitting it big …

  74. Love these video uploads, so many bonuses just wouldn’t do it for you so unlucky. Also still finished after all that with money back how mad.I would love you to do Rabbit In The Hat on massive stakes bonus video I reckon some of them cash amounts could be crazy.

  75. Come back TONIGHT!!!

  76. nice try rocknrolla I’m sure you will hit very big soon

  77. Reply
    Rabbi Snatchshekelstein May 8, 2017 at 12:35 am

    yeah you’ll see those near misses on most html converted slots a lot more than before they were converted. not to mention that when you see a scatter land on the middle of reel 5, often you’ll see a scatter land one space above reel 5 as well yet just out of view (something that isnt possible because obviously if u shifted that reel strip down in said situation you would then have 2 scatters on reel 5. so there is no longer fixed reel strips for the exact reason of enabling the designer to make those “ahh so close!” near misses more common – preying on the hope of getting noobs excited over being so close all the time, inevitably getting them addicted quicker)
    they truelly fucked this game up so bad when converting it to html, in so many ways…. but i still play it

  78. Rigged as fuk. Always getting wilds when 6 or less spins left. Waste of money

  79. whoa. nice comeback in one spin

  80. nice recovery, well left, no idea what the benefit of shitty bonus features are, other than to make us tilt. Oh yes to make us Tilt. Bastards

  81. You streaming tonight mate?

  82. We are waiting the Stream buddy. When will You start?

  83. waiting for stream!! is it not coming tonight paul 😛

  84. Reply
    Blazing Hardware May 8, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Are ya streamin tonight?

  85. played this game about 4 times and had bout 15 features ,played it Friday was my last £20 I was depositing only playing 36p stake,was down to £7 got a feature and hit my first extra 5 spins,first spin i hit the wild line,some punching the air then I tell ya,won £460 then played ted for first time £2 stake and within £100 I won £580 on flash spins, then played jack and bean stalk for over hour ,balance stayed about the same then on about 6th feature I had my best one yet and won over 1000 x, had £1900 in my account,was chuffed to bits as few things I needed to pay off,was gonna withdraw £1500 but thought I’d play one last game before withdrawing, stampede,thinking no way is that gonna do me over that much,£5 stake and yes it completely fu ked me ,ended up just walking away with my last £150 gutted big time,thought of walking a few times before but kept saying it’s gotta give me a decent win some time,3 times now I’ve been doing good and then that game has screwed me,why don’t I learn 🙁

  86. those who sayin lots a bonuses aye cause hes staking aboot 4tun ehn hits bonuses hes fast forwarding the video idiots, gd luck but mate ul hit the big time one day

  87. Brilliant Paul great video lad how about ted for part 4 on big stakes

  88. Reply
    super fast documentarys May 11, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    I have had over 50000 spins on dead or alive still never had a wild line I have only got to the 5 extra spins once lol I got the wild line on joker pro after only 10 spins 1000x nice

  89. I know the problem, you’re using Apple products.

  90. beging the computer to give you money. How pathetic. You have a problem. Be a fucking adult and go see someone about it.

  91. like i said you guys are on here to make people loos because you are advertiseing the casino

  92. 10 out 10 you done your best they just pop in i think lol

  93. what the HELL!?? I cover 350 Spins. but no Bonus feature for me. He gets so many he actually lost count!

  94. Idiot chasing money that he’s lost constantly at least change game when u get bad streak playing like this u end up losing

  95. Snooze……..

  96. Had a sick base game hit as well yesterday 2 lines of 5 stars ? payed 220x on a €3.60 bet 🙂

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