Gambling Vlog #2 Profit in 2018???


Thought I would show some ins and outs from 2018, hopefully giving you more of an insight into how I gamble and the reality.

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  1. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    Bit of a waffle but tried to show some ins and outs from 2018, hopefully giving you more of an insight into how I gamble and the reality.

    • You’ll get plenty.

    • You make enough & I know 2 people who have gave up their job & making 24 months worth of wage each month.

    • Did you count your 75K poker victory for the total profit/loss 2018 ??

    • You are a big influence on so Many people and not a bad person, thanks for sharing the BIG REALITY OF GAMBLING ….more póker and keep going bro…seeing you since 2 years almost i think…
      Keep it up and be carefull rocky,qe dont want to Loose you,in all the terms….really appreciate you

      Much love from spain

  2. Don Corleone off internet casino streamers watermelon plums ❤️❤️

  3. Great to see this! Shows the words gambling and profit used together are a total myth, we will all be down liftetime with gambling unless we win the lottery!

    • Even some of those people lose it all.

    • Not only gambling, it can be applied to business.. you need a business that hit u jackpot.. otherwise u will be an old man repairing car until u die for ur “showroom” business…

    • Jeff Moss delusional pal, maybe up temporarily but you’ll run out of bonuses which are often ruined by huge wagering requirements… there isn’t a professional slot player pal hahaha

    • +Jeff Moss theres nothing to boost your odds to win in Slots. Only luck. (or if you get 100% for 1x or 5x wagering, it will ofc)

  4. Wow cool mate

  5. Your basically fucked lol

  6. good insight paul, honest, hope you have a great 2019 with some big wins! good luck lad

  7. How do you finance all of this if you lose so much!?

  8. can you start doing the weekly football coupons again?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 2:58 pm

      Would love to, but would love to do a lot of things with the channel but I find it hard with the time that i have. We do weekly free football comps on the site though

  9. Reply
    spin spinner who got me keys January 8, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    Top man Paul we love your streams you and bandit are the only real decent streamers you make it exciting with your balls deep stuff lool

  10. love how honest you are mate, keep up the work on youtube though we love the videos

  11. Cool vid

  12. I appreciate this video. Real life is not winning every time,somethings it looks so amazing.

  13. Love the vids mate I don’t suppose you can talk more of the ‘dirty side’ you were talking about. think you are the only streamer I watch that does majority at the table games so really don’t know what you’re talking about their and would be interested in finding out glgl in future

  14. Wow.just shows u never win in long run

  15. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan January 8, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Frank and direct, honest and informative. Your a very admirable character and would gain more kudos from me if only you got WHEN ITS DUE, ITS DUE tattoed on your glutimous maximus??.

  16. Great vlog mate an honest peep inside the mind of the rolla

  17. What was the actual outcome dude? I know you were saying about £45k down. But did LV rescue that a bit?

    • I don’t in anyway think you’re bury your head. Love your vids and the way you play. I’m just always interested in figures ? Good luck for the year, I’ll be watching ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 3:09 pm

      The 45k down was what I was expecting LVBet to be so was pretty shocked I was in profit there. Overall I can estimate as to be honest I rather not know the exact figures. Thats not me burying my head in the sand but I know it will also change the way I gamble, videoslots for example a 5k win I would normally withdraw but now I know how much exactly I am down there might push me to try for a bit more

  18. A lot respect for you legand to show reality of gambling I lost alot this year wish you best luck
    For 2019 just take easy money come and goes health is main think in life good luck for this year I love you roulette videos

  19. Jesus slotsmillion has had you by the balls no withdrawal that is brutal.great insite on your deposits and withdrawals not many streamers do it great vlog m8

  20. How can u be 45k down on a part time job?

  21. Do you make any money from YouTube Paul? Affiliation? If not maybe a good idea to start doing it. After all you’re providing entertainment and you’ve got a lot of people who follow you

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 3:34 pm

      Well I can see both points/perspectives and both are pretty valid, but I would say that each channel and how they do things is different and I don’t necessarily agree with some things which I think has given some people the opinion that we are all the same!

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel there’s a lot of people who dislike the idea of affiliation (mostly jealous people) however the way I see it is you’re providing content and giving good bonuses and directing gamblers to trusted casinos all this nonsense about it making non gamblers gamble, they shouldn’t be watching gambling videos if they have a problem. Anyway I hope 2019 is a winning year for you pal

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 3:16 pm

      My website is affiliated with some casinos and I’ve started to monetise some youtube videos as a lot of them were copyright anyway

  22. Great vlog just shows your never win in the end top man

    • +Mike yani not saying he has no money his money is real rocknrolla is a top guy allways uses real money I’m saying the casino will allways win and it shows in this video his losses etc 🙂

    • why always he had money and stream ?? because this money not real

  23. Wow you sure your not a millionaire. .. .

  24. Thanks for showing your loses. Would be interesting to see your overall RTP. Also I don’t see the problem with affiliation as long as streamers are 100% truthful about playing with their own money and showing the dark side of gambling like you have done.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 3:19 pm

      The overall rtp is easy to look at on videoslots per slot or table game but anywhere else I guess I have to contact customer services

  25. The real question we all want to know is….
    Are you ever going to replace the sliding door?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 3:18 pm

      haha there is a 2nd one I found which can replace it but it also hides the dumping ground of our 2nd toilet, so I’m not allowed to break this one!

  26. shocking reality, would be awesome if you did a local poker tourny for all the fans of yours at a Grosvenor/Genting? possible?

  27. Wow!! Some serious figures there, at least your not down as must as you thought paul, and on the plus side with having a staggering 48k subscribers you must make a little pocket money off of that and also your affiliation at your casinos, overall the buzz you get out of the gambling an the help you’ve given to others by just posting these videos helps people to not gamble as much as they would if you didn’t make these videos or stream live! So all in all bloody good job buddy ??

  28. Reply
    Rich Review by Gary Rich January 8, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    Paul great blog honest. And telling straight that’s why you are the best on the net mate “green book ” font miss this movie all the best

    • Reply
      Rich Review by Gary Rich January 8, 2019 at 3:34 pm

      Yes McAvoy carries that film on his back great performance

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 3:27 pm

      Nice one mate, will give it a watch. I watched Split the other night, probably one of the best acting performances I’ve seen from James McAvoy

  29. Humbling video Paul, something I have a lot of respect for and something I probably couldn’t/wouldn’t do myself. Best of luck for 2019, you deserve it. (ps you always seem to stream when I’m at Spurs…)

  30. Shows the true side of gambling I’ve gambled every thing since 16 u never win in the end gambling has destroyed me

    • Someone needs to do something drastic to end all this online bullshit

    • Start studying how football predator does on his tips on Tipstrr.

    • Get to your local GA meeting, there’ll be so many people you connect with there, find new friends, share their hobbies and find a reliable person. AND PASS CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY. This is key. No access to money, you can’t gamble and as frustrating as it is. I don’t gamble and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Trust me. GA will change your life

    • +fade13567 very true

  31. Love your videos mate, keep them coming, fingers crossed for some big wins in 2019!

  32. How much were you up on 21 last year then? Notice you omitted an actual figure on that one

  33. great summary, my honest opinion is that you and the bandit have both had some amazing wins, from where you started when £5 was high stakes on stream it feels like you expect people will only watch if you are betting high limits, the old £300 with a £300 deposit streams were the best. It’s not the money that makes people watch you and the bandit, but the entertainment you provide.

    • +ESKIMOOO very fair point and yeah it does draw bigger audiences, for me. Personally from an entertainment point of view the stake doesn’t matter.

      The only thing I don’t like seeing recently is the viking megaways gambles, I’ve seen Paul bet far more and lose on roulette, but for some reason those gambles are far tenser.

    • I disagree, you draw a much bigger audience with high stakes, I’m afraid that’s just the reality!

    • Indeed, also its not the money that makes a big win its the x amount for me! Seeing a bonus make £4000 off a £40 spin is not impressive especially as we all know what it takes to get them sometimes.

    • Agree totally with this!!

  34. do you never get tired of the same questions every post/stream?, how do you do it?…

  35. Reply
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN January 8, 2019 at 3:38 pm

    Not being funny but at the end of the year really what is the point of it all then. That is some fucking stupid money. Wtf you streamers thinking your off your heads

  36. Any chance you can do the football bets again paul.

  37. It’s shocking how much you spent mate, I had to self exclude myself from all online and in-store betting shops to stop it getting out of hand. I hope you’re stable financially mate.

  38. Ive stop playing on pokerstars now as they are taking the piss with rewards and payouts, they was the best site now they are so shit.

  39. I’ve watched you since the beginning and always tune in to your streams. I genuinely think your luck on the slots is based on not giving each individual game enough of a chance. You only ever go for one bonus or max two on each slot. Danger is a game that you commit to and you have had mega wins. I’d like to see you give games like viking megaways, jammin jars etc a really good run.

  40. Thanks – What I wanna know Paul is how you managed to finance this lifestyle. – what you make from affiliation, YouTube and your website. Or maybe you have a £200k+ job?. (I do too but am always skint!) ?…Good Luck for 2019 ?

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel “affiliation provides a very good support for it” – That’s what would be great to elaborate on more in your next Vlog if you willing too! – Cheers for the response mate.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 3:45 pm

      The biggest and bulk of the loss numbers came in Jan/Feb on the back of a few very good winnings months that basically went back into the casino circulation. I then took time off and most of the streams had a very tight budget. Affiliation provides a very good support for it, website basically pays for itself and youtube was nothing until recently monetising again, which is around $500 a month.

  41. I’m baffled how some people who are so put together, gentile, balanced , polite and relaxed can be degens . I’m degen but I’m consistently in fights, getting wasted , whore mongering, hustling and cursing. I guess the gambling devil has no favorites its like cancer and none of us are immune

  42. The reality of gambling meanwhile some other streamers have weekly 1000x+ hits. It makes you wonder. 🙂

    • +DankFin Yes there are 6 guys but money comes from the brothers but they can afford it cuz they have a huge amount of people playing under their affiliate codes 😛 and they get a lot of money from that.

    • And casinos cant change rtps or anything in slots. Even the game provider cant give you bonuses or winnings. If you knew how slots worked you would understand that. I table games maybe cheating is possible i do not know that.

    • Remember there is 6 guys streaming for casinodaddy so they can afford to lose much more

    • James Mccleave I
      Agree with this if you look at linzey on fruity slots she been playing for years and never got a big hit since she join fruity slots she had impossible wins 5000x 3000x 2000x you name it, it not coincidence that they all hit these big multipliers

    • Carlo this online casino could cheat on table game without punishment u think what they could do with online slots.. u have brain right? Think

  43. Reply
    Indian Cricket Fans January 8, 2019 at 3:52 pm

    please bro help me.. i need only 50 euro i will return u as soon as possible… please humble requst with you and dont ignore my comment ???

  44. I’ve just been a little bit sick in my mouth, I know we’re all down but actually confirming the full amount is depressing. Let’s go back to the 2p pushers paul

  45. Can’t wait to see the 1000x it is coming and more we believe xx

  46. Great vid Paul that shows you have nothing to hide.. wishing you plenty of luck for 2019 and keep entertaining

  47. Love the videos and the streams pal. Genuinely look forward to getting a video notification. Keep it up

  48. Love this vid glad to see your different side thumbs up from me

  49. Hi Paul. Just a question, I have a loss limit at video slots of £1000 a day, although on the 31st they let me lose £1950 I complained the next day and was meant to have a phone call but not heard anything. Are they allowed to let you loose more then your loss limit? Thanks for any replies 🙁

    • Wow i just got an email from video slots support sayung that there were temporary technical errors and that I have been refunded £972.59 and I shal receive the funds back in my card in 5 banking days and a apology! I can’t actually beleive that they admitted their error and gave me back what I am owed. Thank you for the advice Paul that extra email I sent last night must have woken them up! Your the man!

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel I’ll keep noted we’re staying at the luxor so right in the middle of the strip! Mine and hubbys treat when he gets back of tour in Afghan 😀

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 5:45 pm

      Still worth a go, I had the same issue with MrGreen years ago and 6 weeks later they paid up. Goodluck in Vegas!! Buffalo Gold and Walking dead are great slots to play!

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel thank you for the reply, I did withdraw 2200 on Christmas eve, but my loss limit is daily so I don’t know how they can take that into account 🙁 doubt I’ll see anything back, I’ve got over it and booked Vegas to cheer myself up and blocked the account haha. Thank you. 🙂

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 8, 2019 at 5:04 pm

      Get back on their chat though and chase them up

  50. Good luck for 2019….some hefty amounts and deposits in the vid….be careful mucca would hate to see it all go wrong

  51. Reply
    FruitySlots - Scotty January 8, 2019 at 4:21 pm

    Amazing video rolla. Just goes to show, you didn’t need to play and slots,poker,roullette to keep my attention, really enjoyed it. And I’m feeling a huge win on danger for you this year. A deffo 5000x. Fingers crossed anyway.

  52. You will always give it back doesn’t matter how much you win. Slots hate you, don’t play slots.

  53. How do you survive

  54. Great to see this kind of content. Brilliant stuff Paul ?

  55. Great Vlog Paul, refreshingly honest. ?

  56. So funny in bookies they ask for proof of earnings to see if you can afford to lose. They don’t do anything online by asking you the same. One rule for one another rule for one.

    • +louismoran You have done the correct thing leave them alone cancer machines. I would have a look if they have kept any details of you and not asked under the data protection act 1989 maybe worth looking into it

    • SuperNinger how would I go about that and is it worth it what would I get out of it ?? I don’t go in no more so probly be wasting my time ?

    • The bookies don’t want you to know they are monitoring you. If you have been kicked out, self excluded ect it’s down to the store to stop it. I care for people losing money in bookies left after been headhunted by coral after 2 months. I couldn’t see people losing money and I can’t kick them out. Well I could if I wanted to but if iam not making money area manager moans at you. Example my store in 2 months took as in stakes wagered on FOBT were 4.8 million. Store in 2 months lost around 30k, online made me with the coral connect cards signed up in store you bet online I get the profit, made 76k in 2 months so overall on profit.

    • I would look into this, The UK’s data privacy watchdog has opened an investigation into Iovation player tracking software used by many online bookmakers.

  57. There’s only 1 rock n rolls gtf in there

  58. Upload more videos plz

  59. wats the profit on 21

  60. Love from India, I’m quite a degen as well having gambled almost everywhere I travelled (a lot of the world). BTW, you are a phenomenal NLHE player

  61. As always a very honest account of gambling. I must add I find the bookmakers online sites leave a lot to be desired when it comes to RTP. I don’t know of any of the main online player’s (apart from you and bandit) who actually use or promote these big brands. I saw your strategy on BV kinda shit or bust but Jesus Christ that’s a suspicious run of form that I’ve also noticed on bandits PP play…

  62. Reply
    Humanities died long time ago freedom January 8, 2019 at 4:47 pm

    Ur the number 1

  63. You can say that you didn’t win the fudging lot for 2018 😀

  64. lost more than 100 k euro,,, thats make me scare, and make me feel never touch online gambling

  65. @rocknrolla’s, stick with the NLHE as you Are and END BOSS in that game. However, that isn’t possible since us gamblers crave action and long shots

  66. Appreciate the information and openness – puts gambling in its true light……

  67. Hopefully this shows people who struggle to control their gambling that they will never get one over on the casinos! Nice video buddy.

  68. The fans appreciate this vlog Paul! Much love

  69. Jesus Paul, that’s some loss. hope 2019 is luckier for you

  70. BTW, what was your net loss for 2018?

  71. Really good vlog, your openness is astounding, hope you have a great 2019.

  72. Paul I really appreciate your honesty and tbh your streaming .i have gambled since 16 and now at 41 have done 200+ days without doing so it’s hard but feel like I ha e my choices back so from me ty .and best of luck and u r the cat in the hat .

  73. Enjoyed that paul , the reality of gambling right there .

  74. What is your job? How can you afford to have this kind of expendable income?

  75. Important video – not so much for the wise-heads but for anyone naive and new to this who think it can actually be profitable long-term

  76. What I do for living??? Lol

  77. Thanks Paul. My question is how on earth do manage to keep losing? What is your net loss overall with affiliates, youtube payments etc?

    Does this even cover it?

    Love your streams and wishing you and the family a great 2019!

  78. I know I’ve said this in the past but please play live cash poker. You have the bankroll and you are a good player. I’ve been following you for over a year and at least you can subsidize your casino losses with poker… Just a thought sorry if I seem like a knob… Just want the best for you… Hope you still get the fudging lot regardless!!

  79. Nice to see this kind of video Paul. Top Man….hope we meet some day. GL for 2019 #Legend

  80. Thanks for the video.

  81. Just shows how much affiliated persons must get paid. Although i say fair play- nothing stopping anyone from doing it! Ive always found you very entertaining so fair play and happy new year???

  82. Thanks for showing the truth much respect. At least your not in denial.. hope u get a lot of luck in 2019 buddy!!

  83. your bank statement must be nuts lol just a shit ton of transactions. do you even go through your bank statement or just toss it?

  84. Great vid Paul. After 15 years of playing slots, I actually know where you are coming from. I had 1 year where I profited!! I am slowly starting up the poker again, but it won`t be 70 hours a week :-D. Getting too old for that. Much love and all the best in 2019.

  85. Fucking bad if you don’t know when your up 20k hahaha mad man let’s get it?

  86. Much love rocknrolla always nice to see the in and out of the gambling you do m8 keep the gr8 work up bro

  87. Very honest of u Paul looks like it takes a lot of attempts before u hit the jackpot or anything top bloke show me the money in 2019 good luck

  88. Just shows what crazy gamblers we are

  89. Thanks Rocknrolla for your honesty that was a real good insight, really enjoyed that video. Much respect to u mate as always!

  90. You have to remember just because it’s been withdrawn it doesn’t mean it hasn’t just been deposited in another casino and lost. We love to gamble but we are all losers inevitably.

  91. I really like the high stakes don’t see many others doing that in gbp ? good vid good luck for 2019

  92. Haters will say it’s fake.

  93. I can’t explain my gratitude to you mate. I don’t spend anywhere near this amount but felt it was getting on top of me.
    Stopped for 3 weeks now, long time for me seeing I have been gambling non stop since 16 and I’m 25 now.

    • +Guesser1 cheers bro! Respect

    • stonestranger93 good luck mate don’t let it get the best of you gambling is a fake world, worry about what’s important you ??

    • Reply
      Zygimantas Adomavicius January 11, 2019 at 12:59 pm

      +Dany Hermawan It was the bottom for me. I had to pay a private psychiatrist.

    • +Zygimantas Adomavicius thanks bro means a lot. Feel great and no real feeling of gambling. Just some hard wired small thoughts of “why not” but they go instantly. Good luck for going for a year mate

    • it seems like a period when u realized your gambling is a fool is around 10 years.. u have 16 to 25.. while me myself 22 to 31… after that realization if u keep gambling it means you are a compulsive one

  94. Very honest vlog, thanks Rolla.

  95. Paul Big Respect mate you are a Legend

  96. What about poker stats

  97. Thank you for your vids and thank you for being fair with us! But beside the figures there is something more important – gambling does hit your mental and in long term your physical health. While gambling you miss your family, may be your everyday tasks are getting neglected. I wrote down this knowing very well the dark side of the gambling. Please comment. Best wishes from Bulgaria!

  98. If u would have said you were x amount up or x amount down I’d have believed you without you proving it mate . Your about the only stand up guy on u tube for me . Good luck this year pal

  99. Probably 45k down, oh… 11k up. Awesome

  100. where do you find the money to gamble ? A past big win ? from your job, your parents ?

  101. Much honesty on your part, not all show the accounts, a like for you friend – good entertainment give to the public.

  102. Thanks for sharing your real life experience in gambling Paul

  103. You seem like such a nice guy. Just please don’t let gambling suck you into bankruptcy. I enjoy watching your videos! I do gamble, only on Roulette, but I gamble with very low stakes. Just a bit of fun for me!

  104. Love your channel, hope you find time to do more uploads and live shows.

  105. Paul can you make a video or vlog , telling strategy that you like on roulette or some opinion about something optimal or close to optimal.

  106. You on in tonight Paul xx

  107. Fair play showing everything @Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel hope all is well!

  108. We done for being so honest and transparent Paul .

    Does these losses reflect your gambling in its entirety? ie the 80k live poker cash you had

  109. Top video Paul. And we all thank you for being so honest. A lot of streamers just show massive hits. But you bandit and jimbo show the highs and lows of gambling. All the best for this year and I’d love too see max stake on break da bank again. Massive risk but just imagine ??

  110. Paul, I enjoy your streams and vids, Do you think you have and “endgame” I mean a mega win goal or something? Do you ever see yourself being able to stop?

  111. You on tonight Paul ?!!!)))

  112. I really like your videos, I think I must have seen them all.
    Interesting to hear you on this one, you must be well off mate to be able to cope with such losses. No offense.

  113. ‘did you want to know the total profit’. She fucking knew! Just made you wait lol

  114. The real side of gambling…

  115. Great insight though. I had a dabble myself, slowly spend my money but one day the luck seemed to change completely! Worked out through my spreadsheet I was up, yes, I keep a spreadsheet of my life! So gamestopped. I miss it terribly, but i’m not stupid, these games are designed to take your cash.

  116. Nice 1 Paul thanks for sharing with us top lad hopefully this year will be a big profit good luck pal

  117. this is why you are the most respected of the casino streamers Paul, you are very transparent in showing your losses as well as wins, some of the losses that you show in this video will maybe think twice about gambling with money that they cannot afford

  118. Reply
    spielocheter merkur January 8, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    That’s the true Paul. And that’s why we love you you never lied and shows us the truth about the gambling. Much love from Germany #nohomo.
    Go on so long you can please stream more on YouTube again.

  119. Hope you get paid in 2019. I’d rather you played at a smaller stake, and kept the channel going. Than bankrupt yourself financially and mentally. Take care of yourself ?

  120. Any tips on becoming a professional gambler?

  121. what is your daily job?

  122. Fair play for showing all this mate

  123. Always loved your videos paul, keep the faith , miss your love streams. Be lucky

  124. 2018 i close all my account of gamble i contact the website i say im ” addicted” the kick me out forever

  125. Well done rolla, honest account… Beginning to have my doubts about others!!! Hope I see lot’s more from you in 2019 ?

  126. keeping it real ?

  127. appreciate with your honesty Paul

  128. honesty best policy mate well in I no that’s not all your own money it’s wins but overall shows that there’s only ever only one winner and that’s the casino chin up Paul

  129. Thanks vor the vid, Paul. Helps those who have started gambling recently and still have hope, to reconsider and leave this behind them.

  130. Thanks for showing this mate. Love your honesty. Stopped me in the tracks.

  131. “Woh” are you close to 1/2 Million gambled????

  132. basically pointed out why life is shit haha, nice vid

  133. Great Vlog Paul, I’ve been watching your streams for the last year, I haven’t gambled now for 216 days, I had to get help in the end as I was out of control, I started heavily gambling in late 2014, I fell into it due to depression caused by a very nasty ex and sought solace as escapism in it and struggled to stop,at the time I was mortgage free and owned another rental property, 4 years on I have a £160k mortgage and no 2nd property, gambling has nearly ruined my life but thanks to treatment and some amazing support from a very close friend I am slowly putting it behind me, but unbelievably I still miss it and am still tempted even with the huge losses I have had, good luck to you and all the best.

  134. I don’t really watch much of the gambling side of things these days mate but i gave this a watch out of interest, as you say you are gambling in only the way you know how, that to me needs no deep explanation.
    All the very best for 2019
    Take Care.

  135. Happy New Year Paul mate. Cheers for all the streams and entertainment you have given us and it doesn’t matter what stake you play 20p spins you will still have us/me watching you. I am still buzzing from your Poker Trophy win 🙂 Good luck for this year mate hope you smash these casino’s!!

  136. Like the idea for the vid but you could have shown the winning accounts too! Just cos I’m nosey ?

  137. Whats your job, like how is this affordable to you…

  138. Thanks for sharing Paul, best of luck this year!!!

  139. A honest video, u did not even need to show all that but u did a top honest bloke and good luck in 2019 hope it’s all profit coming ur way

  140. Big respect mate, very informative vlog. All the best for this year. I’ve been following your for a year now and only your video is entertaining mate. All the others casino affiliates are fraudsters. ????

  141. Slots is where all the money goes, like you said 🙁

  142. Why not self exclude, ditch the debit and credit cards and stick to live tournaments only? Chasing the slots win will never happen!

  143. Yeah I just think this video proves nothing show your affiliation payments which actually fund your gambling… I like your videos and streams but your not totally honest the people who are affiliated too your are your everyday working class players who lose a grand and it’s a massive loss your saying you loss 82k on one site it’s total hypocrisy… your affiliation payments must be huge if your not abliged to show then fair enough but I think you should be honest too your affiliates who in a nutshell fund your life

  144. Very interesting vlog Rolla, I can’t think of another streamer that goes into that detail.
    I also enjoyed reading the comments section, very positve feedback to what you are doing.

  145. Good vlog but maybe add your loss/casino pr earnings to give the viewers and insight to making these losses your showing a little easier to deal with. I understand some of it is your money but it’s not so bad being 11 grand in the hole when 10 was given to you for promotional reasons.

  146. Confused…so how much are you up in total for all your site’s?

  147. Awesome to see Paul. Keeping it real! Did you get your poker(star) stats? I skipped a bit tru the video.

  148. Good honest video mate but does this not make you want to stop gambling? Also how can you afford such big losses? Doesn’t look like you live in a particularly flash place (no offense), I’m a bit confused how you can have this kind of money to just piss away like that on gambling. Your losses for the year are like 4x my yearly salary and I’m in a fairly reasonable job earning a pretty good income

  149. how old are you. i really care about you

  150. Fantastic explanation of how the gambling rolls. You can see that all in all there is loss not matter the buzz you get from the gambling however shame enough to admit it we still wont give up. The gambling is worse habit then cigarettes. Good luck Paul and stay this way my friend.

  151. Wow really shows the house always wins

  152. Crazy but honest love your videos but this shows the reality of gambling hopefully 2019 is better for you Paulie

  153. Paul..on slotsmillions..i went 48 straight deposits..and no withdrawals. Of course i closed account. Terrible for slots on site.

  154. It’s ok for us to say play this play that up the stakes but at the end of the day it comes out of your pocket, Paul I love watching your streams & really mean it when I say I wish you all the best of luck for 2019 this is your year mate.

  155. This is honestly scary.

  156. Paul for the love of God please come on my man. Give it a break for a year perhaps.

  157. Online gambling is bad as you do not feel real money. Only numbers. Thats is one of reasons why lose on end. I go to live casino and win more than lose…as still feel real money. O

  158. Honest and genuine to the core Paul .if only all casino streamers were like you !!!!! Been watching you’re twitch streams lately and let’s hope the winning streak continues… From sweepthepuppet

  159. Fortunately, this makes me stop gambling much more than any therapy. In the long term, there’ll be always a loss.

  160. I have been watching the streams since the very beginning and have always appreciated your honesty but I’m not sure about this video. You showed some terrifying losses but not really any wins and the money must be coming from somewhere. In most everyone else’s case I know the house always wins but I don’t think that is the case for you, not anymore at least. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing or implying anything dodgy and I understand your reticence to show wins in case it encourages others to follow suit. It’s just for me this video posed more questions than it answered.

  161. This year 2019 I’m in profit 10£ ???

  162. Great video, always good to see the reality of gambling. Keeps things in perspective

  163. Your 21 profit Paul must be insane?

  164. Great summary showing the reality of gambling. Some big losses, keep uploading all the content. Monetize to the max, only way you’ll recoup some losses.

  165. Hi paul happy new years 🙂

  166. Wow ? great guy Paul for showing this hope you make some of this up through affiliation ( although not at other people’s expense)
    I have to say overall I’m up for 2018 through being really careful and not compulsive.

  167. thank you for showing that. Big win videos are fun, but this is more real.

  168. You usually play low to medium variance slots that are very unlikely to hit +1000x. If you want a big hit, then play Jammin Jars, Vikings (netent), Napoleon etc…

  169. What is the point of gambling if you are making a loss? You really need to seek help. You say about 45 grand loss as if it is chump change. The aim of betting is to do it sensibly and take money from the casino, rather than the other way around. The last time I was in a casino was ten years or so. I used to have a play limit every day, and would finish if I made that target, but then you start drinking and that is when you start losing. You could easily put 5 grand in willhill I find is the best, and gamble for chump change of £5 to £10 a day, and you can keep yourself in beer for the week. It is not a lot of money, but doing it for a job, rather than an addiction, is when you keep winning money.

  170. that why i LOVE rocnrolla becose he shows his wins and his losses, not like other streamers shows only wins so you get greedy and loss all your money in their affliate.
    I stopped gambling a year ago, since i descover that i have cancer, becose i quit my job and i need money for Medication, i was crying, but i feel way better after watching this video, Made my day paul <3
    Im struggle with cancer and I'm raising money for my operation So if anyone whants to help me Here is my neteller adress : [email protected]

  171. Total loss 2018 is what?

  172. You must be completely loaded to lose figures like that,.

  173. Brutal to see but very honest thank you

  174. Honest summary Paul,

  175. My brother you know how many live you put at dager with your video’s. Get a live your are not use your head .Stop today with givening monye to fucking casino .god help you my brother.

  176. You are a good man .you dont lai .and i pray for you my frind.

  177. What do you do for a job man how can you afford to lose this much ☹️

  178. Hi !! Big fan of yours and Hypalinx. I was wondering what software do you use to record your Roulette video’s ??? I want to have a go one day, I usually just stream vid’s straight from my PS4 to Youtube. Cheers Paul.

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel Thanks I’ll look into it. I’m buying a new pc in a couple months so I’ll ask about then. Thanks for the info !!!! And good luck !!!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 17, 2019 at 12:10 pm

      I just use screen record on my mac but don’t recommend it, I think others use obs

  179. Are you 82K down?

  180. I never profit in real casinos as much as i do online, is that normal?

  181. Hello everyone, I asked my losses and gain for 2018, my casino to refuse to provide me this information, I play in a French casino.

  182. i don’t think you have a gambling problem Paul, i think you have a problem with gambling. would be great to see bar chart and actual year end p&l and wtf are you going on about? your mind is that of a compulsive gambler “The gambler’s fallacy, also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy or the fallacy of the maturity of chances, is the mistaken belief that, if something happens more frequently than normal during a given period, it will happen less frequently in the future.” the only guarantee is you will lose everything. thank you is always two words. thank you Paul.

  183. why don’t you get some help and quit it all together mate?

  184. you streamimg tonight pal

  185. You have a massive problem which is growing, the older you get, the more bitter you will become. Very very scary and showing off on YouTube is making you worse. Seem a good bloke though, don’t turn to the dark side dude

  186. You seem to have some talent for tournament poker, at least enough to knuckle down and work hard at. Sack off all the house always wins casino games rubbish and focus on that. Good luck.

  187. Fair fucking play to you m8! Hope your luck turns round in 2019! I’ve always understood the reality of gambling but some people dont hopefully ur honesty will help people stay in control !

  188. What do you do for a living to sustain so many loses? great win in Dublin btw????

  189. You should ask them all for bonus gestures the way u spend they will give you hundreds

  190. Just self exclude sort yourself out

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