Crazy Roulette Luck!! JACKPOTS!!!


Lady luck was loving me on this session!!

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  2. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 12, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    No stream tonight but hopefully tomorrow night!


  4. U lucky ? sod

  5. Absolutely insane I can’t believe i missed this stream! Cheers paul, you could buy a car with this money

  6. very good

  7. ahahaha insane. good job Paul!

  8. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan November 12, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    fucking get in. live it mate, love it

  9. OOOOO the magnets made you win today :/ I wonder if we’ll see any rigged magnet comments this time. And if not, just expect the roulette provider to be rigged only for you. haha GTMFIT paul!

  10. Get in lad

  11. On a serious roll Rocknrolla, great stuff! I like the look of that fish roulette thing. Here’s to tomorrow!

  12. Great run of luck and mega respect for walking after losing a huge spin!

  13. Reply
    MissQuantum Casino Live Roulette & Blackjack November 12, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    If you look at the timeline……Contrary to popular belief the last Storm and the one called “Ophelia that hit london” was not caused by the wind, it’s the air trying to reclaim the void left by the weight from Paul’s Balls.

    hah great Video Paul! and nice ROI % from 1k to 35k ? ✨

  14. Great win lad nice cash out

  15. Nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Just Wawww!! gg paul nice!!!!!!!!!

  17. Full degen mode activated. 😀 Nice win buddy

  18. Amazing run!

  19. Don’t mean to be cheeky or that but do you work at all?

    Reason why I’m asking is you’re always posting videos during the day etc.

    Leads me onto my next question, where the fuck do you get the money from? I work 50+ hours a week and struggle to pay the bills but you seem to manage to gamble 1-2k a day…

    Sorry for sounding like a dick but just curious.

    • Hi mate he is a affiliate to the casino which helps him to play. As of working ECT I don’t know what he does as it’s got nothing to do with us. Only thing I can put it down to is he gets good affiliate commission and he wins more than he loses. Plus he gets deposit bonuses most of the time. That’s which way I see it which is one of the only ways you could do this. The only person I know who streams who isn’t an affiliate is hypalinxs. Both great streamers tho.

    • +Pj Faik Michael is messing with you don’t believe

  20. Well done danielson!

  21. More video …

  22. Love your streams mate never fail to entertain but there is 1 guarantee if your up for opinions you are gonna end up without a penny or in serious trouble financially I had a friend who use to gamble the same

    • I hope he continues to do well I won’t every1 to beat the casino I just think it’s a bit of advice that’s all seen my mate big house nice cars the lot now he sleeps on a mates sofa

    • I dont think so, he wont end up broke like never, he just found the way to gamble for free and thats about it, the moment affiliets stop paying or ppl that loose money for him stp playing he will stop gambeling. So thats the positive side for him.

  23. Play roulette more on live stream for get the shitty slots ahah #GetTHeFudgeInThere lol

  24. 35,5k pound in total , thats solid 😀

  25. Fantastic win Paul ,well deserved.

  26. Yesss you did it. Its been a while ago. When you hitted big on roulette. Nice job man

  27. Getta Fudge in there!

  28. Any chance of a profit/loss vid like the bandit has done? Not as long tho! Fell asleep a few times trying to watch it ?

  29. Your winnings are crazy. I’m convinced that these casino’s obviously have all your details like how much you deposit and because you pump in so much money they give you the huge wins on occasion. Like that stream where you won thousands of pounds from a bet under £10 (Viking slot if I remember correctly).I don’t know anyone that wins as much, but as I said you’re not depositing £100-200 a month its probably 10 or 20k.

    • Bet bigger win bigger. Its simple

    • so true. the only people that say this is a fix are people who have never really gambled. Regardless of whether there is a pattern or not, online casinos are heavily regulated. If you are unfortunate enough to be gambler then you know that big wins do come sometimes, but the only people who ever get out ahead are the people who somehow have the power to walk away for good, and early on. But the truth is, after a certain point, unless you manage to self exclude from everything, that’s close to impossible. If you gamble big amounts on a regular basis, then you’re always going to lose in the long run. But for us gamblers, its not about the money, even though it seems like it is at first. it’s about the rush, and it took me a long time to realise that. I’ve walked in to casino before and got 5 grand up within the first 20 minutes, after a ridiculous starting streak of like 15 numbers in a row. But i didnt leave, for some reason i wasn’t ready to. In my head it was too soon, I hadnt got enough of my fix yet. So I stayed, and inevitably lost all my winning and then all my wages too. It’s a story i could tell a thousand times over. I don’t think people realise the mental strength it takes for a problem gambler to walk away from the table, metaphorically or literally. I have been in situations before where it seemed insane not to leave considering what i’d been through to get to a position of being up, where crazy things have happened, like putting my last 100 quid on one number and it miraculously coming in to save me from losing 2 grand, and being up to 3600. Did I walk away, did I fuck.

    • They dont have to do anything all the games you play in a casino, online or irl are all house favored… That by definition means they’ll get your money if you play long enough… They dont have to do shady stuff to get your money lol.

    • I don’t know tbh
      seems like a decent guy and I don’t think for a minute rocknrolla is in on it or anything like that but think about it, if someone is depositing huge sums like Rock it’s not such a crazy idea to think that the casinos monitor his account and let him win so he keeps on playing with them. I would add that even though he hits these and other massive wins I’m guessing on a yearly basis he’s making a loss to some degree

    • There are plenty of high-rollers playing on the casino sites…

  30. You make problem gamblers tempted to play and ruin things don’t understand why people be so nice lol just being honest

    • don’t think it’s tempting Its fun to watch someone else gamble i cudnt aford to bet the way he does. but he does post his losses aswell I have a gambling problem and I don’t gamble anymore i think it’s fun watching him gamble it shows both sides of gambling.

    • what u on about?I aint weak minded I’m speaking my mind.

    • Weak minded

    • Yeah but he probably can afford to lose a lot but most people can’t.if there’s no winning videos then less people will be tempted.I’m a compulsive gambler and its not good seeing his videos even though I shouldn’t be clicking on them in the first place

    • I dunno this could be a way for people to see the ups an downs(Paul clearly shows both) and could tempt them off it.

  31. Holy shit! They should bring ‘Balls of Steel’ back on tv and have a section dedicated to Paul!

  32. Well done Paul lad nice touch!! When ever I want to speak to a online agent regarding my betting it’s like speaking to a doctors receptionist can’t get a civil word out of them and have to wait an age!!!

  33. a gambler will end up loosing in long run giving all back to casino an more just like failure like me

  34. Fuckinell mate I’d love to have your bollocks must be some buzz betting an winning that much but then again my luck I’d be in the streets with no iPad good luck chief keep chasing the dream

  35. Well f””k me eh. Get in there

  36. The ungrateful moaning is too much. Take your wins and be happy with them

  37. That balls bouncing well weird, doesn’t look right

  38. Well done mate. Glad to see u stop. Got sweaty palms a few times.

  39. Hola..Soy de España..Una pregunta porfavor.Significa que has depositado 1550 pounds en 2017 y has sacado en cash 37050 pounds hasta ahora en 2017?.Muchas gracias. Soy fan numero 1 tuyo.

  40. The roulette game play is always the most exciting. Slot games become boring quickly. Peace out.

  41. Only person ever to constantly win, you must win about 150k a month

  42. Reply
    jonny glitter från twitter waa waa wewewa November 13, 2017 at 12:06 am

    make it rain!!

  43. Those people saying ”stop” ”leave” They aint no real gaaambler! I mean let say he leaves then what? play another game…that makes no sense leaving the place your doing good on…or if you guys meant he should cash out then u guys would cry about the stream being over xD

  44. Nice hit dude

  45. Man, that’s a really crazy ride! Love the spins :D:D:D

  46. were all those fish bets 80x ? surly not

  47. Hey Paul, always enjoyed your stream and videos you seem like a top lad. Unfortunately I won’t be watching anymore as the gambling has got out of control and I need to get myself away from it entirely. I know you’ve spoken about the dark side before and that’s where life is at the minute. Good luck with your future degening?.

    Equally, if anyone else reads this who’s struggling, there are a lot of people in the same boat. This is my story anyway, if anyone would like to share there’s as well I’d love to hear it.

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel really appreciate you taking the time mate.

      Yes absolutely that would be fantastic, I’d love for people to be involved in any way or have them tell their own stories because I think a lot of people have similar experiences and it’s good for people to see they’re not alone.

      If you ever have any reason to you can email me in regards to this stuff at

      Thanks again paul

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 13, 2017 at 4:20 pm

      Mate I have just read your blog and wow! Please do stay away from the streams if it even remotely tempts you back in! I’m thinking about doing another video on the subject and if your ok could even mention your blog as I think it could really help people, if your ok with that? Keep it up mate and out of all this you could really inspire others to do the same

  48. My god.. Love to see you win big

  49. Also I’m from Watford so keep repping haha

  50. A LILT moment….. Chav WTF, you turned a corner mate…
    great vid as always.. careful your missus don’t start going to Asda.

  51. jackpot high 5 jackpot high 5 xD get in there mate

  52. That’s the Way to Do it! :)….Congrats Paul…..much Love to you an your Family 🙂

  53. The absolute madman

  54. mate youve got some fucking balls

  55. Look at the dealer looking around when someone’s winning all time thick idiots think they allways going to loose he looks lost

  56. This was one of them feel good videos you can always come back to.

  57. I’d love to know where he gets the money you gamble in the 1st place

  58. Wish you had moments like this again paul keemooooonn

  59. it looks extremely dodgy how dealers turn their hands (out of vieuw) after every bet.

  60. do you admit that you are sick in a head?

  61. Love to see him lose

  62. Would you like to withdraw your winnings?
    Come on *roulettehit777. de* behind it!

  63. Do you make money just from gambling or also thorough working a normal job?

  64. Sort me out a grand bruv ….. what can I do for you to surf teach you to cook.

  65. What do u do with your winnings? Go on Holiday ? Buy property? Car? Good luck 🙂

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