Charity Stream Totals & THANKYOU!!!!


Raffle Results –

Proof of Donations –


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  2. Awesome job guys!

  3. well done m8 top lad and to everyone who donated much love

  4. What a great guy and all for great causes

  5. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel November 26, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    I had to laugh at “The real rocknrolla wants the fucking lot” intro on a charity donations vid 😀
    Great stuff Rolla and everyone who generously donated.

  6. Get in there Ladds! ! Shout out to my homies at 21, shown to have more heart than the bigger sites! !

  7. Top stuff mate

  8. Well done mate

  9. Amazing Paul!

  10. Well done to you to Paul wouldn’t of happened with out you respect bro

  11. Congrats mate. Setting the bar high for the next one! Streaming tonight?

  12. Gtfit mate top guy ?

  13. Owwwwwwwwwww nice shot.

  14. Get the fuck in paul amazing !!

  15. ??????…….noooooo…..?????

  16. Well done Paul congrats, I’m hoping I can raise some money next year no where near you but every bit helps.

  17. Reply
    Petefromtheblacklagoon November 26, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Oooooft he even went in with the toe poke owwwwwww. Haha. Top effort mate well done for all you do

  18. Get the fudge in there well done Paul keep up the great work !!!!

  19. Paul is good people.

  20. Well done Paul, brilliant amount 🙂

  21. nice one paul it’s an awesome thing you’ve done here mate ????????

  22. Fooking amazing guys

  23. Awesome as ever mate keep up the good work ?

  24. Well done buddy and all who donated

  25. Reply
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN November 26, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    Brilliant paul. Amazing lad you are and keep it up m8. Hope to see you some day for afew beers. ?

  26. Get the fudge in ! Well done Paul and all, keep it up and good luck

  27. Hahaha ya big shite bag x

  28. Help the homeless at Christmas is a great idea mate, It will get us all in the Christmas spirit giving to them and they’re gonna need all the help they can get when the government puts the price up of the white lighting ?

  29. Look at all bottles you alco….well done pal awesome amounts raised for the charities & perfect volley to nuts

  30. I thought you lived in a bungalow Paul….WOW. Get that kick in the dick the fudge in there!!!!

  31. i’m gona start watching this video now, if there is no kick in the dick, i’m gona fokin riot m9

  32. Brilliant!! Well done mate.

    Stream tonight??…x

  33. if i had a hat on id take it off to you paul. well done on the charity stream and good effort for a kick in the bollocks never laughed so hard in me life keep it up matey 🙂

  34. Haha class! Well done mate ❤

  35. great effort dude

  36. dat pigeon costume XD

  37. Great stuff paul

  38. Congratulations Paul! What you’re doing is fantastic mate and you should be proud in what you’ve achieved! You deserve all the praise you can get. Get the fudge in there! ??

  39. Lol….kick to the dick

  40. thats really impressive paul. i have seen people standing outside shops all day trying to raise money for charities and are lucky if they make a hundred quid, £29k is mind blowing well done. I think helping the homeless is a great idea, maybe the food banks too as they are always running out of food to help people and a good donation would go a long way. thanks paul, you have a good heart m8

  41. i like ur channel

  42. Amazing mate your such a great man with a huge heart pal.wish there was more people like you.see you tonight buddy.

  43. Amazing Paul mate. Well done . The kick to the dick. AUCHH! 😀

  44. Paul you are a legend

  45. Get in there

  46. Nice well done !! No more kids for u

  47. Reply
    Puppydoo Online Slot Challenge Channel November 26, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Top top guy Paul . Well done

  48. well done to you and everyone who donated

  49. Amazing work Paul OBE

  50. What a result. Top lad Paul keep up the good work my man. Prawnlaa

  51. Nowt but respect for ya Paul ???

  52. Great job paul, well done to everybody who donated.

  53. Fantastic result Paul! And well done to you and to everyone that donated! ??

  54. great,paul…loved the ending:):):)

  55. Now that’s a ron zacapa moment!!!!

  56. I take it you like the odd drop of JD then!

  57. Slow mo ball kicking, but you sort of deserved for them pants Paul!
    Great job on the Charity Stream bud

  58. Amazing, well done Paul and everyone who donated ??

  59. Massive respect for you mate well done fella keep up the good work and a massive well done and thanks to everyone who donated

  60. Well done everyone

  61. Well done paul top man xx

  62. Reply
    jonny glitter från twitter waa waa wewewa November 26, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    thank you! well done

  63. Calling a foul on the ending Paul, could easily paid a stuntman to take your place in a pigeon suit, just kidding 🙂 who was the woman laughing? your wife or Bandits? congrats on a huge total for the charities

  64. Well done mate you on tonight

  65. Nice one great donations for charity keep it up bud good luck

  66. Well done Paul. ?

  67. Well done but …!!! But you forgot to add what the chair…Well done once again…Come on the bandit …!!!….that was a tip speeded up fakers lol… GOOD LUCK ..!!!…

  68. Great job brother !! Paul so proud of you mate!

  69. Class Paul just class what a guy you are…I think I love you. Haha awesome mate

  70. Getta fudge in there ,hearth me bro

  71. You on tonight mate

  72. ??????????

  73. Well done, great work..ouch…

  74. Slight alcohol problem mate? That must be over 25 bottles!

  75. Well done mad respect, well done to all donaters too

  76. well done Paul your a legend 🙂

  77. Oomph that’s a feckin horrible pain. Well done.

  78. Congratulations 29k excellent! Well done people!!✌? Video slots get your finger out!!!

  79. Amazing result from the charity stream. We should be proud of the community we have here. I know I am. Well done paul, mods and everyone who donated and to everyone who just took their time to tune in. GTFIT. Ps that kick looked like it hurt. Eeesh

  80. Help the homeless is a great idea for Christmas paul ?✌?

  81. well done Paul and all involved epic result ,it was a great stream

  82. Well done paul much respect

  83. awsome buddy wot a boyo

  84. top man welldone thx and keep it up….

  85. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette November 26, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    Fair play mate, get the fudge in there!!!!. Upmost respect ?

  86. Respect Paul you took it like a man (PIGEON) Great result for the charities……

  87. Absolutely mental! Congratulations to you and everyone who supported and donated! So made up to see something so positive come from gambling. Much love each and every ?

  88. Wow well done to the most genuine gambler on YouTube and everyone who donated or watched the stream. A help the heroes charity stream especially near Christmas is an amazing idea. Also the kick to the balls was a good and proper connection made me cross my legs ?

  89. well done to everyone for raising such an incredible sum of money for good causes

  90. Unreal pal unreal all the shit you get off people.all the thumbs down all the fake shit and crap you have to take and you do this for charity mega thumbs up and a massive well done all the hating all of us gamblers and then everyone does that well done to all much respect to all

  91. Paul you a fucking legend mate total respect for you buddy ???

  92. Ha hahahahahaha I’m in stitches you dressed as pigeon getting toepunted in the bollocks ?????

  93. Well done Paul. Get the fudge in there.

  94. Great result paul much love.

  95. Fair play to you for this!!!,well done to everyone who chipped in

  96. Well done who actually puts thumbs down on a charity night like fuck off

  97. Better than a kick in the dick!

  98. Well done sir hat off to you

  99. Who dislikes this?! Absolute scum. Massive well done to all involved. Unbelievable amount to raise!

  100. Wow absolutely amazing, congratulations Paul and to all who donated, Amazing, keep up the good work x

  101. that hit in the balls was done like you had it coming 😀 gj mate

  102. Congrats Paul on all the great donations was there 80% of the stream was gutted wasn’t able to donate and that kick in balls ouch

  103. Well done Paul this is what sets u off from the rest, generally a great caring guy!
    Certainly won me over this year, your entertainment is brilliant and so addictive to watch every week it’s now part of my weekly schedule lol, watching u has really help me in my life to control my gambling. Am sure many others have benefited too from these crazy streams so much fun to watch and willing u on to win without the feeling of wanting to gamble there selves still a great buzz.
    I wish u luck in the future and thanks for all your good work, keep it up fella!!!

  104. Good job my laddddd

  105. ?? good on you mate. Man of his word hahaa

  106. Fantastic effort from ev1 that took part and donated. Brilliant…………… and ouch!

  107. Reply
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel November 26, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Haaaahaaaaa the guy actually toe punted you right in the jewels! Fair play mate lol Well done on the insane totals!

  108. What a legend well done loved it, good selection of empty drink bottles

  109. Sick amount of money for charity paul what a man ???

  110. stream tonight????

  111. Congratulations Paul it was amazing what u done I can’t believe people are putting thumb brown what wrong with them it amazing what u done for the 5 charity big respect to u man

  112. Well done buddy absolutely brilliant

  113. Mate im glad my donation stuck in your head. That Sunday shift was worth working to help others. I had a mental breakdown four years ago and the mind charity helped me be here today . Im overwhelmed by the work you and your family of fans do. Anyway I could help just makes me smile through the dark days. Stay safe your a good good man.

  114. Brilliant end to the video haha

  115. Fucking in sane
    Next charity Must hit 35.000
    Great work Paul
    God bless you

  116. Ha ha ha topped off with a kick in the dick, well done Paul awesome result!! Thanks for everything you do, love your streams.

  117. Nice one Paul. That is a cracking amount. A big thank you to you too. If it weren’t for you, none of this would have happened. You are a star✨. Funny bit at the end aswell. ???

  118. Paul i tip my hat to you sir and all the good people that donated. You are all fucking legends. Big love to you all

  119. Well done ! A truly impressive amount. I personally think that one if the charities you could donate to in future donations from 21 casino could be gamble aware or food banks.

  120. Give the money foward paul to poor people

  121. Take it to the wheel…

  122. Congratulations Paul and 21 casino. like you said hope others follow in your footsteps

  123. GG Paul keep doing what you doing Mate

  124. Absolutely brilliant mate. Top top guy and well done to everyone involved

  125. Well done Paul, great effort!

  126. congrats mate are number 1 ,,,

  127. Great job Paul…! You’ve got a BIG HEART….! ??

  128. Verry Nice and thoughtfull this donation streaming!!
    Thumps up for you your channel and the casino’s.
    Well done Paul??

  129. Well done Paul.

  130. Shot Paul legend I watch all the streams I can from you all the way from New Zealand. Massive congrats to you and all who donated I’m sure the money will go to great use. Good luck for future streams.

  131. What is with those empty bottles? Plus the kick? Deserves an investigation in one episode of the new X-files series

  132. Nice to see at least something positive coming from gambling. Well done Paul

  133. Well done! 😀

  134. ouch that was a proper punt gtfit Paul well done for raising that kind of money it helps people and you should be proud that you made it possiable

  135. UK bookmakers are asked to donate 0.01% of profits towards gambling addiction charities. William Hill 1 million pounds , ladbrokes/corals 1.4 million pounds this year. How much has 21 casino or guts or videos lots donated this year to gambling addiction charities ? Sorry but who need to up their game.

  136. Awesome stuff, been waching you for a few weeks, love what you’ve done here and I’m so sorry I’ve not been in a position to donate myself. Please keep up the good work 🙂

  137. He was going to post proof but he fudged the lot on “number 5″…. 😉 Loving your big win Vids….Congrats on the colossal amount raised for charity….

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