Charity Chilli Challenge, Gamstop & Stream Update!!



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  1. Looking forward to the charity stream mate?

  2. Cup of milk at the ready hahaha

  3. Because a real rock n rolla wants the fuckin lot

  4. Happy bday man

  5. This was so funny ? well done for doing it tho

  6. Lmfao i felt your pain mate. Well done.

  7. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel April 27, 2018 at 12:32 am

    I started this chilli stuff when I challenged love is a gamble and its snowballed more than I could ever hope for haha

  8. Yoghurt yoghurt yoghurt take the hint ?

  9. Paul your head was redder than the chilli ?

  10. Great vlog. Looking forward to more streams. Get the fudge in

  11. ???? good stuff rolla ✊

  12. ????? soooo funny ?

  13. I was 800 up for april now im 50 up fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  14. Respect for doing the chilli that Jimbo nominated you for. Hats off to you. Missing your regular streams tho…. need more content ???

  15. I’m curious how you bet on sports, what kind of odds, small or large? how many matches?
    what rules do you have when it comes to sports bet.

  16. Get in there top man paul????

  17. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel April 27, 2018 at 12:37 am

    How big was that chilli though?! It was practically an apple ?

  18. Hahahaha pissing myself here …. Hmmm it has a little bit of afterburnnnnnnn wow then your face completely changes ???? well done Rolla you need to nominate someone else

  19. I feel ur pain ??

    Well done ?? handled it well ?

  20. I g – g – g -g guess – I guess – g g g guess it is all about after burn I dont even like milk!
    Slayed me.

  21. Loving it rock! Next step ghost chilli :)))

  22. Wow Respect Poul Good Luck

  23. stay strong Paul!

  24. Ha ha soft lad. is your hair growing?

  25. Extra chilli slot tilt, and now this. Man chilis really love you lol ? Keep it up, i see those 100k subs comin’ and maybe some dope rocknrolla merch yeah

  26. Well worth a £1000 for charity that…cmon jimbo pay up

  27. The real saviour for burn is to just have rice in your mouth

  28. Why is is so funny watching somebody else’s misery…. hahahaha well done ??????????????

  29. Class that rolla! Was literally crying tears of laughter when you tried to say “It has a bit of an afterburn” Hahaha!

  30. Sorry Paul, but just couldn’t help laughing ?, wish you had your heart monitor on at the time , would have been interesting , ?

  31. Get your bog roll in the freezer ready for the ring of fire!! ? ? ? ?

  32. fuk n helll lol ???? wot a legend keep up the gd work p.s feel sorry 4 u n the morning buddy lol

  33. LOL Awesome man top[ stuff

  34. ? the chilli reaction

  35. should have slapped some toilet roll in the freezer whilst you were there mate haha another thing for charity great work mate!

  36. Ha, good stuff. If you want to see a REAL chilihead this is the guy JOhnny Scoville is the real deal.

  37. You, my good man, are a champion. Jimbo if you’re there Do The Right Thing!

  38. Firstly respect Paul ?? second Jimbo only ate half of the pepper hehe and he got sick so you did better than him??and don’t forget to nominate someone oh and you were sober well done again

  39. Epic, eat it like a man but moaned like a girl. Fair play i see the brummy coughed up 250.00 fair play to ya both

  40. Ultra chilli 🙂

  41. fuck me ill eat scotch bonnets if people wanna chuck cash hell ill even eat ghost peppers for cash hit me up

  42. Hahahahaha fk tht 😀

  43. ??? your face was as red as the chilli..
    Good on ya mentioning GAMSTOP. Signed up to it myself this evening.

    • Simon you should never play at the same casino that you won big from the tip is to use another casino straight after your big win if u wanna try your luck again.that’s good advice it’s up to u

    • Martin Lawson pay the 10 quid for gamban use the gamstop honestly the last 2 weeks for me have been amazing with out the gambling I don’t wake up and feel bad I have an hour and half drive to work each morning and that was a killer day thinking how much I had lost but now I’m only pissed off cos I’m going to work haha

    • Martin Lawson get on the GAMSTOP

    • Well done the both of you….I’m just trying to get back on the wagon….again!!!! I will crack this nut one day…..

    • Tina G I will try Gamstop also and good luck

  44. Should have gambled the chilli for a few more extra spins. nice video mate

  45. your ass is gone be burning on the way out!!!

  46. Brave, nice one.

  47. best comment ever…..(I don’t even like milk) go on big lad at least your suffering for a good cause…

  48. Why is the milk blue?

  49. More challenge Paul ,we  all Love You, you are the  best, big hug from Farnborough 🙂

  50. You did it wrong mate, you got to eat the chilli and then wait 5 mins before drinking any fluids, and scotch bonnet is not really that hot, from 40K to 400K scovilles units, now a ghost pepper was up there but a Carolina Reaper or Peach Ghost Scorpion now your talking hot and really nice if used correctly but great for a few hours of laughs if someone eats it raw just have paramedics on speed dial..

  51. Well done mate

  52. Well done Paul I know that was real and not a normal chilli because ave had a ghost chilli and was the same catchs the back of ur thoat well in my man


  54. Wow! That’s not going to feel good on the way out. Good on you though xxx

  55. ?? when you finish it and think it’s fine.. then the after burn kicks in!

  56. I wanna show you something cool on your next stream bro. Love the vids btw

  57. Bandit has to be next for that one ?

  58. Worst thing is ice. Milk the way to go… lmao

  59. Reply
    mentally unstoppable April 27, 2018 at 2:18 am

    wow i feel for you man im such a pussy when it come to chillies i would not be doing anything near that hot lol well done my man!

  60. Your a good man!

  61. It’s made your forehead go mega red Paul!!!

  62. Haha nice one

  63. Reply
    Staffordshir ecoins gambling channel April 27, 2018 at 3:29 am

    LMFAO nice one Rollaaa!!!!

  64. #truth…. rolla, your a good fudgin’ honest guy.

  65. Hahahahaha! Can’t stop laughing!

  66. You think that’s bad, wait till your on the toilet ??

  67. 3:43 ?

  68. Try the paqui one chip challenge ?

  69. We support you in how you want to gamble! If you want it all on stream I’ll watch and cheer for you to win. Good luck paul!

  70. Oh wowww ??? you a top man buddy

  71. i have just this second joined thank you so much for telling us because i would not know about it

  72. Top Tip: Put the toilet roll in the fridge!!

  73. Got to nominate the bandit ?

  74. Well done ,their is a slight after burn lol cracked me up

  75. Paul u smashed it get in there mate

  76. Top lad!! That was brilliant. Please don’t forget to nominate another streamer. Much love

  77. Reply
    gavin simpson-alle April 27, 2018 at 5:47 am

    haha you had me in stitches mate. hopefully you get a decent donation. Carolina reaper next ?

  78. You animal lol but should have eat the chilli on full screen for major effect lol

  79. Reply
    Slottenham Hotspur April 27, 2018 at 5:54 am

    That was hilarious!! There’s only one man to pass that challenge on to and he kicks pidgeons!!

  80. Great new and fun to watch keep up the good work

  81. That was hot slots

  82. That is the funniest shit ive ever seen hahahaha

  83. Reply
    Chris's Slot Channel April 27, 2018 at 6:12 am

    Well done dude, You handled that like a man, that scotch bonnet looked evil mate!! i can not believe jimbo is only donating 100 for that..

  84. Bonkers and brave, man. Legend as always?


  86. Nice 1 Rocknrolla was so funny m8

  87. I think the bandit said he would double it if you put one on your helmet?????

  88. Yes mate that was hilarious

  89. Everbody knows milk voids challenge, do it again.

  90. Hahahaha well done mate x

  91. Hahaha great, play extra chilli on your next stream lol

  92. 7.03 that moment when you realise its time to leave some andrex in the fridge! ?. GTFIT mate look forward to more streams/videos in the future ??✌

  93. That was awesome! Now 1up it and go for a Carolina Reaper 🙂

  94. Phahahahahaahah

  95. Love the challenge “should I put it all in” took it like a trouper ha ha ha well done xx

  96. FairPlay Paul✌️Such a great guy@#BecauseaReelRocknRollaWantsItFackingHOT ? ? ? #ExtraChilliHype!??

  97. got to be The Bandit next, should of done a bonus on Extra Chilli while you ate that.

  98. Nice one paul ??????

  99. Cause a real rocknrolla eats the fudging lot!!!

  100. Jimbo needs to do Pepper X

  101. nominate the bandit to do it 🙂

  102. Was that a bonet chillie????


  104. You’re a legend mate, much love

  105. That pepper will be burning your ass this morning dude 😉

  106. Was that just a practice effort? Mr Love is a Gamble took down the Carolina Reaper (world’s hottest chilli). One bit of advice you should eat a few bananas and have some milk or yougart BEFORE eating the chilli (what he does on Man vs Food). Won’t help much with eating the chilli but definitely helps with the after effects shall we say. Congrats on the preliminary round, now go eat the big daddy! (Roger still has a couple left I believe) Good Luck 🙂

  107. Funny as fuck!!!

  108. Get the bandit to do it next ha ha ha well done mate ??

  109. At least that chill didn’t cost a Buy in 🙂

  110. rolla can you nominate fruity slots i wanna see them suffer lol

  111. “I don’t even like milk” hahaha classic

  112. £100 lol shocking. Best £100 jimbo ever spent I bet lol

  113. Ice cream next time by the way.

  114. Fucking hulirous, you nutter 🙂

  115. Your fucking ring’ll be on fire tomorrow …. good effort tho ?

  116. Nice one! But you should start preparing your back door 😉

  117. Haha should of had the heart rate monitor on when eating that. My Chilli challenge hottest chilli in the world at the time is on my channel. It’s pure pain chilli ?

  118. Haha quality, just wait until it reappears at t’other end

  119. hahahaha the face of regret. shoulda done it on stream :’)

  120. LMAO you legend mate who’s doing it next ???



  123. I bet it hurts when you poop those seeds out 😉 well done

  124. Paul you should nominate nickslots I get the impression he is missing out on all the fun ?

  125. I done a Carolina reeper earlier this year mate it was the worst thing I’ve ever done

  126. Crying with laughter!!! ???????

  127. Paul can I just say how impressed I am by your genuine concern for other problem gamblers. I know a lot of other people mention it on streams but you take your effort to the next level. I wish more people would try and help people with a genuine problem as it’s through your advice and channel that I’ve become gamble free! Bar a few blips along the way. Thanks again mate. Keep the positivity going.

  128. Wait till the chilli comes out the other end ????

  129. That was a Ronza ?

  130. Haha…. That’s bloody hilarious, surely the famous line that’ll come away from this will be “Man what’s that going to do to my ass” I’m guessing Paul you’ve had an uncomfortable 24 hours…. But top bloke, just need to nominate the next streamer for the challenge, bandit too obvious so go for Casinodaddy and you’d get three in one go

  131. Paul you ledge! I haven’t laughed that hard in a while watching your reaction ?

  132. 4.18 he realised he fucked up ???

  133. LOL love it! Cant wait for the next stream! Love yOU PAUL! #onlystreamerilove

  134. Brilliant….. No milk for kids breakfast. Lol

  135. Paul you’re a trooper doing the chilli challenge ????

  136. Scotch bonnets are mild compared to Ghost Chili or Trinidad Scorpions! We have Hot Sauce festivals in Texas..Screaming Sphincter has won 1st place for years! Loving’ it! You better put some Bog roll in the freezer! and maybe a new toilet..Much Love!

  137. CHeck this before the next chili challenge 🙂
    Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome.

  138. Hahahaha…comedy gold rolla. ????

  139. I watch you all the time… Get The fudge in there!! Love your videos… If you next do a video I’m from the UK and haven’t seen son in ages and can’t afford his uniform for school could you please on your next bonus help me pay for his uniform… my son is Theo… Thank you so much just want to show him I can be a good father to him x

  140. I think the “Chilli Ron zacapa moment” is validated for the next streams !!! XD

  141. Well done paul ?

  142. hahahha yeah man !!!

  143. So funny! I think a little bit of wee came out ??

  144. Theres your 1000x hit on extra chilli!! ??

  145. Thanks for the gamstop info this will really help me out I often loose massive amounts in single sittings. I manage to stay away for long periods of time but when I get the urge there’s always new casinos to play

  146. well done rolla that looked painful and any money to charity Is money that helps

  147. Anyone have a link for the gamstop can’t find anything on google

  148. Paul you have all the skills needed to be a Professional Gambler an i know that if you add seriousness an planning to the Passion that you have for it then making a wonderful Living off of it is Yours for the Taking…But what i have seen from a few of your last streams is the (Problem Gambler) showing its ugly head…As a failed Gambler myself i wouldn’t wish that on anyone..Please enjoy Gambling Have Fun an try to be more aware of the signs …Much Love to you an your Family :)..I want you to succeed Mate

  149. Bro why would you do that for £100? I would rather pay £100 to charity than have to do that lol

  150. Haha best thing av seen all day

  151. Nice one. Haha. Nominate the bandit. ?

  152. effort dude-funny stuff

  153. Just for future reference, you’re supposed to drink some of the milk first so it coats your mouth and throat. Well done though.

  154. LEGEND! RIP your arse.

  155. Took it like a pro

  156. Reply
    Thomas French-Dent April 27, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Nice job mate bet the misses said the same put it all In ???

  157. Time to Quit ! You Löst your self…

  158. Booooòooooommmmmm

  159. Reply
    Mini slots rd Top tipster competition channel April 27, 2018 at 7:41 pm

    Amazing mate keep up the good work

  160. Nicely done Lad see you on Sunday. (if your able to speak)

  161. great news that you are going to be showing all of your gambling as it will show the reality of gambling for viewers, and people will be under no illusions as to what does happen. You are one of the few who do that, so respect to you

  162. That chilli even looked hot mate ??? respect Paul top man ?

  163. That was a strawberry lol

  164. Well done Paulio, you’re a brave man, oh and You’re going to need the icecubes again (ring-of-fire)

  165. Shit the bed, go big or go home with that chilli, I was worried for you when I saw how little milk you had and then you stuck the whole lot in ur mouth. Big respect haha

  166. Fair play Paul and great editing! Much love x

  167. The real Rocknrolla eats the fucking lot!!!

  168. Hahahaha legend!!!

  169. Ha ha well done Paul

  170. scotch bonnet ur brave burns me fingers when cooking…never mind eating it raw… talk about ring sting ??? put the tissue im the fridge ready 4 2mo.boy ???

  171. Haha get in son literally had tears in my eyes laughing, Wasn’t bad on the way out was it ?

  172. Steam coming out of your ears quick call the fire brigade

  173. Because a real rock n rolla, eats the fuckin lot ?

  174. Reply
    Sarah Rutherford/Wade April 28, 2018 at 9:01 am

    Well done Hun, you do so much for charity! Hope that chilli isn’t making you suffer too much! ???

  175. Ate a scotch bonnet for a bet once never again ??

  176. Hope all is well paul. What do you think of this quick cash youtuber who’s just come on the scene? Saw him upload a bank balance today but I’m. Still not convinced it’s real cash lol

  177. You’re a top man Paul! Promoting responsible gambling, also taking that chilli like an absolute boss.

  178. I’ve got to say I think you handled that chilli like a boss to be fair Paul

  179. I bet your ass was on fire next day ?

  180. Hi mate, have you got an e-Mail I can contact you on regarding your channel?

  181. This 100% works because 2 days after I joined I attempted to sign up to several casinos desperately wanting to deposit one last time and couldn’t register or when I signed into my regular casino it would not allow me to deposit.

    • +Alexander Barr well im defo signing up – losing to much money – cheers

    • arlo whitehouse Its not dodgy at all. Its backed by the gambling commission which in the end answers to the government. Thats why they have the info for the questions.

    • +Alexander Barr cheers, i did wonder if it was a bit dodgy

    • arlo whitehouse It will the ask you several questions related to you and will use these questions as security to make sure that you are who you say you are. You will be surprised by the questions I know I was

    • arlo whitehouse No. It asks for your address, postcode, name and number and it puts it onto a database which the casinos are now obliged to sign up to and when you attempt to register or deposit it correlates the info on gamstop with the casinos and the casino doesn’t allow the action that is attempted.

  182. Just done 6k on blackjack at 21 ?

  183. You on tonight Paul!!!…???? Slots ???

  184. I don’t even like milk ? ? ?

  185. Paul are u streaming tonight?

  186. Ahh sweet thanks Paul hope u get massive big cash out

  187. Lol pussy

  188. Are you streaming tonight mate

  189. Tht looked nasty

  190. cheers Paul – am defo gonna do the gamstop and just want to thank you for the streams as they have stopped me from gambling my life away

  191. Reply
    Darren Armstrong May 1, 2018 at 8:46 am

    Hahaha fair play on the chilli ??

  192. Pmsl fair play man fair play,well done.

  193. Theyre hot as fuck mate but never try a ghost pepper made me vomit blood lol

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