Book of Ra 6 MAX Stake Bonus!!! BIG Win or BIG Fail???


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  1. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 30, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    This wasn’t my last one of these!! Let me know if adding the extra time at the end is a good idea or not so you dont know before you watch it if its a fail or not? Probably not streaming tonight, sorry!

  2. hope its huge mate

  3. 1st to comment

  4. Another fail

  5. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel November 30, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    Your not having much luck on these

  6. So many retriggers omg! Get the fudge in!!!

  7. 3 mins of drooling at the balance unlucky bud chin up kappa

  8. was expecting a massive retrigger session with the length of the video hahaha

  9. i cant get a bonus..

  10. Getta fudge in there hearth me

  11. Bad luck mate

  12. Fucking joke getting mugged off big time

  13. Sneaky bastard! Yer I’ve been known to check the time. Good idea!

  14. Definitely a sickiner that and what makes it worse Kim uploaded a 1000x on 4 Euro spin in the same hour ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 30, 2017 at 7:35 pm

      I don’t mind as it was a different slot its seeing the 2000x plus wins on these novo’s thats kinda tilting but hey they aren’t designed to make us rich ha

  15. We rolla streaming it up tonight?

  16. Ha I was going to say the exact same thing that the last vid , it was to short for it to be any good. Seeing that the vid was 6 mins I thought it was gunna be a monster win, glad to see you had us fooled !

  17. Felt trolled with the last few mins…. sneaky sneaky…

  18. You got me good first the i clicked on was the time and before the stream thought bout time pauls copped a big one. Gutted mate

  19. You did well paul with the extra 3 minutes. Keep strong and use what you can miss much love from the netherlands ❤

  20. I was waiting for that retrigger given the length of the video was 6 minutes ?

  21. Rigged as f@ck eh paul..? software senses the massive stake & adjusts accordingly! there is a lot at work in these so called ‘random’ video slots to protect the casino for sure…-)

  22. All credit to you for showing them all, you could easily have just not published it, the realities of big stakes slots i suppose, not that i would know. One day it will happen for you.

  23. Paul, the comments are correct. You have someone using your content for some form of profit. You’re “live” in three videos right now and I’m sure they’re getting views or some form of money. Report them ASAP!

  24. Haha love the added time bit nice touch.shit bonus though

  25. The extra time is all because of my influence.. I’m proud to say

  26. Fuuuudge i was like 6 minute video its gonna be a good one!

  27. I sat and watched the last 3 mins shaking my head

  28. Reply
    UnderTheGun Poker and Casino games November 30, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    Yeah! Totally a good idea, if we se the time It easy to know in its a good Or Bad bonus!

  29. Your Lucky as fk on slots rolla ?

  30. Ha great idea to add the extension to the video, if all of these sort of things are always the same length of time it adds to the entertainment… although be lying to say it wouldn’t be even better with some sort of bonus footage / vlog type thing whenever the main feature is a fail and you need to fill the time!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 30, 2017 at 7:33 pm

      Yeh I think thats a good idea, someone also said similar although his suggestion was to scramble some eggs ha! So maybe I’ll meet you both in the middle

  31. I’ve read hundreds of game patents. Your bonus is decided at the start where a random number is drawn to select set of reels. The patents also allow symbols to be changed in play. There’s an average of 1% of getting a good win. Carry on.

  32. fooled me…nice to watch paul

  33. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel November 30, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    What a piece of turd!

  34. Yes to the extra time. No to the less than 30x WTF

  35. Did you delete my patent comment ?????

  36. Unlucky son. Liked the extended vid time for the unknown.

  37. You’re reported to the Gambling Commission. Enjoy it ?

  38. Reply - Gambling Community November 30, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    this is sad

  39. I dont even have to watch this vid let me quess 2 expansions of 2 guarrentee it

  40. That’s unbelievable!! What a con. Would say bad luck, but no way thats not a rip off. Double fudge

  41. One Question, why did it only pay 50% of the wins? For example for 2 statues on 10 lines on your 40€ bet it only payed 10€ for a line…and not 20€..

  42. Mahoosive balls and a clever tricky fooker haha

  43. Good efforts Paul but I think your stakes are just too big, how many other people are rowing £40 spins through the slots, very few I’ll bet, far more chance of a big win on a stake where plenty of people are putting enough through them to cycle the big wins more often.

  44. I was going to say on yesterday’s I can tell if it’s a good or bad one by the length of the vid lol sneaky fucker ??

  45. Thanks for being honest and showing this total shite.

  46. Very clever with the 3 minute trickery!….always keep us guessing!

  47. Loved the last 3 minutes!!!!

  48. Good idea to add the few extra mins, in my opinion.

  49. great editing rolla. you got me, thought it was gonna be a big hit!

  50. Unlucky Paul. Which one of your chins did you use for the lucky press??

  51. Love the chin click!! Lol

  52. This Bonanza is pounding you mate. Better luck next time. Are you going to stream Friday or Sunday.

  53. noooooooooooooooooo not again dam games try next time on 25p you will probably hit 5000x

  54. lmao at putting the blank 3 minutes at the end, u had me! lol. it was really funny when u clicked with ur chin too, i could just visualise that! it seems the big stakes are just not worth it on slots?

  55. Yes add the time because it makes it more exciting

  56. Sucks man how you keep getting stung on these novos 🙁 your day will come !

    • And also yeah the extra time! I was sure you were gonna retrigger or hit another bonus what a tease haha! Didn’t know what to expect

  57. lol you had me fooled.

  58. I like that you did that at the end. Pharaohs ring never fails

  59. Was like WTF at the last 3 minute but! Class x

  60. I enjoyed it being longer I was really expecting something else it was a nice surprise Paul!

  61. Hi Paul, have you got an e-mail address I could contact you on please?
    Thanks mate and keep up the great content!

  62. Paul listen from a person who has been where you are ……………….. you spend tooooo much time away from the family and children especially xx those hours on here when added up with throw you one way or another mate ……..your children will see you as a sad case looking at your phone even on their wedding day .. get help stop . did you buy your house from your friend you are renting from ???
    you like to give all the talk but when people see you winning OVER £200,00,00 we all like a happy ending ?? you have NEVER said what you did with this amount that all of your subscribers etc…… affiliate payers ….. would like to know ..,. COULD I PAY OFF MY HOUSE PAYMENT .. … YOU NEED TO BE HONEST ..

    • well i suppose SOLOMAN you are one of the little pricks telling him to do these BIG spins at £40 ….. he has a family and soon the money or his peace of mind will soon run out .. oh and those sleepless nights worrying and realising his losses and then chasing them on his next stream to entertain people like you egging him on !!!!!!!!! so you my friend are the BIGGEST PRICK OF ALL ……………………………………….

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel don’t respond to these pricks just do ur fing

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 30, 2017 at 11:53 pm

      I stream 2/3 times per week after I have put them to bed so I don’t miss out on any time with them through all this. We haven’t bought a house and aren’t looking just yet but it will go towards a house yes

  63. Did the earbuds take a trip across the room on spin 10??

  64. Paul these for me are best ever videos . Stakes I can only dream of , rooting for you to get that dream hit, the chin click was epic , the 6 minute jackpot retrigger tease and most of all your fudgey fudgeness comments were brilliant. Hope it’s not last .

  65. Unreal….

  66. Reply
    Tracklist Specialist December 1, 2017 at 4:59 am

    Only clicked this one because of the length of video, now i feel like a cunt

  67. High stakes give shit bonuses. Trufax.

  68. Hey rocknrolla how would you go about reporting that karamba advert there showing before YouTube vids. Not sure if you have seen it but the bloke is on twinspin and is buzzing cus he doesn’t understand that it’s in coin value and obviously that’s how karamba want the ad perceived as if someone who didn’t know much about slots saw it they would be like wtf he’s winning a k every other spin. Low and behold he doesn’t show the bottom of the screen where the balance and actual win is, nor do karamba disclaim that the wins shown were in coin value and were actually divided by 5 as netent usually start the coin value high and level low. All in all it’s the shadiest advert I have ever seen. They also had one of some idiot doing 100 pound spins on starburst and winning thousands like that was ever fucking real.

  69. Haha 3 mins blank….u dirty bitch lol

  70. lvbet is the biggest scammers online i signed up last week send in my documents got a email saying i was fully verified i then went to chat and they again confirmed i was fully verified and was able to withdraw any wins i may have…i took a £25 bonus when i deposited £50…only to find out that 25 had £2500 wagering on it!! anyway i managed to beat the wagering with a balance of £600 send a withdrawl request then logged out logged in the next day to find the funds back on my balance!! they then said they want bank statments and a proof of income!!! 5 days later still no withdrawl sorted i went in and wasted the 600 with silly bets then closed my account with them…look at the reviews of this place online,you will be shocked be aware people you have been warned

  71. Fuck man no way

  72. Don’t see the point in risking £40 a spin on the slots and getting a shit return…when you can play £2-£4 a spin and win what u just won and up to 2-3k on the feature ?is it really worth it ?

  73. Very good idea with the last 3 min .made me smile and made me wonder about re-trigger ….hahahahaha……you bstard 😉

  74. Nice win fudge packer!!

  75. Not wanting to upset you lol. But I got 5 explorers on this feature on a 40p stake and it paid £1000 so you would of got £100,000 lol. Or £300,000 for 6. Not much ?

  76. ah fudge bollocks m9

  77. bod6 is cancer.

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