Bonuses Saved for Monday!!!


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  1. Early morning vid! Love it

  2. Roll on Monday!!

  3. Haha, in a way posting this gives us insurance you will take a weekend off and have a relax 🙂 enjoy and look forwards to Monday

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 20, 2017 at 9:20 am

      Ha exactly mate, even when this was loading I was thinking I’ve still got time for a little play before it goes live!

  4. the tune anyone?

  5. Can’t wait. playboy is due a huge win £15 stake Aswel running wilds surely pal 🙂

  6. boooooom love ya Paul

  7. bonus is better than a kick in the dick 🙂

  8. Reply
    Kallum Titchmarsh May 20, 2017 at 8:52 am

    silly question but how’d you save them mate? Do you just minimise the tab and come back to it when needed??

  9. You gonna do them all at the beginning off Mondays stream or throughout??

  10. Pleeeease keep them. And if you cannot resist then at least record them for us ^^

  11. would you record these dick kicks? haha

  12. :)) ahahaha 5 kicks to the D incoming !! better warn the missus :)) Rock on Rolla!! GJ

  13. Should be some good wins hopefully on those! The break the bank one especially at £13.50 if you hit a line of anything with a couple of x5 Wilds in could be epic! Have a good weekend pal and hopefully catch Mondays stream

  14. good one!

  15. fuk yes, none of this steam tower shit, proper bonuses pon da stream lol cant fuking wait gtfit!!!

  16. gettttttt in saveeeee moreeeeee

  17. How many teases on break da bank, good luck my maaaaannnn hope you get the facking lot!

  18. are you going to stream the kicks to the dick?

  19. Nice one mate, hope they hit big for you. Enjoy the weekend with the family!

  20. Looking forward to Monday’s​ stream to see how much self control you have LOL should we contact Gamcare on you’re behalf? 😉

  21. Haha mate great ending….I’m guessing The Bandit will be first in the queue to boot you….can’t wait for Monday stream now, those are some great bonuses lined up

  22. How about stacking up a £40 RA Bonus 😉

    Anywho, I do love this build-up when you have saved bonuses, that Playboy one, imagine taking Wild Night feature and getting fuck all…..

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 20, 2017 at 9:16 am

      Apparently the novos dont save them, which is really lucky as that thought did go through my head when that £40 feature hit!!

  23. Will u vid the kicks to the head

  24. nice one but could see u getting kicked in the dick ?? hopefully at least one of them will pay massive mate

  25. is monday the next stream? and congrats on the bonuses. if you use them I vote for 5 headbutts in the dick off 5 random midgets

  26. £13.50 bonus on break the bank, mega potential there

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 20, 2017 at 9:31 am

      Last time I got 2.5x so my hope is fading on this one but yeh it still has the potential to be a record!

  27. Looks like they cost about £1,300 in total so let’s hope they pay!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 20, 2017 at 9:21 am

      I won an extra £300 on blackjack before I started to have a little play with on the slots but went a bit over budget then

  28. cany wait paul mondays stream going to be epic !

  29. are you still streaming guts on sunday paul

  30. What is that track?

  31. Could you put the names of the tunes you put up in your vids please mate? Cos there is a couple of brutal tunes on your vids and I apparently shazam doesn’t wanna tell me what they are ?

  32. big win incoming…break the bank has shocked me fucking nuisance that game tease after tease

  33. 5 kicks to the dick sounds like a typical deposit

  34. Nicee, cannae wait

  35. Where is the 17 K you won in your last vid

  36. Looking forward to Monday stream mate. Reading the end of the video you will be streaming from home or possibly vlogging from a hospital bed. lol take care Paul.

  37. E, Dizz, Yay, Who want’s to play, play, play, play….. ?

  38. you are the top player mate!

  39. Can’t wait till Monday now lol

  40. don,t give it all back to them put in in bank mate and treat yourself and family safe mate

  41. gwannnnnnnnnnnnnn thennnnn ! been awhile since the bonus saving streams ! i’ll be there egging you on telling you their shit 😉 GL fuckend <3

  42. I’m kinda hoping now that you play them before Monday, that would make for a great video to be fair if you kept to the promise Paul, sorry not sorry ?

  43. I’d gamble that TED bonus for the top (cos im greedy) lol hope all those bonuses pay out big time. nice stakes too. well done Paul

  44. so excited for Monday

  45. Paul that break da bank again bonus can change your life man !!!!

  46. Can’t believe you’re not doing a draw for the 5 randoms… ?

  47. Love watching you. Good luck brother ?

  48. What was that Paul your Streaming tonight?? Brilliant.. start 8:30pm-9pm???… ok… We will be there.. See you tonight mate 🙂

  49. live tonight then lol

  50. great bonuses lined up. should be a good stream on Monday ? looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing. peace my man!

  51. Reply
    Stanimir Georgiev May 20, 2017 at 11:41 am

    Good Luck

  52. its gonna be good lets get it. much love mate

  53. Just a matter of time paul your will get a 100k hit for sure ,  good to see you mixing it up with being a bit sensible / degen  ,,, but balls of steel will take you there , epic

  54. Class, can’t wait to see those beuts playing out Monday’s stream.

  55. tune this lad can’t wait for Mondays stream I’m hucked good luck Mate

  56. looking forward for Monday. I had 100 on rizk playing rhino and Montezuma plus a few others and had 0 bonuses. had a final 80 in on video slots on netent at 60p and not 1 bonus either. never had that before felt so robbed. can’t imagine how fast my balance would have gone at your stakes. can i ask if you’ve eber saved a bonus only for it not to be there when loaded back up ??

  57. what a tune to go with it 🙂 casisdead ??

  58. You tease!! ??

  59. some big stake bonuses there can’t wait for Mondays stream, I am thinking that Break The Bank Again at such a high stake has the most potential to pay big fingers crossed.

  60. Awesome. Smash it

  61. You doing the same on guts for Wednesday stream. No limits there 😉

  62. Ahh nice bonuses lined up for Monday and your balance hasn’t took too bad of a hit considering some of those bonuses are at higher stacks… awesome!

  63. dont make the same mistake u did with last stream with the 6 k lol

  64. whats the backing music for this?

  65. Some nice wins recently David Anderson enjoy time with family mate

  66. omg cant wait until its monday gonna be a epic stream 😀

  67. Be fantastic on monday paul. will they all be played at once or spread out?

  68. Mate can’t wait for Monday for them bonuses, great work. Another win like book of ra.

  69. Good luck man good games to get them on too we’re looking at ten bro


  71. At what time will you stream? I watch from Amsterdam so that’s 1 hour later

  72. How can u wait till Monday lol

  73. Ha ha ha quality son

  74. cant wait fella

  75. Looking forward to these degen bonuses on Monday haha doesn’t matter how many X they are, you will always want more.
    True degen would play all the bonuses then pretend that you hadn’t and spend like 10k trying to get them all back at the same stakes for Monday. Haha

  76. How about a punt in the ?????

  77. What’s the song?

  78. Nice! And that ending xD So tomorrow guts and monday 21?

  79. What’s the song called you played over the video mate

  80. nice good luck for you mate on you stream monday ,,i will be there ,, haha

  81. Hopefully u don’t have sore balls on Monday ??? nice stream incoming GET in

  82. Can not wait to see them mate great work much love

  83. Anyone know the song in the background?

  84. Lol guys i found the best fucking casino ever : Pornhub Casino !!!!!!!!!!!! omggg

  85. easy comes easy goes..:D

  86. Waiting for dick kicking video to post! GAMBOLLLL!!!!!!

  87. fucking nightcall is my jam

  88. Roll on Monday Stream! x

  89. hi Paul I saw your comment of what you think about the roulettes and they are rigged. I can explain you all you need to know about this and how they work.

  90. Reply
    Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh May 21, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    Guys just a heads up don’t play at BGO – they are con men!!

  91. how do i watch your live stream ?

  92. wait so you dont play them for over a day??? how do you feel safe doing that? I wouldn’t trust it

  93. with studded high heels on!!!!!!

  94. what time you streaming tonight paul

  95. Reply
    GRINDELWALD'S ARMY May 21, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    are you streaming tonight still

  96. ah okay a late one tonight was wondering because normal time around 8 30ish

  97. you streaming tonight chum?

  98. such a tease! Hate the chav music but looking forward to the stream.

  99. mate was was the first song played called?

  100. been and got the beers in tonight for me and hubby, who’s excited ????

    • jed Last jealous ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 22, 2017 at 11:46 am

      thankyou but I’m guessing if these bonuses were at 10p that you wouldnt genuinely be as excited haha

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel heyyy!! be positive, and I’d be just as excited if you was doing 10p spins paul, it’s you we like to watch, the laughs and banter. not about the money or stakes ☺☺

  101. bet you have been itching to play them bonuses paul alot of people were trying to get you to play them on stream last night purely to see you get kicked in the balls lol

  102. ps what is the tune thats playing over the video please mate

  103. funny shit, love the last bit!!

  104. cas is a monsterrr

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