BJ & Roulette with HUGE FRUIT WARP ACTION!!!!!


Back in the day when Fruit Warp paid out now and then!!

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  1. Reply
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel November 29, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    Waheyyyyy 😀

  2. Nice one Paul, you degenerate:)

  3. FUCK the FOBT

  4. get the fook in there ????

  5. That Pitayas hit, nice!! How many more of these ‘old’ vids you got mate?

  6. Nice to see u win mate like u say hopefully a good cash out pal

  7. nice one rolla roll on Thursday

  8. Pink pink pink pink pink, this is peeeeiiiink! Do me a favour……get the fudge in there

  9. I fucking hate that type of music… but fuck it has grown on me.. very good win .. great music

  10. nice hit there Paul buzzing for ya and my head looked like a nodding dog to that tune ahah

  11. get the fuck in there!

  12. Reply
    andrew phillips slot wins November 29, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    lovely fruit warp hit grats m8!

  13. gtfit! nice hit!

  14. Reply
    Gambling Geeza - Casino Gambling Channel November 29, 2016 at 11:16 pm

    Lovely mate! Dream fruit!

  15. just once more for luck…. get the fuck in there!!! smashed it Paul!!!!!!!!!

  16. fucking hell, only u mate

  17. Swish!!!!!! Dragon fruit mofo ?

  18. Yea that tune was OK mate I’m not usually into that hood rat shit but that was ok.

  19. Unbelievable Jeff….I mean Paul

  20. are you rich?

  21. Reply
    Parker Says Play Casino and Slot Channel November 29, 2016 at 11:27 pm

    amazing hit mate. way to smash it in congrats

  22. HOLY SHIT! that was fucking epic Paul!! what a win!! congrats!! ??

  23. Mr lucky lucky, congrats paul, nice win made up for you, have a lovely week x

  24. Was not expecting that….

    Awesome though!!

  25. haha love u when you say get in there?

  26. Reply
    Northside’s Gambling Channel November 29, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    1 more spin for luck!! Lol!!! to much, “Get the Fuck in there!!” Rocknrolla!! Congrats!!?

  27. Decent lad!

    HAPPY DAYS ? ?for luck

  29. Get the fudge in there

  30. wow amazing if i only played online on this last month when i had cash…i could have paid for my whole student debt llol. well done man. i love fruit warp . yayyy

  31. Jesus wtf is that noise. I think I actually prefer that annoying voice of yours lol. Nice vid ?

  32. Keep the videos coming rolla and love the cas is dead music over them as well!!!! Can’t wait for the next stream!!!

  33. someone been watching a bit of buddylove4000 i think

  34. Casually winning four grand on fruit warp, get the fuck in there

  35. Very fucking nice, get the fuck in there !!!

  36. wow 4.7k euros , my money of one year of hard working 🙂 gj


  38. What is with the horrendous music ???

  39. Great vid, and congrats on your crazy win. Happy days 🙂 In answer to your question Paul, really top video, knew something was coming but edited with class. Cheers and good luck.

  40. I lost my wifi connection , to cut a long story short , I’ve asked you about your charity ( where do we send money plus I’m willing to do you a charity day in our local hall , looking in your comments ? not sure if yet you’ve answered me . If any one is using a iPad never erase your rubbish , delete it and you won’t loose connection , like Rita did , which has taken Apple and myself 24 very long hours to reconnect it , apparently I took the core out of it ???????? Clever Apple put it back . Paul I know you start on £2.50 mainly on slots , please start on £5 per spin , but cut the number in half , so set up like this £5 12 spins , no win £10 per spin for 15 spins , instead of £2.50 for 25 spins and so on . Your return , your fun , is much more exciting , Your the ONLY person in the UK who publicly have shown £100 per spin bets , That take a good man , a good gambling man , who deserves and will hit the 500 x win on it one day , OMG then we all have a RON er drink of yours lol mate . Now I’m telling You Paul , And your MOD!S
    I highly respect you . There are Millions of of men who are to quick to tell you how much they’ve won , and won , and won again , but your never ever see in our UK any of them showing big losses i.e. £100.00 per spin , per spin with a O win , they don’t have the balls to to it like you do , it takes a
    English Gentleman , pure honesty , I pray you hit that Giant WIN I mean it .

  41. Christ didn’t know what the title was leading me to watch ?

  42. Loving the cas bro,keep it up

  43. CASisDEAD – Colours the tune

  44. get the fuck in there!!!

  45. Well done mate, brilliant win!! Best streamer on Twitch and YouTube. Keep these huge wins coming

  46. yessssssss omg get the fuk in there! awesome hit man. congrats

  47. So sweet great win, I’m in the Dominican at hard rock resort and there is a sweet casino here, great video mate.

  48. nice win fella

  49. What’s the song called?

  50. im 400 short of gambling.. this shits expensive if u are unlucky .

  51. Reply
    Ricks Youtube Channel November 30, 2016 at 4:52 am

    get in there Paul nice upload

  52. live for free this year – you will do if your luck carries on as it is fair play to you

  53. very nice (borat voice)

  54. Outstanding win man get the fuck in! Can only dream how massive it would have been on £50 a spin lol

  55. Fruit warp has a rtp of 97% way higher than i expected of a slot that only relies on bonus round to payout

  56. Get the fudge in there Paul!! Absolute beatifull hit on those pitaya’s!! 🙂

  57. From that music I think we can now say with a significant degree of confidence you’re in the import/export business dealing directly with Columbia

  58. love ure streams!!

  59. Is the song by cas ?

  60. get the fuck in there thats a wicked win

  61. take it you will be streaming tonight now my lad lol

  62. what song at 8:20

  63. ahh the Bronson theme…that movie hahahha.. Glass Candy-Digital Versicolor

    Nice vid congrats! way to gooo

  64. cracking win, shite sound track, I had you down as a take that man ??

  65. nice win, you broke the slot.

  66. GTFIT!!

  67. Big balls, big reward… Sweet man

  68. Track is ‘CASisDEAD’  – Commercial 2 : Colours

  69. wow , nice hit mate

  70. Legit,
    I screamed, WHAAAAAT?!!??!
    Nice winning man 🙂

  71. Fook me Paul u were due a big win outta tat lad, well done!! GET DA FUCK IN THERE!!!!’

  72. Damn, nice

  73. great win looking forward to next one

  74. this is fine not boring mate I like all kinds of vids the music once I’m less fond of coz I like you chatting about it I also really enjoy your double or nothing vids which you haven’t done for a while

  75. Reply
    jejejejeje jejejejje November 30, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    watching these vids literally saves me money

  76. Brilliant win on Fruit Warp finally give you a big win well done.

  77. oh yes..get in there..uncle blue said hi.n good luck…

  78. Get the fuck in there well done mate ???☺️?

  79. Who gives you the blow job then I’m confused ?

  80. Name of that song?

  81. The next buddy love

  82. get a faking theeereee hahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhaha

  83. What’s the tune fella?

  84. nice mate

  85. man if you play big bet tray fruitshop and you will big win man

  86. Get the fuck in there Paul !

  87. how would you be able to take out the money if you still got a bonus in your account

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 12, 2016 at 5:45 pm

      my bonus is a reload bonus so for example if I deposit 100 and get 100 bonus unless I dip into the second 100 I can withdraw but would lose the bonus money

  88. please name the song ? thanks

  89. Paul – I’m your music man… whaddya need buddy? What vibe? FTFOBTS!

  90. Ello boss, not a snitch or that just curious but can you legally monetise these videos to make money? Ano it’s your footage but it’s also the sites if you get me? I got wild Antics vids up Just dno if I can monetise em

  91. Definitely don’t like the music as it takes away from you talking and hearing your reaction is 95% of the video. I switched off watching as I did not find it entertaining at all. Food for fought there.

  92. Have to say, looking back at this video I was disappointed when I started the video and realised BJ stood for black jack

  93. I watching the next thing i hear casisdead hahaha down with c from t

  94. That final bonus. WTF! Awesome man.

  95. Lol I dno why I opened this expecting you gettin noshed off while playing roulette

  96. Do i hear Casisdead?

  97. 9:51 love it bro just shows why u in it. Bro

  98. Haha watching that with my 3 year old as she likes to see the fruits spinning (she obviously doesn’t get the concept of gambling) However I wasn’t expecting the amount of get the fuck in theres at the end ha!

  99. Get the fucc in there

  100. Hey mate, thanks a lot for your videos. I enjoying it , from black jack to roulette to some game spins. I thinks roulette is my favorite part for sure . So please dont fast forward it.

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