BIG Grand National Bet!!!


I'm no pro gambler and these aren't tips, they are just my selections. Bets are pretty much on for free, had I lost here I probably would of had one more go on another site but had I lost that I wouldn't have been able to bet!

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Svenreels Casino
2 months ago

Svenreels Casino

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Evoreels Casino
2 months ago

Evoreels Casino

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WildTornado Casino
10 months ago

WildTornado Casino

WildTornado Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the WildTornado Casino Review with an overall rating review of 7.9
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Villa Fortuna Casino
10 months ago

Villa Fortuna Casino

Villa Fortuna Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the Villa Fortuna Casino Review with an overall rating review of 6.5
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SpinSon Casino
10 months ago

SpinSon Casino

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  1. Good luck rolla

  2. Tiger roll 14/1 on Ladbrokes 50 to win

  3. Best of luck

  4. I’m on ucello conti too fingers crossed

  5. Good luck mate! Billy Big Balls- I’ve seen watermelons smaller than your balls!!

  6. Skybet were doing Tiger Roll enhanced price 16/1 instead of 11/1. Good luck Rolla, thats huge if it comes in.

  7. Reply
    Chris's Slot Channel April 14, 2018 at 10:19 am

    you have picked the same 3 as me dude, good luck hope we win (“,)

    • Reply
      Chris's Slot Channel April 14, 2018 at 4:31 pm

      Tiger roll get in for 1st, and i had pleasant company aswell, i had em both each way so not too bad. (“,)

  8. Betfair were 13/8 any Irish trained winner printing money ?

  9. On it too mate good luck lad ?

  10. Had both the top horse myself

  11. Us gl , no gl to you with them stakes on the lottery

  12. gd luck buddy hope u smash it

  13. Good luck mate …. ?

  14. Good luck Paul, nice way to build the stake money ha! Im going for Final Nudge. GTFIT ???

  15. Yes Paul! Ucello Conti for me too! Here’s hoping to a profitable day! Best of luck mate

  16. Rock n rolla get on dusty carpet

  17. Good luck mate

  18. gambling gets you know where in life it just makes you go insane and loose everything just lie me

  19. Shantou flyer or chase the spud

  20. Keeemon. I have tiger roll and last samurai too! ✌??

  21. Tiger roll and i just know gl paul gl everyone

  22. Forget the National mate, get your money on yolta 1.55 kenilworth. 11/4 with betvic but there’s 3/1 in a few places.

    • Dazza manGlasgow 8.25 turffontein queenie, plenty of 10/1 about it’ll go off at half that price

    • Most professional gamblers will heavily back a single but I do recommend doing the BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE bet! It means you have a chance right up to the 90th minute! I regularly get a decent win doing 5 games for a fiver and usually pays around £130 depending on the odds

    • Dazza manGlasgow nice bet? I’m more into over 2.5 goals myself because of the better odds. It’s a bit late this start to it but maybe from the start of next season if rolla was to do a Saturday morning vid other people would put different sorts of bets up, there’s bound to be a few shrewd punters on here worth taking note of. I’m more into horse racing myself

    • I wish i had put my footie tip up here then. I had £4 on 5 teams BTTS. Burnley, Crystal Palace, Burton, Bristol Rovers, Luton. Paid £115. I swear this is the best bet to do on a Saturday. Doesn’t matter who wins because all you need is goals, goals, goals.

    • Dazza manGlasgow I’ve no probs with that. I think it would be good to have this sort of vid on a Saturday morning for people to swap a bit of info with and let that do the talking rather than just sit back and complain, be a bit more open minded and you never know how things will pan out.

  23. Final Fudge for me, put a monkey on it, monster monster

  24. Oh my bloody Jesus Christ, £500 each way hahahaha

  25. Are you placing any bets on how many poor horses will be killed?

  26. Pleasant company 33/1 easy money

  27. wish luck I’ve got buywise lol and blessed wings 🙂

  28. £500 Each way on the national? Fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee

  29. Good luck bigman

  30. Good luck mate….. Warriors tale ew

  31. I’ve done 10 win stakes on 4 horses. The Dutchman, bless the wings, total recall, shantou flyer

  32. More to the point Rolla you walked out the door, fair play now your on a free roll with your horses!!! There’s a good gambler in there somewhere, good luck bro?

  33. GL paul mate captain red beard I got mate £25 ew on it

  34. Just an after thought Paul if your horse does win an you collect £13,000, your never get a bet on with them again lol

  35. I backed Conti he ran well last year too, hopefully winner this year ?

  36. As if the day wasn’t already stressful enough watching Swansea ……. Cheers Paul, Fuck it, I need a drink……Good Luck

  37. Good luck Paul, even if he gets placed that will still be a decent return, (plenty of tokens for some degen spins on zero section and DHV) haha

  38. Done mine now fingers crossed lol

  39. 3:55 Newcastle. Trixster. Under the radar on National day. Right from the yard

  40. Big luck mate even though i bet different nags.

  41. Tiger roll all day

  42. Good Luck with your bets…picked total recall myself

  43. I’ve already done my boollox! had Total Recall as a Saviour! gl mate you got 6 places for those big each ways!

  44. This is the first time betting on a horse race. Just put Paul’s horses on with a few I liked the name of

  45. The Dutchman

  46. good win

  47. Tiger Roll get the fuck in there lad!!!!

  48. Gtfi tiger roll

  49. Tilting hope you find the bet for tiger roll at 50/1

  50. Well done paul nice win pal

  51. nice 3.3k there rock

  52. Nice pickup Paul , tiger roll ?

  53. Tigar roll did it for ya ❤️

  54. Congrats mate, decent win there.


  56. Nice win man well done Paul

  57. Well done Paul….loads of money ….gtfit

  58. Nice one matey

  59. Get in there son get the spare on the last race and keep the 3k

  60. Well done Lad nice win

  61. Good win but sick not getting it at 50/1

  62. Congrats for the win

  63. Congrats on the win man! Well deserved.

  64. Stream tonight 3k balance or tomorrow?

  65. Nice win matey top form glad a pinched your bets ??

  66. Decent win on Tiger Roll!!! FairPlay!

  67. Fair play rolla just!!!

  68. Yes thank you rolla tiger roll you little beuti

  69. Nice win there bud! Backed Tiger Roll too!

  70. U must have been shitting urself in the closing stages of the race!!! But tiger roll did very well to hold on!!!

  71. GTFIT, so pleased you won and relieved at the same time. The guys a genius trainer, I picked the wrong one of his this time, watch out for his horses for the coming weeks as he goes for the title in ireland. Keeeeeemon!!!

  72. Get in tiger roll

  73. Nice win mate, I had it aswell

  74. Well done mate – decent win!

  75. nice win;)

  76. I had tiger roll and bless the wings …both to win )))))) gtfit

  77. KEEEEEMON TIGER ROLL GTFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Congrats paul!!

  79. Cheers pal

  80. Well in paul! Didnt have tiger roll but put it on after this vid. ??

  81. Get in there RollTigerRoll!!!

  82. get in there mate! i had tiger roll

  83. Ucello Conti looking solid the whole race. Gutted it dropped at the end, backed myself. Still profit for you lad.

  84. Heard ya say tiger roll this morn so punted a couple of ton on it heart was in my mouth at the end with pleasent company chasing so close

  85. Well done Paul

  86. Nice win bet u wish put tiger roll for 500 now

  87. thanks for the bets. i followed u and won with £25 each way on each and got £362.50 for tiger roll. thanks Paul x

  88. I won! But it was only 15p e/w ? well done paul

  89. Nice I followed your bet mate. GTFIT. Shame ucello fell with 3fences to go. But a win is a win yeeeaaaaa

  90. We eat tonight!!!!

  91. Nice win wish I had balls to put a load on I won £24

  92. That’s this month’s 3k paycheck back. Fudging tier

  93. Ucello Conti was travelling as well as anything when it fell. GTFIT Tiger Roll

  94. Ding Dong! TIGER ROLL 🙂

  95. Hope you’re right and you did back it when it was 50:1, well done either way

  96. Jammy sod if only 50/1 I backed usella conti before I saw this, it was unlucky falling 3 out reckon it was an e/w chance but that’s all extra slot tokens mate hope it builds up.

  97. Pleased for u!

  98. Had £30 on tiger roll at 14’s. Go on roller, would of been class at 50’s #faithindavy

  99. I had pleasant company to win ??nearly won ?xx

  100. Best scammers .. casino ! I loss 5k on 2 month mother f…..

  101. How much did you get back pal ?

  102. What times tonight stream?

  103. Well played that man….you copped the fucking lot….!! ????

  104. Nice win fella ?

  105. Your bottle must of went at the line haha nice one though well in!

  106. Great win buddy, I had the 3 legged donkey that went down first hurdle…lol

  107. Gtfi lad ? i get quite a few heads ups on the horses through work contacts but suppose i cant just randomly comment on a video with them haha or maybe i could. £3000 spin tier ? get in paul nice win

  108. How did someone get tiger roll at 50/1??

  109. I was there!! I had Tiger Roll!!

  110. That will pay for a “nice” family holiday I say nice there’s always dramas ?

  111. Paul let me come stream with ya I’m from oxhey moving to Poole soon lol or just meet up and go for a beer, I think u are such a decent geezer

  112. I backed tiger roll after this vid pal I fancied it and obv came up ??????

  113. Nice bet lad double your money

  114. Jesus a did a 5a ew on tiger roll thinking that’s was loads hahaha

  115. You on later Paul….slots ????

  116. Reply
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel April 15, 2018 at 10:38 pm

    Damn i missed this vid! Nice hit on Tiger Roll laddy, i scraped a 6th position that was it! Was enough for a profit but only a very small one! I managed Montrose, Dundee U, Peterhead and Raith as a banker 4 fold though so that was nice, Montrose game was delayed over an hour!

  117. tiger roll well done about 3000 grand

  118. Well done pal

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