Big Balance Attempt for Stream!!


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  1. First

  2. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 24, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Unfortunately I won’t be streaming tonight due to food poisoning from a mr whippy!!!! Just woke up but I might try and put out a couple of vids later, sorry!

  3. Love these cheeky afternoon vids 🙂

  4. lets go rolla. is that £9 steam tower bonus showing tonight mate ? much love bud

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 24, 2017 at 2:03 pm

      I played it at the end of the last stream mate, but wasnt exactly enthusiastic at the time

  5. get well soon buddy

  6. haha all good il have to go back and watch it i thought you was saving it as you exited quickly when it landed. good luck for tonight mate

  7. longer run on blackjack and you would have caught those zero section hits . not your day unlucky

  8. love yr short video’s paul , unfortunnately no win today , feels bad 🙁 . I just know you will hit soon the jackpot m8 gl in the future

  9. get well paul!

  10. You not using 21casino anymore bro?

  11. Glad to see your channel doing so well!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel with your gambling degen habits I think you defiantly need some balance along the lines dude

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 24, 2017 at 2:27 pm

      cheers man, although its getting to the point of where I choose the channel or my job?!

  12. hope u feel better soon bro.

  13. shiiiiiiizaaa

  14. Reply
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN May 24, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    £27 was on number 28. Hope you feel better soon pal. Horrible gut ache that shit is.

  15. Sort out the breathing in the mic dude sounds horrendous

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 24, 2017 at 2:28 pm

      hard to tell as I record these through the laptop so maybe I was just closer to it on this one

  16. Dont feel too bad mate, the run of 28/15/32 would only have been £4518. Hardly worth worrying about.

  17. unlucky paul buddy. hope you feel better soon. take it easy.

  18. I swear to god after 27 I see you put more money on tier section and I was like u missed out 16 and was thinking please don’t be 16 and it fucking killed. unlucky man. keep up with the vids though.

  19. You say seize? What do you mean?

  20. What happened with the 5000 win from the bonusses Paul?

  21. why do you keep playing this game worse than fobt’s lay live blackjack ffs man be smart!

  22. You aren’t going to watch the big game tonight then Paul? for your boys in Amsterdam 😉

  23. German Scheissse

  24. Reply
    Norfolknchance Udumbfook May 24, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    Absolutely typical that 0 section hits when you bust out! Makes me sick to my stomach when it happens! But on both FOBT and internet roulette it’s rife!!!

  25. Reply
    Il mio mondo Giocoloso May 24, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    hi! A little question, why you do this? I seen a lot of your videos and you have lose a lot of money. Be careful please, this game is very dangerous. I love see this video and I follow you always, but I’m scared for you. Your friend from Italy.

  26. Get well soon Paul ,looks like i,ll be watching coronation street with the misses,pure torture l

  27. Fackin ‘ell! Rolla and the Bandit out of commission! I’m gonna be getting the DT’s soon. Get well soon bro. much love!

  28. rigged live roulette..they can control the ball

  29. Oh ffs haha food poisoning from mr whippy

  30. Get well soon buddy ! See you soon

  31. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ please

  32. whats the wager req for taking the 400 bonus? thanks


    • Reply
      Ξεξηρξειι3 Ηεηξειεξ August 11, 2018 at 10:15 am

      Roberto Dolset i guess youre a poor retard that thinks he got the magic secret to beating roulette….Get it well in your tiny brain there is no way to Beat roulette because the odds are always against You this is how it is designed so the casino can always Win in long run its all about maths and thats why most of you gamblers keep getting shit on losing all of ur Money because You think theres a magic way to making profit in the long run from roulette.The only way you can Do that is play 1-2 Times make a good Hit and never play again theres no other way.Trying to Beat the roulette is like trying to prove that 1+1=3.

    • Get caught? No casino in the world would have a problem with you playing like that. That’s an absolutely normal bet, with no advantage whatsoever (just like every other roulette bet without a bonus associated with it)

    • Ash Borley 200 on 1 to 18 and 120 on 3rd dozen. 81percent chance of win. choose 5 different brick and morter casinos as to not get caught as systematic playing and vary them. 2spins and walk! done. if you lose the 320 go back the next day to the next casino 3days ul get it back.. dont get tilted

    • Don Corleone tell us how to do it then????

    • just make a 100quid a night for 365days a year and dont be greedy people.. that is 36.5k a year tax free on top of your salary. dont let roulette ruin your life!

  34. 15 against dealers 8 my nightmare.

  35. U must av been gagging to double on 10 vs dealers 4

  36. should of went with a flake in your ice cream

  37. Feel free to tell Geoff to fuckoff from me LOL

  38. I just sent the boys round to Mr Whippy to give him a hiding, get well soon bud!

  39. Mr wippy as in the ice cream van ??? I’ll order you some midget strippers bring you back to health

  40. Reply
    Dino Grigoropoulos May 24, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    This lad must earn a hell of a lot of money lol

  41. Magnet switched on at 5:15
    (no.27)??? What you think rolla?

  42. Unlucky on the Balance building for the stream could of had a very nice balance to play with, gutted your not streaming tonight look forward to your streams. If your not well with food poisoning then bed is the best place to stay get well soon.

  43. Forgot to ask, why u change the voice over at the start of vids? Copyright?

  44. thank f i don’t gamble anymore

    • major100ful and I wasn’t the one who wrote glad I don’t gamble so get your facts right idiot

    • major100ful am no a hater at all I think it’s great wen he gets a win I think anybody who beats the bookie and gets any sort of win its great well done some ppl no wen to walk away and there’s some who can’t and bets it all and I am that so anyone who gets a win and enjoys it well done enjoy it wen u get the win so pipe down u dick

  45. mr whippy no!

  46. Reply
    SPEED POWER PERFORMANCE SAP May 24, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    Food poisoning or you spunked to much today mate already . Watch your last spin on when 13 hit . It was heading in 8 then they hit a button to make the ball jump forward to 13 . 27 area . How convenient. Watch it again and again . You never listen me as I work for these fuckers .

  47. I thought this is happing to me only ? Good luck mate

  48. watch all your vids mate but never comment but fuck me that spin looked rigged to fuck there

  49. hey paul can u pls read the following buddy . this casino try block me after i had huge win on deposit of £30 and cashout 1k+ i played roulette and was lucky my balance was up to 2k and play all slots wagered done and i withraw then they send me this shit (
    Irene (Customer support)
    22 May, 10:23 CEST


    We have reviewed your account activity and in particular your activity with a bonus and found that you have been in breach of the terms and conditions.

    As stated in the bonus terms and conditions:

    “14. Until the play through requirements have been met, the maximum bet that can be placed is €7.50 (75kr, $7.50, £6). This includes double up wagers after the game round has been completed. For example, wagering winnings from X game round on red/black.”

    We have not taken any action on the account at this time however should we detect similar activity again we may be forced to remove your winnings and/or permanently block your account.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

    GUTS Customer Car)

  50. That last spin was going in 8 then magically moves to 13. They’ve employed Casper to screw you on the roulette as well as the slots

  51. Paul you got to start reading the spins mate!!!

    I called pretty much every area there. He was throwing at the same speed and spinning the wheel in the same direction.

    Honestly mate, I was 2 or 3 numbers out on each spin there. Review this video…….youll notice an easy pattern. The ball was landing about 20 spaces ahead of where he was starting the spin from.

    God you could have made a fortune. There was only one time there when the ball didn’t catch a socket and carried on spinning.

    If you need any help or tips doing this just message me. So frustrating watching you bet like that man when it’s so easy to read sometimes.

  52. I rang my girlfriend earlier and said shall I get some wine and a takeaway on the way home for while we watch your stream, she said that you aren’t streaming tonight because a Mr whippy had given you a poorly tummy. It took a good ten minutes before I realised she was serious. that even worse than the dog ate my homework??????? get well soon fella

  53. Stream from the toilet please! 😉

  54. hope you feel better soon pal just chill for the night and shit a whippy out in the morn 🙂

  55. I got breakfast from the hospital canteen, and boy I’m paying for it now. Bloody shit!

  56. Let the chair play!!!!!! £2k on ted. The chair can do it !!! get well soon bud

  57. Gutted to hear that mate take it easy and get well soon ???

  58. you are missing some sick roulette bets mate. your areas all over.. only losing out on 10 or 20k (petty cash) so dnt worry man and get well soon

  59. where do you get the money for this from?

  60. if you ran out of cash just say mate.. 🙂 we understand that your just a degen lol

  61. you been round my mother in laws ? her cookings a guarenteed killer. lol get well soon rolla much love bud

  62. Shit Paul first the tilting loss then food poisoning. My prayers must be broken.. ??

  63. that roullette was rigged your blind if u didnt notice it watch how the ball drops

  64. Get well soon mate

  65. just don’t trust the look of that croupier at 4:23 it’s like he was plotting to miss ur area.

  66. when is the next stream Paul? I’ll get you some pimms cups and a nappie

  67. Hey mate, awesome video! You inspired me to make my own live casino streams. Its so much fun, would be happy as fudge if you could check 1 or to of my videos out. Keep going man!

  68. Wow! It hits zero when the balance is dead, so unlucky 🙁
    Get well soon !!

  69. are ya streaming tonight fella?

  70. Trust Me this weel is macnatic .. they are controling the weel cant win …

  71. stream tonight Paul or we gonna riot!

  72. Don’t use Red 32. 63 spins without a teen on tuesday night LOL

  73. Happend to last nights stream only thing that’s interesting on wed night Ahah

  74. bro stop

  75. Employed by casino to make gambling look easy and profitable , can I have a job ?

  76. Bro why do you play these? even live roulette is rigged these days. can’t you see the way the ball lands? they use magnets and vibrating ball. punter has no chance over long periods of time. STOP playing live roulette and FOBT’s their all rigged. You’re just wasting you’re hard earned money and yes i fell victim to these games but now i see its all rigged ive stopped gambling altogether.

    • I used to do the RRSYS system and i can’t even do that anymore cause of how rigged live roulette is! best of playing in a real casino IN ENGLAND.

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