A Waffling Update!!


Long story short will be back this Monday!


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  1. Where you been pal.

  2. FIRST get in???

  3. What’s that intro music called?

  4. Did you do that horse I said a few days ago
    Rock n rolla 3.05 Ayr 5/2

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel YouTube are a fucking joke, I’m glad they got a nice little 5 billion fine ? that’s almost 10 billion and USA hasn’t even looked into it yet
      Plus they haven’t paid real tax ???? have that Google ???

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 19, 2018 at 10:06 am

      Dusty Carpet what a legend of a horse, will always remember you!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 19, 2018 at 10:05 am

      Nice one mate!! Yeh he’ll be unbanned soon

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel had £50 on it and £17 on my William hill also had twenty twenty later
      I think bandits Been deleted ?

    • Still looking for dusty carpet I’ll wager lol

  5. Where the fuck have u been

  6. Yes paulllll

  7. Miss the streams roller, look forward to seeing you back


  9. Cool story bro

  10. I had a 7x then 40 on dream catcher with £20 on it soooooo happy ? of to Cyprus tomorrow ??

  11. Welcome back boss…!!!!

  12. Reply
    Rich Review by Gary Rich July 18, 2018 at 11:23 am

    Nice to see you back on YouTube hope you are good Bournemouth this time of year the real deal all the best Rich Reviews Gary Rich

  13. time for gamstop

  14. Fucking YouTube banned Bandit.
    I am glad you are still there.

  15. It’s coming home!!hajahaha

  16. Nice to see u back hope ur well mate ul be rip to bits going to gym back like Arnie lol

    • Haha kids keep me on my toes till 8pm then I morf into a old man and eat my weight in pizza and say gym tomorrow then tomorrow comes and say fook this pass the Chinese menu haha

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 18, 2018 at 11:32 am

      haha yeh it was that opinion that made it near impossible to go up my stairs!

    • Ain’t we all takeaways are my downfall gym is overrated anyway mate lol

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 18, 2018 at 11:28 am

      haha not quite as I had reached a new level of unfitness thanks to takeaways and rum!

  17. Hi Paul did you attend the free Tommy march on the weekend?

  18. good to see you coming bk and inb4 they say you lost 5 stone being vegan kappa

  19. Mate any chance you can private message me please. Good to see you come back

  20. What’s going on rolla. Streams ain’t like they used to be

  21. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay mr big baws is back …… good luck on future streams 🙂

  22. Idk where else to ask but does anyone know whats happened to bandit?!?! hes just gone. also huge fan paul <3

  23. YES PAUL!!!!! HES BACK!!

  24. Finally!! We missed you man… A break is always good. Good to have you back.

  25. Glad to hear your doing well ?x

  26. glad to see you back Paul 🙂

  27. Finally the return of the ron zacapa moment !!! XD

  28. Glad to see you back mate, pleased to hear the break is doing you good

  29. Cheers Paul! This brightened my day really much. Glad to see you back.

  30. Bring £25 to £1000 back!

  31. gambling the thing i had big regrette to know it Paul i had addiction to watch i know you are a leader of casino

  32. 12:57 Mint !!! Thanks me later

  33. Hi Paul. Do you know why bonanza says sg digital instead of big time gaming? It is not playing the same at all and I’ve tried it at 3 different sites xx

    • Thank you , it just seems really weird when you play it and the wins are minimal. Thanks for the quick reply x

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 18, 2018 at 11:42 am

      A lot of operators will have BTG integrated via the NYX platform which scientific acquired not so long ago.  I assume thats be the reason for the loading screen change.

  34. YouTube should clamp down on the gambling regardless of anything. More people getting dragged Into the downward spiral of gambling.

  35. Why don’t you find a low stake your happy with. And start a series almost. Start point and end point. 500 quid for instance. Then after video show end point and leave it in there to next video. So we can see how it goes long term.

  36. Good to hear from you big man, glad the break has gone down well and feeling refreshed.

    I’ve been on a break myself after too many heavy sessions been 4 weeks and goin strong.

    Be good to see you back Monday ??

  37. The fuck is that outro??!

  38. Fudge! <3

  39. happens way to much a,k in the small blind easy shove a,10 is a call there with his stack would of put you in lvl 2nd if the baby stack doubled up would of been a threat rather get it in with a,k then blinded out n forced in with k,2 been playing online poker for many many years see this dozens of times a day its to speed the game up and get you buying into another tourney increase turnover

  40. Thank god your back, really missed the streams the last few weeks, it’s not the same watching other streams yours are edge of the seat stuff lol I get nervous and a buzz just like I’m gambling myself. Great entertainer long may it continue!!

  41. Yes Paul good to see your doing well! Progressive hunt sounds fun there’s a progressive version of great blue you should play!

  42. Glad to hear you’re well mate and all is good , had a 2143x win on danger yesterday , get the fudge in there !!

  43. wheres the bandit

  44. Good to see you back mate, you seem in good form, keep it up!

  45. Good to see u back paul

  46. Good to see you enjoyed your break Paul, looking forward to Mondays stream! ??

  47. Glad to see you back you sexy beast lol in another note what’s happened to the bandit?

  48. Fuckin missed you mate the YouTube gambling community is on its ass and now your back ??

  49. KFC is due, paul

  50. Hi Paul u know why Bandit chanel is banned?

    • Cus someone at you tube finally woke up and have started to clear all the shite out bandit and nick the shit ect

  51. Reply
    Staffordshir ecoins gambling channel July 18, 2018 at 12:11 pm

    Wheyyy!!! nice to see you back

  52. Welcome home Paul you’ve been missed … and for all the people who complain don’t have to watch the footage lol I enjoy regardless… show some love fudger ?

  53. Why is the Bandit and Nick Slots gone and Hypa banned from Streaming. Paul and stop and step are fine. Not hating..legit question

    • No but definitely get helped by casinos with bonuses that u and I wouldn’t get . They are definitely unethical and obviously you tube think so

    • Ray Finkle are u saying they have different RTP

    • Because they are putting out unrealistic vids bankrolled by affiliation to tempt more suckers in to get more affiliations. Why do u think they ban all negative comments on their Chanels ? It’s so everything looks rosy to a new sucker. You tube has stepped on these maggots lol

  54. Good to hear your voice and know that you are well. A lot of guys care about ya mate Ive tried giving up the punt for a while and keep relapsing its hurting me.
    But just to know your able to have a break and regather is great mate.

  55. You’ve been a miss. Looking forward to Monday. Shrek16

  56. Happy to see you back Paul. Top man. All the best.

  57. I recommend u to ply a famous slot in asia its called “journey to the west wukong” its smtg like dreamcatcher but its nt a wheel. this game is a popular game here at malaysia

  58. Valiant message Paul

  59. I don`t think you can fold ak four ways. Maybe ICM wise, but still a tough one mate!

  60. Paul ? great to hear from you and you sound like you are healthy and happy.. can’t wait for Monday night.. doesn’t matter what stake you play with I think that most of us watch you for your banter..chat and we love your honesty..see you soon ??

  61. Reply
    Freddy from the hood July 18, 2018 at 12:29 pm

    Get the fuck, back in there.

  62. Reply
    seasidegalaxystreet July 18, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    Definitely good to take some time out and reflect on things 🙂

  63. Yes man. Back

  64. What up buttercup!! Good to see ya Paul! Much love from Ireland!

  65. Do you think its something to do with the cash giveaways? Pretty sure you need a licence to do that. Hell, you cant even put a fruit machine on eBay without one these days.

    • lol sorry wrong person

    • Ray Finkle me? I have nothing to do with any casinos. Your little outburst points towards zero self control. Get yourself gambanned 😉

    • No it’s to do with the filth u and the rest are peddling pal . Putting out out unrealistic vids to try and bump up your affiliation. It’s fuckin over . You tube don’t need you or your kind . It was fun reading casino grounds blog listen to all the bastards winning about being band like we are goin to shed tears . Fuckin leeches go out and get a real job . I’m glad you tube stepped on you maggots lol

  66. Poker hand was played perfectly…. ?

  67. I has the exact same hand last night at a live tourney, blinds 5k 10k I raise to 32k guy 3 bets to 86k I jam for 280k he snap calls with ace 10, flop 10 K 3, Turn 5, River 10?? 7th place top 5 paid….

  68. Great news Paul, and bleddy pretty bit a Cornish at the end there my beauty lol. Sounds like me :-/

  69. Can not believe that poker hand by seems to happen a lot on poker stars

  70. Help the poor Paul mate

  71. You do you Paul!! Looking forward for more content of you, because it’s always entertaining for me. But i would also understand if you completly stop streaming or gambling.
    The Pokerhand is ugly. Thats the Poker i know for 5 days in a row now. I fucking can’t win! I get Aces, Kings and all the premium in and i know the get cracked. It isn’t fun to return to the tables with the knowledge of losing. Anyway. Hope to see Rock’n Rolaaa cinema soon again. GL.

  72. Wow that poker hand was sickness! Glad to see you upload paul see you on stream monday!

  73. Reply
    Sarah Rutherford/Wade July 18, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    Great news!! I was actually spending the evening with my kids! ???

  74. Get the FudgeryDudge in There Pablo!?CyaOnTwitchMondayNight?@#PeacenMuchLoveGlgl✌️??✅

  75. God i’m soo addicted to gambling. Can someone please advise me on how to quit as i bet stupid amounts to recover out of anger when i end up losing 50% or more of my winnings.

    • Thanks mate!

    • nobody can really answer that dude. if we knew that answer none of us would ever lose 🙂 i usually quit a game as soon as i get a big win then move onto another game but its rare to see a big win anyway

    • I mean not quit gambling but when to quit the game rather than rage losing all my winnings. And i only play roulette.

    • your asking in the wrong place, maybe you should check out Andy Margett here on youtube. he gave it up over 10 years ago.

  76. Bandit got banned. I hope he will come back asap! I will be there Monday. See you then 🙂

    • Bro, bandit bought a ton of gamban codes and keeps saying in the video’s how the slots are. How they can take all your money and stuff. If people do their balls in it’s not Bandit’s fault.

    • So what he will be lucky to get a tenth of the audience. Nobody watches twitch lol

    • Diamedi I agree Nick is by far the worst . He’s such a slimey rat leaching of addicts .but there’s just something about Bandit I feel like he’d happily let someone become broke as long as they deposit using his links

    • @ray not on youtube but he will upload somewhere else lol

    • @steve nick slots is so different mate… bandit is honest in my opinion

  77. Good to see you back Paul, looking forward to my fix of slots and madness.

  78. pokerstars is not poker

  79. Glad your keeping well Paul, was beginning to consider sending out the search party ? By the way, you never did make a video on discussing FOBTs, I have never played them personally nor have I ever been tempted but having said that, I know little about them. Also maybe a video for people who are just getting into gambling and explaining what to expect in the long term, where it can lead, how hard it can be to stop and what it can do to families etc. just an idea really. By the way, I’d stay well away from Danger, it seems to be ripping eveyone as new a**hole including me. Looking forward to Monday night’s stream on Twitch, best of luck and hope ya win big for a great come back. cheers

  80. Yes my man, welcome back

  81. Everyone is getting banned. You and Dazza are the last men standing

  82. Paul wasn’t there a famous politician (whose name escapes me) saidYou can please some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time.
    Don’t worry about what people think or say!!!
    We as gamblers know the score!!!!!!

  83. How we doin’….

  84. i blame the vegan food

  85. Thanks for the upload mate and great to hear about the break, weather has been kind to us all we’ve even had a sample up here in Scotland.
    Enjoy watching Hypa myself he’s an honest gambler much like yourself
    Nothing to do with Gambling but the Ally Law stuff and Ryan Tailor vids can be pretty good, i like what they get up to
    Take Care man

  86. I like u very much rocknrolla but i hope u just quit the online gambling u have been around enough to know that this shit is lethaly the price for all ur life hope u the best in the world my dear friend

  87. Hey Rolla, have you thought that maybe the dislikes on the losing compilations are from fans that dont like you losing…. ie. it’s (weirdly) a signal of support rather than them saying ‘I don’t like the content’. ??

    personally as an exgambler, i love the losing comps, super exciting, and a real reminder of the realities at hand.

    cheers T

  88. Glad you well mate nice to see you when you are ready all the best paul

  89. Good to see you back!!! re poker hand if your playing to win like you said there’s no other option but to shove but if you’re trying to ladder you just fold with the shorts stack having 2bb’s!! Fudge!

  90. Love to a slot series on big time gaming would be awesome to see a couple of bonuses they all amazing games to watch!

  91. Paul, checked ICMIZER : you push 8.3% (88+, A9s+, ATo+) of your hands when opponent call 16% of hands

  92. Good to see you back m8, the poker hand is standard m8, can take into account ICM but because of the payjumps 1-2nd easiest ship ever for tied 2nd and 21 bbs. take it you had a big poker grind since it would have been a sunday? “hotter” on sundays 😉 should try out PartyPoker lad really weak fields on there ATM. P.S PLO cash is juicy as F. GL G!

  93. Thought it was coming home though ??‍♂️

  94. You defo played the hand rite

  95. cheers for another video

  96. cant wait see new vids and that 😉

  97. Jokerstars special that poker hand 😉

  98. That poker hand would have ended my mouse, keyboard and most likely the screen!

  99. Best Outro Ever

  100. I’ve not gambled in about a month either,, its good,, been outside doing hill running lol, feel a lot better as well,, gambling can drag you down and once it does its best to take a step back.

  101. Cheers mate✌??

  102. dude where the fuck you been? having no rocknrolla to watch on sunday night is as bad as when they pulled The Gladiators from telly on saturday nights.

  103. That’s good Paul bro, take life as easy as it’s meant to be lived. Do what makes you happy and ignore the bitter comments

  104. Felt like something was missing without the occasional ‘social’ evening. Idk about anyone else but a stream with paul really feels like a social night

  105. So painful to see the AK knocked by the A10 with back door straight :/ burns dude but congratulations on a nice cash!

  106. catching a distance to gambling and change point of view on everything is only good news, all the best Paul ✌

  107. Reply
    Petefromtheblacklagoon July 18, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    Dafuq was that at the end? ??

  108. That poker hand is fucking aids. Think you played it correctly especially if you’re going for the win and not just laddering up

  109. We love you man !! Nice to see you back, hope you got a lot of qualitytime with the wife and kids ! You know I saw that hand live, and it still sickening to my stomach mate !!

  110. Glad it’s gone well for ya buddy missed you loads can’t wait roll on for ronzacapa Monday

  111. roll on Monday. love island is killing me off. at least on the Monday night the super tanned person I’m watching will be playing the slots haha

  112. What a sick badbeat i got a similiar badbeat yesterday but in cashgame i shuft with aces vs AQ he got runner runner straight…?

  113. Made my day better

  114. What’s your twitch mate will defo be tuning in for a watch ?✌

  115. this happens more and more now i dont know why they dealing like that

  116. Fraud, rocknrollax doesn’t exist on sharkscope – it’s play money

  117. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan July 18, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    Hope youre well paul. Tell hackz to help me out ???

  118. Reply
    Hector García Suñé July 18, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    nice Deep run the hot 55, well done m8. Those kind of run outs seem hardly random, eventhough theres no point lookin at it like that. I’m really not saying u should have, cos obviously shoving is fine. But i kinda got stuck with the idea of limp folding there. sort of like im not folding but im not commiting

    • Reply
      Hector García Suñé July 18, 2018 at 4:52 pm

      sorta treat’em it like some all around foolish holdings. I mean, either that or str8 up fold, like fuck the books n stuff.

  119. Anybody know what happened to Bandit ? Everything is erased!

  120. Where’s the bandit more to the point!!!!

  121. Reply
    One does not simply July 18, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    is bandit banned?

  122. Great to see you back Paul..can’t wait til YouTube is sorted as not a fan of twitch at all…Incidentally Sky Poker is every bit as bad for getting shafted against inferior hands..probably shouted the same comments at my screen as you undoubtedly will have done with that bad beat

  123. Man that’s a fucking brilliant idea if you were to put the profit/loss year to date. It’s depressing and would be hard to see but would put into perspective because anyone that does gamble knows they’re in the loss but for the people that want to raise stakes seeing that on your videos would be an eye opener. If all the major streamers did this it would be great ? good luck and looking forward to you coming back it’s been quiet without you ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 22, 2018 at 10:54 am

      Yeh I think its a good idea or at the very least a disclaimer at the beginning stating even if this is a winning video its only ever a bit of money back

  124. I backed a horse Monday called RocknRolla ….he WON !

  125. PokerStars is still rigged. Something never change…

  126. Absolutely no fucking chance you do anything but fold there. Please research ICM, you’re costing yourself a fortune playing like that mate. Anyway I’m glad to see you back in action, much love

  127. Good to see ya back…
    On a side note…what’s happened to the bandit?

  128. Get some meat in ya

  129. I’m glad you’re back, we all missed you

  130. GOT DAMNIT! Bad break on the poker hand. Hey Paul nice to hear from you.

  131. Nice to see you back, glad you had time away and you enjoyed that. Let’s hope your luck changes big time, fingers well and truly crossed here.

  132. stars: scripted scheme

  133. Get in there Paul look forward to next stream matey! ?that poker beat was fudging brutal!

  134. Not sick fixed !

  135. Whys bandit been banned takes the piss

  136. eww vegan…..

  137. What happened to Bandit?????

  138. Reply
    Patrick Anthonsen July 18, 2018 at 7:02 pm

    Vegan for life <3
    Glad to hear

  139. Welcome back mate! 🙂

  140. Download some software called icmizer paul! WIll let you know hot to play the hand according to ICM. What a disgusting beat though unlucky mate

  141. What happened to Bandit???

  142. Jamming AK blind on blind is fine for 10bb even with ICM he knows you’re jamming top of your range only. If he had a shorter stack like 2mil I think he would probably fold AT anyway. Suck out was brutal tho. GG

  143. Much love Paul, can’t wait for the stream, will watch no matter what

  144. Did you see your name sake win last week at good odds? Welcome back Paul.

  145. Reply
    FruitySlots - Scotty July 18, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    Haha wtf was that ending

  146. fudging hell roll on Monday !!! xxx

  147. never in doubt 🙂

  148. Boring…..

  149. That Q and J wow sick one bro

  150. Yes thank god i wont have to talk to the Missus and the Kids. You Sir Are A Legend

  151. Reply
    Tycjan Stankiewicz July 18, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    Hello Sensey
    How are you Poultry
    Glade to hear you
    Good Luck Mate
    Always be yourself
    And Be Happy

  152. Dont worry about AK hand, it was very easy shove. 100% correct

    • Typical PokerStars rig fest

    • why raise for nothing? Why lose chips for no reason? It’s better to just fold and wait for the other guy to die, it sucks to fold the AK but u got to do it cuz Pokerstars….well it’s Pokerstars lol. I got fucked by 1-10% all the time.

    • Its an ICM punt with AK 100% when the c/o has 2bbs… If you think its correct then i guess i value money. (1.2K) a bit more than u do. Its a raise and fold to reshove, you and Paul are lighting money on fire shoving AK in that particular situation.

  153. Ready to lose money again haha

  154. Pleased to hear your ok Paul lad but was secretly hoping we won’t hear from you again and you had moved on to a new venture / hobby in your life. ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 22, 2018 at 10:59 am

      Thanks mate, I have a few new things going on now (non gambling related) so will see how they go as well

  155. Your next my lad…see u soon

  156. That poker hand is fucking grim, shit like that always seems to happen when it really matters too.

  157. Nice one Paul . Glad u’r back up and runnin’ . Sick hand to end the hot 55 mate , it happens , expecting a poker stream from you in the near future ? all the best!!

  158. Missed you mate


  160. Ok so now the bandits channel is gone

  161. Upload those losses video too rolla , it helps alot trust me.

  162. Abso sick of it tbh the loses recently have been terrible slots are dead no big wins anymore you have to tilt to win big you have to deposit big to win big. The little 20/50 deposit is gone. Slots rinse like fuck. Roulette is luck blackjack is a fuckin nightmare. Plus if your like me who wins big the odd time that shit is reversed because there is no instant withdrawal. Can’t blame the sites its just my personality! Need to stay away I’m down so much I would be descusted to say how much. Put it this way my car needs fixed its a brake cylinder leak, can’t afford it. But u can spunk a rediclus amount on slots. Stay the fuck away from it if your thinking about it. Or be sensible take your win and run the fuck away or it will get you.

  163. Even poker is rigged lmao .

  164. Good to have a break now and again Paul, look forward to seeing you back in action pal..

  165. Losing to a 2% gutshot on stars is daily common event but when do you hit when on like 20 outs ?????????scamstars

  166. H?Y

  167. Loving the honesty mate. I’ve been banned from online gambling for a month now. Thanks to a gamban site, i kept doing my bollocks in an my losses were getting worse. Never massively in profit. But we do it for the buzz. I would be up a ton, tell myself i won’t gamble for a week because I’m up then I’d lose it few days later just to win it back again. Casinos will let you win it back if you’re lucky. Some of you will notice when your rtp goes to shit, it’s not luck. It’s the system. It’s a hidden algorithm. Wish you all the best rolla.

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel the full duration of the ban is a year 🙂 feeling much better though.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 22, 2018 at 11:01 am

      Cheers mate and top man for taking action for yourself! Maybe try a longer break and see how you feel?

  168. I’m glad nicks slots and arse bandit have gone, I regard them as parasites, but I suspect they’ll be back in some insidious way

  169. That final hand just blows away the myth that poker is massively all skill

  170. why have your buddy bandit shut down his channel? rage quitter ultra

  171. What the fudge has happened to The Bandit’s channel?

  172. Do you know what happened to the bandits channel

  173. Good to know you are coming back, look forward to Monday!

  174. Thanks for showing the crushing, losing side of gambling. It feels like there are too many videos/streams out there now glamorizing gambling and that are just all about the big win! The reality is different of course and I can’t help but suspect are just all about affiliates selling the casinos they’re affiliated with.
    Incidentally that Netent Blackjack version that you are playing in the video – it seems brutal to me & I try to avoid it now. You can lose money so fast on it. Oh, and then there’s the dealer pretty much always showing a face card on the deal, hitting a crazy amount of Blackjacks and pulling so many multi card 21s that beat your 20.

  175. Reply
    scousebusters1989 July 19, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    From an ICM perspective there is an argument to fold your ak. But there’s also nothing wrong with shoving.

  176. Filled with self importance

  177. Buzzing to have you back monday @Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel sometimes you need a break from it all it gets a little boring and repetitive like you say. Hope you’ve been well buddy, See you soon!

  178. Did you get on the Hibs bet I mentioned to you on hypas stream?

  179. Paul mate , live blackjack it is much better than a.i. robots n software in poker, comp. Bj comp roulette and even live roulette. Choose exclusive 5£ min table, u r alone, sit n build it to Grand two three n have a Ballance for slots.

  180. busted like england football team in all turn…

  181. Can’t believe that poker hand ?. That was horrible. Good to have a break though buddy. Big loves as always.

  182. If you want to have a chance of winning make sure its not online because its rigged, gambling is a sick addiction to get hooked on.

  183. Good to stop for awhile, coz who play and money doesnt mean nothing then its a issue

  184. Reply
    Jasmine Griffiths July 20, 2018 at 2:14 am

    Missed you Paul hope your well

  185. Nice to hear your voice ??

  186. AK insta fold , no matter how u think it . no point in flipping yet ….esp vs monster stack …anyway next time you’ll know . good vid tho

  187. What happened to the bandit slots channel ?

  188. What’s going on with the Bandit’s channel ?

  189. Help me!!!

  190. Loss 900€ fucking day for me.

  191. Nice to hear you are healthy 🙂 Hope not lose too much , be careful 🙂 Gambling is just brain games and not let take more than you can afford. I know you already know this, but gambling is crazy if not controlled. Be careful as Casinos is big money making machine, they don’t care about persons 🙂

  192. Reply
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE July 21, 2018 at 6:29 am

    Gambling’s destroyed my life

  193. see you monday

  194. Because a real rock and roller re mortgages his house to play virtual cards ??

  195. Eventually this stuff does get boring is the message to take away from this. Year in year out up down .. Life is so short to waste on this..


  197. I think a lot of comments on showing gambling are bullshit You tube are quite happy to show people being killed beaten up etc etc I like a littte flutter on the online casinos and have won and lost. I don’t bet big 60p -1.00 stake watching the streams of nick slots rocknrolla don’t make me wanna bet big but it’s great viewing.If you bet big online casinos will reward you with bonuses and if you streaming they will reward you more as does Facebook for the advertising they get so let the gambling community gamble whatever stake they do and keep us entertained.If you gonna bitch about it don’t watch simple as that.

  198. ICM consideration AK in that position knowing the short stack will be virtually all in next hand is a snap fold, BB never folding any hand, yes you got unlucky, good cash though ????

  199. Yes it’s time you all stop showing how u lose your money
    If u want to fuck up you’re life go ahead
    But don’t push others into the dark life of casino world

    Be a ass hole alone don’t drag others with you

  200. Reply
    GrapjesmetTomenTim July 22, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Never roullete or blackjack against a computer dude, better to not at all, but if you… that 21 against your 20 is so obvious (was the third 21 in the row right up..)

  201. Petition your local MP and The Gambling Commission to get this shit off YouTube. Gambling and these streaming cunts are an absolute liability. We need to protect others and our future children from this sickness so please do whatever it takes to escalate and report these bastards.

  202. What time tonight rolla?

  203. Went to magaluf for a week didn’t gamble for the week felt refreshed, Going to alicante for a week in 2 days for another week no betting for a bit?

  204. Reply
    Craig Brainimpact July 23, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    of course it was the right thing to do, AK is huge 4 handed, you had the guy drawing to only 3 outs pre-flop and he was almost completely dead when the king hit, but being Pokerstars he hit a miracle runner runner.

  205. you streaming tonight

  206. Give me some money I need it

  207. What happens whit you mate , did you stop whit live streaming

  208. Jokerstars?

  209. Should never shove’d that last hand of poker. 1 player was down to 2 big blinds and prob would have busted next. Call or raise, you would have been able to win the pot after the flop.

  210. Good luck rocknrolla !!!

  211. I hear Nick Slots has set up a donation account through UNICEF??

  212. that AK A10 hand hurts to watch oh my god !!!

  213. Reply
    Fibro Dad - UK Fibromyalgia August 6, 2018 at 3:29 am

    The government are clamping down and want online gambling gone and toxic in the wild machines and all gambling to exist in land based casinos as the money goes out the uk. And to curb addiction.

  214. just fold with AK, ICM etc

  215. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 18, 2018 at 11:19 am


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