A lightning roulette session from about 5 months ago.

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  1. Hail hail

  2. Gang gang

  3. When you back on YouTube ? We need a live stream again soon ?

  4. What a hit paul!

  5. Top man Paul all the best

  6. massive congrats!

  7. Nd u know this is an scam. The way that the ball land…lol

    • Loool when you’re loosing its a scam when you’re winning it’s not a scam I’ve had 30 pound bets on before and 25 of it on one number and it rigs it in.. they know ur track record lol small player bye bye big player say hello to some nice jackpots

    • you offer this one spin as evidence that the game is rigged?? what about the other billions of spins where this doesnt happen? you are soo stupid its not even funny, i feel sorry for you.

    • Whys @rocknrolla not commented on this spin?

  8. What a hit, congrats Paul!

  9. Finally you got it ??

  10. Deserved paul GG m8

  11. Well deserved Paul you needed a win like that!!

  12. 2 videos in 24 hours 😮 keep this content up!!!

  13. Amazing hit mate done well!

  14. Paul..nice hit. Is it Turning around bro??

  15. Wtf is lightning roulette never heard of it before ?

    • It’s a slightly more spunked up, well programmed and even more magnetic version of “real” roulette, with flashy lights, sparkly graphics and some enticing multiplier action… . . But that’s not important right now.

  16. Wow amazing hit mate congratulations

  17. Booooom 🙂 Nice Hit I am happy for you

  18. My senpai . amazing bro!

  19. Sick hit Paul ?

  20. Very very nice , great build up and hit ? , wild swarm bandit style now lol ?

    • This is bandit for u for those looking for him

    • Thought you’d just won today , and as for wild swarm , you either get lucky or yes can cost you a small fortune and time , if you have both your ok ?, unlike me

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel October 21, 2018 at 3:57 pm

      Ha no chance, this hit was from a few months back anyway and even if I did I’ve played that wild swarm for near 2 months without hitting a wild swarm!

  21. Get in there mate ?

  22. One day you’ll bankrupt a casino mate!!!

  23. Makes a refreshing change ?

  24. congrats buddy ????

  25. Amazing! Does this put you up or down overall this year?

  26. Nice hit mate!!!!

  27. Wow..!!! Well done rock and rolla whoop whoop whoop

  28. What a monster hit!! Congrats ?

  29. I like

  30. Fair play mate what a feeling that is. I deposited £750 last year in July. Similar feeling took my balance to 11k and cashed out its a great feeling. Spend it wisely 🙂

  31. Wow what a hit mate wow wow wow

  32. About fucking time that hit!!

  33. You and bandit get some mad hits. Well done Paul, fuck the fobts

  34. well deserved paul get the fuck in there hell yea!!!

  35. like a boss! 😀

  36. Yesss paul lad is this recent pal fuck yea

  37. Played earlier won with 29 come in 400x on it had 3 quid on it congrats on your monster hit ??

  38. Holy mother of fudge

  39. whatttttttttt

  40. To all the haters in the last video. This is what happens if you keep trying. Congrats Paul

  41. That land on number 3 was so unnatural

    • rubbish

    • +Steven Hickman Same as they cheat to take money, they cheat to give money, otherwise, they would always take money and nobody would win. Are you stupid or you are trying to be?

    • +DushanNish Yeah they cheated to give him over £40k+????

    • lol what? And it’s rolla where talking about here… he’s on a new casino do you not think they know his life time track record.. yes they do.. they won’t mind chucking him 30-40 grand

    • It seems that they wanted to avoid the 32 and it went wrong. The vibrating ball is only activated once. Search “That’s why you NEVER WIN in Roulette!
      ” in youtube.

  42. Boom…that’s a walk! #respect

  43. Reply
    Layla the Boxer Dog October 21, 2018 at 4:02 pm

    “Normally just record incase somthing dodgy happens” £35k later! Yes mate! (Basher136)

  44. Imagine 500x .n1 wd

  45. 42k , you can stop moaning about slots now and gtfo on stream you massive pleb lol

  46. Bollox Everytime I play this shit roulette I always lose it’s definitely rigged we all know that see the way the ball vibrates they have a machine or remote to trigger it sad world we live in

  47. Awsome can u put up some slot wins pls Paul miss those high stake wins

  48. That was amazing , nice hit, you have enough for high stakes Secrets of Christmas now

  49. Finallyyyy

  50. Nice shot!

  51. what time did you win this paul great hit mate

  52. Brilliant result Paul

  53. So so lucky. If only I had ur luck

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel October 21, 2018 at 4:23 pm

      Trust me you don’t want this years luck, says a lot with these type of hits that I’m still massively down

  54. Your videos of roulette are the best on YouTube hands down bud

  55. 3 its a magic numberr

  56. Wow what an incredibly beautiful video!!!! Please say that was today and you’re now streaming tonight????

  57. Your streaming tonight paul

  58. Sweet as nut get in the hole little ball boom well done bro whens next stream?

  59. Omg! Nice hit man! Keep those up nice vids!

  60. Wow!!!! Get the FUDGE in there!!!!!!!!

  61. unlucky maybe give it a break after that loss

  62. Headset user warning were was it bro … peed myself when u screamed there . Well done so we having a high stakes stream thro week ?

  63. Massive m8! Well done.

  64. Where the fuck is bandit on YouTube, I’ve killed for less

  65. This shit makes no sense , surely if they are doing this multipliers every spin , you just back every number and you make profit ?????….. surely there is a limit on how many numbers you can bet ??

  66. Get the fuck in there Paul , great stuff !!

  67. For most people that’s a massive amount to some people life changing but to a hardcore gambler it’s probs a few weeks worth of gambling lol crazy

    • Few weeks this guy would spend it within 25 minutes

    • Few weeks?! Have you not been subscribed long, lol. Rocknrollas been up 30, and span the lot in 5 or 6 spins… its actually scary to watch, thats why I subscribe my habits weed, that’s costly enough..! Wouldn’t ever have 35k let alone gamble it Haha,

  68. Used to love the streams but just think it’s fake as fuck now . Only decent gamblers stop and step , rocknrolla sucks dick

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel October 21, 2018 at 4:28 pm

      No worries! Although always happy to reply to any doubts you have with proof regarding the fake part

  69. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan October 21, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    Brilliant paul. Just watched bandits 10k reel king gamble and now you hit a decent amount. Get in!!!! Tattoo on the buttocks coming on strong?.

    • Reply
      Thewildmanarchieduncan October 21, 2018 at 6:10 pm

      +Shane Young just stick to gambling with what you can comfortably afford to lose. I was crazy going back 25 years and now i have my wisdom and control i enjoy a bet on the horses every saturday

    • +Thewildmanarchieduncan yeah just watched it myself he one lucky guy. Yeah i know wat you mean i cant afford to do the stakes he does i do 300 a month had a few 1 and 2k wins but.nothing as big as his . Ive tried the bee swam he does.aswell but again nothing like he has won !!!

    • Reply
      Thewildmanarchieduncan October 21, 2018 at 5:25 pm

      +Shane Young and on his latest video (18th october) he hit 6k and got another 12k.?. I enjoy watching bandit and rolla and in a way, it gives me my fix without playing myself.

    • I watched it aswell he won 20k

    • Reply
      Thewildmanarchieduncan October 21, 2018 at 5:18 pm

      +Art man for life the real king 1981is bandits name in twitch

  70. Get in pal! That casino cant be far off – surely???????

  71. Get the Fudge in there!

  72. I was cheering for u man! Lets go!!

  73. Nice to see u hit big.

  74. Wow that’s fucked! Nice win! Any high stakes slots wins to upload?

  75. How can I watch you these days only see these small clips on YouTube now

  76. Get the motherfudge in there! Hope some of that juicy balance made its way to your bank mate! ??

  77. What a hit ?

  78. I have 3 on 500x last week … 1£ on 3 =500£ …

  79. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!

  80. Nice hit, and VERY much deserved for going deep on the wheel of steel…..??

  81. Amazing. Cheers all the way from Singapore

  82. Dont Blow it all Pal… Invest in a Buisness or Something be Smart…Be Wise.

  83. Fudging beautiful. £200 to 42k

  84. Don’t give it back to them please, get your self something to remind you of that brilliant win

  85. What a Belta !! Congrats !

  86. session tonight then?

  87. Now don’t be a retard and lose all that money within an hour man…..Withdraw and fkin enjoy for all us dudes who are stupid enough to lose that kind of money in 10 mins…

  88. Nice mate

  89. Haha quality mate. Great reaction ??

  90. Got my years salary in one spin. Wow

  91. You still have your 120k lol

  92. Good lol
    Now even more lunatics gonna blow their weekly wages on this after this video
    get the fudge in there casino?

  93. Lovely

  94. Brillant win

  95. When was this ???? And finally a monster win from the man Rocknrollea

  96. What a fucking hit mate congrats

  97. what a hit get the fudge in there nice withdrawal £42k

  98. Nice one rocka. I prefer your vids because you show losing one’s which gives legitimacy to these vids, good bloke to boot.

  99. Nice one Paul!

  100. Boooooommm

  101. Congrats man you took off like a rocket with that hit lucky number 3 ???

  102. A real rocknrolla wants the fookin lot and you deserve it Paul!

  103. Nice one man

  104. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette October 21, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    Nice, fuck me what a hit!!!!!

  105. Boom!!!! Happy for you buddy!

  106. Great hit Paul get in there

  107. holy fucking dick and balls Uncle Paul! well done!!
    Uncle Paul for Brexit financial minister!

  108. Paul is back

  109. Well done big lad

  110. Well.done mate finally happened

  111. BOOM!! GTFFIT

  112. Reply
    Тот самый Парень October 21, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Lucky bastard))


  114. Rolla get the fudge in there m8 wooaww what a hit ?

  115. Nice 1 mate, get that withdrawn and start again ?

  116. got to be the most you’ve ever won on a spinNice one!

  117. Why aren’t you streaming on YouTube anymore. Pity cause I enjoyed your video’s mate

  118. When 3 came in baaaaaang!!! Get the fudge in there mate! Great run! Well deserved! Cash that out do fuck and run ???

  119. Like the info in the beggining for the delusional youngster. Best twitch gambler imo

  120. When you coming back to YouTube

  121. Is right paul mate buzzing for you……just a quick one,what do u do for a living mate ?

  122. So are you up for today?

  123. Get the flying fudge, well done

  124. That’ll do, that’ll do GTFIT…..I said in the forum after Chelsea’s 96th minute equalizer came up for you, that you needed to go and play roulette as your luck was in. BOOOOOOOOOOOM BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Get in there my maaannnn! Nice to see you back here mate hope all is well!

  126. Finally !! Awesome dude

  127. Wow nice one mate

  128. 35k ?? Streaming tonight!!

  129. Amazing !!!

  130. 42k 20min Roulette with Paul and all its gone ? Take care ?

  131. Wow wow wow

  132. King of gambling

  133. A years pay won in one spins wallop

  134. Well done just a amazing win…hope you do something amazing with that money…

  135. The Legend is BACK!!!!

  136. Nice fucking win mate. Whoopwhoop

  137. Now make sure enjoy and don’t lose ✌

  138. Thought today on my Bike what i am going to play when i am home. Maybe lightning roulette. Imagine you bet like Rolla and a 500 x lands. Lol. Here we are. Played Book of Dead, Joker Pro, the “new” Super Flip and Black Jack. I Think now i’ll do a lil lightning session too. I have such a taste in my mouth now. A little feeling in my gut. Verry nice hit mate. Cheers. Get the fuck in there!

  139. Wtf ??

  140. Wtf insane hit . Gtfit

  141. That’s a crazy win ding ding

  142. Fudging beautiful!!!!

  143. Nice one Paulo! That 3 just fell in lovely! Lots of happy people for you here! Now hope your streaming soon again.


  145. What a hit and what a reaction haha get in. Hope you sent the mrs some of that dude not back in. Much love !!

  146. Yes mate!!!!!

  147. Get the fuck in there, well done Paul

  148. Bloooooooody hell rock and rolla what a G YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. Massive fucking hit
    Fair play Paul bank it

  150. 3% of what uve lost back ayy paul not bad

  151. With videos/wins like this – why you on a break?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel October 21, 2018 at 6:21 pm

      Even with this vid I only started to record as I was going to a live game mainly incase a fault or something like this happened

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel October 21, 2018 at 6:20 pm

      Breaks are always good whether winning or losing but even with this big win it didn’t put me close to even for the year. Its hard to represent my years luck in video form, I did show my last couple of months transactions on my last stream (twitch) and that shows why its near impossible to translate that in videos as majority are £250 deposits straight onto a table game

  152. get the flying fudge in there paul! i know i said yesterday about it being rigged, even if it is, it dosent matter now!!! what a win

  153. Finnaly mate keep the cash high!

  154. That was fuckin sexy well deserved rolla

  155. Well deserved bro ?

  156. Nice video, especially not having BIG WIN, MUST SEE, in the title ??

  157. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel October 21, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    Well done and so pleased you didn’t ruin it in the title

  158. Awesome win mate!!!! Wens the live streams please ?

  159. Surely missed from youtube my friend please come back great win

  160. Get in there Paulll wat a hit you deserve it bro

  161. I’d love to win something like that so I could donate to a struggling small animal charity.

  162. Nice!

  163. Congrats . The first time see your video you will not be greedy

  164. Congratulations! Hope you are enjoying the break, more videos please.

  165. lol that guy talking would put me off betting ??

  166. great hit rolla

  167. DAMN NICE!

  168. Wow out of no where!! Get in there! Enjoy the win, Paul.

  169. Reply
    ΝΙΚΟΣ ΝΑΛΜΠΑΝΤΙΔΗΣ October 21, 2018 at 7:21 pm

    O my god…. You Best player my friend…

  170. Reply
    Liliana chanel England October 21, 2018 at 7:22 pm


  171. That’s how you smash it bro! Nice one nearly landed 35 as well straight after

  172. Get the flying f*** in there mate!!!

  173. YouTube is a funny old place but I think your a decent guy

  174. Surely not again ? aaaaaanother shit video ffs get me back to Rosh

  175. Get in there Rolla lad insane hit.

  176. Very lucky also very skilled bad dog

  177. What a hit on 3!

  178. Surely some live roulette tonight ?

  179. One question why only show the ball. Landing in 3 lbit dodgy hopefully i.m wrong and it is a genuine win hope. So because we all need to win like that casino or bookies

  180. The player has a better edge with this type of roulette

  181. Well done fella ?

  182. Nice any steam tonight pal??

  183. That was a surprise, every time opening your videos is like unwrapping a present we dont know whats inside and is probably why we get so excited to watch each new clip. Nice hit mate was this back in July?? Im sure you have a backlog of clips to show us

  184. Rolla….!!!!!!!

  185. The way that ball hit 3. so strangely! Magnetic that pulled that defo. Watching this kind of stuff makes you think you can do it! and that’s why the casinos let hits like that happen with big streamers smart smart move.


  187. Made my day ?.


  189. Cos the real rocknrolla wants the f***in lot, boom

  190. Jesus brooooo congrats

  191. Deserved ??

  192. Brilliant hit, i am impressed you’ve managed to keep is quiet for five months!

  193. Congrats paul! And nothing spoiled in the title! GG

  194. Now that’s a fucking hit get the fuck in there. Now your being greedy lol. Get in there

  195. Holy Fudge, 35k win. thats as huge as lightning roulette will get. Congrats

  196. Great win ?

  197. Congrats

  198. I’m on a break!!…I’m tired!!! Lol

  199. A nice 35 grand. Well done. I can’t wait for the meltdown video when you lose it all. See ya soon.

  200. Reply
    Hector García Suñé October 21, 2018 at 8:58 pm

    get the fuck in there Pablo. congrats mate

  201. Fantastic win Paul! New car?

  202. That jump into 3 though ! Rigged !! But finely rigged in your favour. Nice hit

  203. Amazing ! Super chuft for you after the year you’ve had.

  204. That must of felt so fucking good! Once in a lifetime hit that

  205. Well done mate, nice trip to Vegas next June WSOP

  206. so happy for you m8 you deserve it love your videos spend it wisely as you know yourself how quick they could have it back.

  207. Mental !

  208. BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! Get the fudge in there Paul!!!!

  209. Great win Paul!

  210. Great vid can u try out f1 roulette at Ladbrokes will be good video

  211. Bank the fucker ya mad man

  212. no mames !!! jajajja

  213. Do wish I can watch live. Some of your high stakes games is better than NBA or nfl

  214. comment from roulette chat: “The boss is back!” .. so true !!!

  215. Get the fudge, well done rolla

  216. Reply
    19 must be due Fudge me it’s 4 October 21, 2018 at 11:12 pm

    Lovely son get the fudge in there

  217. Good win bud nice to see the house losing for a change

  218. great result paul well done.

  219. Reply
    Jason chopper Harris October 22, 2018 at 12:01 am

    nice one good luck for more in the future. will you be doing any new? if so get the fudge in there!

  220. The best Win gg ??????

  221. Nice one mate

  222. Save that for your pension when Older Person

  223. Nice one paul well deserved. Hope all ok with you. Keep smiling and providing great videos. Nice one

  224. stream money? :p

  225. The law of pysics are broken at 1:44

    • typical magnet roulette scam so people will see somebody won 30k so they would increase massively their bet hoping to win like him but it will ending up in the casino making way more than what they gave to rocknrolla

  226. Like i said when u win people say youre the best

  227. Get the fudge in mate. 200-42000. Well done lad!! Look forward to the next one.

  228. WOW great!!!

  229. Reply
    Freddy from the hood October 22, 2018 at 1:33 am

    Myyyyyyyy g cashing out 42k… get the fuck in there head first full force no vaseline !!!

  230. Nice vid but has to be a fake drop into 3 looks very unreal

  231. About time good man

  232. Play 1.43-1.48 on 0.25x speed and see how ball just gets sucked out from number 0 to number 3 lol

  233. What happend to the old intro?

  234. Well done son! Laughed to hard on the £3750 win ‘i’ll fuckin take that as well’ ?

  235. Nice one brother congratulations u deserve some big fudging wins.


  237. get in there!! lucky number 3 at 200x. Great win paul

  238. Get the fudge in there great win u and bandit r on a role

  239. Nice hit Paul ???

  240. Damn that was so satisfying to watch

  241. The dodgy movements of the balls on these live roulette tables is pretty well documented.

    This one begs the question though, why would they drag the ball into the 200x number??

  242. Hahahahahah what a great hit it’s all about timing you deserve it!!!!

  243. Wow!! Nice no.3!!!!

  244. Reply
    Casinokiller97 Gambling Channel October 22, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    congrats mate nice mega win.

  245. damn biggest hit ive seen ever. i hope u enjoy it.

  246. Bravo

  247. I know of a fb horse racing tipster that is always in yearly profit…they have the stats to prove it and a friend of mine has had 4 holidays this year on them..if you are interested. Not a con either

  248. your best vid to date – due to surprise element and huge win. dont waste it!

  249. I had my biggest hit on number 3, 300 X multiplier, lucky number 3 ! Sick run

  250. Holy shit !!!!

  251. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel October 22, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    Holy shit that was some hit

  252. I need to lie down in a dark room!

  253. Legend

  254. Nice hit

  255. Maybe this one eases the pain from your biggest roulette loss video m8 😉

  256. £35000 is huge for anyone don’t let it go to your head just take it easy and enjoy it man please.

  257. Get the mother fudge in there man ? Best thing I’ve seen for ages and well deserved, don’t give it back bro get that shit down on a mortgage ? Much love ♥️

  258. Amazing mate glad to see your ok ?

  259. I am just wondering if u Can just withdraw such a big amount, what Will your bank think lmao

  260. Back in the game!

  261. go on rocknrolla. MY MAN ?

  262. love it! Expecting a typical RIP, what a hit!

  263. GET THE FUDGE IN THERE ROLLA HAHA! Watching this at 3am haha and buzzing for you couldn’t believe it, I bet you was running round your living room after that hit.. Absolute class, Loving the recent posts as i don’t tend to use twitch much! @Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel

  264. Damn I’m so upset with myself like usual I was up pretty big like a grand then I pissed it all away betting too much

  265. Wow tbk ?

  266. ” literally anyone ever losing or winning anything ”

  267. Just saw your notification on my phone, I believe it was extra chilli 24 spins but now I can’t see the notification on my computer and it isn’t in your channel. did you take it down or did youtube do it?

  268. Congrats paul

  269. Lucky number 3

  270. 2:30 looks so fucking rigged always when i play on lightning the ball just instantly drops into the number next to lightning looks about this every time for me

  271. I banked $480 from a £10 deposit last night on poker star’s. Came 5th in a 45 minute tournament then won a few $15 spin n go’s. Then from my first $8 spin on lightning roulette I got it up to over $600. I no it’s not a patch on this man’s wins but it’ll do nice this time of year with 4 teenager’s and a grandson ?

  272. nice one the rocka !! 😀

  273. Owwwwwww Yesssss !!!!

  274. Reply
    ParadoxicalInsanity October 26, 2018 at 7:03 am


  275. speed down to 0.25 x and watch that 3 jump JEEESE

  276. Congratz mate.
    I love your vids and wish you all luck.

    To all the other people..
    Paul is gambling alot and also put alot of money in it.
    He loses and he wins, but dont think you will win every day just because you see winnings vids.

    Try to control yourself dont bet too high every time, and dont gamble for hours because you will just bet ridiculous high

  277. Dam when that number 3 came in ….. I’ve still got wood

  278. What a hit well done rolla

  279. This guy sounds like hes having sex…. GET THE FK IN THEREEEE

  280. Can’t wait to watch a big lose video from you ?

  281. Do you Work?

  282. Lol your still losing anyway no matter how much u keep playing

  283. About time you started live streaming again mate fucking sick of watching all the other shite on here

  284. Not a random wheel these ones. You see them in casinos with computers around them they’re not like the wheels on the tables

  285. What a hit

  286. The heroin hit is real!!!

  287. hola amigo me vi todos tus videos desde los mas viejos me encantan un abrazo desde argentina !

  288. Love it when you go to withdraw but it’s deposit

  289. I had 50 quid split on 33/36 and 33 was 500/1 came in , this was a week ago I still ain’t slept was so gutting

  290. Mate, friendly question: if most of the time you end up losing, as you said in your intro, why do you keep gambling?

  291. Get the fire cracker in their old mate. Congrats and keep on rolling

  292. Well played Geez What a hit !!

  293. Hook me up with 1k so i can play like you too ?

  294. 10euro spins are really exspenciv for me..

  295. You see it as a jackpot. I see it as a 25 x win.

  296. This just tells how good game roulette is for casinos. 😀

  297. Bruh that beginning man my parents thought like wtf kid you playing porn in the kitchen????? Lol lmfao

  298. This Made me stop gamling from Now on haha

  299. The ball moves from 32 to 3 in a strange way.

  300. Congrats on that huge win! even though it’s pretty old

  301. Massive hit fair play I’m buzzin for ya!

  302. woow

  303. Good Jop

  304. Paul crazy gambler,ty for video,we love you all 🙂

  305. How much of that did you keep or buy something with?

  306. Reply
    Roulette Logarithm Wins November 12, 2018 at 12:27 pm


  307. this is why we play lightning roulette! insane hit! grats man! good to see that kind of win!

  308. Wow 3 always my jackpot if only
    I was on the table at this time

  309. Fake Fake Fake. Good advertising and good magnets!

  310. Fake Money, Casino gives him play money to promote the lmao

  311. ?? “Yes!! Finally!! Oh get the fuck in there!!!”

  312. Only decent roulette online man

  313. Haha I’ll fucking take that en all haha

  314. Well done, a load of shit though itll get you in the long run.. roulettes are just another form of slot machines now… all controlled. Pure shit but Not rigged. Just predetermined numbers…based on players bets… crap. Lol.

  315. On the next video ….how I lost 35k lmfao

  316. God Of Gambler,,, RESPECT

  317. I wonder how the Casino keeps their edge on this Roulette game when they are offering the huge multipliers on some numbers?
    Regular Roulette provides a small house edge for the Casino but throw in these multipliers and it must make it a losing game for the casino or?

  318. Maybe you should have put it all on red.

  319. Only about 30x but i understand 😉

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