A Lil High Stakes Cash Poker Session!!


This was a little session from 2017 that I recently found on my old laptop, I like to think I've improved or at least know a lot more about the game since then. Entertaining nonetheless to see a fish play at this level I think.

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  1. Wa hey!

  2. Hello 1st

  3. Is this a cash game mate?

  4. Reply
    Rich Review by Gary Rich February 1, 2019 at 11:40 am

    That was a hard watch mate that 70 grand gone in such quick time hope you are all good Paul. All the best mate have a great weekend and be lucky

  5. Reply
    Ferocious Super nova February 1, 2019 at 11:41 am

    You lost with the QQ hand ???

  6. You’d want a masters in applied mathematics and psychology now to play pro poker. Gambling is almost non existant, there’s a few character’s who are fun to watch but it’s mostly genius robotic androids micro-analysing every single decision. Basically poker is no fun.

    • I disagree, 6+ is good

    • Gambling is absolutely existent. Games are still good, especially live. Shit is not solved. Just cause people micro-analyze does not mean they play well. ‘GTO’ is a regression if you actually look into it. As long as you are not playing super high rollers, you’ll be fine.

    • +Adam Blakley Seen that on Polks channel a while back, I didn’t say I liked the guy I just like his style of table talk. Pretty fucked up if a solicitor/Pro poker player has to resort to that!

    • ​+Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel Will Kassouf was caught red handed pocketing one of his friends £100 chips when they were playing roulette in London. Got called out publicly for it.

    • Online poker is full of house players/bots. I’ve seen some absolute bullshit online… bots/house players pretty much snap calling all ins with draws and hitting the bastard every time. What winds me up with online poker is how you play tight build up a good balance only to have it taken when the filthy house player calls down with shite bottom pair knowing he’s got it, and then its tilt with a decent mid pair and you run into higher pocket pair against the same player and its good night vienna. there’s no applied mathematics/psychology online mate.

  7. Haha I think you improved your poker game a bit Paulie! 😉

  8. Quick tip Paul, constantly betting half pot every hand makes you easy to play against.

    • +Phil Thomas half pot is generally a terrible sizing

    • ESKIMOOO funnily enough I was just about to say, yr talking old school poker there, poker has certainly changed a lot in last few years or more! As long as ppl can’t pick up patterns in your play and bet sizing then you should be fine but I wish you luck in the future and I appreciate your opinion! Take care

    • Stephen Charlton zimmy86 is my username – I played this game at a high level for many years… Each to their own sir, I know what used to work for me – to be fair, I’m out of the game for approximately 3 years now, so maybe things have changed …best of luck sir, I bid you a great weekend ?

    • Phil Thomas 1 dimensional? Lol ok bud, I study Raise Your Edge and most the top online players use it too but yeah I’m 1 dimensional! As long as he is balancing his range and using same or similar bet sizing through his full range then he is gonna be a difficult player to play against and read! Maybe you should just stick to freerolls mate, more your level ?

    • Phil Thomas again I refer to one dimensional thinking – the implication of additional variables can be used in your favour, it’s beneficial to manipulate this, 90% of adept players use this precise tactic, your comment implies your understanding of strategy is basic…

  9. lmao youre playing against crushers like Badziakouski

  10. Let’s see the fake money video we all waiting to see .

    • I’m looking forward to this one myself

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel its all going tits up in the streamers world I take it? The affiliate money must be drying up and now you are all chatting shit about each other? Sad to see. One of your moderators is a cunt according to Tim Eldridge? It’s all going tits and stop and step is banging them links up every day the cunt ??

    • Can’t wait to see who

    • Looking forward to that

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 1, 2019 at 1:00 pm

      Hopefully will be up next week, I also don’t want it to be an educational vid in the sense of it could be looked at by as being ‘How to play with fake money and get away with!’ I probably just touch on a few ways of how people/casinos do it and will probably call one streamer out as well

  11. That first picture… QQQ beat ace high flush ?

  12. Huh why did you checkcall river with the queens full 😮 why not checkraise? Were you affraid of the royal? :p Or thought you wouldnt get value from an ace or 10? I Really but than i mean really really dont understand the check back there

  13. Stick to slots you play poker like an absolute donk

  14. For a fish I liked you playing. I would have betted the turn with those queens, but indeed checked the river. I only didn’t understand you folding the KQ before seeing the flop. Hoping to see more poker videos!

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel I’m sure looking back the fold will have had an element of table dynamics. If the tightest player puts in a hefty 3bet , folds fine . Esp as I’m sure they all noted you down as the loosest goose at the table and was looking for a premium to take you on.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 1, 2019 at 3:57 pm

      It was a big 3 bet but yeh looking back I was in position so should have at least seen the flop

  15. Half pot bets are 2003. Set 1/3, 3/4 and 5/4 on your ps

  16. Stick to slots you have to think at poker.

  17. You can see this was 2 years ago lol! Liked the video as always, much love ♥

  18. Another poker vid another comment from me. As I said in your video if you shipping the Irish ☘️. You have improved 10x. I would recommend buying the raise your edge coaching for $1500 so worth it if you’re going to be playing larger stakes/mtts. Gl mate

  19. Get the fudge in there, been waiting for this! My views on some of the hands
    KQ – I think you got max value here, no chance he was calling a river bet unless it was tiny which would give him the opportunity to bluff you off. I think you played the hand perfectly.
    QQ, AA and 10/10 hand – Just generally unlucky to be done by runner runner flush, can’t fold that AA heads up and 3 outed with the 10’s. Not much you can do here.]
    10/8 hand – I think he had something, perhaps a low pocket pair with a spade and may have been thinking of reraising you but decided against it.
    QQ – Could have reraised on the flop but your basically making anyone who doesn’t have an ace fold by checking your keeping their bluffs in and a reraise looks really strong there, as played you got more value. Just a shame the 10 came on the river as you can’t really reraise but NH WP.
    KQ reraised – Good fold.
    A10s – If you wasn’t reraising you should have checked here on the turn imo and shot out a small bet on the river to induce or hope he tries to bet into you. Betting here as you said looks too obvious.
    J10 – Shame they folded to you, if they bet here I would have gone for the 3 bet here to try steal the pot.

    Just my thoughts I’m by no means an expert but this is what I would have done. Really enioyed this, Paul! I hope there’s going to be more due soon. When you get PS back will you be playing in the BIAM/TGC home games? 🙂

  20. I’m no poker pro Paul… but you need to look at your bet sizes an hand ranges… that was tough to watch ? you butchered that a10c hand

  21. the QQ hand was terrible poker. Looks like you had no idea what to do! don’t give free cards in poker

  22. More poker please!!

  23. Dude.
    I hope you read this.

    Why, did u play the AQ hand the way you did @ 9:40 ?
    I could tell he would try to shove or actually had the K. It was the worst play you could make at that moment. U wanted to keep your balance at 5k so badly that u went degen on that bet trying to shove him.. then he shoved u.

  24. Stopped playing online poker, the cards are rigged in my opinion.

  25. Whats up with those half pot fish bets? This bet was popular 5 years ago

  26. Take some balls to play them Sharks…

  27. Get in Paul, love the Poker videos!

  28. You have a better edge in slots than this line up, Fish2013 is a monster. Great watch though mate, thanks for sharing and any more poker/slots vids always appreciated

  29. Love Rock but it hurts to watch this video.Such a bad moves you made and still workout really well ??(lucky once) waiting to see a 2019 poker streaming high stakes

  30. Sooo typical Pokerstars actions… I sometimes really think people actually have to play against bots to make sure Pokerstars earn decent money. Ridiculous hands, ridiculous calls and raises, suckouts with strong hands, an unusual high percentage of flushes, full houses etc.

    • If you used a poker tracker and prove what you say with numbers you could sue them and make a lot of money, I bet you won’t though

  31. You play dumb but other players don’t know you so they think your acting dumb and it works for you

  32. FIFTY THOUSAND Subs……………………INCOMING!!!!!!!

  33. Some of the worst donkplay i have ever seen. Megadonkey

  34. Reply
    Hector García Suñé February 2, 2019 at 9:18 am

    NH Paul, the Queens full of aces u played just rigjt. (-How the fuck u play this one?)- i actually think u’re good at póker. Not that im an expert myself, but i been into the game quité a bit. Get in there lad

  35. You can make so much more playing live and its more fun.

  36. Enjoyed that. Thanks.

  37. Kids got alligator blood can’t get rid of him….

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel lol. Love the cash game streams keep me coming. Good call on the QQ I thought for sure he had the ace. I think I would have folded like a fish. This stream makes me miss pokerstars….damn breaks of living in Australia

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 2, 2019 at 10:43 am

      hangin around……hangin around

  38. You should do more poker vids like like like ?

  39. You can tell this is an older video. That hand where you 3-bet AQ is a board where you should not be c-betting

  40. Love this mate. Record more if you can. Love it

  41. You absolutely have to raise on the flopped QQQAA full house on the river, if you don’t raise that you are easily exploitable.

  42. Absolutely stacked table, surprised you held up. Upload more of these! Very entertaining!

  43. Guy had a flush on ur pocket queens boat. But that was dirty. 2 cards in whole deck coulda beat you.

  44. Love the vid man, think the KQ was a bad fold. Would have put him on low pockets personally. Still though.. could be wrong. Nice vid Rolla!

  45. More poker please fun to watch

  46. Reply
    Zygimantas Adomavicius February 3, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Paul, you are playing against one of the best in the world lol.

  47. you played against couple legends , vbv1990 its the best hu sitgo player propably all time , and this nl5k looks also very strong , but we all know , your not afraid to put them to test ….btw , if you play hu sng on stars you will always play against regular , from 30 s up to high stakes , regs play in cartels , and every 1 outside the cartel have to play couple best regs , and ofc they never play inside cartel games …so its best regs vs the rest..basicly hu sngs are impossible to beat to 99.99% players …1st you have to play the best in game every time , and 2nd if you want to beat them , and be able to play against other people you have to study this game like maniac , its pure math , and then beat this regs in 5k game match

  48. 12:32: “Fuck it your getting it’n all!” LMFAO! ??

  49. Trapped at 9-10 ? hate being pushed into a corner like that

  50. kq horrible preflop fold 😀

  51. Youre a good player mucker get more tanking in youre game,and if youre a head check till thay catch a par or 2….hope 2 see you playing more POKER this year…

  52. Fair play playing with the big boys and didn’t get eat alive ?

  53. you play poker like slots lol. just the bankroll alone for 25/50 should be at least 300k. also a big part of the hands you get fucked on you play too passive.

    4:15 onwards good example. should’ve imo even rased preflop. result oriented analytics is bullshit and that’s what fucks lots of people up when they think they should’ve done X when they win / lose.

  54. Ypu play so bad, it‘s funny ?

  55. Always bet your sets

  56. Playing poker with Fish 2013. You need your head examined! Defo a bigger edge for you in roulette.

  57. dude how di you even win the first hand the guy had the nut flush? you had trips?

  58. Ok give it up bro you are fucking horrible better off hitting the roullete table.

  59. Never show your cards on any cash table, moreso at these stakes. Also looking at your stack size should be an irrelevant consideration, it suggests that your not rolled for these stakes even though your gambling roll might be enough. You have definitely improved since this vid though Paul wp.

  60. Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel
    3:30 Most of them were playing on multi tables at the same time.

  61. Lol five good regs

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