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  3. quality m8

  4. Get in there !

  5. Keeeemoooon!!!!

  6. Fucking legend

  7. Reply
    Paul Ryan Bentley July 3, 2018 at 8:57 pm

    GET THE FUDGE IN THERE !!!!! ???????

  8. Get the fudge in there!!!

  9. Pickford for a knighthood

  10. Love you rolla but don’t get excited just yet ?

  11. Coming from a Scots lass well done England. Still don’t want you to win it mind you ?

  12. Paul drunk af????

  13. It’s coming home!!

  14. Here we the English tossers think they have won the world cup by beating a average Columbia team

    • you need us or yer two bob country would be nothing. nobody likes you! haha

    • Not sure how old you are.. but im 33 and been through hell and back watching England lose on pens, not only that, we have had some bad luck over the years… losing to Germany 2010 4~1 and we got a goal disallowed.. which was a complete joke as we could of made it 2~2. its coming home!

    • Reply
      No money No honey July 4, 2018 at 3:48 pm

      Saturday afternoon England will go back to normal losing history . The football did never come home…

    • Reply
      THE ENFORCER SIMON BALLS July 4, 2018 at 9:46 am

      Poor little JAY,Dream of getting to a world cup never mind a quarter final.Just remember,WE OWN YOU.

    • Jay FREEMAN – You’re about as funny as a burning orphanage..

  15. Great !!

  16. GTFIT??

  17. GET IN THERE ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. Get the fuck in!!!!!!

  19. Great to see you out enjoying the game

  20. Ffs Wooooooo woooooooo

  21. Penalty Desaster! Go go go England!

  22. Hope u put a degen bet on mate for us to win 4-3 on pens haha.

  23. COME ON WALES!!! LOL. Fair dooze to the England for beating the dirty cheating Colombia

  24. We were shit

  25. Get the fudge in there. Come on England. ITS COMING HOME !!!

  26. Football coming home it comeing home get in there

  27. How much u bet Paul ? Haha


  29. Get the fudge in ! See ya in the quarter

  30. What slot is this?

  31. Football’s coming home ?

  32. England are shit lucky bastards

  33. Reply
    TotallyBuckRogered July 3, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    It’s a bunch of blokes kicking a bag of wind up and down a field and this is the reaction. No wonder humanity is fucked!! #getyourprioritiesstraight

  34. Keeeeeeeemon

  35. Reply
    ErfolgreichImLeben July 3, 2018 at 9:10 pm

    Paul, you are drunk.

  36. Yes boys

  37. Its coming home get in thereee!!!

  38. Get the fucking fudge in there ENGLAND – It’s coming home ??

  39. Is that your sitting room Paul

  40. How’s this got 37 dislikes u fucking retards

  41. Reply
    Casino Stream Player 1 July 3, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    Uruguay and kroatia must win.England play to soft.

  42. Population control, very clever how they use sports like football to distract us from the real issues. It’s also used to steer our nationalistic tendencies away from caring about our country. Anyway I was still there watching it shouting as it went into the bottom left. (((They))) really are very clever.

  43. Get the fudge in there!!!!!




  44. How much did you win Rocknrolla ?!

  45. ⚪?⚪?⚪?⚪?⚪?⚪?

  46. Bunch of twats! lol

  47. Couldn’t BELIEVE IT!! That was intense!!

  48. Get in there!

  49. Reply
    Project Slot Machine UK July 3, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    Yes!!! They say England can’t win on penalties. They got it wrong. It’s coming home

  50. Just a shame we had to relay on Columbia missing a pen in order to win a game that should have been a given

  51. ???

  52. It’s fucking coming home

  53. So your trying to tell me Paul goes places where people gather and socialize? Get the fuck out of here

  54. i see 44 Colombians didn’t like this video

  55. Come on England!!!!! Its coming home!!!! ????????

    • I don’t think so, I truly believe england are cursed…..and the beautiful irony, that leading them into battle is, Gareth fucking Southgate…..lmao.

    • Reply
      No money No honey July 4, 2018 at 3:54 pm

      The football never came home… Keep you dreams alive becuse the hope is the last thing what leaves us before we handle our soul to the 30 feet deep hole..

    • igor marosicevic – fancy putting your money where your mouth is? I’m sure something can be arranged via the TGC for transparancy/ fairness…? Ill match anything you want. Over to you sir.

    • no,its not… 😉

  56. Sweden gonna pwn this shit…

  57. A lot of scots disliking this, come on it’s coming home!!!

  58. Fair play England coming from Ireland

  59. Hangover stream tomorrow?

  60. I’m a huge fan of Colombian exports but I’m glad England overcame demons…

  61. waiting for england to play a real team in this tournament.

  62. Get the flying fuck in there..!!!!!

  63. Fuckin get in there pissed as u know they certainly are me son

  64. Christ almighty…………………. England win a penalty shoot out ffs. I’ve had to check if we are all real, made sure the streets weren’t made of ice etc.

  65. England are in the best possible position with who they have to face now Spain are gone… anything can happen I’m Scottish n want to see them win ? since we will win the 2022 ???

  66. I was for Colombia:D
    Edit: Congratulations from Germany :’)

  67. Gratz on the win! I hate Colombia so freaking much. England will beat Sweden for the semi’s

  68. Let’s face it we all shit ourselves when Henderson missed his pen ??

  69. Fantastic…we ent finished yet. !! Semi final will be date with destiny…Sweden we will lash …

    • Reply
      No money No honey July 4, 2018 at 3:59 pm

      Hahaha funny English thugs. 2 wins against the Swedes since the fifties that’s a horrible history. Be aware of the Swedes. Viva la France we have Mbappe faster than Usain Bolt.

  70. Should of seen my local pub, fuck me youd be covered in booze and deaf

  71. Whos the bellend holding the camera the wrong way? Paul? 😀

  72. You know that we Sweden going to win on saturday? bye bye england bye bye

  73. Final: France – England
    France wins 3 – 0
    England drinks

  74. I had money on Columbia!

  75. prepare to get crushed come saturday 🙂

  76. ???

  77. Bet you spent all night on the fruit machines ?

  78. what is happening? is this a gay orgy?

  79. What a fantastic video……. Come on England!!!!!

  80. Get in there lads

  81. How annoying is that accent lol. Im glad yous went through I’d rather see yous go out when bbc are covering the game to see Alan and Gary’s reaction.

    In all seriousness though what a chance for England the 4 best teams are on the other side of the draw. Tunisia Panama Columbia Sweden Croatia to get to a wc final unbelievable

  82. Get in !!!

  83. Reply
    Slottenham Hotspur July 3, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    thank fuck for english spurs players and arsenal columbian keepers……. ay hackz looool

  84. Reply
    The Finer Reels of Life July 3, 2018 at 11:36 pm

    Russia will become a champion !!! The British will fly in 1/4 ))) Paul TOP streamer )))

  85. please how i can stop Gambling i lost all from 3 years

  86. Yeahhh dude looked like one hell of a shindig! Ha! Love it! What a cracking game!!! Xx

  87. They dont reserve to go further ! Tactical B’s! They ar shit

  88. Because a real rocknrolla, shoots the video sideways

  89. Believe

  90. We swede gona take you :p

  91. Get the fudge in Paul congrats ????????????????????????

  92. I’m sorry for give me

  93. Your the best

  94. All this crap for a bunch of overpaid Nancy boys chasing a bag of air about, sorry but I don’t get it.

  95. Nice one mate

  96. semi final is last game for you guys…..guess with who you been playing?……thats right. daj engleze da se igramooooo igramoooo igramooooo

  97. I thought that was the airport and they were cheering you off because you were going in to love island?although reports are that you got turned away for been too tanned??

  98. Harry Kane could still score a penalty even if he was blindfolded and out his nut on acid, but I bet he couldn’t ask for a smoke sausage supper with salt and sauce without flooding the chippy

    • Reply
      No money No honey July 4, 2018 at 3:57 pm

      Allan Shearer good score a penalty from the moon and down to the pitch. Best penalty killer England ever had.

  99. After next match its gonna be #We’reComingHome lol

  100. All them thumbs down pahhah jealous twats 😛 Get in England

  101. its coming home indeed 🙂

  102. bullshit

  103. What boozer is that.? Not the brasshouse?

  104. Nail-biter till the very end

  105. Lol they will get out by Brazil of France.

  106. Well it’s now or never to reach the final and then let’s see what happens, go Albion boys!

  107. Let’s face it Colombia took the piss.

  108. Fucking brits 😀 hahaha, im glad you enjoyed the win.

  109. I supported Colombia!

  110. It building up , the misplaced confidence, the false belief , …..it’s gonna be all the sweeter when england fuck up again..lol…..they always do, …….they scraped through by the skin of their balls, against fucking Colombia ffs……..now they think they can win it mwahhhhhhhhaaahhhhaaaa….time to get on bet fair, and make a small fortune , laying crazy odds, to the english diehard fans……it’s money in the bank……lmao ??????????????

  111. the bunch of losery that follows football…..

  112. Sent You PM over on TGC Site mate
    Good Tune

  113. Hello from sweden?

  114. paul u r one humble person u will never change no matter how much money u win respect love u man keep doin what ur doin its coming home its coming home footballs
    balls coming home

  115. When the fuck are you streaming again?

  116. You not on YouTube

  117. Reply
    Freddy from the hood July 7, 2018 at 9:30 pm

    What kind of casino is that.

  118. I really think it is! Never in my lifetime i thought id say that seriously either

  119. As you’re Watford you probably ran

  120. No live srema

  121. Reply
    One does not simply July 8, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    fuck the fobts

  122. When u back paul!!

  123. twats

  124. You will lose to croatia ???

  125. First video I’ve hated / Swedish rocknrolla fan ??

  126. Its coming home ! (well worth a pint of ronza )

  127. What part of Croatia you from ……… Scotland hahahhahhahaha

  128. England drink now!

  129. England is coming home you fucks haha

  130. There coming home, there coming home, there coming, England’s coming home????? pure shite!! They had won against dud teams and thought they were gony win it! ???there coming home!! Tossers the lot of ye’s WATP

  131. BREXIT landed at Heathrows South gate this eve.

  132. I hope you make cash out…

  133. shame on you no more live streaming


  135. When’s next stream mate ?


  137. rockenrolla where are you from ?

  138. where are you dude??

  139. Sorr??

  140. Anyone think Paul has lost the plot? Come back boy! Just be less aggressive with the bets and change to popular betting. In fact why not try latest bookies slots but lose a fraction that you do? Or put a grand on love island. That will get an audience. Losing your load on old man blackjack and roulette is yesterday’s news man.

  141. England drink again..

  142. You know rocknrolla, if it was the blackjack world cup, I would be the last … 🙂

  143. My question is when’s the next stream

  144. Paul missing ur streams on YouTube any chance you coming back

  145. When the next stream then mate

  146. @ROCKNROLLA what’s happened to the bandit went to watch the regular Sunday sesh and no channel

  147. The bandit banned??

  148. Omg where’s the bandit?

  149. Hey sorry to post here I know your friends with the bandit do you know if he is ok? We can’t see his channel anymore?!

  150. What’s happened to bandits channel ??

  151. Did it come home?

  152. Where’s bandit gone?

  153. Reply
    Tuffabullz Rare colour bulldogs July 16, 2018 at 6:30 am

    Paul any idea where the bandits channel has gone?

  154. @rocknrolla’s gambling channel there’s a horse running today
    Rock n rolla 7/4 3.05 Ayr got to have a punt ?

    • Just put £50 on it 5/2 Ladbrokes
      Also £100 on gin in the inn 13/2
      £15 on a five fold
      Rock n rolla
      Brother !cgongall
      Twenty times
      Gin in the inn
      Out Nelson

  155. i think the youtube deltete wave is coming hope this channel doesnt get deleted too ;/

  156. No video for over a week, what’s happening rolla

  157. What’s happend to the bandit alot channel??

  158. The reason rocknrolla has stopped is because he doesn’t want to lose his channel like bandit and nick slots!

  159. Whens the next stream mate

  160. why are all channels deleted ?the bandit Nick slots etc ?

  161. Someone better phone the police football was suppose to be home 2 weeks ago and still hasn’t showed up am getting worried

  162. Loooooool footballs coming hahahaha

  163. lol so it is

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