300 Shields INSANE WIN!!!!


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WildTornado Casino
6 months ago

WildTornado Casino

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Villa Fortuna Casino
6 months ago

Villa Fortuna Casino

Villa Fortuna Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the Villa Fortuna Casino Review with an overall rating review of 6.5
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SpinSon Casino
6 months ago

SpinSon Casino

SpinSon Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the SpinSon Casino Review with an overall rating review of 8.5
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6 months ago


EUSLOT Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the EUSLOT Casino Review with an overall rating review of 7.3
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BoaBoa Casino
6 months ago

BoaBoa Casino

BoaBoa Casino Review offers - Online casino offer of the BoaBoa Casino Review with an overall rating review of 8.4
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Betsson Casino
6 months ago

Betsson Casino

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  1. FIRST !!!

  2. Nice

  3. It was good bonus paul.1600x nice watching you.

  4. had to go bed for work cant believe i fucking missed this live !!!! get the fuck in !!!!!!

  5. Wowser

  6. Awesome….! Watched it live…! Glad for you….!

  7. another win from casinos you promote surprise surprise

    • Im getting drunk!…

    • i know you state it not the streamers fault however they can be seen as to be apart of it, i would only agree with you if they wasn’t advertising the sites they use for self gain, because streamers and youtube uploads are a spart of advertising thats why they get paid for it, it may not be all there fault but someone might just watch these videos and with gambling been an addition ruin there lifes this is not me been over the top its very common and very real, they are not all to blame but part as everyone whos used his name for promo code as done so in direct of is videos, its is by choice but its a standard like smoking its proven advertising only makes the situation worse

    • You also need to keep on mind thay if they only mention the bad side of slots then no one would use there link so that’s why they don’t say it. You can see why whether you agree with it or not. I think they should be more transparent as to how it helps fund the videos but at the same time no company will mention the bad things of the product would they as moore would buy it. I know it can make people lose money but they know you dont always win and if they didn’t know that there naive and should just not gamble.

    • Richard Gray people know what there looking at tho. It’s like watching football you go to see goals but often it’s 0 0 but you still know that’s a possibility. Gambling is not the same as drugs or alcohol and yet many people say it’s the worse addiction as it can make you broke etc however i still think there are far worse addi rooms than gambling and that most addictive gamblers look sad rather than desperate for help. However i agree there needs to be more to tackle this addiction but it’s not the streamers fault. It just isn’t. I do believe they should be more open to the affiliate and how it helps them to make the videos tho. Again dazz is the most honest out there.

    • Robert Reader is videos to the talks of losses don’t compare to the ratio of videos showing big huge insane wins, there is a difference between what people want to see to what people should see, I’ve seen is videos but if you look it will take a lot of scrolling down to find them as there is next to none and that’s why people get angry because they don’t see the wins shown gambling ruins people life’s a big win video and a list of promotional sites underneath offering free money bonus don’t help and talking about them for a breif seconds between hours of streaming footage is easily missed in comparison to a fully titled dedicated winning videos

  8. fucking fuck

  9. Was great seeing it live, fantastic stream Paul congrats!

  10. ding ding nice win rocknrolla’s

  11. Holy shit!! Now that’s a win, congrats!

  12. Nice. How long after Terminator hot mode was this? Must have dozed off

  13. Nice maaaaa man!

  14. Boom town!!

  15. Wow 25th spin! Epic win!! Well done that man

  16. Holy shit great win m8 gtfi

  17. Finally you catch some nice win on this slot cheers mate

  18. well in – COOM ON!

  19. One person dislike what a noob man just pulled nearly 9k well done rock roller

  20. Awesome win! 🙂

  21. Awesome hit mate! Was catching up with the stream from last night and this popped up! On the plus side I can watch it all over again! It’s money

  22. Reply
    Ferocious Super nova October 19, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Fucking nice one bro

  23. awsome win last nyt buddy

  24. Wtf is a Ronza Capps? Sounds like some American college fraternity shit

  25. Guess me saying add it to list payed off was well due for you mate get in there!!

  26. Your reactions are legendary love it rocknrollaaaa

  27. Are you streaming tonight mate

  28. Cracking win fair play to you man

  29. daaamn nice one!

  30. Fuck nice hit mate!

  31. fucking jeez man you’ll be making your own casino soon

  32. Yesssssssssss ??

  33. Jeez what a hit! I must of fell asleep by this point, congrats

  34. Amazing mate

  35. Fucking legend paul GTFIT!!!!!

  36. Yes Paul get the fudge in there mate !!!

  37. Wtf. Insane


  39. Get in there. Well done pal, a mega win on the slots was well overdue !!!

  40. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel October 19, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    Hot mode and 300 in same session?! Mental.

  41. That’s good Karma for your Charity stream effort! Nice one rolla!!!

  42. Nice one mate!

  43. What did you end up cashing out ?

  44. Best gambling channel on YouTube. Bandits 2nd ?

  45. double my lad!!

  46. Get win came out of nowhere. Hope u didn’t use up all luck b4 Sunday

  47. yeah that was a fckng nice stream yesterday! get in

  48. Wow!!! Get the fudge in there

  49. love this slot. paid me 4.9k on £2.50 stake. congrats :D!

  50. Jesus christ. Thats ridiculous. FOBT’s…do one, you are equivalent to £5 jackpot Andy Capp machines compared to this.

  51. Thats a 1 off paul

  52. You spawny little shit ye ????

  53. Nice hit!! 🙂

  54. Now that’s how you fucking do it well done paul

  55. “i’ve never seen this music” ~ Pual 2017

  56. Very Nice!!!

  57. Imagine s boat on the 5th tho

  58. Stroke the Pigeon, Paulie !!! Stroke the Pigeon brother !!!! Yesss

  59. With that tiny cup in looks like you’re downing Calpol lol

  60. Get the smurf in there. Cracking hit brother.

  61. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel October 19, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    Jesus! That was elic

  62. Get the fudge in there

  63. Boooooommmmm

  64. I literally won £50 earlier and was buzzing……

  65. Mad hit man get in there ??

  66. Great win on my fav slot.

  67. Get the fudge in there 2 off the bucket list in 1 session ( 300 shields monster and Terminator hot mode ) boom

  68. *Well Fuck me*

  69. Paul that’s money bud well done

  70. i missed that part, thanks for sharing.

  71. nice hit..comments get lost when live…

  72. BooooooM Cheers Men!!

  73. Hey rolla can you send a bit of advice so I played on dunder and I placed bets that got accepted on dream catcher and roulette it kept saying failed or bet not placed in time this was after the result and the balance had gone down a few times I hit big wins but they didn’t pay out on dream and roulette so I kept playing the times it accepted the bet lost when it won it didn’t really annoyed me i have emailed them the history and had 11 roll back bets in space of 10-20 mins waiting to here back now

  74. Reply
    David Labowsky Casino Streamer October 21, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    you look stressed Paul you using cocaine again?

  75. Nice one wants the fucking lot bleed them casinos bone dry

  76. Hi, Rocknrolla:)
    I’ll be glad if you let me use your video for my channel
    I record the biggest wins of the streamers in the casino, every week.
    Today I posted my first video, with winnings of wonderful streamer Bandit’s, if you’re interested, you can look at.

  77. OMG WTF have I done , I just went on from the 15th of this month to just a few hours ago to lose over 379k in cash and have also run up credit card bills of over 44k , I have sold the flat under wife’s feet and lost it in under 8 days , just left casino now after doing my final 76k in cash on 3 seperate 3k spins and a final 67k spin in mayfair casino , I put 10k between 1 and 0 , 10k between 2 and 0 , 10k between 3 and 0 and 10k between 1 and2 and 0 and 10k between 2 and 3 and zero and 10k up the line between 1 and 2 and 3 and it came in number 26 , we have 20 days to leave the flat which no one knows is sold but me , I got back and have found my car has been taken which I was about to report stolen the relised when I saw the hand deliverd letter that its been taken by the bank , fuck this im gonna end it all but know this

    • thanks everyone I have sent 35k to a un disclosed random viewer of this channel and I hope it brings you some happiness , still haven’t gambled since and still 65 to give away take care and thank you

    • I can only imagine the pain being in John’s situation and trying to explain to the wife. My losses are never life changing but I know how easy the devils wheel can wipe you out clean.

    • cool story bro

    • Money not everything your health and happiness more important

    • Thank you all for your support and help , I was seconds away from ending it all and I realised I still had a watch and a few items of jewellery around the house , I called my last true friends and arranged to borrow just under 15k and I got 4k for my valuables , which should have been a lot more but I took it , I made my way back to mayfair casino with the plan of playing it and if I lost I was going to do what I didn’t the night before , I went straight to the table and lost 2k on my first few spins so I panicked and put it all on black and it came in paid 28.4k I repeated but doubled up getting 56.8k at this point I didn’t even realise what I had done but I placed the lot on 1 to 12 with a huge amount on zero and 7 rolled in paid over 150k , at this point the table manager paused the game and they said if I want to continue increasing the bets I had to move table so I did , they asked if I wanted to pause and I became aware there were more staff watching , I played on and I just hit and hit and hit increasing the bet by large amounts , the last bet was a 100k loss but I didn’t even realise as I cashed my chips that I was up and I mean really up , cashing in a total amount of 889k I tipped the staff 4k and as they have certain conditions with that much money , I had to do further security checks and card payments ect but long story short I now have just under 185k in cash and 700k cleared in my account as its automatic , I have told my wife everything and she is ok and I will not be gambling anymore ever again , I want to help someone who has lost the way I had before I managed to fix it somehow , I am prepared to help someone or a few people and I will be throwing 100k at there problems if I am convinced they wont continue as I did , because it was so nearly game over in everyway for me , my wifes writing this with me and she is shocked that I was so close to ending it all and we have agreed 100k as we will still be better off than we were and we think this is only fair , sorry to rant on but I just want to help back if I can and sorry for my original post I was in a bad bad way , thanks john

  78. Where’s your stream from yesterday?

    • Okay Paul. . Haven’t got twitch ?.. I’ll just keep checking ?

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel October 23, 2017 at 4:40 pm

      I took it down from youtube as if I have time I’ll try and edit it into 1 or a few parts if not will just upload them as they are, it still up on my twitch though

  79. Are you streaming tonight mate well done on the charity stream top bloke ooosssssh

  80. WOW insane hit my friend. Thanks for sharing that and thumbs up ? !!!!

  81. Congrats realy insane

  82. not uploading yesterday bonus streaming?!?

  83. How much did the bonus hunt pay I didn’t see til the end

  84. Are you uploading the bonus hunt ? I missed some

  85. Paul when are. Putting up the bonus hunt

  86. Where’s your recent vids gone rolla? The 50/60 bonus hunt

  87. How did the bonuses go on last night??

  88. I Got half way through your MASSIVE bonus hunt the other night and dropped off to slep, when will you be uploadign it so i can see then ending!?

  89. You streaming tonight?

  90. When you next streaming my man?

  91. Missed the charity stream bud but congrats for all the money raised!! Will you upload it?

  92. Hi buddy I didn’t see all of the 50/60 bonus hunt will you be uploading it? Catch you on next stream mate.

  93. Mate wheres your past streams?! No charity stream here, dude im going cold turkey with no content lol

  94. Are you streaming tonight pal what time if you are

  95. stream tonight paul!!????

  96. Super sweet, ive been banking all the good vids for tonight, ty for upload…

  97. love this video! so epic

  98. Joined casum o on strength of this!! First bonus got to 300x won £7.50 at £1 stake gutted! Next bonus just won £4600!! at £1 stake…not use to truthfulness do I withdraw half cause bonus restrictions of carry on £4600 left to play?

  99. Truthfulness… bloody spell check ment fruit machines!!

  100. kankeeop je moeder kankerleir

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