£25,000 JACKPOT on Danger High Voltage!!!!


This casino session was from April! Danger FINALLY paid some money back!!!

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  1. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 8, 2018 at 3:53 pm

    *SPOILER Below*

    So this hit was at the end of a 5month losing streak and even a win like this didn’t make the month a winning one! This slot was also the only slot that I seemed to be lucky on so decided to find out just how much profit it has given me since I started playing it. In total I had wagered around 1.5 million on this slot and have a net LOSS of £20,000 and thats including this hit!! So even my so called luckiest slot hates me but at least it finally paid at a big stake for me after so many fails!

    • The wagering is spending winnings over and over, not that he has £1.5m in the bank and spent it. Everyone’s wagering spends are so much higher than what they win. Having a net loss of only £20,000 is a win in anyone’s eyes.

    • Can’t believe the cheek of these people!asking to see bank statements?!thats so fucking rude!i say it a lot but I love your channel paul it’s actually stopped me gambling as much because I’ve found someone that I can watch that actually gambles how I do!please don’t feel you have to prove and provide bank statements to these degen fudging arseholes !!i mean well played doing it I just can’t get over the cheek ?‍♂️ guess people are just so brave sitting at home on the keyboard ?
      Keep the content coming bud take care!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel a

    • Wagered 1.5 mil. With predominantly other people’s money….. Be honest about it, and even if it were true, wagering 1.5 mil, you have massive issues

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel sorry for asking but im not sure. Did i understood it correctly you played 1.5 milion £ on this game and with this withdrawal you still have loss of 20.000 £ ?

  2. Looking forward to the stream tonight ?

  3. Reply
    one more spin for luck? June 8, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    Quality win mate!!! Nice one!!! New bottle of spiced rum is deserved!!!!

  4. Fucking helllll paul wow amazing well done m8 fuck yea…….it was coming

  5. Awesome win mate congrats man. defo time for a ronza !!!

  6. Cracking hit Paul

  7. great hit paul bal;ls of steel man

  8. get the fuck in rolla!!!!!. much love mate

  9. Reply
    Trumps Hairdresser June 8, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    Shit the bed playa!

  10. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel June 8, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    Should’ve gone High Voltage!

  11. Fudging fuck 🙂 love it mate. Woo woo

  12. Well done mate great video..made up for you winning that..just need 300 shields at top stake at ×300.

  13. ????

  14. Wooooow. Well in mate

  15. wowwwwww

  16. About time Rolla!

    • Hypers lucky duck, got the worms!

    • Wow. What a balance. Where am from that’s a lot of money

    • wheel world wetards yep is he taking a sorry walk along the beach again ?????

    • Hypalinx hope ya well buddy

    • Ahhh cheers 🙂 Yes it probably would of tilted me a bit to be honest, lost about £1,500 on Danger I think just before I decided I need break haha. Good to see it now though. Stay lucky and good news it seems regarding streams. Unlucky on your last session £60 rhino filth with 4 diamonds !! I was hoping it was more, my fave game.

  17. Well in my son about time

  18. Reply
    Trono Fruit Slots June 8, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    Well deserved mate! GTFIT! Absolutely phenomenal hit! Congrats ☘️

  19. I am so jealous and sick !!! Ffs x that’s so rare xxx

  20. Im so sorry ? rubbish slot x

  21. ?

  22. wow wow nice man .. enjoy ££ ??

    • Omg wow WTF mate you deserve it mate you really do danger my arse always going to pay for you one day

  23. 2:52 casino orgasm

  24. Standard win this rolla ??

  25. Well done!!!

  26. What a great hit…! You got the fucking lot rocknrollaaaa

  27. Get the fuck in there!!!!

  28. Get the flying fudge in there !!!! Love it

  29. Wewww what a hit. Buzzing for ya

  30. No dance on camera, tsk come on… ?

  31. Congrats Rolla, if anyone deserves a win like that its me but no justice in the world x

  32. what an absolute god send! you’ve had one of these coming just great to see you not hit the roulette wheel after mate haha

  33. BEAUTIFUL paul

  34. Like a glove,superb win,well done Paul

  35. Hhhheeeewggg!

  36. Congrats buddy long time due that do something good with it ?

  37. GET IN THERE. MASSIVE. that’s the fun of the possibility of slots lol. Cheers Paul nice hit. It’s money for sure ??Ronza earned surely and a cigar

  38. Great win Paul.

  39. You and chat always talked about one day hitting big on this slot, congrats Rocknrollaaa

  40. About fuckin time!!! Congrats mate 🙂

  41. GTMFIT ROLLA!!! Epic hit mate ?

  42. Wow wow wow. Miss these little one off vids…

  43. excellent win paul u deserve it man much love and keep winning

  44. Make sure you cash the fudge out my laaaddd??

  45. about time with the big bets

  46. Yes mate. GTFIT

  47. Reply
    Dimitrij Vasilkov June 8, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    I think this game now extra favorite for you 🙂

  48. Reply
    spielocheter merkur June 8, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    Finally you hit it. Big congratulations to you Paul. I hope you will stream soon on YouTube again. Much love from Germany

  49. About time Paul …big congrats to you

  50. Reply
    richard nottinghamforest June 8, 2018 at 4:13 pm

    Awesome Paul! Well done mate ??

  51. Made me hungry watching that..xx love the Bandit, hates salad.

  52. Belter?

  53. If I copied this blatantly 20k would go haha

  54. One day a hit like this will come on stream and everyone will lose their shit? get in mate hope you had a double ronza!! love the thumbnail too not giving the outcome away

  55. Fucking. Get in. You needed that. I need some too.

  56. I bet 3 6x on 40£ never happens 1 ina zillion

    • Cherryl Dunham you completely misunderstand how and in what context the phrase tin foil hat is used. you are said to wear a tin foil hat if you believe in a conspiracy like that the software is rigged as you say. so if you believe that everything is legit and the software is not rigged then you wouldn’t be wearing one. makes you look foolish saying it how your putting it across. the casinos don’t need to rig anything as the rtp on games is a theoretical one. nobody has the rtp it states for the games. I have no idea how they work out this theoretical rtp but that’s what it is fact! if the software is rigged than that would be classed as fraud and a very serious one the software will have been checked and will be constantly monitored by the regulators and if a company was breaching it they would be charged with serious fraud I’ve been told this by a friend who’s relative works for gamcare. why rig something that doesn’t need rigging most rtps on slots are nowhere near the stated value fact! as for the streamers win more . I don’t watch many really apart from Paul but I’d say I watch 99% of his streams. if you actually watch them he rarely cashes out at the end of streams. his luck on slots I’d say is pretty dire. and I’ve played slots for over 25 years so know them and how they play both on line and off line(fobts) he makes no secret that he makes money from affiliation and he has said many times it’s pretty lucrative. he also hit lucky last year on the roulette and had a couple of huge wins and also did well in vegas( can’t rig that) so the stream money comes from those. as he’s going on a break then and one of the reasons he says is over spending on streams then your answer to having limitless funds is answered. he doesn’t!!. also a casino only hosts games from the game provider’s they can’t flick a switch and alter the payouts it’s out of there control fact!! all this is policed by the gambling commission and would be easy to do so fact. they will have very clever people monitoring all these software’s. so said you can proof( I presume you mean prove) your opinions and statements 110% then do so! I and many more would be eager to see this? my feeling is you won’t but prove me wrong. I’d love to see your facts and so would the gambling commission I would think as well.

    • Robbie Catman it’s not a game of luck. This is a human controlled software rigged as fck. Take off your tin foilhatt. The online casinos most of them are based in the Europe’s most corrupted Island of Malta They pay for a nice written paper. The MGA, providers, Streamers and the online casino owners are in the same bed and every part get their cut from this misleading and made up videos. I challenge you and all streamers everyday if you want and all of you may fold under questioning with my facts that i can proof 110%.
      Casino grounds is owned by Leo Vegas. Don’t say that the online Casinos is not behind them.
      Landbased casino is totaly different than online casino.

    • I have been around the online Casino for the past 10 years working at two well known online Casino’s. I here people say slots can not be rigged or changed, this however is not true. A Casino can change the RTP on whatever Slot, Computer Blackjack or Computer Roulette it chooses. It’s down to the player to have a look at the RTP. If you want proof of this then it can be found on the special offers and free spins you get with the Casino. 9 out of 10 times when you get free spins on a slot from the Casino you always hit the bonus because its usually only 10p stake. This just show’s they can adjust it bringing in the bonus more often on their promotional free spins. I can also tell you that yes they do adjust the RTP for Affiliates as I have done so myself, so that they get bigger wins more frequent to make the viewers want to play slots at that Casino. One thing I will guarantee is the Affiliates that play the slots are NOT aware of this. That’s why people complain that they can not win anything but Streamers do. I can 100% say if Rocknrolla or any other streamer was not linked to the Casino and had a normal players account they would never hit these wins as often as they do. Just to add there is nothing against what they are doing, the best way to prove this is play at the same casino as a streamer at the same time on the same slot and get them to bring up the RTP on there screen it will be different to yours.

    • Not true I’m not a streamer look at my win! I’ve won 28k on 10$ a spin abroad as well. Don’t u see how much streamers win… some get adds, better bonuses or some losses back in friends with some streamers not possible mate x lots of people watch this angry trying to reprisals the wins but it’s all luck u will always lose I’ve lost thousands !

    • He’s a streamer and works for the Casino that’s why he hit big. You have to become a streamer to win this kind of fantasy wins. The Casinos and the providers uses the streamers for their marketing and of course they take the hit on the affilities to fool people like you into gambling and believe that you will big win but for regular people maybe it happens one time in a blue moon.

  57. congrats mate glad it finally hit..

  58. Dominos donations on u bro haha

  59. theres me playin 40p stakes

    • +Nathan Watts £200 is not a huge amount at 1p stakes lol who gambles to win £200? Pointless might as well find another passtime!???

    • lainey87 so glad to see that you did it i would recommend if you are married just never gamble not even once in 6 months because it goes fast but respect to you nice to see people who made it away

    • paul collins so true. I unsubscribed ages ago. Only watched as it on my home page. He will need rehab soon. It’s disgusting to watch this. It’s not fun, it’s desperate. He has a disease, it’s very sad. He will loose everything. Been there, worn the t shirt, tried suicide.. it’s only a matter of time before the debts get to big. N if you read this dude, I suggest getting help, I was exactly the same. I eventually landed in 14k debt. Stood on a bridge at 4am and wanted to jump. 6 years on I’m debt free as the debts are now statutory barred.. I would stop if I were you. I now gamble Max £5 bets with £100 every 6 months. I’ve got 2k in my savings that I won over a year ago. n I’m happy in life no longer addicted n no longer chasing the money or the losses. I’m 31, no idea how old you are but I’m telling you, it will lead to suicide. The debts get written off after 6 years. I have 5 ccjs, I pay £1 per month to each. 5 year’s left to go on those. But I’m basically debt free now n getting married soon. All true gamblers know what your doing n what your going through. U can’t fool us. Get help before it’s too late..

    • Soloman Vendi you play for fun. He is an obsessive gambler who will lose everything.

    • Soloman Vendi always only play what you can afford to lose ?

  60. Amazing great bonus

  61. Reply
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel June 8, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    Erm…. got to down a whole bottle of Ron for that kind of shit haha!

  62. What would the ? paid ?

  63. Was hoping so bad for a skull on the first at the end!

  64. A max stake that paid! I’m glad it was for you too paul as your my fave streamer by far. And 1.5mil is crazy to think about

  65. Reply
    Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos June 8, 2018 at 4:22 pm

    Crazy hit mate get in there

  66. Well done mate you deserve it after all this time. Keep the short vid wins coming buddy

  67. You done well …

  68. fooking awesome, hope ya still got some left. well done

  69. nice m8 grats wish i had pound for every fkn yes you said LUL

  70. Reply
    19 must be due Fudge me it’s 4 June 8, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    Hoooolllllllyyyyyyyyy fuck

  71. I just jizzed in my pants ….

  72. Nice one mate about time! Do a high stakes Casper video mate

  73. Amazing win , now you got a bit of flash money any chance of playing Secrets of Christmas lol

  74. Nice one unbelievable hit

  75. Boom town

  76. Pretty decent. Lol

  77. Freaking Insane Hit!! Congrats sir!!

  78. Epic!

  79. Nice. Not sure if that’s a record win but would have been nice to get another retrigger on them 9’s!

  80. yeeee haw mofo!!!!

  81. Big balls for that, get the fuck in there ??

  82. Holy fudge, abiut FUDGING time. Big congrats – therealwintersoldier

  83. Quailty mate couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

  84. How the fuck can anyone dislike a win like this !!

  85. What’s the ronza dance paul? Taking shots while doing the robot or something ?


  87. Nice one brother

  88. What a hit mate, great to see well done ?

  89. Wow wow wow. This is the sort of hit we play slots for. My biggest ever slot win a few weeks back of 4K is completely dwarfed by this monstrous hit. Well done Paul, congrats. Was this today ?

  90. Reply
    ODDBOY Danger Wank June 8, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    Fuckong great finally i emptied my bollocks ….been so long ?

  91. Congratulations legend

  92. Wow you got the fucking lot there. What a hit rocknrollaaaaa. You are the best by far

  93. O m g get the fuk in there been waiting to see you hit suttin like this on this game well in lad

  94. Reply
    purementalman2006 June 8, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    NICE ONE finally the degen king has hit big on DHV love it


  95. Grilled for you Paul ??..but would really love to see you do your little dance please¿??

  96. Tell me there’s a stream tonight

  97. Its money

  98. Nice win…when are you putting the 30k roulette loss video up ?

  99. Damn Rolla, finally.
    Casino paying your bills now…. hahahaha

  100. Wow about time nice hit

  101. Unbelievable now hope you get something special for you and your family just imagine the holiday you could have

  102. rollas back

  103. Fuck me what a hit son

  104. Reply
    Pigs Casino - Slot and Roulette Casino Channel June 8, 2018 at 5:01 pm


  105. Get the fudging fudge in there greetings from Finland hope you invest in some adventures roulette spins and win the 100k ???

  106. HOLY SHI?

    YOU DESERVE IT MAN !!!!!!!!

  107. What happened to the £50 bonus you had the other night mate??

  108. Great lift Paul, well done mate. ?

  109. THAT was fun.

  110. Very disappointing 8th and 9th spin. Unlucky.

  111. Get in

  112. Reply
    Bet 365 Player Money For Bet June 8, 2018 at 5:13 pm

    Plz bro send me £10

  113. Persistence pays off bro congrats ???

  114. So happy for you Paul… well deserved for all the losses…gtfit pal … looking forward to your next stream Paul… when is it going to be ))))???

  115. Very nice hit , just can’t believe the stats , well done though , keep them coming ?

  116. GTFUCKIT bout time pablo!!!!…. much love

  117. Well done man My biggest win is £60 ?

  118. Lovely mate congrats

  119. exellent win rolla bout time you smashed it pal well done

  120. amazing hit ☺️

  121. Wow happy days clawing some of the losses back don’t lose it all now ?

  122. Rolla . Congrats dude.

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel Paul, Dave labowski and casinodaddy were taken down again. Fukin u tube be careful again mate

  123. Big bottle of Ronza and a big bag of coke ? well done matey ?

  124. Reply
    slottyscotty wilson June 8, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Nice to see.

  125. Lovely hit chief buzzing for you when you hit that

  126. love it, you deserve it.

  127. Well deserved

  128. Watching that win is up there with the feeling I got when my son was born. Touching stuff Paul lad, enjoy ?

  129. Wow get in there my man

  130. Reply
    Tycjan Stankiewicz June 8, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    Finally !!!!! Finally
    nice nice nice

  131. Reply
    Tycjan Stankiewicz June 8, 2018 at 5:46 pm


  132. What, no desk humping after the big hit on a big stake you been waiting so long for? Phemnom Pheonom AWESOME WIN!!

  133. It was a sign. 25,666. An omen. But gtfit anyway!

  134. Fair play, it’s about time.

  135. Well overdue mate ?

  136. 1.5 mil I hope that’s in yen lol.
    Fuck me what a sweet hit though

  137. Well done mate. Long time coming

  138. Better be a desk hump video for this one!

  139. Bloody brilliant…lol..now that’s the rolla we love ….

  140. Buahahaha… GTFIT… oh my god so happy for you mate, great fudgin hit, we want more of these hits, keep it up ?

  141. Oh my god ?

  142. You need to show some of these losses you talk about. How many people will now bet seeing this thinking it’s easy money. I like your videos an live streams so not a hater but you never say how much gambling has cost you

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel not having a dog at all mate. Watched an enjoyed over a year of your videos but myself have been tempted (and played) myself and lost on the back of your winning videos. I hope you banked it pal you do deserve a decent hit

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 8, 2018 at 7:46 pm

      I do agree mate but also with the way I gamble a lot of these sessions dont even make it past 10 seconds so wouldn’t be youtube worthy. The Computer blackjack compilation I did kind of sums up the majority of these session that never take off. But also if you see most of the comments its mainly things like “its about time” or “finally” etc so I have uploaded a lot of fails and some of my most viewed vids are losses

  143. Amazing…finally you hit big on a huge stake. Love your vids. Congrats

  144. I take it back, that is immense gambling. Well done mate, rock n rolling ??

  145. Really nice win bro

  146. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel June 8, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    Amazing amazing AMAZING!!!

  147. Wow wow fucking WOW
    Nice one rolla!!!

  148. Wow get the fudge in there Paul, I’m so happy for you. At least a big payout.

  149. My god. That was highly enjoyable. Massive congratulations and much deserved after your run of late!!!!!!

  150. Fuck me

  151. Bell ? I just won £800 a feel shit now ???

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 8, 2018 at 7:43 pm

      If you see my pinned comment this and other wins will only be some losses back, £800 is awesome mate!!

  152. Mint hit boooooommmmm

  153. Get in there rolla

  154. Danger, Danger high payout! Well done Rolla that wins insane!

  155. about fudging time i’d love to see that dance lol

  156. Good paul you are winner typ ??

  157. Congrats paul. Cheers uncle pap

  158. it’s money ?

  159. Get the fudge in there. A long time coming!

  160. GG bro finnaly a comeback

  161. HOLY SHIT! imagine a skull on the first n last lol

  162. Great win much deserved mate, Ronza Ronza baby

  163. Fuck my ass, I’ll blaze to that… Sweet Paul…

  164. You went even for the month with that? EVEN lol 30k

  165. Wow, what a video, loved everything second of it.

  166. Unbelievable! WTG WOW!

  167. dont try this at home guys lol

  168. Dude sorry got to say it your computer blackjack is bull shit £500 bets fuck off the minute I put on £10 bets it’s 21 21 blackjack, 21, 21 blackjack.
    Every time dont want to fall out with you but your representation of your computer blackjack results is utter crap ? what utter dog shite

    • Anyway Paul your a great guy but computer blackjack is so fucking rigged

    • I believe it gives him wins on such big stakes because in the past he lost more. You both are correct.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 8, 2018 at 7:58 pm

      The just on stream gambling was just for May, this vid was from April which was still a losing month

    • Why you playing off stream???

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 8, 2018 at 7:38 pm

      Did you see my computer blackjack compilation video though? Thats what happens majority of the time, if I lose it all on the 1st hand then thats 10 seconds of footage saved for another compilation ha

  169. Wow! Congrats

  170. Nice one. What happened with the £50 feature a few days ago? Missed the stream

  171. Well Done Mate

  172. Great viewing, nice win ??

  173. Brilliant mate much deserved??????

  174. Bad news for grapes it looks like he’s sacked it off his channel doesn’t exist anymore. Does anyone know what happened?

    • Daniel Maguire looks like hes done massive deposits to the point he cant gamble anymore or win back what he lost, and so he closes the channel which rrmainds him of that.

  175. Well rolla. Don’t spend it all in the one casino gambling bad for you lol .enjoy the winnings I would be in the sun tonite

  176. Absolutely made up for you Paul.
    All your faith in the slot repaid.
    Fantastic, well done sunshine.

  177. Paul you couldn’t lend me a score could you? Haha! Well In matey, unbelievable stats tho ?

  178. You lucky man spread the luck please i need it !!! Well done bro

  179. very nice win congrats

  180. Ok Paul see you monday

  181. Well done Paul it is about time i have seen your many fails pleased for you ………stream live later

  182. Reply
    Daniel Tomo Thomas June 8, 2018 at 8:03 pm

    get the f in …about time you hit something like this …1.5 million tho ??

  183. Awsome hit mate see you had a 666 in your win haha

  184. Get the fuck in there ? good lad.

  185. Reply
    martins feldmanis June 8, 2018 at 8:12 pm

    happy for you, bro. finnaly it paid!! u deserved this, definetaly!! now u have few months not losing money on these damn things. 🙂

  186. Well done about time u had a huge hit. Finally

  187. Well overdue! Get in there Paul mate!

  188. He who dares wins! Great win dude! Now to get the other 20k back… (joke) ?

  189. Holy High Voltage !! Get the fudge in there. Nice work my man

  190. Awesome win !

  191. About bloody time…Get the fuck in there !!!

  192. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG GREAT HIT MAN! U more than deserve it.

  193. GTFIT! Hope to see you streaming tonight pal

  194. you can tell when a bonus is coming – the first and second hit pretty fast compared to normal

  195. congrats mateabout time, Money Back

  196. GetInThere Paul congrats Sir!@#FudgingNinesEveryWhere?✌️?@PeacenMuchLoveHype!?

  197. Big win..!!! Enjoy..!! Love the videos mate keep em coming.. ????

  198. Fucking he’ll well done mate happy for ya finally 🙂

  199. Nice one mate been a long time coming

  200. That was beautiful mate

  201. Did you notice that you got £666 on gates of hell?? Illuminati shit right there.

  202. Epic! Fucking epic Rolla, congrats !!

  203. Great win paul ?

  204. Reply
    Stephen Nicholson June 8, 2018 at 9:26 pm

    YouTube needs to sort it’s shit out, can’t believe I missed this live, good result mate, hope u told the bandit, and laughed. Lol ps love the bandits videos as well

  205. Gratz in the win my man so deserved <3

  206. wow crazy hit sick lad….thats just amazing…..

  207. mental

  208. Fucking finally! The massive one!! Nice one bud! ??????

  209. What a win Paul !!! Amazing mate

  210. I can do this too just like you on play for fun just like you

  211. Very happy for you Paul….x

  212. Wow crazy, that’s three years wages for me ?

  213. Well done Paul

  214. Huge hit Rolla! Nice to hear your voice proper buzzing from this hit

  215. Unbelievable Jeff!!! ?

  216. Congratulations, that was an awesome win! If this happens again can we se the Ronza dance?

  217. Reply
    Perfectpair-Gambling June 8, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    What a insane free spins! Nice!

  218. So the £1600 I won today now looks like pocket change ? ? P.s brilliant win pal….

  219. boom town

  220. Well done ?

  221. Wow cracking win there, congratulations ?. Those 31 that dislike this video? Are clearly green with envy. Lol ?

  222. WOW WOW WOW get the flying fudge in there.

  223. Amazing! Congrats!!!

  224. i played this game and I lost 500£

  225. Wow massive congrats paul. Life changing money for most people that. Well done ??

  226. Well done Paul that win was so over due glad to see it happen

  227. Reply
    jejejejeje jejejejje June 9, 2018 at 12:32 am

    sickkkk, congratz

  228. 33 people have no desire!

  229. Awesome win mate
    Need more like that.
    Well deserved

  230. Skull on the last spin would have been nice.

  231. And you was cussin on the second spin 100% ?well done bro that’s a bad man bonus!

  232. Epic

  233. Reply
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE June 9, 2018 at 4:59 am


  234. Ha ha and I said this slot was running cold whhheeeeyyyyyy well done Pablo

  235. booom… nice hit, congratz

  236. Beautiful win.

  237. well done pal !

  238. Really happy for you to finally smash in a max bet bonus, it does not matter if its £40 stake or 40p stake you are thoroughly entertaining and great to watch…….. gtfit

  239. Reply
    Matthew Hudson-Young June 9, 2018 at 8:33 am

    cigar win

  240. Great hit!! I went to the casino last night, hit £578 off a £1 book of ra bonus with a double retrigger on the pharaoh, then sat down on the blackjack table with the spare £80 and walked off with £1500! Unbelievable run

  241. Wow get in there!!!!

  242. Reply
    Catalin Viorel Ciobanu June 9, 2018 at 9:54 am

    At laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast….didn,t took you so long:)..keep it like that …:)

  243. Gtfit Paul well deserved m8

  244. Reply
    Gustautas Mačiukas June 9, 2018 at 10:10 am

    Long time no see mate, good to have you back

  245. That was special!! Boooom ? very nice!

  246. Maaa maaaaaaaaaaaan. Get the fuck in there!

  247. a beautiful thing…

  248. Fudge me

  249. congrats m8 hope this is 1 of many ?

  250. Nice one mate well done ?

  251. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, there is only 1 Rolla. Your composure spares my ears and that I thank you for. Congrats bud

  252. Now,That was fab to watch…Well done paul ??? And well deserved ??

  253. Wow what a great hit on this . That’s what £40 stakes should pay .
    However £1.5 million wagered ???? Shit the bed !!!!

  254. Fortune favours the brave buddy 1 more big hit and you be in profit

  255. 25,666,00 there is where 666 is the responsible of winning evil devill

  256. That sort of video is exactly why I’ve been watching you for so long. Big balls bro ??

  257. who is came here just for the song =))

  258. awesome win, not my proudest wank though…

  259. yes big win

  260. well deserved mate

  261. takes some stones to go big like that ! but well deserved … followed u for a while now and this is top notch

  262. Well In Topman Great win great reaction well happy for you f**k the fobt’s

  263. You need to do a bottle ronza for that win bud.

  264. Get the fudge in there lad….been a long time coming! X

  265. Sick, well done mate!

  266. Madness mate, that was an absoloute joy to watch

  267. Congrats Paul enjoy it !

  268. well in mate always said gates is best bonus congrats brother

  269. Finaly Rolla?? enjoy your winnings man! Have been way to long since Danger have paid me good!

  270. Boooooom at last   , fire in the disco , gates of hell ,, awesome hit

  271. Got a loan of 40 quid mate? Haha! Congrats, epic win! 😀

  272. Wow ??

  273. Smashed it brother congrats

  274. My dream is on this video haha mush love Paul from morocco

  275. Well done mate, really good to see you have a return like that. Really hope this is the start of something big!

  276. Well done mate, don’t give it back bank it to missus, not like me lost everything goodluck

  277. Al set up between this gambeladdct how plays with all the viewers money and the casino.. peple who play wth own money will NEVER and i mean NEVER hit these kind of things not in 6 million spins they wont. If you believe this is al legit, your to stupid to take a shit,

  278. Fair play lad

  279. grats dude. Big ball bets for big ball prizes.

  280. Just seen this and after first retrigger just hoping for skull or nines cant help but be greedy. Gtfi about time you had an epic, way overdue

  281. Reply
    Goal machine Gaming June 9, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    Unbelievable well done mate

  282. Great hit Paul, I’m just gutted I didn’t see you dance moves haha. GTFIT

  283. Congratulations!

  284. loved that

  285. Reply
    Nigel Costermills June 9, 2018 at 9:35 pm

    Wow well done mate

  286. The king?????????

  287. Just something to look out for when playing DHV. When the reels spin quicker than usual, that means you are guaranteed a bonus. Just a little something I noticed.

  288. You knock me sick mate. 1.5 mil staked. Just think what that money could of bought u. Numbers are infinite. Money is numbers. If it’s money that makes u happy then ure quest for it will never end. Ure a lost soul I hope u find ure way back. Good luck.

  289. Get the flying fudge in there man!!!!
    Buzzing to see that epic win!!
    Ps I’m 6 weeks no gambling now thanks for the gam ban heads up.
    I’ve also done the 5 year ban on all casinos I used to use. Top man great hit.. peace…

  290. Get the fudge in there!! ???

  291. I would’ve been sick. That money would change my life. Congratulations and well done!

  292. Reply
    Badazzbear1 Twitch Streamer June 9, 2018 at 10:34 pm

    GTFIT Paul <3

  293. WTF is that

  294. Smashed it ? nice 1 Mr rolla ???

  295. so happy when i saw this, well fucking deserved Paul!

  296. Gongrats man ….had to happen …superb win … (yes dazza it’s real money) 😀 🙂 well done man !!!

  297. Reply
    Зайчик Весенний June 10, 2018 at 12:47 am

    Bro I like to watch your victories, they are real and it is visible that you turn on real money.As always I wish you and us all good luck???.Hello to you from Ukraine????

  298. I’ve been watching your stream/yt vids for so long and if there is someone out there that deserved this INCREDIBLE win it’s you! so *BIG* congrats on a well deserved win bro! and i wish you many more in the future 🙂

  299. You need to get some help man.

  300. Desperate

  301. It was due Paul, get the fuck in there.

  302. Nice hit

  303. Well done mate all the way from Vegas, I’m here.

  304. i fuckin love you

  305. Very much deserved and long overdue win Paul.. Not many people would have the nerve to do max stakes especially on this game because its high velocity. The 8th and 9th spins let you down but congratulations on hitting this mega win..may they continue ..if anyone deserves a big return on the slots for a change its definitely you… Take care and enjoy the money dude

  306. And yet more fake bullshit!!!!

  307. You deserve it bro. May the force be with you

  308. HELLUVA HIT ROLLA!!! congrats man

  309. Fk me sideways. Epic

  310. Wow…congratulations man big win

  311. AT LAST PAUL – get in there !!! Top result fella, always nice to see a lump get withdrawn !!

    What happened about the masquerade hit @ £50 ??

  312. well done! 😀

  313. Reply
    yamontoawinnerslotschannel channel June 10, 2018 at 9:57 am

    Class paul congrats mate you deserve that hit on high stakes and it’s been coming for a while imagine that second retrigger tho lol

  314. First of all this addicted maniak works for that online Casino. He’s on 20$-40$ stakes alot and yet not whipped out. Who believes that this is legit and pure are fools.

  315. Are you finally up, after this insane win? Geez, that’s someones yearly salary that you just won!!

  316. Ridiculously, lucky!

  317. MASSIVE!!! WOW bro

  318. Adolf Hitler he manipulated the Germans to believe in fake things about jews and it appears that there’s fools who believe that the streamers are legit and this win is pure and legit. Wake up tin foilhatters this scammers are fooling you and you guys are stupid feeding them up by sign ups thru their links.

  319. Amazing 1 congrats

  320. Finally! Great win mate

  321. wow nice

  322. Wow nice bud good to see a monster on danger 🙂

  323. Yes? fuckin hell what a win mate!!! cashout?‍♂️? most of it anyway

  324. Multiple orgasams on the retrigger ?

  325. absolutely amazing. congrats

  326. Awesome win! This is the excitement where we all play for

  327. 900 Likes – Just say well done mate been a on long follower having a break 🙂

  328. Recently after a few weeks of not playing on roulette I deposited 1600 they just gave me profit of 500 so I was 2100 up and I saw on the board in 25 spins was only two times tiers number 16 and 23. I started to bet 11 with neighbors and obviously all tiers. I got 27 after three spins after that I said to myself most probably they will start spinning tiers so guess what fellas I was playing them with slight progression I lost 2100 in 14 spins didn’t come out. Once I lost all the next spin was number 8 then again 8 then 11. Fuckers were spinning against me waiting when my betting bankroll ends to start drop ball on my numbers. I don’t believe in luck I don’t believe in coincidence pure rigged fucking shit ??

  329. Well done mate so long overdue get the fuck in there?????

  330. Reply
    Slottenham Hotspur June 10, 2018 at 7:04 pm

    Any action tonight mate?

  331. Massive hit mate, well done. Imagine a couple more 9’s, would have been absolutely incredible!

  332. U streaming tonight mate

  333. Hi paul it’s officially 10 years to the day you joined youtube congrats on what’s been a brilliant channel

  334. wooow! Insanity right there

  335. rocknrolla is this a big gain for you?

  336. Streaming tonight paul?

  337. big win tune nice one

  338. Beautiful!! Well done and well deserved!!

  339. Fair play to you Paul….well done??????

  340. Anyone know what happened to Grapes Gambling Channel?

  341. About time bro some hit !!

  342. Get the fudge in there!I’m very happy for you Paul!Keep it up

  343. You did it buddy!!! Finally!!! GTMFI boy damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn – well pleased for you.

  344. You deserve this win! Gz

  345. Is it real money??

  346. Where has the live streams been

  347. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette June 11, 2018 at 11:09 am

    Epic win mate 🙂

  348. Awsome mate, buzzin for you RocknRoller!!

  349. It’s money

  350. Shame it didn’t go to someone more deserving, this money will just be pumped back into the system whereas it probably could’ve helped someone who doesn’t have a disregard of money and badly needed it

  351. Wow just wow

  352. Much deserved Paul smashing win

  353. Wow congratulations. Please withdraw and treat ya self and ta family. It’s soo good to actually see a nice win

  354. Get the fuck in! Good shit mate

  355. 64 pll dont like that video ? sad bastards fair play mate u never fail to entertain us

  356. Fucking he’ll yes……..good one bud

  357. Wow what a hit. Congrats and be careful

  358. Get the fudge in there haha watch you’re videos all the time. You bet BIG BRO don’t ya.

  359. Mate how do you hit these big wins all the time ?? What is it you do.

  360. 666

  361. MBN

  362. Fuk you casinos this is gambling PORN

  363. That’s insane but 40 bucks a spin is crazy

  364. Get in there @Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel buzzing mate, Only just seen this! Unfortunately not been watching much as don’t use twitch tbh. Any news on if the streams will be back on YouTube at any point? Cheers!

  365. U will loose all this tomorrow

  366. x641 not too bad i suppose lol

  367. Crazy paul!! Well deserved mate!!

  368. You should had copyright #getthefudgeinthere BTG used it in there new slot Donuts

  369. Holy shit did just say it puts him back even for the month so that means he has spent £30k on slots this month ouch

  370. Finally somone who is honist about how “lucky they are” getting bored of these streamers getting happy of a massive hit when they are well down because of your honesty im subbing

  371. I need to see the Ron Zacapa dance! Get the fudge in there mate ??

  372. Promotion of irresponsible gambling eill force powers to stop affiliation deals with casinos

  373. If only it was yours!

  374. Google is looking to ban all gambling related content especially channels that encourage or promote gambling. I think they realise the damage casinos do and there’s a lot of petitions to get this type of shit shut down because it’s damaging people’s lives. For example Rock has gambled more than £1.5million and even with this £30K win, he’s still £20K down. It’s a scam and only those that manipulate others into thinking it’s not will profit in the long term. Rock does okay with affiliation he’s also a gambling addict so even if YouTube bans these kind of videos he’ll still gamble (and drink). Just be careful because when your addiction gets really serious there’s no return.

  375. Man!!! Very nice hit!! Greetings from switzerland?✌️

  376. Lol the IRS gonna fuck you money up

  377. Wow. A win like that would change my life…….
    For about a week until I hit bust town again

  378. Great win that

  379. How to download this game from where please answer me

  380. You just won the UK average annual salary in 6 mins. Nice!

  381. Jesus do people really think he is playing for real money ???affiliate of the casinos just like stop and step.

  382. Addict.

  383. last week i won 11k on gates with 5 pound stake, this slot is insane!


  385. If it puts you even at the end of the month i really think you need to stop playing haha your not up so its not really a win ?

  386. Put it all back in.

  387. 6:25 puts me back even for the month

    So not really a big win, eh?

  388. Guys, quit gambling, love yourself and stop hurting yourself

  389. Heads up the Bandit has been banned….you might be next lol

  390. Your nuts ! I like it fair play !

  391. You spend all 25k yet?

  392. Puts you back even for the month wtf 30gs you spend a month bro you might have a problem

  393. Reply
    First step Investment August 2, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    Woof woof

  394. 1-2 of this a month and you would break even… glgl

  395. Fantastic, I miss you on YouTube since they have deleted you, the bandit and stop and step.

  396. Guys winss like 800 1000 is not huge for me anymore . Need help i think

  397. Forget the comments. You one of us. Best player. And i really love how you play. Best wishes. Goooood luck. Love peace.

  398. My question to you is, how much funds did you put in first place to get that much return.

  399. Shit!, you were right, you have to play big, that’s okay.

  400. Nice

  401. How did I miss this wowowowowowow

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