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  1. hahahaha welcome

  2. the ol K3s no flush draw bottom pair plays… wow mate unlucky

  3. You shouldve jammed river to make him fold

  4. that K3 guy is a dutch pro who lives in london

  5. owned XD

  6. old video?

  7. yo buddy that last one where he hero calls with 3s it makes sense the way you were betting thay you had an ace and a straight draw tbh. that’s my opinion I would deffo feel fishy calling with 3s but it the story makes sense sometimes you gotta go with the gut

  8. Reply
    Ferocious Super nova March 7, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Try the monkey madness slot on PokerStarsUK mate made a killing on 10 a spin loads of features

  9. £300 bucks that would have been, hahaha bucks you tit????. Keep up the good work lad??

  10. Seems like they ‘re targeting you mate. Keep that in mind next time you play and fuck’em up!

  11. Good old poker vid, if I just stuck to playing poker I would always turn a profit but get sucked in by slots and roulette every time! I will learn one day but been saying that for 30 years lol good luck.

    • Yeh man I did that on party and stars, but I withdraw and hit other casinos. Degen through and through, maybe one day I will learn.

  12. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan March 7, 2017 at 11:05 am

    good luck paul especially on 14th my lad

  13. Calling that re-raise out of position with A2 I think has to be a losing play in the long run. Raising 2BB in the Hijack with A2 is also questionable. Still calling with K3 there with any board is very tough, I doubt many people would have made it even with your reputation. Also the hand where you had A6, there is a specific skill in making correct thin value bets however the 6 gave you showdown value and what were you hoping was going to call you? Your only really ahead of A5, 44, 33 and 22’s there.

  14. king 3 lol , who even calls the original raise with that let alone the other bets . that’s why I’m convinced it’s rigged lol

  15. I know you don’t have time to play poker most of the time but you really should, the difference in the tone of your voice when you’re winning a poker hand compared to winning anything on slots/roulette/bj is a world of difference. Haven’t got to the end of this video yet so that may change we’ll see lol. Have a good day bud.

    Update: Lmfao K, 3.. one of the reasons I hate poker.

  16. You played that A2 like a total fish. No offence. Your story made no sense. He only needed to play a pair.

  17. love the videos. – more poker videos please

  18. you are a fish mate

    • there are a lot of fishes even at the final table of major tournaments like sunday million 😀

    • Why does it matter whether or not he is saying he is a pro? The guy made an observation, he is a fish.

    • Lol dude, he ain’t saying he is pro. You are a total retard.. you have 36k profit over 20k games and you are bragging on youtube about your sharkscope graph. Even my Full Tilt Poker graph is better than yours. You are an absolute nobody. STFU.

    • Enzozf31 he’s not claiming to be a pro you absolute muppet …..mug

  19. You have to learn a lot more about the game

  20. You got abit silly with the high chip count should of been more patient the hand with that 3 what he called was an amazing call but you made it obvious you were bluffing – you never had anything there , good vid tho pal learn from it ,

  21. You bluff too much Paul, that’s why you get called with pair of 3s…

  22. Haha that double bounty was awesomee Paul, nice job!

  23. better stick to roulette man 😀

  24. just know when to hold em , no when to fold em , know when to walk away , no when to run !!!!!

  25. this isn’t good

  26. Both spots you picked were pretty bad places to bluff. Generally when you bluff you at least want to have a little bit of equity to improve (gut shot, backdoor flushdraw, etc… And when you hit that 6 and bet 10k your’re giving the guy 6:1 on a call, if he has any type of showdown value he’s calling.

    And on the second bluff you were repping pretty much exactly 57 or like q6 that made a weird two pair on the river and was bluffing before.

  27. Btw people he doesent claim to be a pro he claims to Be a fish haha so don’t get your hair out !

  28. hey paul! amsterdams casino is quite cool!

  29. More poker please !

  30. have you heard how much of a tit you sound? CRINGE!

  31. lol, love it how every fecker is a pro on your comments ?????

  32. The reason why he called with K3 is because:

    1. You do not rep many hands.. You are basically telling him you
    have a set, 2pair or straight (not many combo’s which you would call a 3-bet preflop
    with) or you have hit a Q with a good kicker on the river… but the Q on the river is more
    likely to be in his range of hands.
    2. There is a BIG tell in your river bet. If you had a very strong hand
    you would’ve gone ALL-IN putting your own bounty on the line, making him
    more tempted to call. You would’ve shoved the river with a good hand as
    it wasn’t even a potsize bet making your opponent call with a wider
    range of hands as he gets value from your bounty.
    3. Popiedejopie is a very good regular. You should start to give people
    notes/labels. In example… JaYJaY was last years WCOOP ME winner for
    $1.5 million

  33. Call with the K3 because you rep virtually nothing

  34. Lovely, you were itching for the big bounty to call! And to face Aq x 2 was a nice position.

  35. could of got way further but you just play super aggressive with junk lol… you raise every single street gg

  36. That player you tried bluffing the A2 hand is considered one of the best online pro’s around

  37. love ur poker Videos!! even if u r a fish, makes it more fun to watch 😀

  38. If you went all in on the A2 hand at the river, which you should’ve, the likelihood of him folding is greater & maybe a bet on the flop.

  39. loool paul you are even a degen poker player 😉 im still putting my money on you to smash kim though.

  40. Stick to affiliating table games – you’re the biggest whale ever

  41. you aint very good at poker are you in fact I would saying you are very fishy indeed stick to playing your slots and roulette mate poker is deffo not your game !!!!!

  42. Loving the use of dog the bounty hunter in the thumbnail ?

  43. A2 hand, fold or reraise pre, never flat oop with a weak hand

  44. Guy just called you with K3 because he flopped a pair lol . Yes I know he’s a pro but that doesn’t automatically make his play good . There’s a lot of hands you can have there on the turn that you call the 3bet with such as 87s 76s , sets 99 TT even slowplayed AA so turn bet is fine with the ace and straight draw . River I think you have to shove or bet smaller or just check and give up . Your sizing looks very suspect. You got to be careful bluffing rivers after flushdraws miss because opponents tend to call too much then . Betting river smaller might better tell the story that you have an 87 or 99 type hand because it looks less like you want him to fold and more like a blocking bet where you rather bet smallish than check and possibly have to face a big bet

  45. lovely lad, but turd at poker

  46. Can someone help me with $ 1.10 please
    my nickname- ganev1225

  47. New subscriber m8 ????

  48. Paul, just dont play poker…. you are very easy to read…just go play slots…

  49. check that river with A6o, probably fold if he bets because QT and gutshots mostly bet turn

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