£2,000 vs Roulette!!!


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  1. £3800 up in 2 min fukin ell 2 months wages

  2. Get the fudge in where! ? GET THE FUDGE IN THERE! !!

  3. Reply
    Lu & stew’s online slots and gambling Uk players November 11, 2017 at 9:10 am

    Unlucky buddy maybe should of taken £5k but still a nice vid
    When do we get to see the captain venture vid you got saved

  4. That river wasn’t very lucky unlucky paul

  5. Yea right like the way it skipped hit 9 skipped hit 21 then 17 boom took 7k in 3 spins be complaining about that paul fact send this video to bv

  6. Unlucky Paul!… peace and love m8

  7. never seen it display the number so early, bloody ball is still moving around, so guess it is rng that gets the number not a true ball spin

    • Chris just for your information… The dealers action and the games outcome is displayed by delay with ~5 seconds for the reason that the system has time to process the winning number and payouts. This happens for the reason that when the new game round starts and your 15 seconds go in to place your bets will not be mixed up with you waiting for a payout from the previous game round and losing time to place a new bet. X devin

  8. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan November 11, 2017 at 9:14 am

    this game always finds a way the longer you play

  9. unlucky Paul, maybe play diff wheel because this wheel only spins in 1 direction and dealer spins from anywhere where it should be from the last winning number.

  10. 1k vs roulette win then 2k then 3k and so on good idea dude what was your target for this one? MR BALLS OF STEEL. much love

  11. sick finish, one more repeat by £8k from number 5. up and downs bro, chin up

  12. Nice bro love the honesty wins and losses money comes and goes it’s all about enjoying the road ur driving on hahaha

  13. Why is the number coming up when the spin hasn’t finished ?

  14. Tutt tutt 2k to 7.5K is a very nice return but the greed kicked in ! Story of my life lol. Did you have a target ?

  15. So sick 5 rolling in

  16. unlucky buddy but awsome video could of been huge

  17. Come play at unibet paul, waiting for you there 😉 #zerosection. Devin

  18. Anybody else think the bounce of the ball just simply looked dodgy as fuck.

  19. Pfff so sorry mate

  20. Shame about the loss but interesting to see

  21. Shitty bounces, broken stream and the result popping up before the ball lands? Wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t play on that table again.

  22. Fair play to you for uploading these videos, and keeping it real. Gives a genuine perspective of the realities of gambling, which we can all relate to I’m sure!

  23. Why dont you lower your stakes after your big wins back to where you started? Seems like youre always going to lose big if you dont have a figure youre happy to take away. 5k was a good 3k profit for a few minutes work! 🙂
    Understand you’re trying to hit mega money but after seeing you stream a lot youre more dangerous when you win than lose lol. Enjoy the vids btw, thanks

  24. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette November 11, 2017 at 9:43 am

    Started off well buddy. I’ve had no luck on the wheel lately. Turned a £60 deposit into £435 on slots. Done one spin on immersive roulette hit a blank number. Went big, got bitten.. Quite month for me lad.lol. hope you hit some corkers on your next deposit whether it be a live stream or a little flutter… For me it’s a love hate relationship roulette. All the best 🙂

  25. tbh Paul, you actually taught me to play Roulette, just watching you play over time…i learned not to just chase dozens every now and then, and my game has actually improved with the neighbor bets. True, i dont play balls deep as you do, but as soon as i double or triple up, i leave. all thanks to you mate. cheers, and i do hope you get to 200k in your next stream. will be rooting for ya.

  26. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette November 11, 2017 at 9:47 am

    My friend all he does is play centurion slot on bet365. His luck of winning just playing tht the past 3 months is unreal. He regularly plays at work, break time etc. Does £2-£4 stakes always hitting nice features. He showed me all his deposits and withdraws and he’s up hundreds each week lucky fucker for now. Payed his whole years membership at cheltnam and chepstow with the winnings last week. Very keen on the horses. anyway have a great wknd

  27. Showing your wins before the ball has landed and then going blank screen when you lose so you can’t see your spin ?

    • +Stu Glee thats not called cheat its just the connection with the casino so the reward is already given but the roulette video is just delayed

    • This is due to stream performance/internet – if this happens to me I just leave the whole point is enjoying it watching where the ball goes for a punter.

    • Daniel Maguire rigged all the way was showing the winning number before the ball landed that was bullshit but casino’s only ones that profit from it in the long run

  28. 7 large gone in seconds ???

  29. Damn dude. I wish I was on that table every number was a hit for me. Like a 20 number streak shit I’d be £100,000 up.

  30. hi mate. whats the tune? i love it!

  31. The spin at 41 seconds looks dodgy as it gets !!

  32. you are sick paul!!! after it reach $6000 why dont u stop? there is a saying in javanese ” it doesnt matter if we get a few, as long as we have it everyday”

  33. Rigged as shit

  34. Awww man I was screaming to leave after that last big win !! Unluckily Paul !

  35. This isn’t even unlucky this is hungry for money, you start whit 2k get to 7k and its not enough? What are u hunting 500k ?

  36. Always said bet Victor was bent… screen going off before the ball landed… lol!!!

  37. Unlucky there Paul slight degen mode but no how difficult it is to leave when on a streak of couple big numbers coming in, good to see the realistic highs and lows of playing. Good luck for the next stream ??

  38. Paul I would of thought Pocket 2s would of been a more appropriate name ??

  39. When the screen goes black as the balls landing and every time it was a loosing number, they could easily have it set up so they flick to a video showing a number you don’t have, don’t trust roulette at all

    • mmh, I know what you mean, but is it possible? different online casinos offer the same wheels, so if Paul would have gone to other casino, he would have seen the exact same numbers on the screen… it’s ONLY possible when really every player had this black refreshing video screen in between.. my intuition also says they cheat with magnetism etc … or the dealers see a screen with CRITICAL numbers or zones with a too high pay out or numbers or betting zones which will generate a huge profit for the casinos;. this yes, but that screen thing… mm no

    • M J they would have to do this for a number of players lol but it is possible but i don’t think it will be that easy as the dealer had to pick up the ball from the last number

  40. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel November 11, 2017 at 10:45 am

    Ahh balls!

  41. 😀 17 fucked u up again dude 😀 how many times i told you cover it at least 50£ make your enemy’s your friends. Lol

  42. Reply
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN November 11, 2017 at 11:09 am

    All about profit m8 sometimes you need to bite your tongue and take afew grand even if it is 1 or 2

  43. because winning 5 grand in 2 minutes isn’t good enough… oh dear

  44. Unlucky rolla always the way fuckin 5 came in next spin plenty onit

  45. too brutal… my number 1 rule when i gamble is ,, easy come easy go,,

  46. Whooo @2.18 it shows your win before the ball has landed. Hmmmmm dodgy as fuck that!!!!

  47. and paul , please make a vlog ,,gamble aware/responsible,, .. i feel people dont know u are a good person

  48. Reply
    Eduardo Rafael Alonso November 11, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    no puedo comprender que aciertes 4 números y pierdas igual. mal jugado. no te trazas objetivos. si tienes 2 k y llegas a 5.5 k es suficiente. tienes suerte pero no cerebro

  49. Sick man !! ??

  50. False advertising at 0:16

  51. i would have slept in the fetal postion that night, but on the other hand im no rocknrolla, you get em next time paul

  52. Felt sick watching the last 2 mins

  53. your crazy man haha good content

  54. 🙁

  55. In my head I can hear you say, back it up!

  56. 2:43 the fucking ball is bouncing between 3 and 26 and the graphics already saying you won by hitting 32, when the ball (((bounces))) on that number good 2 seconds later. WHATTA FUCKING JOKE. Disgusting.

  57. The 3 kicked back nicely. Strangely I knew it was either $10k or $0k. Oh well better bounce next time

  58. Try and come away with a profit Rocky that was just wasteful

  59. I don’t wanna sound paranoia , but IF there’s nothing wrong with the speed and the quality of your video recording then that first 27 number spin is such a fake spin !!! I more and more begin to believe that the magnetism is INSIDE the numbers… it feels like it HAD to be 27 .. even when I see fake spins with my own eyes , I actually still can’t believe they would do it, because EVERY other number then the winning number is pure profit for a casino .. so from the point of view of the SINGLE number … all other 36 numbers people placed a bet on… all these chips go straight into the pocket of the casino.. and this EVERY time, spin after spin.. 36/37 , at the level of this betting zone only.. the chance a casino wins is 97,3 % … !!!! then we even are not talking about the AMOUNT you have placed on these loosing single numbers… pure mathematically a studio doesn’t need to cheat…

    • I think so too, and you know what’s weird, long time ago I put a LOT of pressure on the gaming commission after seeing some very weird stuff happening at casinos, AFTER that a lot of casinos changed their POLICY , the agreement every player needs to accept and there is one very important word they eliminated and that’s the word ‘coincidence’ … the result (winning or losing) for the player is the result of coincidence/accident … or what’s the word in english? … contingency? … so yeah it’s weird .. so in the new definition it’s ENOUGH they say ” the result is the result ” … it doesn’t matter anymore HOW … so players can aways look at the agreement they signed in the online casino they are playing … look at definitions f.e. like when there is a winning/losing result .. coincidence/chance for me is when BOTH do not know the result … not the player, nor the dealer/croupier/computer system .. so if it’s for every party a surprise ..

    • PetStuBa they do need to cheat, the house edge isn’t enough. Anyone can just win hundreds of thousands and walk away, in my eyes that just isn’t viable for them and that money has to come from somewhere.

  60. There’s greed and there’s stupidity I think you’ve crossed the line lately mate.

  61. Reply
    Sarah Rutherford/Wade November 11, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    Ouch!! ?

  62. this is why your number 1 Paul and it’s also why you hit massive withdrawals so today’s a loss bet that was probably the odd 2k from a 22k cash out . 12k was the number I think you would of walked with . Peace and love and fuck the fobts

  63. i need help to buy a tent just inacase I loose everything

  64. I always tell y 17 ! Lol

  65. sick music

  66. Please… you all have a gut feeling about the magnets, you can see the magnets pinging the ball… dont doubt your judgement! What you see is what it is! I believe they are using a simple loop hole in the gambling commission rules to be able to use magnets, while still providing the correct statistics that the commission requires. one being that “Over time the odds of winning are X” as required by the commission. I also believe it can only be so long before the “Edward Snowden” of the gambling commission comes out and tells the world about the biggest monetary scandle the world has ever seen, it will be estimated to be worth Billions. The sad thing is, i cant stop using the roulette wheel, even though i know this is the case.

  67. I had the same issue today like you Paul when I started with 1k and ended up 9k profit in just 20mins. After that new dealer came in and swept away my entire profit and I felt so devastated. Should have withdraw half of my winnings but nah thought to keep staking up and end up losing. Anyway my day will come when I’ll hit the big money on roulette. Patience is a virtue!!!

    • rushi raval really in hindsight easy to say but with £8000 profit I would have run for sure. Anyway who am I am to say when in the moment you did what you felt to do. Peace out.

  68. You are such a degenerate… why didn’t you stop….

  69. That was bad that

  70. Showing result before landing the ball. Painful

  71. Should be warning ‘retard at work’ with the quality of the video

  72. it’s telling the winning number way before the ball lands?? what the fuck

  73. Holyyyy SHITT!!! go to 2:43 , speed 0.25 .. watch as the winning appear before ball stops

  74. You can’t win all the time mate. They always get it back in the end as you know.But still a very good to watch as a viewer but always prefer you to win.

  75. At the 2 minute mark it calls the 29 before the ball even stops bouncing around ???

  76. Was it just me or did it show what you won before it had even properly landed in your number??

  77. Its flashing up the numbers b4 the ball lands.fcukin rigged

  78. brutallll

  79. This video is just wrong….the issue is Paul you are looking for the next high….and the one after that….and when you do get it its still not enough….for the first time ever I think you have a problem. You blew 5K in under 3 minutes…6 months ago you would have cashed out. The subscribers would rather spend the night chatting with you and see you win a few hundred quid than a video like this. We are not after the 20K buzzes, that’s what makes something like Jimbo’s 35K so special (knob that he is). I honestly believe you need to reasses what you think the Subscribers want. I sort of miss the old Paul of a year ago tbh.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 12, 2017 at 11:54 am

      Hey mate thanks for the comment. This vid along with a few others I have as well as a lot of sessions recently not recorded is what happens when a gambler like me has access to money and a lot of online casinos! Might do a little vlog as all the things in place for me not to go crazy were briefly taken away due to bank, skrill and a number of other unforseen things. This video and the sessions I did are a result of those responsible boundaries not being in place and a wake up call if you like that they HAVE to be!

  80. 1:56 . Ball is bouncing on 9 and the graphics already saying the winning number is 29. Number 9 is three numbers away from 29 yet the system already knows the upcoming number. Also 2:17 ball just lending somewhere around 18 and the graphics already on screen with winning number 35 😀 Gambling commission my snow white ass. I just can’t man… Someone will sooner or later go full Breivik on these fucking pricks.

  81. Any videos tonight please? Other than roulette hate that game lol

  82. Fun game thanks for sharing the play! Thumbs up my friend!

  83. Not sure why people hate so much on you. These videos show how easy it can be and how easy it is to lose. Rigged or not everyone has a choice to deposit bet then spin. I love gambling and watching people gamble watching your streams for 3 hours plus doesn’t cost me a thing. Keep it up.

  84. Hi rolla I’m looking to do a charity sky dive next year for a children’s charity I’ve never done anything for charity before but you inspire me to from watching your streams I’m not entirely sure how to go about it, any help would be mostly appreciated I have a 18 month son and I’d love to give back to the children who don’t have loving parents I’m just asking for information nothing else, kind regards paul

  85. Big thumbs up that you also post ur losses.. Keeps it real for people who think its only win win win.

  86. What a crackhead

  87. love to see you do a £4000 versus Danger High Voltage session on high stakes (£15 minimum stake)

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 12, 2017 at 11:47 am

      I did an epic video with that one, bonanza and white rabbit but the screen recording trimmend out the stake and balance so not sure if its worth uploading as you can never see what I’m at

  88. Doesn’t matter how much he wins or who looks after his money ect because your girl needs to feel like she is number 1 and when you gamble the gambling always comes before anything. Paul will bust out one day and lose everything

  89. Love your stuff helps me not gamble but it’s real not fake keep your doing what you do and don’t let the fact we love you keep gambling if you were playing at 20 p I’d still watch

  90. Play the money paul

  91. Paul back at it again with the tunes

  92. Entertaining vids no question, but at the same time sad to see and I recognise myself in your decisions.Why can’t we take the fucking profit?Haven’t paid my rent in over two months, in thousands of pounds worth of debt and decide to gamble. Turned £60 in to 2k yesterday but lost in all the space of 5 minutes. £200 left in my account and no job with Christmas coming up. What the fuck is the matter with my brain.Anyone reading this who’s just started gambling take it for what it’s meant to be. Silly fun, nothing more nothing less don’t think you’re different and can carry on winning. It will destroy you

  93. There is no strategy involved in roulette.

  94. The spin after you bust would of been 8k?tats sick

  95. Gambling is always losing: money, time..

  96. Number is called fast lo.

  97. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 12, 2017 at 11:42 am

    I doubt it mate, not feeling it

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