£16,000 ROULETTE JACKPOT!!!! (plus bonuses for tonights stream)


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  1. nice win Mate ?

  2. You’re on a nice streak Paul 🙂 Looking forward to tonight’s stream 🙂

  3. Reply
    Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos December 13, 2016 at 9:50 am

    See you tonight pal

  4. Always lucky number 8 Paul 😉 Get inn!!

  5. Tonight is gonna be epic !

  6. 8.30. See you there

  7. paul just go for the 100k now you are on a massive win streak mate.

  8. You sick sick man!!

  9. absolutely class Paul get in there buzzing for tonight

  10. great channel! and what a tease! 😀

  11. Looking forward to the stream tonight, steamtower going to give you 300x get in there.

  12. Looking promising cant wait for tonight !

  13. When will the stream start

  14. Well done on big wins rolla pal hope to see you get a ultimate win tonight ?

  15. get in there buddy !!!

  16. thx you for the videos

  17. Great stuff mate can’t wait for the stream!

  18. So many videos!!! I can not cope!!!

  19. what a fuckin run my son. jesus hahahaha quality

  20. Reply
    Gambling Geeza - Casino Gambling Channel December 13, 2016 at 10:26 am

    Buzzing for tonight! Hoping for the dream set-up on SOTS!

  21. holy fuck! cant wait for the stream paul – nice work!

  22. Number 8, #deadteam, see you 8:30, don’t be fashionably late ? ??

  23. Reply
    Parker Says Play Casino and Slot Channel December 13, 2016 at 10:29 am

    omg the suspense. your killing me mate. good luck on those features. #melonsizedballs

  24. See you tonight Paul! what time?

  25. n1 cant wait

  26. What is the song?

  27. paul quick question bud ? what is the site view on ur withraws ? u killing the site atm they not making profits u be banned soon LOL . keep it goin collect the fucking lot m8 .

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 14, 2016 at 1:45 pm

      wont be banned I promote them as a streamer so would be suprised plus theres a very good chance they will get it all back

  28. Fucking Lunatic! You’ve kept us waiting but some nice bonuses there!
    Congrats on the new arrival, never mind Rob Zacapa moments you’ll be taking after the Bandit and having some wake the baby moments!

  29. The theme of Bronson :D. Epic movie. Look forward to watching that SecretOTS bonus

  30. Are you going to Stream on Yt or where do u stream , and what time ?!

  31. streaming on my birthday!!!!! yes paul

  32. mate what’s that 1st track your playing plz?

  33. what time u live?

  34. hows your luck… crazy run mate

  35. Nice Paul! I’ll be tuning in. Does anyone know what this song is called?

  36. Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas pal, what time are you streaming?

  37. poul this is no luck this is miracle mate . good to see you on fire again -)

  38. This is soooooo sick!

  39. like songs mate salvador well dun brother gl the nyt

  40. Paul you crazy man, I swear one of these days you will hit a 5 thousand X win on a 20 pound bet… It’s coming soon, trust me, I know… 🙂

  41. mate u r in ur prime time, GTFIT!!!, teach me ur wisdom master ?

  42. Get the fudge in there

  43. Do you pay taxes over the winnings Paul? like u won that 16,000€?

    • really? here in the Netherlands u have to pay taxes over your winnings.. everything above 465 euro u have to pay taxes.. like 29% of the winnings lol.. so i dint see a point in gambling because of that.. while the goverment takes a little chunk of your winnings :/

    • No tax on winnings in the UK

  44. This is fucking sick man, well done! Nicely done on the withdrawal as well, many people wouldn’t have the mentality to stop there 🙂

  45. Looking forward to it dude! 😀

  46. love this chanel, feel like It satisfies my urge to gamble without the risk lol

  47. What time is the stream I don’t want to miss this one . And what site will you be streaming on

  48. Holy hell this is so degen and i love it. Ill be tuned in tonight for sure!

  49. get the fudge in there I have treated myself to a bottle of ronzacaper . can’t wait dude. congratulations on the birth mate . ftfts

  50. Amazing can’t wait

  51. da fuk… registered and played with the 10 free bonus… went up to 800 euro’s… needed to deposit for the wager get activated. Deposited and i need to wager 35x 800 instead of the 10 original bonus amount. From 800 to 0 within 20 min MAFFIA

  52. Good to see a withdrawal mate! Brilliant video as always, bring on tonight!

  53. Get plenty of food in son or Mr zacappa gonna kick your ass tonight ?

  54. runner runner chicken dinner:)

  55. Rocking-a-crib-and rolla
    Congratulations x loads !!
    Can I ask a (silly) question? You got a few massive stakes bonuses, where are the actual bonuses? Do you get the bonus and leave the game and it remembers that you were on a bonus at that stake?

  56. which time starts the stream tonight?

  57. when you on tonight


  59. wow….what time you going to start with those bonuses lined up???

  60. Reply
    THE ENFORCER SIMON BALLS December 13, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    Love it,Nice xmas for the Mrs i hope Paul?
    Carry on this sort of form and i shall be inviting you for tea at the palace.

  61. Nice mate hope them bonuses r good to u

  62. so can you effectively save bonuses up and go back to them. iv played slots for a while and iv never known that.
    good luck 4 tonight Paul.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel December 14, 2016 at 1:38 pm

      yeh mate done it a few times before, can be a little nervous when I dont stream them for a day or two ha!!

  63. Start the stream Paul i wanna see some ActioN!

  64. got to admit love your guts on how you bet one crazy man i tell you lol but i cant help love how you do it epic

  65. “Cos I’m a real Rocknrolla wants the fucking lot” to be honest mate it looks like that’s what’s going to happen tonight! Good luck

  66. What times stream start. Is it 8.30 like usual??

  67. Haha looks like u will have a hangover tomoz buddy !

  68. whens the stream up

  69. Can’t believe I’m working till 11! Hopefully you’ll still be streaming then!

  70. beast mode activated lol…….

  71. £16k best at least make it to your bank account!!!!

  72. buzzing for tonight mate

  73. Nice 1 Paul what time u on tonight? Mate thanks

  74. Balls of steel, love it

  75. Fuck me

  76. Whats that track??

  77. How late bro?

  78. Brilliant recovery in last video monster hits on the roulette. 3 reloads later and you were into nice profit. Then this one flashes up and its even better brilliant hits nice cashout bring on th e big wins tonight. Cant wait to see the 3 big bonuses hopefully they all pay big.

  79. jesus Paul that’s awesome stuff mate!!

  80. We want features!!…We want features!!..We want to get the fudge in there!!.. 🙂

  81. when is the stream?

  82. what time you streaming maye

  83. paul what time is the stream tonight mate

  84. Anybody know what I search for to follow Rocknrolla on twitch please ?

  85. Song???

  86. You must be a millionaire or something. I have a gambling addiction and can’t pay my bills due to it. Love the videos, but please to everyone watching just be careful. I really messed my life up!! Don’t get paid for another week and have nothing to eat!

  87. What time u streaming?

  88. un fuckin real wins happy for you.. congrats on the new born have a good Christmas ??

  89. Reply
    Northside’s Gambling Channel December 14, 2016 at 3:48 am

    Congrats!! Mate!! on the new addition ? to the family? And that “Lot”?ya just got from the “House” Back2Back!! 16k “Get the Fuck!! In there

  90. Hi Paul, can you upload the stream from last night? i missed it! 🙁

  91. does a replay of the livestream come back want to watch the last bonus missed it

  92. Where’s your stream from last night rolla? I fell asleep about half 10 ?? how did the bonus go??

  93. when you putting you’re latest stream up for viewing I only got to watch a little bit at the start last night, excellent run of luck lately, I hope lady luck keeps smiling for you

  94. awesome mate your gonna be pissed on ronza kapa dude haha

  95. Where is yesterday’s stream??

  96. were ate the mega bounes watched some live last night but its disappears today

  97. His Paul will you be uploading last night’s stream? I was working so missed it. Let me know either way m8.

  98. how dud u get on last night Paul? what did jack pay?

  99. What’s this song called ?

  100. song name?

  101. wots the fudging name of this remix of candy glass I have to know it’s driving me crazy to find it on YouTube, lol

  102. You basically had £350 on 8. Damn man thats huge ?

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