£1,500 vs Roulette!!! BIG Win???


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  1. Great video as always Paul!! Well done on your subs to date

  2. You win some you lose some. ?

  3. Not doing great at roulette recently mate , the last 3 videos have been decent losses , I was gutted at losing 70 quid on Saturday ??

  4. Man you already had 1800 why didnt you leave there thats a nice profit

  5. That first spin has tilt written all over it geez

  6. I had the same luck as you on Friday night playing roulette. £500 smashed and £300 on slots without a sniff ??

  7. lol @1.20 that was magnetized ta fuck think im just about done with gambling, just happy to watch

  8. Not one win so what’s the point in this video

  9. Hello Paul, I’ve registered on 21casino deposited 20€ and won 300, but I can’t withdraw because it said that I need to verify my account at first, but I don’t have any document to proof my address. I mean I have some documents but they are righten on Georgian alphabet and they don’t accept it… please help me somehow if u can

    • Contact your bank about sending you an english bank statement

    • Gua Zedginidze I think it’s a cheek to do this but pretty standard for offshore betting sites.
      My issue is that they are happy to take deposits but make you jump through hoops when it comes to taking money out.

  10. when the video is only 4 minutes long, you know that it is a loss 😀 gl next time mate

  11. Consistent as ever pal lol maybe it’s time to change tactics

  12. So glad I have kicked the habbit of playing online roulette. So fuckin rigged it’s un-real. Feel sorry for anybody that thinks Roulette is not fixed. How the fuck they get away with robbing people as well, I will never understand. The goverment need to get these crooks to stop robbing people of money!

    • georgi stoilov fuck me the odds ate always still the same!!@#/^@!@$^^$@!@/^/# long term hes gonna lose the more he plays! Same as random slots and blackjack and every other game that involves gambling on random outcomes

    • georgi stoilov yeah so? Hes not gonna win more than half the time long term! Thats how roulette works!!

    • georgi stoilov facepalm they cant lose! Odds are working for them so no need to cheat.

    • Cheers SG!

    • I learnt the hard way as I have zero control when it comes to Roulette. Game is hard enough as it is, but when your getting shafted left right and centre really does make you think! Really if you go to a real casino you will never see the consistancy of what happens online. Ball jumping out of pockets, half wheel bounces of the ball & list gos on and on and on…

      People need to wise up and realize, they fuckin rigged!!!

  13. What a job.. look pretty and spin the ball. At least It’ll pay for university

  14. hey mate … been gambling for over ten years I get the appeal of betting big to win big but after watching you on roulette lately I think you have either lost all respect of money or else chaceing the thrill of that massive roulette win you had a while back … don’t get me wrong love your videos and never miss a stream and will probs get a lot of hate for this message but I think you need a bit of prospective on what your doing I think you should remember even a small profit is profit and I’m not pin pointing this video just mean on a whole…

  15. More Roulette….need my fix of Roulette ?

  16. You on tonight m8 i think u said

  17. Bad luck! But how ever you‘re da man!! ?

  18. YOU got serious gambling issues bro

  19. Any stream tonight pal

  20. Got into debt by gambling. Just got out of debt by gambling. I’m never going back, I closed all my accounts.

  21. I still think your streams are the best ones going. Most gamblers are only heard from when they win ..they forget to mention the losses. I have gambled all of my life and I gamble just like you do. I go for it when I have the bankroll and I try and make something out of a little bankroll in hopes of going big. That’s why I totally agree with your Wonky play a few nights back. (You were pot committed as Bandit would say) and I agree with the gamble on Duckula. Keep doing what your doing. It makes for a stream that keeps our attention. ???

  22. “how to lose £1500 in 5 minutes…. Get in there” lol last spin looked dodgy . Still the best casino streamer. ?

  23. I think it’s great that Paul puts the losses up to, there’s nothing like seeing that to help kill the urges to gamble!


    Good place to look if you’re like me and gambling has started to take over your life

  24. feel sorry for you here paul, no luck and it seems the dealer was totally against you – last spin confirmed it…unlucky mate

  25. Well that’s a waist of money ?
    It’s all a waist of time and I don’t think the vid help any one
    If not they help the casinos
    Free advertising for them…

    I work in Vietnam ?? and Cambodia ??
    With street kids and we can not afford to feed them some times

    Breaks my heart to see u lose so much money
    You are a kind person
    Pls try to help the hungry
    And lose less

    God be with you

  26. First spin rigged!

  27. Just as comparative……. it took me a year to save £1500 for a trip away. I couldn’t even begin to understand how u feel when u hit a loosing streak like that ?. Love the streams/vid tho pal

  28. Fucking scamming cunts magnets i use to play all the time the ball will always land in section with less bets is all figures lowest bet sections always come up it varies on number of players playing as well .gangsters

  29. got to say i much prefer your one off vids with roulette sound and hearing your reactions rather than youtube music. keep it up pal see ya next stream!

  30. are you streaming tonight pal? If so hope you smash it.

  31. Need a middle like button…

  32. any stream tonight … if there is can we have a bonus hunt???

  33. Lmao your commentary is hilarious

  34. hi paul how do I get in touch for roullete numbers

  35. more cheats fucking magnets again on every spin! the UK casino sits like willimhill would never even think about doing stuff like this

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