1000x HIT FINALLY???? Huge Bonus Hunt Highlights!!


Highlights and results of a huge bonus hunt stream last week!

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  1. Any issues with betfair paying out before?

  2. Get In paul! Which stream is this from?

  3. When you coming back on live mate? 😛 Been a while now

  4. Miss your streams man! Recently banned myself for one year from dunder and guts. I’m up £3k between them, time to quit this year while I’m ahead!

  5. ‘’ It is always nice when music from montezuma come’s in” 😀

  6. Miss your post.

  7. Love these highlights ?

  8. Good to have you back

  9. Love the vids fella.

  10. ⭐️Get the fudge in there – Friday at work just made better ⭐️


  12. Reply
    Slots&SneaksHyperfuse February 1, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    Love u big bro

  13. Don Corleone aka rocknrolla

  14. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan February 1, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    You my friend are keeping it real and provide me with a true reflection of the gambling man who still posesses his ethics, scruples and morals. The ethical man knows he shouldnt cheat on his partner, but still might but the moral man wouldnt. Im getting the tattoo that you arent??. When its due, its due??

  15. Paul its 100% legit unlike someone else most know…

  16. Congratulations on the 1000 X Paul. That was a bottle of ronza in a oner moment 🙂
    Hope there’s many more to come.
    Best of luck for the future ?

  17. WHEN YOU STREAMING AGAIN?fucked off talking (listening) to the wife S.O.S ???

  18. After watching you add up all your losses I did the same thing and I’ve barred myself ! Just watch you guys now

  19. Would be nice to know what you started with

  20. I remember you saying this on stream,
    What an unrealistic hand!? It’s in a James Bond film! ??

    • What always makes me chuckle about that scene if you watch it back is how the black dude is grinning massively and thinking he is good with his full house 8’s full of aces when he’s been overshoved on and then Bond puts the villain all in haha.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 1, 2019 at 2:50 pm

      Hahaha I know but still could have made it some sort of hero call or something!

  21. Reply
    [VideoSlotsSession] February 1, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    lol Women’s flu… Great bonuses tho 😉 The chair done great job on Gonzo…

  22. Great bonus vid mate well done on that 1000x win on Primeval

  23. Very nice bonus hunt . Good luck on next one ! Ai

  24. Teach me how to play poker and win 70k lol

  25. Get in there Rocknrolla 🙂 great ending balance

  26. Great sesh paul , it’s fucking great to see you back ……

  27. Toss pot timmy the mad running machine says mmmmmmmm

  28. Omg….nearly 50k, Nice one Paul.

  29. Great editing on this vid mate ?

  30. bet he lost all of this on roulette

  31. @rocknrolla do u bet 4 n 5€ a spin, when your playing off stream? Man seems like a waste on that Mammoth slot, to not have atleast 20€ a spin. None the less, great hit.

  32. If Carlsberg made streamers the rocknrolla would probably be the best in the world.. top genuine bloke.. Scott j on Twitch

  33. Mr burns excellent that is

  34. I cant watch the twitch comments ~ i hide them with a bit of paper – so many assholes, its amazing.

  35. Well done on the 1000x mate! I’ve been watching you for a while but not playing. Tonight, I signed up for casumo to try jamin jars after seeing you stream it…. I hit a 1578 X win in my first session, managed to upload it too, check it out & thanks!! https://youtu.be/YNJ4ddl0opk

  36. I’m just messin’ with you Paukl, you little bicthc

  37. Suck your own balls

  38. Brilliant that video mate, love the bonus hunt videos

  39. Isn’t this a re-upload?
    Feel like I’ve watched this before with all the talk about the movies, flame busters, the DOA super fast 2nd bonus (im at this point of the vid while typing this comment)

  40. im sooooo freaked out right now…. the video I watched prior to this was “eric cartmans top ten songs” on Watch Mojo. I heard Eric sing Poker Face for the forst time in my life. then I watch this and at 11.07…. what are the chances… never heard it before, then twice in 2 videos….. I honestly thought I had the previous video still open in another browser…

  41. CasIsDead and City Of God – Paul you have impeccable taste my friend!

  42. Paul always enjoying your streams. But I hope you will cash out more instead of winning so much and losing it few min later. Keep it going mate.

  43. Thanks Man, Caught up with some streams.
    Those 2 Jacks a few nights back was nasty, Sickening mate.

  44. Mate when you do these videos, can you put at the start what your starting balance was, and what bonuses you have just so we have some perspective? Cheers mate

  45. Reply
    First step Investment February 2, 2019 at 9:37 am

    Woof woof woof meow
    Gently down the stream

  46. Timmy is a grass now. He’s been to the police now with evidence of people calling him a mong ?

  47. Thanks for the clip Paul

  48. Good video paul, that 1000x was juicy, whens the next stream? hoping tonight!

  49. So i have been gambling for less than a year now recently i started playing at online casinos , i have made almost over 80k(losses not included) from scratch i went on holidays bought myself a car for 10 k . But a few days ago i had a massive 18 k loss , i really dont want to gamble anymore …as i recognized this as a problem . Even while i was on a huge winstreak i just didnt feel happy anymore . I dindt see it as real money an i coudnt do anything but gamble…even now as we speak i know im not done with gambling . I told myself one big win and im done forever . I know i will hit it big soon again , cause im a compulsive gambler big plays big wins big losses . What is your tought on it ?

  50. Why do you keep saying fudge you minge

  51. paul why you fucking moaning its not random etc but your winning 12k plus, do you fucking think these betting sites are cash point machines,?? your moaning pisses me off watching the videos

  52. Hey rocknrolla when you streaming again I’ve got fuck all to watch these days ?

  53. Wow, 720p in 2019?

  54. I like fried chicken and squid on the side mate

  55. I think you should do a gambling menu again on stream just like you did once before last year.

  56. Gates of Hell is super rigged, you get a skull you are guaranteed a loss, you get a 9 and 10 skulls pop up.

  57. That attitude at the end is totally off. Has some great wins in that bonus hunt and spits dummy out when it goes against him. Appreciate what you’ve won, not what you think you should have won.

  58. I hit 2.4 k wooooo

  59. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel February 1, 2019 at 11:49 am

    1 to 2 weeks 🙂

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