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  1. Nice one Paul!!

  2. fantastic that well done lad !

  3. If you did all your gambling on livestream I could understand it, but the fact you go this large on your own shows you have a problem. when a big losing streak hits, I dunno how you will recover.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 13, 2016 at 8:10 am

      IMPOSSIBLE to do all gambling live on stream and I’ve gone large on stream loads before 1k and 2k roulette spins, £20 to £100 slot spins!!!! I never deposit 4 figures if chasing, never go over my budget, I’m currently on a losing streak so I’m taking a week out as my budget can only put a couple more streams in before next month

  4. Cause a realrocknrolla, wants the whole f’ing pot ?

  5. Shit! £14k in withdrawals Plus that £10k Well done! nice to see these big wins. How much are u in for that? Please tell me you have not reversed any?


  7. Not sure about the music it’s almost as bad as your hat ? Great win

    • +Sergey Dzema fuck off scamming cunt… don’t go on that shitty website, virus.

    • Nice video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about – Mahorrla Earning Gamble Method (just google it)? It is a great one off guide for making money with a proven roulette system minus the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my close friend Aubrey finally got astronomical results with it.

    • or as bad as sitting playing grand theft auto u melon this is the real rock n rolla no time for vagabonds like y self u silly snagil tooth fuk

  8. Reply
    Petefromtheblacklagoon November 13, 2016 at 8:31 am

    fuck me mate. when is enough enough?? lol. you were betting like 6 weeks wages for me in one spin. absolutely fucking mental. Glad you won, hope you enjoy your break away bud.

    • Pete Linzey ..he.s betting big with winnings..if you start with 1k and run it up to 5k..and you decide to bet 2x 2500.. yes..you.re betting big but you.re doing so with winnings..no guts no glory..i love his vids..i.ll be visiting the casino in poipet Cambodia next week.. hope to run as good !! cheers !!

  9. Wow u are a man Good job

  10. Did you make profit with gambling in the long term?
    Nice Video! 🙂

  11. Love you Paul but need to be careful gambling amounts like that!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel November 13, 2016 at 9:59 am

      I know mate was I was on a crazy roll so detached myself from how much I was betting and didnt think I could lose! The next vid highlights this even more!!!

  12. happy days mate
    Get in!!!!!!!

  13. fucking GET IN mate nice one paul

  14. omg i can’t understand how i lost 3 days ago 50 euro and in total 360 euro. and you win that easy 10k! .. but you deserve it i love you’re vids paul!

  15. So glad you stopped and 10 Grand.
    Great Win Paul, Congrats !

  16. nicely done, I was hoping it would end well coz don’t think you’re last stream went to we’ll when I was flicking through it last night after I had a shit load of beer ha ha

  17. Nice win there mate and much better music (can’t beat Y&V)

  18. fortune favours the brave

  19. Balls of steel

  20. Nice one mate good to see especially after that stream the other night good luck and enjoy ur hol

  21. A Real roller coaster ride that one Paul! Great Vid & nice outcome well done bud..

  22. You’ve been waiting for withdrawals since the 15th of last month? that really takes the piss

  23. Nice one, looks like it made up for the other night!

  24. Enjoy your holiday mate and recharge the old batterys, get the fudge in there ??

  25. So lucky that 26. you didnt have anything on number 3 for those last bets haha

  26. Please tell me you cashed out the 10k Paul? ??

  27. so great bro, nice holiday

  28. seriously some off them losses made me ill, but the 10k final made me smile 🙂 i hope you withdrew it mate!!! great vid!

  29. Stupid if you ask me 3 spins from throwing the rope up lol

  30. Awesome Ur wizzard men))
    Recharge the enrgy , enjoy Ur hollydays & comeback soon
    May the 4th be with u , cheers Buddy

  31. These videos stress me out! Balls of steel!

  32. nice on there fella.

  33. Get the fudge in there lad

  34. Easily the best channel on YouTube for slots/roulette/blackjack . Fully entertaining to watch these videos . Have a decent holiday and come back and smash it

  35. everytime you clicked rebet i would’ve puked hahaha good job on those hits tho

  36. whaha when 26 came in……I only looked at number 3 that could ♤♡◇♧ you up

  37. Reply
    Northside’s Gambling Channel November 13, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    Epic!! Come back!!?Balance dropped to 0 three times and hit all 3? only Rocknrolla!! 8k profit!! on this one. Looks like the come back is on!! Time for the “House” to PAY UP???”Get the Fuck in there!!” Rolla!! style!!

  38. hello rocknrola nice to see you! great vid as always?!!!!!?!?!?!?!? 😛

  39. Streaming today?

  40. Nice one. Nearly cried before cleared that last bet on £10K haha. One click and you could’ve lost it all!

  41. 26 is my birth date , born winner lol , CAP on or off ???????????? Fred and I have a wager on it .
    A life with a wife is nice , A life with children and wife is twice as nice . To tell them you’ve won , you all have a good life . ADMIRE YOU PAUL .
    GET THE FUCK IN THERE ! LOVE IT ? ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ s
    RIta n Fred ?

  42. would u please help me paul? I come from indonesia n” I wanna play poker in pokerstars…I don’t have money. I will try to make money for living. Iam totally broke paul. would u please lend me 50$ paul in my pokerstars account? for u it is a small amount. if u lend me I will be thankfull. my pokerstars account is BEAPRANA…I always watch ur stream n video. Iam totally broke paul. Please help me.. I can send my passport if u don’t trust me. Iam a big fan of u.

    • Indonesian bumb ???

    • You’ll make no money on poker stars. Everyone plays super passive and doesnt do bets over 2big blinds

    • Flow Floww Paul does seem like a very nice but if he did actually give this guy $150 then that’s going above and beyond what he needed to do. If this guy really is living in an incredibly poor part of the world then he must be doing alright for himself……he’s got a passport, computer and internet yet he claims to not have a job……plus he’s wanting money to gamble with!…..I would be asking for money for food, not to play on joker stars! It seems to me he’s a young kid who hasn’t got a job yet and is living with mum and dad but dad won’t give him any money to gamble with!

    • Paul bless your heart for helping this man ❤…they have no idea how hard life is on other parts of the world…wise man u are 😉

    • rumblemumble wah boleh nih, gw qq doang soalnya bosen wkwkwk

  43. Wow nice one! The roulette master!

  44. now let’s get the next video up

  45. Fook me Paul tat was a roller coaster! Nice win buddy ! Enjoy matey!!!

  46. love this video. congrats Paul

  47. hey rolla whats is the name of the music the stream starts with

  48. Congrats paul, ups an downs in that session all good on the end result, have a lovely week of with the family, tc xx

  49. I was feeling sick for you throughout most of that video. Keep up the good work fella ??

  50. Paul I felt like it was me on every spin lol. Nice Degen plays over there! Amazing win haha. Cheers

  51. How come you have pending withdrawals for over a month and so many of them? What is the weekly withdraw limit? Rocknrolla, are you taking down the casino? sweet win man 🙂

  52. clickbate kind of haha i love your vids man been here since day one only found out your bournemouth same as me

  53. My heart was beating so hard when u got to 10k ! and i was like: “cmon paul, thats really good, take a break now” aahhaha

  54. after the 1600 spin you repeated with 1400, and it removed chips from 3, glad it didnt hit and you went on a rampage. i would have been a pussy and left after the 26 hit, walked with 7k. good work, enjoy your break

  55. Insane stuff…gonads the size of cannonballs, well done Paul cash it out and enjoy it..

  56. Paul you well and truly have lost the plot mate! Get yourself in a 5* for a few weeks with that instead of giving them it back. nicely done bud

  57. All good showing us your wins, but the way you play I bet your loses are massive

  58. nice one paul. hope you don’t mind me posting a link below. I would appreciate any helps lads 🙁


    • I think that would definitely help. Gl with it all man!

    • Never thought that one through regarding trying to hide my identity. That is fair enough, I respect your views and your decision.

      Think I’m gonna change it to show who I am, no point hiding from the truth.

    • If you don’t want your name or picture to be known, you probably shouldn’t post a link via this account. With the least amount of efford, I was able to find all your information (Your linkedin profile pic has you with a tiger on it)

      In all fairness, I would never give someone who I don’t even know or who doesn’t want to identify themselves money. Especially not because I don’t know if the gambling problems are even over. Why else would you be watching this channel?

      Sorry to hear that you are in such debt.

  59. You’re one sick beeeeeeeeeeeeeeestard ;D Cheers mate for that glory win

  60. U crazy ass,go get em ?

  61. get in there!!

  62. yeah get into the high class pro’s

  63. love your vids mate keep them up

  64. Nice soundtrack on this CRAZYMF roulette. Can you link it?

  65. Epic brilliant win it looked as tho you were going to bust then you hit big wins brilliant.

  66. Jesus, my stomach,so many turnarounds!

  67. think about the videos he doesnt upload….

  68. Who is the music buy st 3.53 sec of video it’s great amazing

  69. paul gonna show u what a real shooter look like no fear but clever at the same time gtfit my brother!

  70. paul block any 1 who begs of u dont feel sorry reading there shit block them first time they ask wanna b embarrassed of them sells using there own laptop to ask u for stuff never met or spoke with u in there life dont feel sorry they should CUNTS esp PRANA BEA

  71. wish i had 500€ to buy this one leather jacket, but nope never win in roulette .. it sucks ..

  72. you got realy lucky..if you continue to bet like that you gonna lost a lot of money

  73. good mix !

  74. your fuckin crazy

  75. What’s the last tune?

  76. Reply
    Relaxation Soundwaves January 20, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    When the 0 and 3 came up when you didn’t bet lmao

  77. Whats the song @2:19

  78. this guy is a legend

  79. 8:00 song ?

  80. Reply
    Stake and Chips Gambling Channel March 4, 2017 at 3:27 am

    Nice !! ?

  81. song at 4:22?

  82. Well done paul, i hope these wins keep coming for you pal.

  83. Paul u realise u left out #3 out for all those spins?

  84. have you heard of independent events???

  85. What is the Name of This (SoundTrack) Song?

  86. simply good vids bro.

  87. What tune is that on roulette ?

  88. i enjoyed that…

  89. From both games I got cured long time ago, what a rigged shit in general! Spin as normal option looks so ridiculous same as play slots and press “quick game” is like a suicide. Computer quickly choses empty number. I’m stunned didn’t fuck over our hero with 5 orphelins and 22,25. Simple strategy seen in many your vids short tiers with zero spiel some insurance on 28,7,29, 19 is also smart to cover comes a lot when just bet zero spiel. Still good run though congrats but message to others: I suggest don’t touch it, everything related to netent is kinda going broke in fastest time possible. Netent wankers!

  90. Reply
    Geld im Internet Verdienen April 5, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    u are fukin crazy 😀

  91. What’s the song called that starts at 3 mins or so.

  92. Music no good.

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