£100 & £40 Vikings Bonus!!! INSANE HIT or MISS???


£100 & £40 Bonuses on Vikings!! INSANE HIT?????

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  1. You streaming tonight pal?

  2. Wow……

  3. Hi mate nice win

  4. MISS 🙁

  5. Blacklist this shit. ?

  6. Reply
    Andrew Westmoreland July 3, 2019 at 10:43 am

    Them bonuses raped you good paul

  7. Reply
    Bodylanguageexpert Professional July 3, 2019 at 10:43 am

    Ridiculous m8!

  8. What a win

  9. Madness !!!

  10. That’s gotta hurt


  12. One word…. brutal!

  13. Fucking vikings fuckkkk

  14. Spend those crazy winnings wisely!

  15. Absolute filth

  16. Great bonuses

  17. That hurts m8 🙁

  18. Sick Sick Sick

  19. Can you please show us your withdrawal off those wins to make sure there real ??

  20. Reply
    I'm right You're wrong July 3, 2019 at 10:46 am

    W O W

  21. Not enough swear words exist for those bonuses! Disgusting

  22. Fuck that was brutal

  23. Mate u need to realise that slots are rigged, they will not give u big win on those stakes. Take a look at weekly biggest winnings, 1000x + they are giving to cunts who plays on 0.18 cents and 0.45 cents stakes. Its just rigged and thats it

  24. Reply
    Spartakusi Lets go July 3, 2019 at 10:48 am

    Wow no words ?

  25. Yep this game cleaned me out last night although at much lower stakes, got only 2 bonus’s, book of dead to the rescue at my last 20 quid

  26. Add this slot to your banned list Rocks.


  28. Not normal for such high stakes,would at least expect a 10X

  29. To be fair paul lad doesn’t always pay anyway that bonus do was a risk from the start 🙁

    • @EBZ’S BROTHER and if you do get a bonus it pays bare minimum

    • @EBZ’S BROTHER find that myself mate get bonuses galore that pay 100 x etc at like 60p 1 pound stake but soon as I turn it up to like 4 quid for a like 10 20 spins it goes dead

  30. Would have broke my heart

  31. holy shit! that’s hard to watch, can only imagine how much harder it must of been for you!.

  32. Wtf thats games band for me know lol

  33. Omydayz ouch ul Paul. It has to pay eventually

  34. Who would programme a 0.8x won bonus in a slot? What a joke

  35. £100 spins… my god lol

  36. Why can’t people just learn and not play these filthy fucking drug dealing online casinos

  37. That’s variance for you ???

  38. Slots are becoming awful. Greedy bastards need to be a bit more fairer. Nobody is up from slots

  39. Dont understand why you still even play slots

    • Because he can t lose. Slots will ruin his life at the end. He never wont be able to break even on slots. He better sticks to blackjack and roulette.

  40. The tilt was palpable. Hahah. F unreal.

  41. Vikings were a brutal bunch back in the day, not as brutal as this slot though.

    • @Ryan N Cheers for the history lesson )))

    • The vikings were the only vikings to fight off the Christians. Before the Christian hordes came they were just the Nordic people. A lot of negative propaganda towards our original native european tribe.

  42. fudgin’ nora, looks like when i get a bonus on that.

  43. Absolutely disgusting ?????

  44. Ban list

  45. Omfg. Hit or miss? Just sad. Unbelievable sad bonuses.

  46. Oh my god how’s the mouse haha unlucky rollaaaaa

  47. The only winners are the casinos! That’s why I don’t play them.

  48. How much did they both cost to initiate????

  49. I’m throwing the fucking computer in the pool. Sharpish after them bonuses. You must have at least headbutt the wall ffs

  50. i see nothing wrong with these whatsoever ??

  51. Loser bitch?

  52. What the actual fuck mate. That’s gutting it shouldn’t be allowed to pay so low. Disgusting

  53. Reply
    gavin simpson-alle July 3, 2019 at 11:17 am

    I’m not surprised. this is the reason i stopped playing a few months back. taking for ever to get the feature then bomb you off with massive wins like this. they may aswell just make the stake £100 a press and limit the jackpot to 5p or somthing lol. just feels like that’s the way slots are these days. too many updates on the online games. ‘re programming them to be more difficult to play.
    hope it comes good for you mate.

  54. Wat in the fuck was that.

  55. You not playing roulette anymore?

  56. Reply
    General Issam Zahreddine July 3, 2019 at 11:20 am

    .8x ?

  57. Never really cared for this slot tbh,, but Millionaire has to be my biggest hated slot,, this one just bores me so I don’t play it because of that lol.

  58. Unlucky as hell Paul! ?

  59. ⚠️⚠️Ban list that game ASAP ⚠️⚠️

  60. i know the feeling. not on these stakes but damn brutal

  61. Why i hate watching slots……………. table games are the way to go – and more exciting.

  62. That’s fucking dirty.

  63. I feel sick. about 80% of the RTP is in the bonus and usually it’s at least 60x.

  64. trash slot

  65. 0,8x and 4,5x rigged

  66. never saw such low pays in this bonus, so rigged

  67. I would of smashed the house up on the £40

  68. Reply
    Ramsey Abou-Shaqra July 3, 2019 at 11:37 am

    Fuck man..that was pure robbery..should not be allowed by the developers..u just feel mugged off..harsh.

  69. i dont trust slots when the stakes are high like this. they dont act like they do on low stake. totally different.

    • @Bernd Fisch the reason for this must be clear…just good advertising. they can afford to pay him out.

    • at Roshsteins stream they do better as on low stake. theres a button. He melked that N1 casino since 6 months. they pay only to him good….with 8000 viewers

    • Darth Blazer Are you sure it’s not because you tend to play more with smaller bets?

    • EBZ’S BROTHER absolutely correct, all my bonuses over 8 euro are total crap, i have had couple of 20 euro bonuses which paid ofc 0 euros and so often you get 1 eur massive bonuses. I mean the main thing is how it feels, you just take a look how the bonus starts and you already understand this wont pay nothing

    • We don’t know.

  70. Demo davo slots would have got 1000x .. Just sayin lol

    • Reply
      GrapjesmetTomenTim July 3, 2019 at 8:10 pm

      @Winter Tarzan Jagrup You told me to go to my mom, she forbi.. FUCK OFF STAY FROM MY SON YOU FAT BITCH

    • Reply
      Winter Tarzan Jagrup July 3, 2019 at 8:00 pm

      @GrapjesmetTomenTim That’s weird why did you speak to me in the first place? I am confused

    • Reply
      GrapjesmetTomenTim July 3, 2019 at 7:48 pm

      @Winter Tarzan Jagrup I asked her, she only said tarzan is the gayest cartoon ever created, gambling away all the money he can get his hands on, stay away from this knob.. sorry pal, cant speak to you anymore

    • Reply
      Winter Tarzan Jagrup July 3, 2019 at 6:34 pm

      @GrapjesmetTomenTim Your mom might know ask her

    • Reply
      GrapjesmetTomenTim July 3, 2019 at 6:08 pm

      @Winter Tarzan Jagrup Been there?

  71. Lol… these are the amounts you win on £2 stake and around that.

  72. Joke that rolla!! How much did it cost for the£100 bonus mate?

  73. Savage

  74. Take it your streaming tonight Paul

  75. Did you actually spunk 5k after that bonus to get another bonus

  76. Fuck me!

  77. its a disaster

  78. I feel sick after watching this

  79. Two bonuses 3 min video hummmm ovius really want it 100 quid bonus u really think its gunna pay im glad ive used gamban now

  80. One thing is for sure Paul, you’ll get, you always do. That’s the thing about gamblers, no rest till we get it!


  82. I would flipping definitely put the mother of all smack downs upon my computer if that dog turd bonus happened to me! I’d rip the innerds out the piece of sh#t

  83. That was horrible to watch, just shouldn’t happen! I find TED on £10 spins is great and you get 100x or more all the time, always wished I could play it on higher stake, you had any experience of TED being crap on high stakes?

  84. Wow so so sick?

  85. I wish I didn’t just have my lunch!! That’s sickening mate, my first bonus was 1200x it will come mate just not this time sadly

  86. Its say he lost all money he won for last stream 25k gambling will make homeless if u don’t stop

  87. Not sure how that bonus works but looks crap

    • Needs to hit a full viking in any one of the 3 middle reels to transform all vikings into scatters which pay good

  88. It’s too volatile for high stakes, I would jave been stunned if those had paid anything, got to be in it to win it though I suppose.

  89. Fucking terrible ?

  90. Reply
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN July 3, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    Thats bollocks. Shouldnt be aloud

  91. Oh my god what a rip off.

  92. Disgusting

  93. That’s farking disgusting

  94. Watching a shit ton of streams. Never good if your relying on a NETENT slot to pay. Almost as bad as quickspin.
    Just my 2 cents, good day mate.

    • Agree. I hate Netent with a passion. Been playing casino slots mainly doing promotions for 3 yrs and I’ve never had more than a 100x win on a netent slot. Utter trash

  95. Reply
    TheGambler IsBack July 3, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    Mate you don’t care so stop pretending like it matters to you. But better luck next time.

  96. I’d have volleyed my laptop out of the window no joke.

  97. Ban this slot and this stupid show.

  98. Streaming tonight paul? Maybe try for another £100 vikings bonus? Haha.

  99. well why do you play this absolute shite then? go garden of riches, it averages 100x for me.

  100. Your never going to see a 500x never mind a 1000x on big stakes the casinos will never let that happen….

  101. That’s just sick. Where the fuck was your streamer rigged RTP lol. GTFIT

  102. Rigged tf

  103. Reply
    Freddy from the hood July 3, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    This is fucktup my g.
    I dont even want to know how much it cost you to get these bonuses.

  104. £100 wild north or golden colts bonus would have paid much more.

  105. The kind of things that happen when you don’t gamble with fake money. Brutal.

  106. Fucking Slot!

  107. Hahahahaha, makes my day ☺️☺️?

  108. Damn that hurt`s, unlucky Paul. Never mind, looking forward to seeing that next big win.

  109. #Banned.

  110. Brutal honest vid ?????

  111. i hate this game is so bullshitt

  112. Oh honey noodle poodle

  113. omg that was really bad Paul, when I see slots rip people like this, I know for sure they are rigged. seems the higher the stake the lower the payout. low stakes = high variance, high stakes = low variance

  114. Put it on the banned list

  115. How do you have such a total disregard for money ?

  116. Soooo stream tonight.?

  117. I had to turn it off it made me that angry ! They need to do something about that it’s a joke

  118. Wow brutal miss bro

  119. fuck the fobts

  120. unlucky…too bad

  121. Its fixed. The higher the stake, the lower the win. Can guarantee if that was a 40p spin, it would have paid at least 200x stake. It just isn’t gonna give you a good bonus round on £100 and £40 stakes

  122. Paul i ain’t back on the forum yet so couldn’t dm you anyway this video popped up in my recommendations. I ain’t watched it yet i just haven’t got the time but thought i’d share with you to see what you think. X


  123. No ‘fudging’ then??? ?‍♂️?

  124. That is a DISGRACE, these gaming company’s should not be allowed to get away with it. Any bonus should be minimum 10X

  125. Its an awful game. why play these netent shit with games like Danger and Primal around?

  126. The chances of a win at low stakes is much higher than at the highest. You are old enough to know that- Because THIS is the best example from what an estimated rtp comes about.
    Out of 1.000.000 € in Spins, only 960.000€ are paid back.
    Now, 9997 Players come to the game with each 100€ playing at 1€ stake. 1 is Rosh, 1 is Labowsky and one is Rolla. Rosh plays at 100€ Stakes and wins 25.000€, Labowsky wins 6.000€ at a 7,50€ stake. The total win all other 9998 Players „share“ is 929.000€. Which is then equal to a „real return“ of 92,3%. And it doesnt take into account that there might be more than 2 winners out of 10000 players.

    When would Rolla leave? With a 20x? A 50x? 100 or 250x?

    Just to bring this into perspective: An average 100x win, a walk, would be equal to 10.000€ and means that 919.000€ are shared by 9997 players with an estimated return of 91.9%. A Jackpot win of 100.000€ would mean that 9997 out of 10000 would share a return of 82,9% only.

    From the average players perspective with 100€, it means you certainly lose ~17€. All 9997 would lose these 17€. This means,e.g. that ALL these players would play until they lost 50x, win a bonus feature that pays 33x.

    Now, the average result would not give everyone the exact same amount, wheras some would win 50x or more but therefore some get 33x or less or may never have a bonus feature and will be left with a tenner after 100 spins autoplay.

    From an economical viewpoint it would NOT make sense to fuck 9997 players over, in order to keep them playing. And this is the reason why jackpots at high stakes are much more unlikely to happen as it was at low stakes. In fact, I believe it will never happen.
    What the high stakes player therefore serves is to push the return to players, as 10 losing spins, 1.000€ would give 100 players a 10x or 10 players a 100x win on the low budget.

    Think of it ?
    Honestly- Play minimum stakes and you expected and actual rtp comes much closer to the stated rtp by the operator. I personally rather play 1000 Spins at 0,1€ than 100 at 1€ stake.


  127. Man you got f**ked proper there. Such a shame, I’ve been waiting for you to hit that £100k+ slot bonus win. It’s coming paul, it’s coming, hang in there man.

  128. Reply
    Ben The Boss Jackson July 3, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    Ouch that £100 bonus hurts like mad, but that game always so hit and miss paul 🙁
    the £40 one i thought u could just feel the coldness, i really wouldnt play it paul, you seriously better off on a gate of hell bonus than that one 🙁
    Unlucky mate . hope you bounce back!

  129. Minging

  130. These machines/programmes rarely pay huge on big stakes, waste of time man..

  131. seems fixed pays at lower stakes than higher stakes.

  132. stream tonight bro ?

  133. Mate How are you not punching holes in walls

  134. Hahahha I can assure you if that was me I’d been down curry’s in the morning buying a new laptop because mine old one would have got drop kicked out the window for sure?

  135. Ahhh that was fucking torture

  136. Dam what was that like 7k+ lost ????

  137. I take it he lost the lot, he can afford it folks. I lost £700 wasting my time and a lovely day on the computer have a look at the ceo’s at these companies there millionaires for a reason they made money by taking money off MUGS LIKE US.

  138. Skol!!!

  139. Reply
    C C K E-juice&hardwareReviews July 3, 2019 at 8:12 pm


  140. Wow fucking brutal

  141. Hahahahahaha

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