HUGE HIT on Danger High Voltage!!!!


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أضيف لقائمة الأمانيإزالتها من سلة 3
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WildTornado كازينو
8 الشهور منذ

WildTornado كازينو

تقدم WildTornado كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو مراجعة WildTornado مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 7.9
أضيف لقائمة الأمانيإزالتها من سلة 0
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فيلا فورتونا كازينو
8 الشهور منذ

فيلا فورتونا كازينو

تقدم فيلا فورتونا كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو مراجعة فيلا فورتونا مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 6.5
أضيف لقائمة الأمانيإزالتها من سلة 1
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SpinSon كازينو
8 الشهور منذ

SpinSon كازينو

تقدم SpinSon كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو مراجعة SpinSon مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 8.5
أضيف لقائمة الأمانيإزالتها من سلة 2
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EUSLOT كازينو
8 الشهور منذ

EUSLOT كازينو

تقدم EUSLOT كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو مراجعة EUSLOT مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 7.3
أضيف لقائمة الأمانيإزالتها من سلة 0
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BoaBoa كازينو
8 الشهور منذ

BoaBoa كازينو

تقدم BoaBoa كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو مراجعة BoaBoa مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 8.4
أضيف لقائمة الأمانيإزالتها من سلة 0
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لاس بطل الكازينو
8 الشهور منذ

لاس بطل الكازينو

تقدم لاس بطل كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو لاس مراجعة بطل مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 4.4



100 تعليقات
  1. لطيفة إخوانه الفوز

  2. الرد
    Psychedelic hallucinogenic relic of reality كانون الثاني 5, 2018 في 2:25 مساء

    That guy was insane to watch on stream!


  3. لطيف, hopefully you had a nice cash out.

  4. I saw it live ☺️☺️ Great win Paul

  5. Cracking win Paul well deserved !!!!!!!

  6. Fucking hell m8 i missed this bit wowzer amazing glad it hit for you finally, well done m8 fuck the haters ?

  7. Haven’t seen you smile like that in a long time rolla well done ?

  8. Watched a bit of last nights, skipped back and saw it when I got back in ! مبروك

  9. This will forever be one of your best slots after this. Even before this monster hit it was one of your best

  10. Watched it last night, brilliant win Paul 🙂 PS no more Bollywood please he he. فيد كبيرة

  11. how much did you withdraw at the end of wagering?

  12. Nice well deserved mate ??

  13. The rum was nice to get the fudge in ?

  14. Always when the chat says change slot or rip thats when people usually wins…. so in order to make hella money do the opposite of what chat tells you to do x)

  15. Think this was overdue mate GTFIT

  16. Finally DHV comes around for you!! مبروك!!

  17. فوز مدهش! Well done! And as always thanks for not ruining it by posting the amount in the title of the video

    • well said stevethis guy is a real class a** hole & butt kisser & says things on every single video which are pathetic. WE CAN ALL SEE THE WIN AMOUNT AND PICTURE ON THE VIDEO BEFORE EVEN OPENING IT. sam get a life your a newby with an appalling channel with shite wins -you don’t play online & your comments are LAUGHABLE! لطيف 600 x win rockrolla enjoyed it but your thumbnail did ruin it hugely showing not only the win but the amount. thanks

    • soSAMuk’s UK slot channel you can see amount in video picture lol.

  18. Loved it paul was watching live in bed absolute crazyness

  19. finaly a small video under 3hours

  20. Missed the stream. But this was epic

  21. That chat is cancer, fuck me.

  22. you dont wanna know what the skull on the end would have paid . Grats !

  23. Get fukin in there great hit lad booooooom

  24. get the fudge in their 700x its a ron zacapa moment lol

  25. ضرب رهيبة!!!!! مبروك ????

  26. hi roknrolla curious?when you say thats a Ron Zacapa moment is this what you mean Ron Zacapa Centenario XO Rum?

  27. Wow that def was a Ronza moment! Get the fudge in there mate! Epic hit! Boooooooooooom! Well done bud!
    ??? ??

  28. It was a long time coming ! أحسنت بول , I missed this on your stream last night I joined after and saw the balance . ما ضرب, I wonder what it would of been with a skull on the end ??

  29. You lost some weight your head is getting skinny again haha

  30. Watched it last night but it your reaction that made me come back , like kids at xmas us adults with slot wins 🙂

  31. Fuckin lovely this bout time

  32. What a nice hit mate, chair did good lol. Great stream as always and was fun watching 4 slots play at the same time. Congrats 🙂

  33. Niceeeeeee….
    Might start playing this instead of roulette

  34. This is long overdue mateyawesome result! GTFIT

  35. هذا لطيف

  36. Nice winner Paul happy new year 🙂

  37. لطيف ? dude. About time this bitch payed a bit back

  38. Good on you Paul great to see a massive win mate

  39. The bit when your likehow muchhh”??? Hahaha class man


  41. What a win well done mate

  42. I always take HV. Gates is over to quick. I am a firm believer whichever you pick will pay the same

  43. Didn’t think this was coming in so unexpected

  44. If I just won £7,000, I’d probably have a heart attack

  45. How much would this have been with 1 skull on the end?!

  46. Missed the stream last night guttedBut well done Paul about time mate well deserved decent win to a decent fella nice one

  47. well done Paul! glad to see your fave game paid out for a change, I will have a Ron Zakapa in your honour

  48. Was epic watching live , well done was hoping for a good return on dhv ,it came in ,beautiful thing to watch

  49. That’s a beauty, congrats brother.

  50. congratz, ضرب لطيفة

  51. You need to show the bad sessions too man

  52. I saw this live, epic hit man, well done 😀

  53. What a coincidence you get a massive win only when in bonus balance! Casinos are rigged to fucking death…. hope you beat the wagering!

  54. Who’s CJ? The 2nd get the f in there is on repeat needs to be opening logo theme lol

  55. Wat a fudging beaut! Fuk gates ? and ppl ask why I love danger so much gtfit paul ?

  56. Can you actually withdraw that though or is it tied to their shitty wagering requirements ?

  57. Love the videos mate, keep them coming!

  58. kinda look like david lister ? ?


  60. just seeing it, mustve missed this one…..sweetest hit man 🙂

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