£30,000 JACKPOT Live Roulette!!!


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WildTornado كازينو
8 الشهور منذ

WildTornado كازينو

تقدم WildTornado كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو مراجعة WildTornado مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 7.9
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فيلا فورتونا كازينو
8 الشهور منذ

فيلا فورتونا كازينو

تقدم فيلا فورتونا كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو مراجعة فيلا فورتونا مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 6.5
أضيف لقائمة الأمانيإزالتها من سلة 1
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SpinSon كازينو
8 الشهور منذ

SpinSon كازينو

تقدم SpinSon كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو مراجعة SpinSon مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 8.5
أضيف لقائمة الأمانيإزالتها من سلة 2
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EUSLOT كازينو
8 الشهور منذ

EUSLOT كازينو

تقدم EUSLOT كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو مراجعة EUSLOT مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 7.3
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BoaBoa كازينو
8 الشهور منذ

BoaBoa كازينو

تقدم BoaBoa كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو مراجعة BoaBoa مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 8.4
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لاس بطل الكازينو
8 الشهور منذ

لاس بطل الكازينو

تقدم لاس بطل كازينو مراجعة - كازينو على الانترنت عرض للكازينو لاس مراجعة بطل مع إجراء استعراض تقييما عاما 4.4



142 تعليقات

    This was an awesome hit, however this was at the end of probably my worst ever month gambling! It was my worst month mainly because of sessions like these not coming off, my greed giving it one more spin etc. The only reason sessions like this are recorded is because I already had the obs open. So even with this hit I was massively down!! Should be streaming tonight, see you then!!

  2. I’m glad you didn’t lose it all.. big stream tonight ?

  3. Wow some nice hits there Paul.
    Good luck with your stream.

  4. Nice work mate good to see you scraping some losses back.

  5. Love it see you tonight.

  6. لطيفة الفوز بول ?

  7. DANGER DANGER, and i dont me high voltage. Love your vids but e careful paul

  8. Fuck me mate, 5k bets on roulette!! Awesome 🙂

  9. Would love to see a session where you start with say $1k balance and keep going all in after every spin regardless of the balance. $1k to $100k in under 5 الدقائق. Title the video “1 year wage in 5 minutes” Good Luck!!

  10. Mate I had to watch again, you won £15k and never even flinched, that’s not normal mate.

  11. Get in Paul well done. Good old 0 ثم 5 my favourite combo . Very nice hit sounds like it was a long time needed.

  12. Paul that song, was so calming and boosting my mantra ? can i get the title of the song?

  13. Cashed out or lost again?

  14. الرد
    MissQuantum كازينو لايف الروليت والبلاك جاك كانون الثاني 17, 2018 في 12:11 مساء

    Great Video Paul! …. but too bad you missed that great Dealer signature mirror pattern 6-5-0-23-36….almost perfect Zigzag up and down!

    بعد 5, was hoping you’ll massively bet hard around the 36-27was like yelling in front of my PC while watching youCaamon add 6-34 بول!!” Then the 6 hit! … Anyways, Still Amazing sessions and profit! شكر ??

  15. Very good mate bet big win big !! Now I bet the Mrs only got 20k lol

  16. That was fuckin sexy nothing better that a rolla roullette video on YouTube! That number 6 is horrible who invented that

  17. great win hope you get a good cash out tonight!!

  18. thats a nice win paul, hope your luck comes back with a vengeance dude. i think you do better on roulette although i am not brave enough to gamble on those very often. they seem to pay better than slots. lets hope you get another £100k+ again soon. good luck

  19. I think since you don’t mind losing/winning several grand, you should try to play with higher bets on less numbers. Maybe do 100 dollar spins on some gamejust a thought… (too many numbers you bet on and bets where you lose money when the number comes are not good bets) good luck Paul.

  20. Nice win man!! Times are hard at the mo, can I borrow £1,000? ?

  21. Awesome. مبروك!! Haha in the Chatcan you Tell rocknrolla hes the man!!!”

  22. Well done mate amazing result! !!.

  23. Fab uploadas usual.
    لكن……the interface (casino website) is woeful compared to your uploads using, قل, 21CASINO where stakes and winnings (potential & actual) are clear/er to see.

  24. Get in there @rocknrollaaaaaa nerves of steel

  25. Get the Fudge in their ???

  26. Get in..good luck later ?

  27. FAKE KITCHEN. Balls of steal mate ??

  28. Nice win there Paul steel balls as always when you streaming again??

  29. Fucking get in there. Nice to see you get some of your losses back for the month! I really do hope you won’t lose it all dude! Great vid as always.

  30. Incredible. You have massive balls man lol. Never would I dream putting such an amount on a wheel however was praying for number 26 هههه. There’s definitely a few ronzas in there lol. هذا لطيف

  31. Decent days work! Top tune too.

  32. GREAT VID PAUL! This is redemption from the last VID! Lets get it cranking TONIGHT! 🙂

  33. Nice 30k finaly a Nice hit Paul ?

  34. Great hit mate well deserved. Get a bit back for the month. I have the same problem as you I can never leave after a hit. Never the less it paid off this time. Great watch. Look forward to tonight

  35. Lovely hit paul ??the missus was very selfish using the kitchen.you want to get her a husky fridge for the living room ?

  36. Get in, keep ‘Rolling the Goosemy friend !!!!

  37. Well Paul that certainly got the heart pumping. Glad you walked away even though you are still down. We all know were chasing the money gets us. Looking forward to some sensible stakes on tonight th to stream. I feel your highs and lows during your streams and I don’t spend a penny. Stopped gambling about a year ago. Still going strong.

  38. 26k up!! Nice one mate ?✌

  39. How much u banked? wp man

  40. Best gambling channel on YouTube love the honesty!!

  41. You become a Legend one day !!! Good luck to you Paul, from Germany!

  42. Nice hit!! Any change of playing triple bonus roulette

  43. sweet video man good profits! love to play roulette but it goes so quickly with your cash! looking forward to next stream man!

  44. يسوع, I thought i was fucked on the fobts, you are possessed bro

  45. Fuck me you are in the zone there paul. 15k hit and not a wink ?

  46. You got da balance up to 30k & did not quit ?

  47. How the fuck you still down?

  48. I wonder how the misses can just make a nice meal while you are playing with 4k spins, without beating your head in:D I mean you can buy a fucking car with this sort of money. Atleast you had some recovery for this month so get in 😉

  49. I’m sure there’s an obvious answer but where did the balance increase come from at 1:20…?

  50. Top win. But did Anybody else notice jimbo casino hitting big on 23 و 0? Kingofbullets is casumo name.

  51. You’re still down and just won £30k, Jesus Christ that’s one serious problem.

  52. it’s sad when i’m saving for a wedding so having to restrict my money and then your balance is £20k+ ??

  53. Fuck me I love u man the bollox u possess r unreal ???


  55. Can’t believe the amount you gamble you need serious help always fun to watch but that’s sum serious money

  56. Did the money make it the bank???

  57. Brilliant Paul . Pity that 6 in the end wasn’t a few numbers to the right but I’m a greedy shit, أحسنت ?

  58. Love watching Paul beat the casino, one day hope I can play some high roller bets

  59. Unbelievable Paul! Takes some bottle with those massive spins but it paid off! ادخل هناك! ?

  60. I still fear there won’t be a happy ending to this story!

    The gambler never wins in the long term.
    That’s why the casinos and bookies are so plentiful!

  61. Please take care of yourself we care about you don’t let stress affect your health because these amounts are even stressfull for us to watch and its not even ours so I can imagine what it feels like to you

  62. What is the song name Paul !?

  63. paul becareful with your big bets I know you geuine good guy as you help charity but gambling that big can make you loose everything like me don,t want in dark path like me no way out any way good luck paul for the future, not like a looser like me

  64. omg first time genuinely saying collect,and i do high roller!!!

  65. can someone tell me how Rocknrolla funds his extreme gambling habit?
    does he even work?
    he must have a well paid job considering his gambling behaviour.. or is it an inheritance or something?
    always wondered how he could deposit thousands and thousands, over and over again….

    • الرد
      قناة القمار Rocknrolla ل شهر فبراير 2, 2018 في 1:20 مساء

      I won big on roulette a year and a half ago and had my first ever profitable year through gambling and when you couple that with casino affiliation as well as my job then it all comes through those means mate


  67. Watch her right before the ball drops every time she twitches or moved that’s because she is stepping on something #rigged

  68. Compulsive gambling is a horrible illness

  69. u look like farid bang its a german rapper 😀

  70. I watch this guy lose money so I don’t have to

  71. u bet 5k to get 10k, u bet 10k , to get max 30k ,, stop gambling , enjoy what u have now

  72. Can you spare me a tenner? ?

  73. You are crazy man, please dont try this

  74. What recording equipment do you use to record? 2 days ago I won £2200 with £60 but didn’t withdraw…. today I won £4200 with £64 wish I recorded it, let me know please, thanks

  75. Thing is, how much money do you need to win/lost to understand that is time to stop man. Don’t keep saying yourself that you are playing for fun when you gamble with that amount of money. I’ve been there brother. I mean you won 30k the first time, why not stop there? Casinos exist for some reason. ما يزال, good luck in further gambles.

  76. With the money you won mate you could have bought a new BMW.

  77. Чувак который играл красава

  78. the music name please 😀 i like the last music

  79. أنا 8 music name please

  80. rocknrolla lost more then he won

  81. الرد
    If You Want Roulette Best Software & Tips. Mail me شهر اكتوبر 1, 2018 في 6:32 صباحا

    hello everybody

  82. 31 thousand?!!!!!!! An u still live in a flat?? Not being rude but i see u made alot on slots too!!!! I wish i had ur luck,!! Atleast someones fucking the casino ?

  83. Havent seen any new videos mate u ok?

  84. why did your balance say 13,000 pounds when you left the room?

  85. I really admire your style, you got balls of steel to bet like that hope you hit something really big mate

  86. your nerve system is dead man!

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