HIGH STAKES Blackjack!!!


£2,000 to £8,000 in 2mins?? Music MetaformRev of a NerdRoulette session from March! Going a little bit crazy!

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179 kommentaar
  1. Stream again dam it!

  2. Fucking love that intro music ?

  3. that music at the start thought my sound card was fkd

  4. GGG does a bit of croupier work on the side then does he?

  5. Worst game ever invented in them 1st 12 cards they was how many 5s n 6s bollox

  6. That was brutal mate please be careful with your stakes, I know you must earn a pretty penny but it can catch up with you..don’t bust your balls bro

  7. Always praying, for a good hand and then

  8. Are you not streaming Paul. Keep looking on twitch but never seem to catch you

  9. Howcome at 1.51 mins in it said dealer won b4 he had turned the card?! Nah I’m glad I’ve stopped playing this

  10. Great video Paul. Good to see you back and the high stakes. Top man.

  11. Worst feeling ever when you place a big bet in Blackjack and you get 20 and the dealer has 5 to 9 showing and somehow manages to hit a push or even worse 21.

    Can I ask though when you are up 4k why not start making your bets smaller? Like 1k bets and look to double down in good spots or if you hit 2 losing hands then double it to 4k.

    • @jordan cashman Sorry to hear that mate! I’ve never been lucky enough to run 40 up to 3000 but I have ran £20 up to £600 and I have found that when you increase your bets on these sites that the dealer seems to hit 5-7 card 21’s and it can happen a few hands on the run. I don’t mean to say it’s rigged as obviously I’ve played more hands with lower bets but it does make you slightly paranoid when it happens.

    • I can’t argue with that, Einhorn!

    • Mark Formston happened me today got from €40 deposit to 3000 and bet it in one had got pair jacks and thought I won but dealer got 7 cards = 21 gutted

    • I think the worst feeling ever is when your dying for a shit and you are miles from a toilet

    • personally I wouldn’t have the balls to stick 4k on anything,, but when tilting you do crazy stuff.

  12. When’s the streams coming back dude.?

  13. Sorry it didn’t work out for you this time buddy! I like you putting all your wins but I think it’s important you show the losses too, it shows the reality of gambling!

  14. Should of played multiple hands at a lower stake

  15. Always dropping decent tracks mate! F the fobties

  16. You always lose man :/

  17. It wasn’t but it looked suspect that, pulls a 5 and a 10 when your sittin on 20 then you get 20 and he pulls a blackjack

    • Because of the sequence and it was a bad beat, I never said it was rigged

    • I said that it looks suspect but wasnt

    • Dilyan
      You got unlucky. You wouldn’t be telling that story of you had the blackjack and the dealer had all the low cards. If everything on random card draws is as you expect it’s not random is it? Or gambling either. You could just win all the time. Just because one outcome is more likely of happening doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Blaming a loss as suspicious is just salty. Ive had 4 aces in a row with 13 against a 10, ending with 17 and standing. Dealer busted if I recall correctly but that’s irrelevant, it’s chance.

    • JamesTavRule it’s very suspiciousIndeed. Don’t know how they do itBut is pure luck. Had 12 vs 10. Took card 13.. another one 14.. another one 16.. I collapsed under the pressure and holded. Next card was 5 but I didn’t hitFelt sick only a moment later dealer reveals hidden blackjack….

    • dazzerstar
      How in any way does that look suspect..? Because he lost?

  18. Go to the shops

  19. Why is he being so fishy in covering the cards like that. Move your damn hands and show the cards, buddy!

  20. antwoord
    Runescape Raffle Live streamer Junie 27, 2018 by 10:25 is

    What the fuck is your music taste

  21. What was your walking point? I’m right into live BJ just now, always put side bets tho. Normal hand is £80 with £10 side bets on PP & 21+3 cheers for the vid mate

  22. Billy big bollocks bets again and I loved it. Gutted for u but edge of ur seat viewing. Hope the wife doesn’t watch these vids though

  23. Can you uplaod a WIN video please Mr Rolla So i go into the weekend in a fuckin better mood
    These Videos are tilting me and’s not even my feckin money

  24. The dealer’s elated excitement is truely contagious ?

  25. Show the Times you failed.

  26. Hi Paul, to bad that you lost. I think that you was a little bit to greedy when u reached the 6k. (second bet after reaching 6k to 4k.. better stay on the 2k bets bro) Wish you best of luck in your next game

  27. Heavy paul unlucky mate can you start putting highlights of your streams from twitch on YouTube mate pls

  28. that dude is mental

  29. antwoord
    Thewildmanarchieduncan Junie 27, 2018 by 10:53 is

    Unlucky mate. No one can say you dont try.

  30. Vids are so boring lately and wtf was that auto tune ear rape?

    • Sorry if my comment came across as harsh. Been a long time viewer and enjoy your vids, but lately they just don’t seem as good. Some sort of big win compilation on slots always tickles my fancy. Just anything with longer content would be cool! Big features are always nice to watch.

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Junie 27, 2018 by 11:21 is

      What would you like to see?

  31. Did you feel the enthusiasm from the dealer Paul!
    The joy was beaming from him, Its inspired me so much im going to write a death metal song 😉

  32. antwoord
    THAM KENCH MID Season 8 Junie 27, 2018 by 11:15 is


  33. As always large grapefruit’s on show Paul. As always much luv.

  34. Hail hail paul ?

  35. As a croupier the way he deals is shocking Paul, covering the cards constantly, tut tut

  36. antwoord
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN Junie 27, 2018 by 11:29 is

    Should of took the profit

  37. Whats the song in the first few secondsepic beat

  38. Love the BLACKJACK videos mate.your time will come around again I’m sure of it ???

  39. Insurance when you have a 20 is a must!

  40. How is there a 3sec lag and than it continues from where it stopped.
    Im talking about 0:33 to 0:36 and then his movements continiue from where he stopped

  41. Jesus ?‍♂️

  42. Usually like these videos but the music on this makes me dislike

  43. such a good start looked so promising, This blackjack is so deadly when they pull a 20 like that one out from out of nowhere its a scary reminder. I once did a 2k hand landed a 20, dealer had a 9, rolled over a 7 then a 5.. been living in fear since. dealer blackjacks in heads up is so tilting

  44. That is rigged to hell and back Paul he was under cutting the cards stick to leaving the table games alone bud

  45. That music is painful

  46. Again scrap video ….2 min vide ….omg

  47. Get Rich or die tryin. Miserable basket that dealer when he was loosing. Mucho Love X.

  48. Holy crap that looks like putinsson!

  49. 20 vs ace , i took insurence and dealer made 21 anyway, but i think is good call to take insurence on 20. It is unlikely dealer to make 21.

  50. Lol you will never learn. Waiting for the day he is broke.

  51. Can someone please tell me what the main track is on this video? It’s sick

  52. Learned hard way to walk or change table when dealer pushes me or beats my 20 from lower card. Its a sight.

  53. Fuck me who picks them tunes you play in the background is be as well hitting a bag of cats off a wall would sound better haha, you should reach out to people and get them to pay you to play their tunes in the background might be another way to make coin

  54. i like how the dealer already knew the next cards

  55. Playing bj reminds me of the Simpsons episode where homer sold grease.

  56. Hahahaha u done balls in again. You getting like Timmy125

  57. That smirk he does when gets the 21 grrr

  58. Sorry u played against rain man there mate ….. 1 more card I need 1 more just one more card boooooosh 20 of about 6 cards there

  59. when was this video took paul , how long ago and unlucky chin up mate

  60. Watch at 40 seconds..when he adjusts his chair it looks like he brings his hand up and puts something into his other hand….

  61. since you dont stream i still gotta E N Z A D E N I N O

  62. He didn’t even look down to see what he gets at 1.02? How did he know that he was gonna draw 1 more card?

  63. That grin when dealer got 21 ??

  64. Unlucky matey. Better luck next time.

  65. Music is a bit annoying

  66. Dealer looks like gennady golovkin

  67. The facial expressions on that geezer was like he was doing 2k hands from his own pocket too

  68. antwoord
    timmy blind as a bat Junie 27, 2018 by 4:56 pm

    Whats with stupid music you idiotic degenerat gambler

  69. antwoord
    Dick Slots - Casino Pusher Junie 27, 2018 by 5:05 pm

    Hiya m8 can u lend me a tenna for me bus fare

  70. Unlucky that mate that 5 giveing him 20 was horrible don pietro aka rocknrolla

  71. Why the fuck not insure!!

  72. Thats like a year salary in latvia where this office is located

  73. Still don’t get how these videos are showing in my feed still when I’ve Unsubbed! 4 months gamble free now and I feel like I’m winning every time I pay a debt off, never again will I fall for this toxic shit again. Gl Paul hope you leave all this shit behind only gonna end in the shit

  74. Paul, please look at the second hand u played, it seems like the dealer knew what cards were coming, not even looking at the cards he was drawing for himself, drew the third card and without even looking he drew the fourth. Wtf????

  75. Intro music to ure vids sounds like seedy 80s porn music ?

  76. Rocknrolla i think you are so rich and you have own casino website lose or win is nothing for

  77. casino = i want win 100 eur no 1000 nooooo 10000à noooo 1 million dollar then you can play Lotto is better

  78. U got punk’d!

  79. R.I.P headphone users.

  80. Miss your live streams on YouTube Paul

  81. Casino:693

  82. dealer looks like Putins unhappy son

  83. 15 on a 4K bet is not what the doctor ordered!!

    Unlucky mate

  84. Whats name of song at start of the vids not the one that finishes the vids ??

  85. you are hammering the loss videos atm no wonder your having a break

  86. OUCH! chill out a bit m8

  87. Thanks for uploading loss videos mate, reality is 95% of us normal kids would lose like that ?

  88. tired as a hunters trap that guy gees

  89. antwoord
    Bat Mario Leitgeb Fastard Junie 27, 2018 by 9:01 pm

    Did somebody shit in the dealers cornflakes?
    I thought I was a miserable bastard but he’s something else haha

  90. just lose wtf

  91. What the fuck is thismusic

  92. love your vids Paul when’s the streams coming back on here

  93. Hi Paul, any background story to this? 2k straight off the bat if you weren’t chasing or similar is some mighty stuff. Millionaires row mate. I’ve watched you for ages and the buzz is getting expensive now it seems. Don’t over do it please. Loads would still watch on small stakes and it’s a spiral you already know about. Stay safe mate, please

  94. I understand that this is old footage but how come your name is popping up on live roulette and dreamcatcher if your on a break?

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Junie 27, 2018 by 11:00 pm

      I never said I wasn’t going to not gamble, the break was more from streaming but I havent played either of those since the break so must be someone with a similar name

  95. I really do not like the way he deals. I can’t stand him moving that card back over the sensor before flipping. So shady!

  96. Well that’s one what to spend 2k

  97. You got down syndrome?

  98. didnt you say you will be doing all your gambling on stream from here on out? (or am i mistaken?)

  99. antwoord
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE Junie 28, 2018 by 3:07 is

    Longer videos !!!!!

  100. y did u double u was due blackjack u fish lol danny hannen 100,000 haha

  101. Insane!

  102. The dealer lock like a german player yesterday

  103. How come the streams have stopped ?

  104. Stream!!

  105. Love it ?

  106. Respect for uploading this. Balls deep first hand. Looks promising. Then gets completely shafted. Brutal. I genuinely wish you better luck in all your future games. Take care Paul.

  107. Go easy Paul, take a good look back at your finances and see if it is all really worth it mate, a healthy family and kids over some loss gain entertainment , much love

  108. is there any site with instant withraw? I only know noaccountcasino got that

  109. Let’s not leave out the 8k to zero in 1minAt least ur honest.. Big bets man.. Wish u luck

  110. The dealer looked absolutely bored shitless.

  111. Wtf. Why you bitches hating so much with the dislikes?! This is by far the most entertaining gambling chanell!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel Damn straight best channel going. Even met a random guy in the casino who also watched your channel. Famous mate much love from Cardiff

  112. Guy needed to take a dump badly lol

  113. He was definitely up to something, slight of hand perhaps, because he definitely looked like he was being told off when you won your first 2k

  114. damn itbut that song ???

  115. At 1:29… dealer doesn’t even look down at the 10 he pulledstaged?

  116. Sorry to say you are not a good blackjack player ,remember when u have 20 vs an Ace to the dealer always insured,because u can’t lose

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