BIG Balance Attempt for Tonight!!


Big balance attempt for tonight! Going to try and stream for 8.30pm!

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347 kommentaar
  1. Let’s go

  2. goed, least you tried

  3. wow pure dirt you on twitch?

  4. I miss your streams on here ?

  5. Fixed as hell m8 shocking ……

    • You can’t explain the blackjack from the computerits filth. they could at least make it more subtle. then the 20 being matched ver next hand ffs, its a joke.

  6. That was ruff fp unlucky

  7. Wow I would a smashed my laptop up for that

  8. Background music is always ?

  9. That double push ?

  10. It’s the hardest game to win on

  11. what a joke

  12. Good lord

  13. Wow, wow just wow.

  14. Rigged to fuck lol

  15. So rigged mate

  16. no half way crooks up in here….;)

  17. That’s like the worst thing that could happen to they hands sick

  18. what is the point in uploading that

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Julie 30, 2018 by 10:29 is

      Good to show sometimes what normally happens when I try to build a big balance. If I filled my channel with just winning vids then I think it might portray the wrong message across to some people that might not know the score with gambling

  19. So rigged

    • If you worked in a casino you would know by now that netend bj and roulette games are setup on % basis payout just like slots where they advertise them as random which bj ans roulette need to beI been in casinos long enough to tell the difference between the real deal and netent’s horse shit

    • Definitely riggedIt is always like that with netent bs games.. The dealer pulling out best hands almost every round. If you gambled long enough you can just smell the bullshit.. That fag Larson has probably played bj for a week and thinks he knows it all ??

    • dNLq I did work in casinos earlier but now, no. I still think the same. People are just bad.

    • l’ve won several hundreds of dollars on many online casino sites. Plus, l more or less strictly play blackjack. One can win, yet flat-betting will get one nowhere. One needs to know basic strategy, as well as card order, and also having a low bet wager for cards not in ones favor, and a high bet wager for when they are great for the player.

    • Andreas Larsson, you are working in a casino or you are the dumbest human beeing that exists in the internets. But i guess the first, nobody can be that dumb.

  20. Still in shock after that, how do you feel?

  21. Definitely rigged!

  22. Jeez that was horrible double push. BJ verses BJ the gambling gods are against you atm Paul. Are you still streaming tonight ?

  23. WHERE IS BANDIT ????

  24. Dam dude rain man took over video blackjack

  25. Wow so brutal mate

  26. This is what normally happens on computer blackjack much better to go live

  27. Bloody game! Is that a no go for tonight then dude?

  28. was a painful watch that one lol

  29. Good morning Mr Rolla. We have yet to receive payment via our continuous payment authority this morning and will attempt to call you shortly. You have to repay us at some stage so we urge you to contact our special collections team asap

  30. Haha BJ Computer is so rigged

  31. Jesus double push

  32. Rigged as fuck

  33. I just don’t trust computer BJ, it’s like FOBT BJ, I’ve never seen the dealer get BJ or the player get dealt 12 so many times with a live dealer.

  34. Best thing was the track. Bit like my luck lately hope it changes

  35. thats so riged buddy

  36. Even more rigged than love is gambles forfeit wheel

  37. Back on YouTube pal?

  38. That’s so sick. Better with live. So rigged

    • 100% mate

    • Alan Perry yes mate all that basic strategy masked the reality. You think says double then you must had advantage, then crap card comes and dealers weak 5 turns to 18 and you lose. I am not even relaxed when I have 20 vs dealer 3 of 6.. He just does not bust. Maybe that’s the reason people split 20, because they want to stop dealer making 21 is nuts made me mad this game. When I have 13 and I hit stupid ace comes or a ten, but when dealer have 7 then 6 I am biting my nails becus he won’t bust fuck

    • I knows it’s nuts mate it’s far from easy.
      I doubled down £200 on Saturday hit my 20 and the dealer hit 21 was sick then went on to lose an other 500

    • Alan Perry dude live is brutal. Comp bj will Rob you, but gives you 100% wins. I had 7 losing hands in row in live.. Brutal from 4 to 20 21 all time,

  39. Have you any idea when you will be back on youtube . Like arch says miss your streams on here . Thanks .

  40. Like i always say, stay on the live BlackJack. Computer BJ sucks bigtime
    GL Paul

  41. STAY WITH YOU…….8:30pm

  42. That shit would get me so tilted!

  43. Beyond Rigged

  44. Absolutely pointless!!

  45. Brutality at its finest

  46. Ron Za Retard moment

  47. nice tune but no winnings

  48. How do I find you on twitch?

  49. WTF were them dealer hands ? that’s taking the piss and that’s putting it mildly

  50. OMG this luckI understand why you drink all the time on stream Paul !!! XD

  51. Brutal as usual with online BJ. What I have found is, if you bet big and get two stand offs, it usually takes it off you on the third hand, this seems to happen a lot and even on the FOBT”s. (just a tip for anyone who has two standoff’s on the first two hands, close the thing down, start again or try something different). Just remember though your dealing with the most greedy bastards in the world ie gambling sites. In truth the FOBT”s would have still been around at £100 a spin if it wasn’t for the fact that the bookies got obsessively greedy!!!! Anyway don’t worry about them the bookies r moving in to America make us look like we were just playing!!!

  52. Fuxk me a classic on in the background

  53. so frustrating

  54. What an absolute bump can’t trust the computer roulette unlucky mate

  55. Blackjack easy money…. you knew with the computers ace what was comingblackjack and blackjack ffs

  56. I have to say that 500 when you had BJ and the next hand nearly 3k but guess what it fucks us again stupid computer

  57. fuck the fobts yet play computerised blackjack….. oh i get it fobts are rigged and computerised blackjack isnt….. your so wise rocknrolla, keep it up

  58. I get shiter hands than that Paulon Grosvenor casino . Anybody it’s the worse imaginable casino to play on. I’m 4g in on gaming and best I’ve won is a 4x for £37 stake. Has to be illegal but casino Saida it’s all random. Fukoff

  59. but the computer hitting blackjack after blackjack is painfully obvious its giving you absolutely no chance,, wouldn’t touch computer blackjack with counterfeit. slots I canna be doing with now either,, seem to have hit same pattern of play on all 3 websites, no features for 100s of spins, followed by loads of features but feck all above 20x,, repeat over and over. I hadn’t doubled my initial deposit in about 15 deposits, just suck suck and suck every time,, so I’ve stopped playing. dunno when I might deposit again.

  60. antwoord
    Reece hittin the Piece Julie 30, 2018 by 12:38 pm

    What the fuck was that

  61. It’s an absolute mugs game!

  62. Balance for twitch………. ?

  63. Fixed to f*#k! Joke

  64. Woow thats hardso many BJ

  65. ‘1000x can’t hide forever’ lol

  66. that was disgusting

  67. Fuk so no stream?

  68. omg this looks so rigged XD like cmon what was that you double and push get bj and push lose 2 more hands to straight up bj wtf?

  69. Not streaming via youtube anymore paul?

  70. Best Boom Bap period!

  71. Hey, was waiting for stream last time after the tiny balance to thousandswhere do you stream now, I assume twitch? Rocknrolla your name on there as well? Also, 8:30pm in what time zone? Thank you, miss your vids mateWill follow content to whichever platform you broadcast. Been watching your streams for well over a year.

  72. Jesus wept that’s harsh

  73. Yea, when the first time I upped stakes comp bj had 2 blackjacks in a row.

  74. Horrible
    But Honest
    Agree with Moon Head regarding Background Music A++

  75. Maybe try to catch it? Bet 10£ when you think it will beat you, just to get the loss out of the way, then at right moment all in,

  76. Slightly boring upload Paul. Your streams are sadly missed more roulette videos needed

  77. For reasons as seen in this vid I have signed up to gam stop cant deal with bullshit like this

  78. Hey….Now times

  79. antwoord
    Winter Tarzan Jagrup Julie 30, 2018 by 3:05 pm

    My man these are fake cards

  80. Man i love hearing some Mobb Deep in the afternoon

  81. Hahahaha I u did brains in fucking hilarious. Best customer a casino can ask for

  82. Same as !!!
    Remember though it’s all random ?????????????

  83. Bullshit that mate,unlucky though take it easy?

  84. Know that feeling , dealer 3 blackjacks in a row

  85. antwoord
    Freddy from the hood Julie 30, 2018 by 4:14 pm

    That beat tho

  86. Of course computer blackjack is rigged as is computer roulette but its still possible to win in the short termlong term you have more chance of finding a hen with teeth.. Its all about the RTPThink about it

  87. I don’t get it. Wouldn’t 1500 be a good balance for a stream ? I usually play with 30 Pound ??

  88. Why wouldn’t it let you hit on that 9 you had?

    • Binsonhope not letting him hit is good for him. Imagine he has 11 and wanted to double or pair of aces and want to split.. He would have lost twice his bet.

    • Binsonhope Dealer had blackjack so it would’ve been pointless, same with the next hand

  89. fcuk me that was unlucky

  90. Felt like a lifetime, looking forward to watching KING of the slot stream.

  91. Wow that’s rapey

  92. Rolax and Mobb Deep

  93. You streaming tonight Rolla

  94. You been on loosing streak or something whats happened ?

  95. I swear computer blackjack is rigged

  96. antwoord
    buurtbewoner Van youtube Julie 30, 2018 by 6:32 pm

    How late m8?

  97. Hahathat’s harsh as fuck.

  98. This is why you never play computer blackjack. It’s rigged.

  99. wow all those pushes on computer blackjack… Sjoe

  100. Hahahah idiot

  101. You streaming tonight rolla?

  102. Rigged to feck

  103. Hope you win it all! Fuk the Dodgy tables, win it all lad!!

  104. Fucking disgrace that cunting jokers

  105. That’s some rigged shit

  106. Fucking rigged!

  107. B.R.U.T.A.L.

  108. Where is bandit???

  109. Disgusting

  110. That was so bad it hurt me.

  111. Where’s all the bitter people saying you only post winners and your affiliation with casinos is the only reason ya win now? Fuckin shite bags man. Fuck the fobt’s and the people who have gambling problems but still comment on your vids!

  112. Where’s your streams rock!

  113. Jeeze Paul, those pushes feel like a loss too. Good luck tonight bro

  114. RIP Rock N Rollah

  115. Miss you on youtube mate

  116. Absolutely lost the plot.

  117. Hey I have a question, I registered on the 21casino website and got the 21 euro free bonus, I played it up to 120 euros, but how can I withdraw it now ? Do I have to deposit something ?

  118. dude…. netent blackjack is SOOO riggeddon’t you know this already?

  119. Are you streaming tonight?

  120. Did you manage to save the balance lol

  121. Well if this shows you how rigged the gaming industry is, I don’t know what is. The fact of a double push, one of which was 21, and then you had 20, and they got 21. The odds of that happening are astronomical. Unless you have edited this video to show multiple hands, but three or four hands in a row of pushes and beat by 1 would be like winning the thunderball. Eight million to one at least.

  122. So RR i just unsubscribed, Im a u tuber Followed from the beginning feel cheated,and you are using this platform to promote alt platforms that i dont even understand”,, 50+ you have no idea, WE ROCK GOOD LUCK MATE.

  123. #ouch glad I don’t do these big amounts of ££

  124. Survival of the fit only the strong survive

  125. That was brutal. I’m only liking the video because I appreciate you putting it up.

  126. Unlucky mate

  127. Really missing your streams on youtube

  128. What you expect from this fake blackjack

  129. So that’s the deal why is Paul not posting vids anymore? YouTube clamped down on gambling endorsements ?

  130. You streaming tonight mate

  131. You on tonight rolla

  132. I don’t believe in any riggs, except for computer blackjack. I’ve seen this exact shit so many times. So sick that it’s legal. Only play live BJ, GL Paul.

  133. you on tonight pal

  134. no vids for a while, maybe hes finally gone broke, if not, gambling will get you eventually

  135. And again…. are we on tonight mate?

  136. Don’t worry they’re not fixed my ass

  137. You on tonight mate? If so hope you smash it

  138. Punts are up rock for the new season. Sorry to message you on here. Dont know how to do it otherwise. Good luck in all you do.

  139. Dislike for 1 min videowhat a scrap

  140. I used to gamble. Why? Because I could. Now I just go to work. Your uploads were entertaining. Best wishes bro’.

  141. where are you streaming now? youtube or twitch? havent seen you in awhile

  142. so riggedlike the channel

  143. Why has every channel been taken down even dazza g gone

  144. Have you still got 120k lol

  145. Are you broke???

  146. RIP Floporolla.

  147. Hey paul you on tonight mate? If so best of luck

  148. £1,500 lost and for what, 25k views? Which is what, about £15 in add revenue? I pitty you my friend.

  149. We streaming tonight rolla?

  150. rocknrolla you have to explain to us how won, you have to change regularly and play in different casinos, change bet and count hands win or lost. Give us the cheats for won. My YouTube channel is under development and will start in September, I also hope to be part of the Game and bring my stone

  151. Your Channel Monetization on by YouTube?

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Augustus 15, 2018 by 3:42 pm

      No but when its copyright like this one they monetise your video which you can’t take off then the owners of this track get it

  152. Are you on a break Paul havny seen a stream in ages

  153. Are you gunna be on Twitch tonight mate?

  154. We’re have you gone?

  155. Where have you been

  156. Alright Paul, still planning on streaming tonight? I’ll get some beers if you are, cheers:)

  157. What’s happened, you gone broke?

  158. Are we on tonight mate?

  159. Virtual blackjack? Who plays that? Don’t you onow about live tables?

  160. How come you’ve stopped uploading to YouTube?

  161. Mate you ok? Not seen any new vids for a while now. I hope you haven’t hit a huge losing streak……

  162. Hi Paul I hope you’re well mate!
    I have been trying to get streamers to talk more sincerely about responsible gambling for a while. I know you have done this yourself, I remember seeing a vlog you posted about a year ago and it was really impressive to hear you being s honest about what the problem is. Unfortunately so far you’re still the only youtube casino affiliate I’ve seen who has done anything like that.

    I suspect when I leave comments about this stuff on videos I get lumped into the “troll” or “hater” category as apparently that’s what you are if you leave a comment saying anything other than how awesome you think the video or the creator is. Not one has ever engaged in a discussion about this and as its something I feel very passionate about and feel is really important, it’s deeply frustrating that no one seems to care about the issue at all. However from listening to you in the past I get the impression that you are quite passionate about it too and I think you’re in a really strong position to help.

    I’m a compulsive gambler who’s no longer gambling. My problems started before I found this side of youtube and it continued after I stopped watching the various streamers. I never deposited through an affiliate link and I have never claimed that my problems have been caused by other people. That being said I’m sure you would agree that people getting involved in youtube casino affiliation are doing so for the money. That’s not a criticism as such but it’s obviously the case. If people are prepared to promote gambling (an inherently highly addictive activity) for their own financial gain, then they are surely obliged to be sincere in discussing what happens when it all starts to go downhill? I believe you have called it “the dark side of gambling” in the past and that couldn’t be more true, it’s a very dark path indeed. I think people with limited knowledge of gambling addiction assume that what it entails is basically just losing all your money. That is obviously true! But as you know well it is so much more on that. The impact on mental health, families, relationships and employment etc. When has anyone in this “community” ever discussed this other than yourself? Unless I’m missing something, that has never happened.

    Why am I saying this to you? Because the kind of people who spend hours a week gambling and watching these videos are EXACTLY the type of people who are most at risk of this having an impact on their lives, and these streamers are actively promoting gambling to them. I feel they have to take some responsibility to raise awareness and talk about the issue sincerely. I feel like you can really help with that. Because of the crack down on streamers you are no longer uploading gambling content to your channel. So why not start the trend by instead putting up a video on this issue? Of course I’m not telling you what to do, but I think it’s something you may be interested in.

    I started a blog talking about my story and my attempts at recovery over a year ago. You have actually seen it before I’m not sure if you will remember. Many things have happened over that time and I stopped working on it but now I’m trying to keep it going again. Few people will see it and that’s fine, if it is able to help or bring awareness to even 1 person then I’d be extremely happy.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you. Totsiens maat

    • Andy bhurst thank you for your kind words man. You’re one of the few people I’ve engaged with on this matter who don’t take what I say the wrong way. Best of luck to you ?

    • CGR respect, brother. As a fellow gambler who enjoys the sensation of winning as like everyone else, I’d like to see someone touch upon this subject. I have also thought about this and looked around, surprised to see little to now light shed on this topic. Will definitely check out the blog

  163. Mr Rollla missing you on youtube Come BAck!!

  164. Rigged sites

  165. Where have you gone, bring back the ?

  166. You broke bro?

  167. Where have you gone rollaaaaa!!!

  168. you never see paul play on or a proper legit siteOnly his scammming afiliate siteFuck off Paul

    • Walk into a real casino I can play on some old american roulette with a house edge of 5.4+% and still win..Because the thing is not riggedIts like stealing candy off a baby…Online…Same bullshitCover 30 numbers and the bitch consistently hit the numbers i did not picTime and time againObviously up to something mateIm sick of excuses for these thieves..

    • So basically they pic which number the ball will land on to increase profitsNothing to do with the 2,7%..Lets get that clear

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Augustus 27, 2018 by 10:47 is

      well I’ve won and lost, plus I’ve seen what they see which is basically every number covered with thousands on each as their platform is used in 100’s of online casinos. Have a look at this vid, and this roulette is shown live on channel 5

    • ofcourse it is rigged Paul…100%…You are either naeve or very ignorant to the factsO.r perhaps as a afiiliate you already know and are actually in on it

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Augustus 27, 2018 by 10:37 is

      Well it has a house edge of 2.7% so rigged or not players will lose long term but no I don’t think it is

  169. When your next live stream

  170. Let’s meet one day bro

  171. In paddy power we can play

  172. Stop and steps channel has been deleted because the bookies had found out he had been told by people who work there when a punter puts over 1k in a machine then he gose to that machine to play he has been found out.

  173. Ok no worries

  174. on tonight buddy??

  175. are u ok mate?

  176. Anyone know we’re he has disappeared to?

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Augustus 30, 2018 by 6:00 pm

      Still been streaming to Twitch and have loads of backdated footage to get up at some point but enjoying playing poker more at the moment

  177. finishing that wagering later??

  178. When is the rocknrolla coming back?>>>>>>>

  179. did u stop gambling? =)

  180. You gone broke lol

  181. Any stream tonight rolla


  183. You not on YouTube or loading bids on here anymore. Miss them

  184. Has rocknroller gave up the chanel ????

  185. digital bj, just throw the money in the trash instead.

  186. No more Videos on youtube sir ?

  187. long time no see rollaaaaa whats going on?

  188. Hey bro. Are u alive? 😉

  189. Rockrolla bankrupt?

  190. Are you tonight with a £40 DHV bonus ? I get confused with the clips on twitch lol

  191. Common rocky, i lost £12k this week and just waiting up on your new huge win upload to make myself feel better.


  193. Hi Rocknolla ! I want to say that I’m a big fan. I’m following u since your debut. I just release a brand new software showing the best methods to play every spin. Please come to my channel and give a look 🙂

  194. 21 Casino are jokers. If you have the audacity to take advantage of thier bonuses that they email you, and then win, they don’t like it. Banned me from any future bonuses. So stay away from this sub prime casino.

  195. what happend to rock? he lost all his money?

  196. center with positive thinking, you will win.

  197. Just watched this

    You are so Degan on Reel King, So funny, You have balls….

  198. Where are you now!!!!! More game please!!!

  199. This is computerised .You are screwed.

  200. rocknrolla is busto confirmed

  201. Brother.. I need A information….
    Gambling channel .monitize by..
    Youtube Co……


    Youtube company don’t monitize.. gambling channel

  202. You cant play at online casinos without a live dealer.
    You just gonna get fucked up.

  203. rockNrolla good luck to your new life body

  204. Hey men did you get to rehab?

  205. Im sure he will be back before the end of the year telling us he needed a break from gambling

  206. 09/26/2018 – Where are you bro? I think its been long enough, its time for good ol fruit warp. (dont do it)

  207. Euro million rollover big jackpot 135 million Sept Friday night thanks

  208. Bro OK ???????????/

  209. Hy Rocknroller I hope your fine, please come back buddy

  210. Anyone know we’re the bandit us gone I can’t find any of his vid on youtube

  211. Hope all is well amigo. Take care.

  212. Beautiful.

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