£34,000 Roulette LOSS!!!!


Hard one to upload but the reality of greed & high stakes roulette!!

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762 kommentaar
  1. antwoord
    Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 22, 2017 by 11:50 pm

    So I just wanted to give a little back story behind this insane loss! The original deposit was £300 which was built up to a huge cashout, I then reversed some of that cashout and built it up to another five figures leaving 2k in my balance with two five figure amounts being withdrawn (they were processed by the time of this vid so was unable to reverse them). I then managed to build this up to the balance you see in this vid and you can see the previous hit of 32k shown above the current balance. I have always said I would love to go for the 100k and with all the previous hits/runs I’ve had, my head (that was very influenced by alcohol as well) told me I may not get a better chance to actually go for it! Had I deposited anything even remotely close to get that then yes I would have been sick about this but even though its such a massive amount of money to lose I dont actually regret going for it! The only reason I got to that high balance in the first place was being crazy and not seeing those digits as real money and with the two big cashouts processed I gave myself that excuse to push my crazy limits a bit more! Watching this and reflecting on it maybe I should have banked some or just done one more spin and then left, I dont know but if I get to this situation and I’m sure I will then I will definitely play it differently!
    This is my channel and this is how I will continue to play while I have the winnings and luck to play with, I could also have easily edited this to be a big win or not even have shown this video but for me gambling is about entertainment win or lose.
    Peace and love to all!!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channelmate I’ve just lost 2600 in 2 minutes I feel sick as fuk about it , feel a little better about it now but your right until it’s pound notes in your pocket it’s all just numbers I started out with 1400 gambled away and ended up with 5500 just cleared today and I’ve just blasted 2600 in 3 mins I’m not doing it no more now I can’t afford it it is sooooo fuking addictive I deposited 80 then 300 then 620 then 1000 then 600 chasing the win it was bad for me because I had 200 on 17 and it landed next door the bastard

    • Friend if you want to take this type of risk with profit I discuss you something if u believe me once send me message on my WhatsApp no 7477858750

    • Friend you have loss but if you play this 30000 pound amount with strategy it becomes 60000 pound in a month which makes you better gambling in time to time

    • Mate it don’t matter how much you win 100 k 200 k you will still sit behind the company screen like some low life twat gambling all your money ???you will never win because when you do win you still gamble and lose love seeing people lose everything there have family kids car house just over gambling makes me happy to see ?

    • It’s good to show this. Gambling like this you can win and lose huge amounts so quickly. Some days I lose 30 of 40 quid and feel sick. Another day I might win or lose a few thousand and not care. The whole process makes you lose perspective. This video demonstrates that loss of perspective.

  2. You finally found the courage to post paul

  3. fucking balls of steal bro !!!! RESPECT

  4. Bet your arse it twitching putting this up. Hey we love the highs so let’s respect the lows

  5. Fair play for posting Paul, id be lying if I said it didn’t make me sick to the stomach watching it! Thanks again and keep her lit!!!

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:06 is

      Totsiens maat! Yeh when I watched it back (2 weeks later) it did kinda make me feel a bit sick especially as it seemed more real then

  6. it was a good shoot at 100k , that takes some balls manyou’ll get it next time ☺

  7. where the comment Paul?? bad luck pet respect tho for upload video x

  8. respect for posting this mate fair play

  9. This will get more views then any of you vids lol Monetize this m8!

  10. fucking crazy mate I’d of been fly kicking the PC lol

  11. Common man I seen the disappointment on your face that 34k is life changing to some people.

  12. its fucking amazing how you could miss with all those numbers covered. i call dealer bullshit

  13. Jesus brutal

  14. Fuck me that made me feel sick, its all winnings so cant blame you, but £34k would have literally changed my life and I guarantee many otherstoo. All in all that was fucking mental though mate!

  15. All those flat-caps you could of brought 🙁 unlucky man. Sure you will get the 100k dream soon mate.

  16. mate you had a couple big withdrawals so i understand its not that brutal. if it was all your winnings im sure it would have been agony. gotta risk it for some of that 6 figure biscuit. bestt wishess

  17. WTF you had most the board covered!!! Not even hit a number!!

  18. Hats off to you sir, honest and true nothing more, nothing lesspeace and love

  19. Am sure when you woke up the next day you were hoping it was a dream ? fair play for sharing and fuck the haters, I know there will be some

  20. Wow ? big balls

    Gutted for you would be nice to have seen £100k

  21. Nuff respect for givin it a shot mate!!

  22. ouch????

  23. £36k is more than most earn in a yearhouse always wins

    Good luck mate all the best

  24. respect for putting it up sir

  25. Paul man, this is ruthless

  26. Sore yin mate unlucky,but it will come because you have the balls to go for it

  27. that sux but still, if it werent fof the roulette you woudnt have made 300into 30k

  28. meh, could have just as easily gone the other way…?

  29. fair play paul.unlucky..100k incoming

  30. Heart breaking Paul

  31. that was brutal! but hey ho when you want big wins you have to be prepared to take big losses! as long as your providing for you and your family first, what you do with rest of your money is upto you! i love your streams, keep the 100k dream alive! peace and love Paul! X

  32. Its your money mate end of the day people may judge but thats upto them, fair play for having the balls to go for it. Least you started with a low amount and still done some cash outs !

  33. madman even if u was a billionaire lol luck favours the brave god bless

  34. Fucking Layla the slag I bet if it was Devin you’d have got there!! You’r a fucking lunatic which is probably why I love your vids and streams you crazy fucker!!

  35. Horrible for you but you are legend and if I was in your shoes I would have done exactly the same thing. You are a legend and totally respect your decision to show this video ??

  36. Respect! Wake up call, right?

  37. Fair Play for posting this. Love your channel.

  38. I just think it goes to show that a bad run is always lurking, and when you play at this level it is so brutal for everyone to watch. We can all think of what we would do with that money but this is why we watch, it’s like watching a gladiator enter the ring, sooner or later he will take a big hit.

  39. your a good guy Paul love watching you more than the others you are bandit are on the level mate both sound like the type of blokes on first sight I could get on with , this year you will win 100k

  40. ups and downs buddy deposit low withdraw high because we want the fucking lot . respect

  41. Wow, I’ve been dreading this video as I didn’t want to see that gutted look on your face. Massive respect for showing it Paul.

  42. massive balls Paul. unlucky you win some lose some.

  43. poul you are BIG . just explain why becouse you show people what is gambling not just winnings how casinos wont show us but loses also and this is fair play . im addicted too so i know what I’m talking . if you feel you keep you addiction on control and have bit of fun that good otherwise you are done

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:24 is

      I definitely know it is to an extent! I do reverse a fair bit but then the tilting deposits never go way out of hand

  44. its crazybut i also lose onetime 25000 Euro on live roulette and its just not real at that moment.i couldnt sleep a few days because of that.But then happened something nice about 5 days after losing it.I went to berlin casino and played a high roller poker game with 10000 Euro cash in and i went out with 65000Euro.So after the rain comes the sun.peace bro

  45. Brutal mate. Respect for posting the reality of big losses aswell as the big cashouts @keepingitreal.

  46. Respect for showing this Paul

  47. matethis is brutal. fair play for going for it .

  48. rigged roulette!!!

  49. ohhh my gad you normal my friend you play withis som money pffffffffffffffffff

  50. I’ve been there before many times I even got the big amount I was chasing before and still didn’t stop me! But fair play man least you tried ❤

  51. antwoord
    Kostas Pardalis-Anastasiadis Januarie 23, 2017 by 12:31 is

    Have u ever won when u finish ur twitch? does this influence u that in the end u loose and think like u lost again? have u ever thought if u withdraw more often and more money how much would u be up? pls think about it..u will always be up and real winner

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:27 is

      Yeh had I walked away a few times at my peak then would definitely have more but its impossible to know hen that peak is or the best time to walk for me

  52. your true to the game g dont worry what wasnt for you will go by you

  53. When was this Paul?

  54. that made me fell sick mate!?

  55. Fair play to you for putting this up Paul. I have to admit, It was gutting to see but I’m chuffed that you and cash outs pending. Much respect buddy and I look forward to more epic vids and streams from you.

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:30 is

      Totsiens maat! Nature of gambling and the nature of my gambling sometimes but my betting will definitely create entertaining vids!

  56. dude did you remmember what i told you 17 20??? wtf mate i told you at least cover them 80% of time those number come in in your videos! its so sad if you where able to hit just one good number…… dude fuck it next time! 🙂
    dont fucking forget 17 20 !!!!

  57. Love your honesty m8._brutal but so realistic..Appreciate u showing the ups and downs of gambling..With balls like tht m8 i believe u will hit tht 100k before u know it..Unlucky though m8 but like u say this all originated from £300 s fairplay for getting tht far m8 🙂

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:32 is

      It was brutal but also gambling and hopefully however sick it looks was still entertaining in some way! Will definitely learn from it though so that next time it won’t be a massive loss like this one

  58. fair play to you paul mate lookong at that balance wow and to see it just disappear in minutes thats brutal. good luck with future gambling mate . enjoy your videos

  59. good on you Paul, firstly for having the balls to go for it and secondly that your not afraid to show the world. I love your streams mate and will continue watching hoping that one day u hit that £100k, all the best and screw the haters and f#*k the fobts.

  60. amazing videos always entertaining to watch

  61. amazing videos always entertaining to watch .

  62. i was watching him live online when he was speaking about whether to post this video ( fair play to him for posting it) and i messaged on the chat board that it was unwise to post it as people would be commenting on it telling their sob story that they needed money for an operation that could save their life, CUE RICKY SMITH in the comments saying he needed 5K for an operation PMSL, why watch a video on you tube titled £34k loss on roulette? i need £187,00 for a new lambourghini but I`m not going on a Donald Trump website commenting on how he went bankrupt when he could have bought me my dream car and saved my sex life

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:55 is

      I dont mind to be honest I know I will get comments like that and can see why to an extent! Ha like the Donald Trump terminology!!

  63. Love you Paul xx

  64. antwoord
    Parker Says Play Casino and Slot Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 12:58 is

    Love how open and honest about gambling you are and your willingness to share yourself and these experiences with us mate. best of luck in taming the 6 figure beast my friend. i wish you the best champ.

  65. Brave of you to upload this mate. i think we’ve all been in the same boat of building a big balance from a small deposit ( not as big as yours lol) and losing the lot. like you say it was only £300. in real terms.

  66. Rigged NetEnt strikes again ??? Not a sniff of your well covered numbers Paul. Bounced straight onto crap. ???’s

  67. time for a break my old mukka I’m more addicted to watching your videos now then I am gambling myself.. it reminds me of that horrible stomach feeling and disappointment I used to feel when losing all my profits but all the best bud

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel wise words bud. bedtime for me anyway up early to drive to Birmingham the joys. great videos tho mate Always keep us guessing

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:36 is

      this was way back early december and did have a little cool down afterward it. Better to be addicted to gambling vids then gambling mate

  68. I think you got scammed, these bounces are pretty irregular if you ask me, watch closely at 2:20 or at 4:04 … there is no fucking way the ball would bounce/move like that, sorry about the loss.

  69. surprised seeing u getting shit have people not watched other youtube videos people loosing a million or people loosing 200 grand it’s ur own money fuck what people think

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:38 is

      I think the people that do watch me and subbed etc get it, but I think those that dont may take it personally and think along the lines of what that money meant to them

  70. fair play for the balls in bets….I just feel sick watching those losses. I would love to have a quarter of that amount. can’t win them mate

  71. wow ohhhh fooking wow you really are 1 bad mother fooker but that’s why we sit up night after night watching you till 2 of 3 am cause we all wanna be like you and if I had balls a 10th ur size I’d have done same ..
    iv pissed away my wages relationships and houses and possions for gamble would I honestly stop no like fuk I love it sum days hate it most any your over it now it’s only gamble tokens don’t mean owt till its cash in ur pocket all best pal ………SWISS

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:41 is

      I always see them like you said as gambling tokens otherwise dont think I could do some of the bets I do, all the best mate

  72. oh big love for sharing the video paul, not only do you show what gambling is all about you show the highs and the lowsI was in two minds weather to watch or not but my curiosity got meI wish I didn’t watch it, that absolutely defeated look on your face make my heart sink in my chest 🙁 I’m just glad you’ve put it up now, and I know your over it and back to the funny guy you are! peace and love man!!

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:42 is

      Exactly lass, thank you! Like you said I’m over it now and will learn from it, time to move on! Peace and love always x

  73. Its hard to swallow the loss or watch £30,000 + go within miniutes. The hardest thing is how you try to justify the loss, £34,000 is still £34,000 winnings or not its still yoour cold hard cash. You could have sent one of your children to a top private school for a year. HAt off to you for showing us all this, Very mixed feelings

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:45 is

      Yeh and it should really have mixed feelings. Like I say in most of my streams though if I saw it as real money I dont think I would ever get anywhere near this point and definitely wouldnt have been this crazy had I not got those 2 other cashouts processed. But completely understands those that wouldnt be happy in seeing a vid like this

  74. that girl is hot

  75. Fucking hell that was tough to watch!

  76. Fuck the haters, I know exactly what you mean, when you have money already withdrawn you don’t see it as real money! Thanks for showing us this and don’t let people get you down, it kinda makes me think it’s rigged ? How can you have like all but around 7 numbers covered and it never once landed on a half decent number. Hmmmm

  77. wey ya either win or ya don’t. you’ll probably get people munting on saying ya mental, but if ya had won it would be full of praises. If ya happy dein what ya do, win or lose..then keep on. At least ya honest.

  78. that spin at 4:04 was fucking disgusting mate,
    definitely rigged, no word for that (im so fucking pissed like it was my money)

  79. Think everyone appreciates you showing this video, it’s easy to just post big wins and any of us who gamble know there are more losses than wins. No one should criticise you for losing that amount, it’s your life, your money and your in control of your decisions, no good people saying they could of done this or that with that kind of money as no matter what they outcome they wouldn’t of gained from it so it has zero impact on anyone else. Me personally wouldn’t of had the balls to even gamble to get that high in the first place I’d of cashed out long before hitting those heights. Nice to see you share every experience we all encounter gambling and for every big win there is usually a big loss.

  80. If you never chase the 100k dream your never going to achieve it, big balls for sticking this up ??

  81. will do mate lol i think you got some luck out of 17 20 lololloo

  82. You had most of the numbers covered which was terrible luck

  83. Respect for posting this , need to show what can happen when u gamble , harsh reality check, a lot of people wouldn’t post it as it’s sickening what some people would do for an 1/8th of that money ..

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 23, 2017 by 1:48 is

      Exactly mate, hope that people know me and see this for what I was doing but can also completely understand the other reaction to it

  84. My biggest loss was from 25€ to 4600€ to 0€It still hurts!

  85. I find it ironic that the ball would land on the few numbers you did not pick….Like I have been saying for long time nowThat wheel is a RRS wheel and is being manipulated….This is not roulette

    • So people asked me how is it you can win lots even tho it is manipulated….Well to tell you the truth they will let you winFor a while based upon how much you depositThey don’t mind giving away a few $ if it brings you back again only to loose moreThe RRS function on the wheel is not always activated every spin….But after playing on a normal roulettewheel the difference in results is ALOT!

    • makka y True that mate this is manipulated by the motor inside the wheel.. fuck netent live roullete

  86. roulette can give and take away so quick.

  87. Fuck it man, gotta give it a go sometimes. Sure its a load of bollocks and theres nothing worse than spunking a load in a few minutes but as the Beastie Boys saidIt’s like lotto, you have to be in it to win ithaha. Worse ive done is reversed £9,000 and blew it in an hour, done a similar amount a few times, the following days are normally ones filled with much self reflection lol. Fuck it though we are young, plenty of time to get our losses back.

  88. Very unlucky Paul next time ul get it gl for your next sessions!! X

  89. I would have gone to bed and put a blanket over my head then cry and cry and cry. To me that money is crazy to gamble but if you never bet big you never win big. We take the losses with the wins and hopefully we walk away with a profit and smile on our faces when done playing for the day.

  90. Paul from the bottom of my heart I haven’t a clue what people will be moaning with this video….. number 1it’s your money you do as you please. number 2….even though you make theses videos there entertainment value either side and yes you lost the money but if you never had it then it never existed. i mean if your start of balance was a couple of hundred. and if it was me id go all the way hundred thousand. let’s have it. your a gentleman and a legend Paul. as they say you win some you lose some. ??????PS looking forward to tonights stream all those big bonuses.??? catch ya Paul bud.

  91. T_______T

  92. Unlucky dude .. almost like it fucking knew what your numbers were !!!

  93. Paul no need to explain yourself pal,its YOUR money,do what you want with it buddy,fuck the bleeding heart liberals,if you love a gamble,have a gamble….in your case……A FUCKOFF BIG GAMBLE LOL….
    Sorry for not commenting on your vids for a while,but i never miss a stream….Paul mate, you’re a fucking gambling legend,and your channel is dynamite…. when it comes to gambling mate….no oneand i mean NO ONEburns the candle and both ends as much as you do pal…..

  94. Love watching you lose this! You need to learn to cash out! This shit isn’t healthy for you

  95. Don’t play NETENT live roullete they have a fucking motor inside the wheel it’s fucking manipulating the outcome of the game!!

  96. Holy crap man, Glad to finally have seen this but so sad at the same time.
    You didnt stick to the advice you told me, Get in and get out.. Best advice ever!
    Your the man Paul see you next stream!

  97. ah well, next time i hope u hit bigger win and get what u want, xo

  98. It’s good to show both sides of gamingwe’ve all won cashed out reversed lost and gone to bed feeling shit- but tomorrows another day dayat least you had the bollocks to show it 🙂

  99. Very unlucky Paul but big RESPECT man! You got balls

  100. antwoord
    jasonlucilo vasquez luciano Januarie 23, 2017 by 3:10 is


  101. Man this is painful to watch

  102. Been watching your videos for the past few months now and always look forward to the next upload but full respect to u for showing this one been gambling many years now but really don’t think I’d have the bullocks to put down a spin like that will be watching the big bonuses you got lined up next mate your big payday will come one day

  103. After your massive win streak you were on and the big wins and big pending withdrawals I can fully understand this vid. I am exactly the same if I am on a winning streak like you and the 32,000 was all profit then I know for sure I would have done what you did when your in that position losing the money doesn’t enter your head as all gamblers know. Its the feeling of winning big is such z buzz you want more and thats why if you had hit you could of hit 100k and you would of had such a buzz but it was not meant to be.But you may never be in that pisition to win big money like that so I personnaly think yeah aftef so many big wins and big cashouts on the way why not go for it. If you ever find yourself in that position again im sure you would go for it a good topman top vids top streamer respect for putting it up.

  104. I feel physically sick after watching this!

  105. You win some, you lose some. Your still making massive cashouts from very small deposits so I wouldn’t worry about it. Keep doing your thing brother

  106. i would legit puke my brains out if that just happened to be like wow

  107. compulsive gamblers are the most selfish people in the whole world. They don’t think of what the money could buy until it’s all gone. my name is *** ******* I’m a compulsive gambler, my last bet was on the 26th March 2016

  108. antwoord
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE Januarie 23, 2017 by 3:42 is

    this was hard to watch, all those numbers you had on and it found the one you didn’t every time, unlucky bro :/

  109. Wow Dude 100K that can change Life, but I’m really sorry for your loss i also lost 5K from a 200€ Deposit, but that’s how it is man a Croupier told meEvery luck string has a end

  110. antwoord
    David Aleksandravicius Januarie 23, 2017 by 4:04 is

    Well this is perfect example when gambling takes over your head and you dont realise what you doingBut yeah 36k is a lot of money. anyway dont be upset Paul 🙂 sometimes you win , sometimes you lose.

  111. Hahahaha?

  112. Paul I’ve followed your videos and progress from the start. u have always been a balls deep kind of guy weather it be a bluff at poker on the river or crazy spins on the roulette table . you live by the sword u die by the sword . to win big u bet big . it’s good to see the other side of your streams (the losses) and shows u r the same as us all . it’s your money and your life so no one can tell u what u should do with it .I along with many others would of loved to see tier hit big on the mega spin . fuck the haters and fuck the fobts. good luck as always pal .

  113. Sorry for your loss mate. This is exactly why I quit gambling. When it reaches theese numbers in loss over a short period of time usually its just downhill from there unless you start to controll your gamble early on and accept the loss as it is. Take it from me don’t tilt because of this loss it’s not worth it. Aim for the next big cashout instead.

  114. whaaaaatno way man omfg ;-( sick

  115. unlucky m8 it’s great that ur honest and show winnings and losses love the videos maybe one day ur luck will change

  116. Massive respect for putting this vid up. If I was in ur shoes I would have been doing the exact same thing. Maybe not as high stake spins but I certainly would have been pushing for that big pay day. Love the vids and the streams. Fuck the haters and fuck the fobts

  117. Wow that’s crazy! 34k would be a dream amount for me and my partner to buy a home, Really unlucky man

  118. omg
    a new dimension!!!

  119. Paul im sorry to see this. Hope youre alright my friend

  120. This is why I love what you do on this page real wins and you show real loses. Unlucky boss the 100k would have been sick. Better luck next time

  121. antwoord
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette Januarie 23, 2017 by 5:34 is

    your number run there pal was just a piss take talk about my unlucky. never mind.chin up and press on.remember luck favours the brave. I had a shit run this wknd on roulette lost like 700

  122. Wow pal fair play to you for uploaded this. You certainly will strike it big on one of these streams in the future and you thoroughly deserve too. I hope you are well pal and look forward to your bonus video up tonight as I feel a big hit coming on that secret of the stones for you. Take care fella

  123. Was gutted Watching that, is it just me or did the ball do some suspicious movement bounces

  124. this was always coming, your bets getting bigger all the time, Very brave of you to show, but time to take stock,

  125. 32k it’s 15 months wages for me .

  126. And this is why you are a legend Paul. Massive respect to you mate.

  127. If this was with Devin, it would be a hundred thousand rocknrolla

  128. Expect a lot of bullshit from butthurt people who don’t know your channel and how you do things. Still a great and very entertaining video. I’m glad you finally uploaded it it!

  129. that’s kinda when I feel online roulette can be fixed.

  130. most of us here are gamblers and we understand your play. u went for big and just didnt happen. we have all tried this with different amounts in our gambling life.
    what a shame you didnt hit the hundred grand.
    atleast 10 grand should been put away i think. see your next video

  131. What a animal! Some real bad numbers here.. unlucky lad, you’ll get that 100k!

  132. get the fuck in there lad

  133. Go big or go home under the circumstances and knowing how you bet and what you already had coming your way don’t blame you one bit yeh I get what people are saying its alot of money but if you took the money and didn’t go for it you wouldn’t be rocknrolla and thats why we all watch you keep it up lad the £100k is coming soon

  134. completely unlucky there mate, couldve been different on any other day! 32k is a lot but knowing its from a 300 deposit shows its not impossible to do it again! great vid showing the true dangers though paul

  135. This feels like watching an episode of Jackass 😀 Entertaining, but painfull !
    Next time you might just hit that 100k

  136. Fuck me what a ride .Kept expecting a massive hit.And I already knew how this ended!
    couple shady bounces didn’t help. Thanks for the vid

  137. Rigged like fuck when you bet big like this you will lose every single time!!

  138. And there is no point trying to explain yourself you just chucked 30grand away it’s sickening to watch for some people

  139. That was not only hard to watch but soul destroying at the same time. But that’s why I love your channel your honest and have also got the biggest balls iv ever seen.

  140. Face like a slapped arse ha , big balls though , hope you can afford the soap to wash them ?

  141. Well that was a crazy 5 minutes.Very strange bounce on at least two of those spins? looked all along zero section was incoming. That’s a lot of cash to lose but it’s yours to do as you please.The way you play I’m still not sure you would have stopped even if you had reached the £100k!! Especially if you were on a run of numbers.Bet you slept like a baby that night. Kicking and screaming every half an hour!!!!!!

  142. long time ago now but i span £600 deposit up to 33k once at poker , lost the lot in one day of total degeneracy playing roulette , days like this will sit with you forever mate im afraid , we do what we do mate , we are gamblers and we know the risks , huge credit to you for posting this video , you did not have to , this will sting for a while im sure , good luck next time !!

  143. They is the good and the bad wins but I’m sure you will withdraw a lot more than £32grans over 2017 good luck for the year mate see you tonight for the big wins ?

  144. Fuck me, that was painful to watch. Not even my money, but really felt sick to my stomach watching that.

  145. made my day pal

  146. Also massive respect for posting the video.

  147. Paul,Massive respect to you putting this video up. It would of been so easy not too and hide behind all your winning videos!. You have balls of steel, It’s just a shame you can’t lock Cash out’s in at 21casino! They stay pending far to longI think that you have been honest enough in your approach to share with others is what makes you number one my friend. The fact that you spend time and energy documenting these videos so others can watch is a great thing also, It certainly cheers up my day when I get to watch some degen action!. Although this may be a bitter loss and life changing amount of money to others what you do with your money is up to you. Haters are going to Hate either way, just dodge the crap comments and feed off the positive ones!Building up the balance from peanuts to that figure is and was a massive achievement in it’s self, maybe that’s why drinking and gambling is the devils favourite choice. Decisions are always going to be based onjust one more spin” of “it’s duebut in reality we are always just one spin away from anything. Enjoy what you do and if your share your journey with others you really are the top man we all think you are!!!I think if you change your style towards gambling you will get a change in luck, not that you need it!. I know what it’s like to sit there and be click happy on the mouse playing roulette myself. The reality of it not being real money and just a balance on a screen is sometimes where we all go wrong but again if it’s money you can afford to lose than what’s the issue. It becomes a real reality when you check your online bank account and withdrawals when it does and you pay full attention to the balance on the screen then.Knowing the mind of a gambler from another gambler I know how you think, play and make decisions based on money. It’s easy to see when your a gambler. Seeing your disappointment in this video was hard to see and you done well to keep it together on video. Seriously felt sick and almost ruined mePlease keep the videos coming and keep the people entertained, keep us on the journey and always in your hearts my friend!All the best,RichardFuck the FOBTS!

  148. 21k to 0been there

  149. I think it’s a good vid to show losses mate but like I said small beginnings to huge gains sone people earn 500 pound a week and spunk half if not more on fobts and go home feelin sick that’s why some people are angry I reckon

  150. If u won 100k everyone be blowing smoke up your arse saying congrats well done so don’t worry about it mate

  151. GAMBOOOLLLL!!! The funny thing is if you posted this when it happened I would have been kinda shocked. But after watching how you bet for a while this seemed kinda normal. Yes the dollar amt was high but it was really just a handful of ill timed bets. So I guess I wont be too shocked when you hit that 100k one day.GL!!!

  152. At the end of the day Paul, it’s your money. No one on here has the right to moan or say anything negative towards you at all. You may have lost that 34k, but when you think about it, you deposited a small amount and got two large withdrawals. As long as someone is not losing money that is for bills, food or rent/mortgage then it is NOT an issue in my eyes. one day you will get that 100k mate. the only thing I would do different is try and build it up over a period of time rather than one roullete session. You could do a deposit on one casino and do one roulette session a week towards the 100k. maybe try and set a target to get to each week. Maybe double your deposit or something. anyway, keep up the good work man.

  153. Completely understand why you went for it Paul with the 100k dream an all that, but would you not have had more entertainment from £50/£100 spins on slots with that kind of balance?
    Either way fair play to you mate for being so honest, I just still can’t believe you didn’t punch that fucking monitor through ??

  154. That spin at 4.04 is mental! Dont wanna have to say it but that looked so rigged, it had basically stopped and somehow pushed it out? And the same with 2.20

  155. Mate what can I say , bits by bits u will get this money back definitely u will see

  156. Always watch your streams but rarely comment on your vids, you’ll get a
    lot of stick for this vid, but you must have gambled like that to even
    get to 30k. Unlucky mate, anyone giving you stick on here is most likely
    a degen gambler for watching these sorts of vids so they have most
    likely done some mad betting as well, and at the end of the day, it’s
    your money and your channel.
    I love how honest you are with the losses, I don’t think I’d be able to admit losing that much. Hope I watch a 100K win vid on your channel one day, just hope at that point you cash out rather than going for 1mil lol.
    Best of luck for the stream later.

  157. you are covering far too many numbers and sections paul.you seem a decent guy ,with a decent job.but my advice to you,is to stop all this casino rubbish,you cannot possibly win in the long run,you know that?instead concentrtate on your poker,and become a better player.you coud have used all that money to come to the wsop main event ,with me,this summer!

  158. Hi Rocknrollaaa very unlucky m8 watching it very closely it seems there is some sort of MAGNET or something as at 2;22 it lands in 12 then pushed out all the way 31 :O also the last two spins did the same thing! Any how’s massive respect to you and best of luck if it is luck lol next time. Top Man Thanx player. 🙂

  159. good man if showing this paul win some loses some thats how it goes fuck the haters all the best lets have a good stream tonight nathan

  160. Right I’ve watched this 10 times now , I can see your on edge WAITING for that big hit , shit , dae , sugar days , that cap needs to go , blame the cap , lol . Our Paul all the words in the world ent gonna change it , would we do it again HELL YEA A Gambler , gambles , £34,000 could of been turned in to £300,000 your Mods know , I know it , above all you know it , that’s why we do it . Right or wrong , likes or dislikes , it’s done . Shake it off , Sir Paul respect , pure respect to you . ?

  161. Your life your money if your good with it then don’t matter mate great vid as usual good luck getting your 100k in the future

  162. Hi there,
    I didn’t want to read and run today, but wanted to just post a message concerning your last video.
    First of all thanks, for your streams and your videos. Many people will complain and state that you are encouraging gambling and others state that it helps them.
    For the majority of degenerate gamblers like I used to be, it does help me. Last week on the Wednesday I really was going to go out and play some poker, and although I think I am okay atpoker there definitely would be blackjack, roulette tables around.
    I was tired and actually withdrew 600 quid out of the cash machine. Now I was going to go but I thought you know what? Why don’t I just stay in the hotel and enjoy your stream instead. I would rather stay in and support you, and also have the bants with the normalregulars (trev, Dom, etc) . On the Thursday I put the money back into a savings account and felt for the rest of the week.
    For all the haters, you haveexplained yourself and also play within what you can afford. You have told usyour Mrs has a firm grip on the finances which is great as well.
    Keep up the good work, my friend,
    I know you don’t have the time to reply to all your comments but I just wanted
    to give some support since I know that you were very reluctant to post this
    Lastly I wanted to ask if you ever tried to get some money back from the payday loan companies? I have recently and two companies gave me back 1000’s due to their poor lending practices. You have nothing to lose so any questions please ask.
    Gaz Troy.

  163. Living the dream mate 🙂

  164. You did say you were gonna go for it, And you did lol . I would’ve trashed my whole house after

  165. Mate think you need to go to a doctor, balls a bit too big XD. You will hit the big one!!! Good video thanks for showing this side of gambling, most people would have not shown this, just shows how much you like your fans and the fact you don’t lie to us.
    ooh and when we getting the poker video 🙂

  166. I’ve played alot of Netentnever seen that at 2:20 of 4:00 … Something dodgy is going on here

    • Why do these online game exceed the maximum amount when you go to a real live casino like victory casino the states are £2-5 min max £500 on a single number why is these tables excepting well over £12,000 a spin
      Yes the ball is fixed using some kind of magnet on the wheel
      This types of videos just are promotional for these scum making money sites which should be banned altogether but the problem we have is that the government likes their 40% tax return so keep it hush hush and brush it under the carpet even we have so many problem gamblers these video just don’t help

    • every spin have some anomalie..
      i see that from the first one.
      like magnet or something

    • Dur Lol it’s roulette

    • I have watched many spins on this table and Def something sinister happened then I saw it u should take them to court. Most zero section covered and tier and it keeps landing in orthans Wat a dam joke

  167. watching this video makes me feel so mad cause it’s rigged as fuck. You covered so many numbers but still not 1 groot oorwinning. It reminds me of someone covering all except 3 numbers and the number he didn’t covered came 4 times in a row.

  168. Slow the video at 2:20… Netent is obviously doing the dodgy here………. Avoid this software/site, they screwed you over, it just jumped left 7 spaces……..???????

  169. Isnt it a bit strange when u started this video and all ur best around 10k it just went orphans and neighbours of them for like 5,6 draai ? Just wowgl in future man

  170. that roulette wheel is rigged you had 90% of the board covered

  171. Ouch but fair playto you long live Rock n Rolla

  172. It’s all about choice , total respect to rocknrolla you took a chance it didn’t pay off this time luck wasn’t on your side , all the hatters need to do one , Iam a single dad bringing 2 kids up on my own on £180 a week , I not going to cry about it lol , I love watching rocknrolla videos , very entertaining and good banter as well ? Top bloke #respect

  173. You have problems……-.-

  174. bet that was a shit nights sleep 🙁

  175. who watch this more than once?i do..

  176. Alright Paul, sorry it didn’t work out mate. I’ve been in the same position (although not on your scale) up, chased more and lost! Never nice when it happens! Here’s hoping for better luck tonight! Me and my mate Dan Soundy will be watching you later (hopefully with a big win to you)

  177. ročknrollas my friend you dont see this roulette its fake you let only 8 numbers without money and this fucking numbers comes all the time my friend its 100% fake they still your money

  178. Damn Man thats a massive Loss. You still have it 🙁 But as you say it Gambling is about winning and losing and mostly all the other fake Streamers on Youtube only win, win, win and win again or do the same with Fake Money. They wouldnt shown us this like you do. Thank you for beeing real and honest to us thats why we love you.Only a few real Streamers will do this. Next Time you will get the 100k. Its your Money do with it what you want (=

  179. roulette with magnettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 100% fake

  180. @ Mr Rocknrolla great vids I always watch your streams on YouTube. Takes great balls to play these sort of stakes. When your playing with money you have won , it is so much easier playing high stakes as it almost doesn’t feel like real money, it’s only ever real money when you cash out and it hits your bank. When your playing with money you have won in your mind you have already cashed out and your in profit so win or lose it doesn’t matter so much as your playing with the casinos money as opposed to your own. It’s only when you lose and you think of what you could of walked away with that can start to trigger those compulsive thoughts and allow your own mind to start to want to chase that big loss. You have to ask yourself is that £100k so important as a mental trophy that you are prepared to lose £34 k. What’s going to happen next time if you get it up to that sort of balance are you going to go for it now you can reflect on the loss ? My advice is time to reign it in my friend, with those sort of high stakes it’s unsustainable no matter what your income is. Forget the loss the money is gone. Big respect to you., I look forward to your next stream.

  181. Fair play Paul, your a real gent. This really adds some much needed perspective on gambling. Good luck for the future.

  182. Really enjoy the vids Paul, keep em coming & stuff the haters.. #Watfordfc

  183. Your a legend ! Best videos on YouTube ! I hope you have a mad session and hit 500k never mind 100k life’s about taking chances and you are a pinnacle compared to this mediocre £1 stake you tubers, net net should give you 50 grand just for getting people to acknowledge and play their online games true entertainment but I like it even more when you win loads take them for all they got mate . Keep doing what your doing. #Legend !!!!!!!

  184. mate finally put it up ay! good lad , watch all ur streams bro and fully understand 100 thousand incoming 1 day, hope people don’t judge on the 1 vid they should watch the streams and get to know you before they do, unlucky u ballsey cant!

  185. lets go fucking viral, lets go fukin viral, na nana naa hay!!!

  186. Well well well, you’ve put it up. I do hope you don’t get too much rubbish for it. I respect you for doing this and gotten a slight man crush on ya!!!. I know you have called me a degen before but this is big balls degen. But how else are you going to hit that 100K! Most people will see the 32K and think WTF, but I only see it asrealwhen it is in my bank, plus it is winning so you can say you are not really down. If I saw it as real money (As sometimes I don’t think you do) then I wouldn’t of had my big hits as well.
    One day mate it will come, I hope I am there to witness it!
    Only a few numbers weren’t covered but my god that ball made sure not to hit them eh!!
    Good luck with your bonuses tonight mate! Hoping for a few Ron’s!!!
    Peace and love!

  187. mate, I think that hat you wear is unlucky. Throw it in the bin!

  188. Thanks for posting the loss cant sugar coat gambling by just showing the wins

  189. Regardless of the back story, What a start in life 30k could of given your kid!! Reality check dude.

  190. I have followed you a while now dude and some of the older vids you’ve done have inspired me to have a go and because of youre vids its been exciting, yeah I have won and lost many times, no where near your amounts, and watching you be as successful as you can be and showing that anything is possible Is massively entertaining so thanks mate and roll on 100k haha I will keep on watching, too bad on that loss mate but I know you will keep coming back for more and not give in

  191. This is why we all love you !!
    Keep up buddy!!

  192. I have watched your vids for a good while I am a bad gambler can never take loss or walk away 6000 in the last month mainly fobts I bow to you because if your anything like me you feel self hatred and depressed as we can’t help ourselves your honesty is second to non hope you have better times soon

    • +Liam Woodward Liam, try to bet with few money. Stop chassing losses. It worked good for me. It meant I can still enjoy the pleasure of gambling but without the stress of loosing money I cant afford to loose.

    • +Liam Woodward i try a lot time to stop but never succeed, this time i stop smoking, drinking, doing drogs, i stop all and start to training, and after one month im addicted to training, sounds really stupid but it works.. You need some other boost that replace gambling, i have smoking for 5 year and quit just like that, and i tought that i never cant really stop, i also have a little problem with cocain in last time, but all change when i fix my daily meals and start to living healty.. I hope that u stop gambling, all best for you..

    • +Miro 53 How did you put an end to all this i have lost 3k more last night and will have to sell my car i been battling this addiction since i was 18 im now 23. Havent stopped working since got nothing to show but my car which i will now sell.

    • For me this type of videos help a lot, i dont gambling any more, just watching videos.. But in last 2 months i lost a fucking lot, almost everything i have.. Im glad that i stop, or i think i stop, will see

    • Watching these type of videos caused my high stakes addiction

  193. hi pal. 2:20 spin rigged bounced back towards zero then stopped in 12 then floated over to 31. similar with the 4 min spin.

  194. OMGwhy paul?

  195. Pretty unlucky. Need to go for it when Devin dealing. You built up the balance and went for it. You weren’t chasing losses which is good.

  196. Hey Paul it’s not how hard you can hit ,it’s how hard you can get hit ! That’s how winning is done ! And you took it like a champ bud !

  197. No guts no glory mate.???

  198. Being a gambler I feel for you buddy, a lot to lose 🙁

  199. He lost 34k just for that click bait thumbnail, loser

    • Lewis Hughes 1st of all he had that 33 k I don’t think it makes him a loser. I think you more loser who watches and spread hatred. You have to much time to talk shit and crying for attention when nobody cares about you LOSER!!!!!!!

  200. Two things that don’t look right to me. aantal 1. The spins where you have no number covered you do not see the dealer spin the ball. There is a gap between the number landing and the ball going around the wheel for the next number. Could be a delay in the video feed but still doesn’t look good. aantal 2. The camera should pan in after the dealer spins to the wheel not change to a different camera completely. Looked suspicious to me. Unlucky mate good effort to get to 34K in the first place. Took some serious kahunas to place those bets. Good luck in the future.

  201. You’ll get that big win one day, glad you posted this though, some people chose to just show the good side to gambling but you keep it real

  202. Rrrr mate a feel sick for u thats ridiculous pal hope u pull a bit back slowly grind it back together, sicking!

  203. Kudos to you for showing the losses too!

  204. i wont miss any of ur streamings…. i wanna be witness of u getting to that marki think u way of playing will take u there for surequestion is when?… dunno…. but sure i will be cheering for u when it happens!

  205. Respect for your honesty. Totally agree with your reasons for playing up your winnings and going for it. Hope you still have a decent cashout to enjoy

  206. Rigged wheel! 2:20 is absolutely horrendous!

  207. Shit happens mate. You win some and you lose some.
    Better luck next time! Cause that’s what this is. imagine if it would have hit the 8 or something.
    keep ya chins up mate.
    Yes 34k is huge for a lot of people. But you started it off with a few hundred.

    As long as you dont put yourself in debt. it’s all good!

    respect for showing this. Fuck the haters

  208. We all can stay and complain about the fact you lost it. But thats gambling guys.

  209. is it fixed I think it is

    • it is rigged i´m 100% confident. the same with Evolution Roulette. they all cheat.

    • Sure they don’t. Only on these electro magnet wheels could you ever see the ball arc into 32, changes it’s mind and arc right back out into number 2 in a near perfectWmotion on the very last spin. Absolute fucking rigged pieces of shit. You would NEVER see a bounce like that in a casino roulette table. Utter bullshit.

    • They don’t need to make it fixed.

  210. unlucky mate. could have gone either way. you’ll get it back no doubt. keep up the quality content

  211. Need the run good when you’re going for the big time. Felt so rigged, you had so many numbers covered man. Hope you’re ok bro. x

  212. Its ur money mate but jesus christ my heart sank for you on that last spin. Did you get a good nights sleep that night? I bet u get good comp play for those bets

  213. harsh. but this video will surely go viral in some way and maybe (in a weird way) turn out to be a blessing. the videos are great. I prefer to see you win but it is good to see that you are showing your losses as everyone knows there has to be losses at some point. keep up the good work. entertaining.

  214. Is it me or does the ball seam to pretty much settle in 16 by 4:00 mins in but then does a freaky manoeuvre into 20?

  215. Mate full credit to u for showing and sharing this video, I feel the pain and gain in the matter of every spin. It’s a eye opener when it comes to show the other side of gambling, it’s when u hit rock bottom it’s how u pick yourself and go again. Chasing the un chase able is a life time job. Love your steams mate, wish I lived in Bournemouth then we could hit the casino degen style.

  216. mate you could lose 30k 100 times trying to reach 100k …. 3 million. Just stop mate it’s all gone too far now.

  217. this is crime netent always doing this shit

  218. yo mate where is the house tour video? c’mon man u said u would think about it, dont let me down:D

    cheers and goodluck

  219. money I could only dream about. you truly have ball of steel. my 4 numbers are 11,14,17,20…. I was screaming watching this

  220. 34k is Monopoly money when you’ve won it who cares .

  221. fair play for putting the vid upyou’ll get the 100k soonit’s *YOUR* cash, spend how the feck you want mate, people complaining wanna take a closer look at how there own hard earned cash is spent.. have a moan at the government for spiffing our taxes on shite etc etc

  222. Fuck that shit ..nearly all numbers full of money but how can ball dropped to worst numbers?..if u want to see casinos real face ,watch this video ..they proper rape the this men

  223. I don’t care what anyone says u got balls just like me I lost this Friday just under 10k but you the best ever mate I’m sorry u couldn’t hit what you wanted mate ?

  224. it’s your money at the end of the day. but shit I’m struggling to pay bills and your blowing 30k in a couple of presses of a mouse. but it’s your life. your money and ultimately your decision, people are gonna freak out because that’s alot of money to an average person. the fact you already withdrew some ment that those were just numbers on a screen. different story if the cash was in front of you. all gamblers should be able to agree.. always chasing the big wins. but eventually you always loose. you can earn a million before winning a million.

  225. I can’t watch this….hate to see someone losing….what time you streaming tonight RnR? #maythefudgebewithyou

  226. Sickening mate, glad you had some big cashouts before this and it all was from a low start point. That run was horrible though!

  227. Paul,it was only 300 you lost. You had a chance to get a mortgage pay off win for 300 pounds. Who would not have taken that shot?

  228. I’m just watching this on my phone but I SWEAR this is rigged. Seriously. When it hits 17 the dealer deffo did not spin that. And it just lands very very oddly. Magnetism oddly. Same when the 20 lands. It’s in 16 and then just literally gets sucked out into 20. I will study this more but I fear this is theft

  229. Narrrrr this is completely rigged. Every spin is not live, they’ve reverted to auto. Look at the 31 spin. Dealer doesn’t spin it and it teleports across the wheel. Paul mate, look at this all in slo mo. It’s on par with 9/11 it’s such a inside job

    • Chris Burton Well, it’s edited by Paul himself, that’s why you don’t see her spinning the ball. Look at Paul in the corner that exact moment, he skips few seconds forward in time tooNot sayinit’s not rigged, because all gambling is rigged and has nothing to do with luck whatsoever, but they are not this stupid to cut stream to some prerecorded video with a losing number to fuck the player, they don’t need toit was just Paul or some glitch with the recorder.

    • Spot on Chris, on the 31 spin, the picture clicks as in a TV outtake, you don’t even see her put her hand into the wheel, and the ball is magically off and running! Fucking cheating set of cunts!!

  230. you can not take it with you pal here for a good time not a long time fair paly for showing it plus you don’t have to explain your self to know one long as u can afford it go for it personally would love to see the high roller slots roulette not my thing good luck on all ya vids

  231. Still huge loss no matter which way u butter it up n it will hurt n he will regret it

  232. This looks rigged. Take a look at the 2:20 en 4:00 timeframes. Especially the 4:00 timeframe, when the ball hops from #16 om #20 in an unnatural way. Very very dodgy if you ask me.

  233. Paul fair play to you, i respect you for this . Too many people on YouTube just show themselves winning. Mate at the end of the day you deposited a minimal amount of money considering , and you got a third of a way to the big jackpot . I’m sure you know as a gambler big wins come and go and mate you had one hell of a go ! People need to know the negatives of gambling and there are way more negatives then positives ! Remember though , a real rocknrolla wants the fucking lot .

  234. That 34 grand could of payed for a life changing surgery n u just spin it away lyk it’s nothing even if u won it and its profit money it’s stil 34 k a charity or u could of walked round ur closest town n bought everyone who was homeless a meal and payed for a coat for all off them I lyk ur vids but that’s just stupid

    • he does give to charity, I understand what ur saying but if he made the 100 grand that he was aiming for, he prob would of gave a lot to charity, just didn’t happen for him, he has been saying he was gonna go for the hundred grand for a long time now, think he went for it for the fans with out thinking to much into it as it was all winning and not out his own pocket, I can see wer you cumin from tho mate.

    • slots fan 17 spinstar ano but all for fun slots love his vids n streams but 34 k is a lot to just piss away it’s his money but stil should be able to control himself n not just throw it away but as u say it’s his money I’m just remember him sayin about doing a charity stream n stuff that would do a lot for charity’s instead of giving it to the bookies

    • not your dow mate so don’t worry

  235. just over 2 years wages for me FML !!!

  236. reminds me of me a few years back

  237. From one Gambler to another fair play. Recently had a big win due from watching yours and the Bandits videos. Won 39k but ended up still gambling at least 7k away trying to hit the 100k Mark. Decided to call it a day at 32k and put the money in premium Bonds so I won’t touch it. If you don’t gamble big you won’t win Big. But I know that feeling when you say you don’t see it as real money. Still stings a bit when I think about 7k and I’m sure it would really sting if it was money I actually saved and gambled with.Just spent this last week banning myself from every site as I know I wouldn’t be able to walk away. watching this makes me feel I made the right decision. But seriously fair play to you for having the balls to do it.

  238. Respect for uploading the video. Hopefully them big bonuses make up for it later on, Catch you in a few hours on twitch ?

  239. But fair play for showing it not many would just because u said bout doing charity stuff n u blow 34 k it’s big money n life changing to many ppl

  240. Unlucky better luck next time

  241. Watch all your videos bud would of loved to see 100k win u deserve it unlucky

  242. wow that’s epic mate go big or go home. it’s your money you can do what you like with it the haters will always hate

  243. you win some you lose sometbh you lost 300.00 so you did a mega daft thing but who hasn`t chin up mate there will be other chances ……..did you wake up in casualty when the wife found out?

  244. was this a while back ?

  245. Well done mate for having the GONADS to have a goYou don’t get many chances like this so to me you haven’t lost it, you experienced it, thanks for sharing…. Cheers..

  246. Very unlucky bud but as you said you had 2 good withdrawels her spinning that wheel is not a good person for you it’s same one you lost with the other week when I commented that it looked like she was taking orders via an ear peace and again it looked like she knew exactly what was going to come out on this video stay away from roulette when she’s on

  247. P.s good luck for tonight’s stream some nice bonus stakes there let’s hope they pay big

  248. nearly stopped in 12 and then got pulled to 31 wtf was that at 2.20, never seen anything like that.

    • Stephen Darbyshire yes mate ball span off the wheel i rekon its all recordings or a magnet

    • When i did my max spin of only £350 meant to hit 2000 ball span of the fuckin wheel

    • I think they just have loads of different recordings especially with a live dealer cause when there robbing u there talking but you cant see the dealer camra doggy but i agree that 2.20 one was shocking

    • Happens again in the last spin. Ball arcs into 32, seems to almost change its mind as if to say “O, wait a minute, that’s a winnerand arcs right back out again into empty number 2 in a near perfectWmotion. Fucking rigged electro magnet wheels.

  249. makes you wonder with an earpiece fitted a skilled croupier can manipulate a ball drop into certain wheel zonesits the only skill part of the game, the ball release lets face it..

  250. hey paul i just 1 you to now theat i love your videos ,love the wei you play all of theat,there are bad people end gud people fack them all!!! You may frend are a gambler end a gambler alwis will win in life !!! Ciao from italy

  251. ffs we get it people that money could of changed your lifethis is why he waited so long to post it. He does not need the comments about what it could of done for you. He lost 300 pound of his own money that was all profitssome people are so miserable. Take the energy you put into crying on youtube post into making some money and maybe you can have some degenerate fun like this

  252. I’ve been watching your vids on and off for a while now, something I have noticed is it seems either you have a few guardian angels watching you and your extremely lucky, or the casino you promote has increased the payouts for you to obviously tempt viewers into signing up and making a deposit as people think the machines will play similar to you, this is probably the case the games you play and the share amount of features/big wins/bonuses are high compared to the ‘average player’. Now here is the interesting part; and i’ve seen this with a few other channel gambling owners on here, you have now reached saturation point your sign ups have become stable/low, the players who signed up using your affilliate link have moved on and deposits have decreased so therefore the casino has effectively moved on and made your payouts the same as any other player as they are no longer making the money they once did by your channel. All forms of gambling on this sites are rigged including the roulette you played, insiders info they do have magnets under each number but this is very rarely used for small chip players in your case it activated an immediate red flag to the casino moderators who took the swift decision to get the money back.

    • the casino has the odds and wins every time just by you players there they win. for every 10k you win theres 1000 other losers losing it all. Casinos don’t need to cheat that’s the truth of it

    • Anothny Godfrey dont know about the magnets and the rigged wheel your talking about as that can lead to slander and unwanted attention, however your first comments was fantastic one of the best comments i have read, make sense, kudos to you

    • anthony godfrey. at long last a message from a person who knows what hes talking about. if i knew you we would get on. if u read this take care and gl with what your doing or achieving.

    • i think this rings a bell as i have played the games he does and get nowhere near the bonuses he does on slots etc etc etc.. i think the main aim of this is to promote 21 casino to get people gambling similar to the way he does quite a smart way of doing it. should also be illegal as it is a complete lie being shown!

  253. Fuck I love the balls you got they must be as big as coconuts I like a gamble but 30 large I no you wanted 100 grand but you got to be realistic

  254. Being degen, so we don’t have to. Just keep up that charity work and I will forgive you 😀

  255. Man I enjoy your vids but you have lost all sense for money I have done it in the past but fml that’s my yearly wage 🙁

  256. respect bro , u still legend ,if was me i would book MGM in vegas get some asses and gamble and have life time in vegas ,come on man .gl and wish u get it all back very soon .that what u call entertainment .


  258. Properly twice what you earn In a year working You have a serious problem dose your family no your gambling like millionaires do once you stop getting lucky it’s going to hit you hard and ruin you

  259. Hi Rocknrolla. You are very brave to put this video out there sir. Those were huge bets you placed at the roulette table. NetEnt for sure have rigged their roulette wheels. That roulette wheel for sure has a bias, meaning that it favors certain numbers after thousands and thousands of spins.

  260. Did you ever consider creating tutorials with your strategies?

  261. did anyone actually read the bit about him making 2 five figure cash outs from £300 deposits. I think if he had blew the 32 grand then chased it with depositing more then blowing that then it would have been horrible but let’s face it he won alot and only in that position for that some reason. keep up the streams rnr

  262. How do you guys saying this is crazy think he got the 34k in the first place ? It’s easy to say he should stop whilst his balance is at it’s highest lol . It’s called gambling and the tough part of gambling is you never know when your winning streak has ended . Yeh he’s a crazy gambler but if he acted like you think he should then he wouldn’t ever have 34k to lose anyway

  263. they use magnets on that roulette wheel it sat in 16 lovely then shot out into 20 rigged mate see this happen alot

  264. I’d look at adjusting your strategy a bit.. too many numbers covered in a spinI’d lose the split bets also but thats just me.. I rarely bet more than 11 numbers/spin and they are all in the same section of wheel.. I also never deposit more than £50!! with the stakes you play 100k is easily doable but I don’t think u need to be putting on as much per round..

  265. Gamble what you can afford?, or not at all good luck

  266. them spins looked like a fix

  267. just a paper.. maybe

  268. respect for you Paul for showing this video not that ive ever gambled this amount but im 45 now and been a gambler since i was 8 years old playing down the seafront on the 10p eachway nudgers gambling is sick some days we all have regrets but we all want that big win so just ignore the haters as long as you can justify it to yourself then you dont have to explain it to others and lets hope next time its a different outcome good luck fella

  269. Bet the pitboss was having a wank over this

  270. Omg one of the sickest gambling vids i ever seeni lost around €4000 1 week ago and feel shit about it, but this.. is something else. But i know that YOU know what you are doing so, you have an great strategy but this run is such an unlucky run ;/ I can´t even imagine the pain. Strong of you to publish this loss m8.

  271. this was a step too far for me mate. Ive always loved your videos but this one made me feel bad. You genuinely need to take a break from all of this.

  272. The 12 grand bet at the end look what happens to the ball you can see it pulled by something. I’ve always thought these casinos were fair but now I’m thinking very differently.

  273. so even after losing the 34 know you were still up a little?? must of still felt sick to the stomach though, I can’t blame you going for it though with money you have won. I’m thinking not time though maybe you should keep at least half of it and go for it with the rest

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 25, 2017 by 6:42 pm

      Yeh mate, what I should have done is shown the processed withdrawals I had from the original £300 deposit which was over half of this loss so wasnt completely degen by going for it

  274. At least you had the balls to go for the big payday.

  275. so sorry to see that a few numbers could screw things up —- a few good numbers come up and chances are then there to make it even bigger. a lot of people would still do the same, it doesn,t look like real money just numbers on the screen. things always get the better of us and we impulse on what we had just won from small beginnings. for those of us who watch with you without question it does come as a shock to see that money just vanish in a few spins. but as you have said its your channel and we should respect and honour your decision to share what you are doing.

    maybe one day we will see thatmagic dayand i hope you will accept that some comments will not be good due to those peoples beliefs in what you had done. i wish you well and that you continue to make things better.

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 25, 2017 by 6:40 pm

      Hey mate appreciate the message! It does look bad and is a terrible was of money, what I should have done though is show the 20k plus wins I had from this original deposit of £300 that would make it look like it wasnt a total disaster! All I can do is learn from it but still feel that I only got to the 34k being crazy and that with the run of luck I was on I was almost right to go for it

  276. You just don’t know when to stop gambling that money is life changing to some people like myself. I don’t even feel sorry for you that’s disgusting wasting all of the £35,000.

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 25, 2017 by 6:35 pm

      But who else would have gotten to that point? I understand though and it is a waste but then I did have over 20k banked from that run all from a £300 deposit so isnt as wasteful as it looks

  277. what is yr job mate, if can i ask u

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 25, 2017 by 6:34 pm

      That and family are the only things I dont discuss mate, just easier that way bud plus its one of the conditions the missus has of me doing this

  278. I just wonder if this would have had different ending if it was to be live on streamI gamble more than I should myself and in that position I could see myself doing the same. Tough to watch all the same but best of luck Paul and as always see you on your next stream

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 25, 2017 by 6:33 pm

      Cheers mate and yes if this was on stream it would have been a different story but then I also wouldnt have got to the 34k as definitely would have stopped! Losing in front of people is a horrible feeling and only intensifies that horrible loss feeling!

  279. man how its possible to get that numbers straight? fucking automatic roulette.. that cant be possible!!! fucking casinos

  280. Love the vids paul I feel your pain on that Iam the same as u always looking for that big win and even bigger win good luck for the future pal

  281. you r a nice guy , with all do respect u r making way too many mistakes i have seen a couple of the videos and i think that they are made preatty nicely and u also are doing well but … !!! please stop ! playing stuppid games , the best pay outs are here — vrugte warp , jack and the ……. , koi princess , wonky rabbit , wish master , sunny scoops , birds on wire , dead or alive , garden of riches play these game for one sation with any amount u want play only these games high stakes and youll get the profit 🙂 wish u all the best hope it will help

  282. im gonna send u my pics or videos and show u huge wins

  283. Mate that was painful to watch, look at it this, you still walked away with cash in your pocket, the money was never really yours anyway, hope you don’t do this again, too much for anyone to go through, and the end lmfao, looks like you’re about to throw your fist through a wall

  284. The wheel seems so rigged when streaks like that happen

  285. I won 30k on a 12 dollar slot bet one time. I Love to take risks like you Paul, But after losing 10k in 30 mins playing blackjack, even I had sense enough to take the 20k and run, and I did. Oppurtunities don’t come around that often. You just have to walk away sometimes.

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Januarie 25, 2017 by 6:26 pm

      Agreed mate and I did have just over 20k on its way to my account so felt it was ok to go for it here! I think in the future I think the best way to get the 100k is a load of joint up cashouts but easier said than done ha

  286. rip rent

  287. #rocknrolla, dont play this live roulette. this is scam. this youlette table is digital not real roulette. the dealer fakes a real ball spin but this is a digital ball. chack this roulette is stocking from digital composing. this is a fake. dont play on this table his is manipulated. look on the cuts and the fake spin and his face everytime

  288. he stolen all you money

  289. only play an real tables. this looks digital and is digital

  290. silly boy. everytime i get the urge to gamble im going to watch this video….i might even screen shot your face and place it by the computer. bad bad luck but they know what there doing and get spin the ball to drop in the correct area. it was coming. what a complete waste of money 🙁

  291. play slots. give you more money lower risk.

  292. I won 43,000 on a £1 spin on Mega Moolan on Ladbrookes. Love it online. Money to be won…….but loads of money to be lost. Have fun but be careful. (Message sent from random mans phone in the street). Lol

  293. you’ve escalated from 2 quid spins on southpark to this. lol

  294. antwoord
    SPEED POWER PERFORMANCE SAP Januarie 29, 2017 by 9:51 pm

    So rigged
    Watch your spin as it lands in 24 black on a 12 k bet
    Then suddenly they hit a button and the ball flies clockwise into 20 with no bet on it . Robin fuckers

  295. just put 20k on odd or even xd the same odds

  296. sometimes expectations are too high.

  297. You are nuts for real….jokeryou actually nedd help man you gonna lose your life

  298. Holy shit !

  299. when you gamble with that much money i bet your heart was in your arse mate! mine was for you

  300. Where do u get all your money from LOL Jesus

  301. This video makes me not want to gamble thx

  302. R u idiot? if u wanna bet 34 k u must go las vegas.. no online.. this is fucking fake casino

  303. something fishy about landed ball, it seems so unnatural how the ball landed, first it almost hit number around zero and after that it was like flying to determined number somewhere else, see 2:18 it should be 12 of 35, dont ever bet big in online live casino guys, seriouslyany sane people would agree with me

  304. antwoord
    SPEED POWER PERFORMANCE SAP February 7, 2017 by 4:03 pm


  305. Hahaha. Regardless of your luck you will never have money for long. Ie the example above!

  306. Those spins were so fixed it’s unbelievable.. How can any educated person do this ?

  307. I swear you allready but I not gonna writing.you just stupid.

  308. antwoord
    SPEED POWER PERFORMANCE SAP February 13, 2017 by 12:08 is

    OH MY GOD !!!!!!!
    LOOK AT SPIN 31 black

  309. Are we really going to act like 4:20 didn’t just happen,l?? it JUMPED out of 16 and glued to 20 like magic

  310. by 2.20 massiv magnetic scam ! just play this in 0,25 slow motion . BigTime snatch , completly not random , gold mine for them , feels bad for You pal. fkn hellball was lock on 12 ( groot oorwinning ) en ” some power ” (lol? wtf) put this fck ball on 31 . Now i know why i lose 200k online. i fckn grind my bankroll on poker , have a good life , and unfortunetly i findrelaxin online gambling , ofc i lose my poker bankroll ( 200 fcn K ) and have to start from zero , but nowdays games r alot harder to beat , much more work , i feel like i lost few good years of my lifei highly dont recomendet play online , its addicted even if You got clear headits always potential to lose all You got ( and then bank credits ) ofc anyone can start from zero , but why ?

  311. They are right if you watch the ball at 2 20 en 4.00 you see the ball in your number and then it goes 4 numbers down into a number you did not pick…………Very Very strange I watched in in slow motion 200 times scam

  312. how to rip 34,000 £ in 5 min

  313. hey dude. sick loss. don’t let the wife know?

  314. I need to stop warching this!

  315. Yo Paul, I just signed up to 21 Casino from your description and I want to ask, when can you withdraw the money you won? Is there a wager? I got 140 euros on my account made from the £10 and 10 gratis Draaiingen. Hope you can help me out, thanks in advance.

  316. Hey RocknRolla! I have observed these things too in the past, and it seems to happen more often to certain amounts than others.(A 250€ Bet is more often going to fail than any other) But this is rigged for sure. I have made a little programme like a roulette system checker, because I wonder how these casinos make these kind ofmoments”. And there is definately something with airpressure going on in that weel. I have an example of 1600 observed spins, on which I was (past) betting (just for the calculation- its n/a for live gaming) on ballistic properties combined with the golden cut. It was a progressive betting system picking the most possible 20 numbers. I made it visible on a graph that it seems like a repeated action, that almost exactly after 400 draai, there is a longer period in which the table doesnt seem to follow physicsJumping numbers, of 3 of 4 repeatersso in my systems and observations i came to the conclusion, that there is action taken during the game in repeated intervals. Trust me, I play a lot and mostly long term! Cheers!

  317. Had to watch this video again….Terrible roulette, with really weird spins! Fuckin awful!

  318. Two spins looked VERY dodgy. 2:20 en 4:00.
    Looks like s scamjust watched again as I went to post. Yip. Dodgy as fuck.

  319. Legend says that this man is still dreaming orphelins

  320. no clarity
    seriously ill
    spun 5k
    nxt minute playing with peanuts on slots hes ill n needs help
    gamcare n quick

  321. Hello friend!

    Many people will think what a crazy man is that but i understand you cause ive done the same thing
    Again n again not with such a big amount but couple of thousants.

    The thing that i do not understand is thats sometimes( the last two spins that ball jumps out of number
    And the times that the ball falls tottally strange in a number that you play or i play ,
    Is that normal you think? I also play same live roulette from netent and ev gaming,
    Just i dont know i have a feeling even if i win that is a scam or theyre blowing the ball away not
    always but lots of times. Whats ur opinion?

  322. Its rigged! Fake dont play Roulette anymore.

  323. mate, you r addicted to the roulette and iam addicted to watching your videos and i don’t even have a wifi so i have to buy a data for £20 , so your addiction is costing us both money, so stop for ny sake, £20 is a lot where iam from mate.good luck.

  324. This is so rigged,pay attention on that ball,i have never seen ball on roullette bounce like that,must be some magnet

  325. Love your vids rocknrolla but I’ve worked in casinos for many years and can tell you the 2 times the ball jumped out of a huge winning number is deffo magnets under the wheel. Balls once in a number don’t just glide 7 spaces. Sometimes 1 of 2 spaces max

  326. why my frieand you playing like that ??? you must spit at the noumbers the 6 thousens uou have more wins uou will have oh my gad ……..

  327. The second last spin , it was in 16 thenhoppedout to give you nothing 😛 miraculous ….these “speletjies” are as bent as a tuppeny bithow do you know that the wheel doesn’t use magnets? dobbel 34 grand on dross like this is INSANE!!!! definitely not straight ….i like a big gamble myself from time to time but never using this method , you might as well be burning your money mate , you have got guts i’ll grant you that but what your gambling on is a dead end

  328. If wage a few Ks on Black, the only number that won’t pay at all will be No 14. Roulette is not by how much we wage on or how much sector we had cover, is the payout from each independent game must be greater than what we had wage on, just my humble 2ct, don’t waste waging on unnecessary numbers, eg, if already wage straight up on 32 en 35, need not do split on them again, split on 33, 32 of 32, 31 make more sense, goed, Everytime I relook at this video makes me feel painful for you.

  329. corrupt wheel by any chance ?? dodgy as fk…….

  330. antwoord
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel Maart 17, 2017 by 7:06 pm

    Unlucky, some very harsh spins

  331. stupid !!! orfins 3 repeat and 20 = 2

  332. Any news for this pre recorded spin and obvious rulette scam? Is it settled silently?

  333. What a idiot

  334. The way that ball bounced there at 2:20 just didn’t look right!

  335. You got robbed there mate. rigged table. look at her right hand..You can see the muscles flexing in her wrist as she tries to keep the clicker hidden. show this to the gambling board of control and have the bastards investigated. I’ve seen this too many times now..how they keep getting away with it I’ll never no. every automated hands free wheel is wired up with magnets. that says it all. I’m gutted for you man. As soon as you keep repeating bets on high stakes the wheel mysterally finds a way to land in those very few numbers that you haven’t covered. bastards. Don’t even get me started on those evil fobts !! Not onerandomnumber generated comes. They know what’s going to hit before the wheel stops..Percentage pay out like a fuckin slot machine. scams. Yes sometimes we win but once they clock your patterns they get you.

  336. The frantic clicking at the end ??????? unlucky dude there’s always next time….

  337. thits casino say we lets thits guys win big and he come back we wil rob from him.if you plar ruolets need look for normal wheel here not normal.thgey control all

  338. Kid you got balls! I’m high stakes my record spin 3500k but your something else, just remember easy come easy go but fu*k it enjoy it while it’s there mate

  339. This is a long time ago now, but after reading comments and looked formyself. It is some kind of cheat from the roulette table. by 2.20 en 4.00 you clearly see that it is some kind of cheat they use

  340. 2.20 proof the vibrating ball in action what a fucking con

  341. Casino rob people everyday they no what section pays and what don’t!!!!! Criminal

  342. l love to see people winning on gambling cause i have gambling problem myself . but how much money do you want to win 30,000 there and blew it . i see in your videos that you can reverse winning that you lodge what the fuck is that never ever do that. l had a great job and plenty of money and lost everything remember gamblers are leechs and are only interested in what you can give them . lii keep watching and hope you clean up .best of luck.

  343. 9/10 spins were rigged by eletromagnets balls don’t do that place little bets that’s what I do

  344. Bro don’t worry money comes money goes

  345. The very last spin at the end of this video is Definately a completely rigged ball..It is easy to seeThere is either a gyro or some type of vibrating ball being used hereI have never seen a ball move like that EVER!!!!have a look…..

    • The more I watch that last spin I am CONVINCED it is riggedJust have a look at it!!!!!!!!Holy fuck,that pill/ball moves like a crazy bitch to make you looseI never see that ever!

  346. Fuck that dozen chance bets, better put them on numbers bro. This roulette rigged 100%, they using ball jumper system againts you.

  347. Shows that the Casino ALWAYS wins. Why do they survive otherwise. Answer do NOT gamble its a mugs game

  348. der ball ist manipuliert rockenroller, look the ball..

  349. wow the greed?

  350. King mate fair

  351. Hundreds of people are getting on this wheel from all over the place on different sites in different countries, they can’t rig it for everyone to lose.

  352. I have seen the ball jump like that at irregular times, basically causing degen mode

  353. You definitely got cheated on this game man. Sue them!

  354. they are using magnet under 20

  355. its so clear

  356. The most stupidest thing iv ever seen paul it’s rigged against you!! Bevause you was the most highest player on the table the electromagnets were against you don’t ever do that again never go past £1000 in one bet the electromagnets fuck over the biggest better on the table per spin

  357. Does this not bother anyone? That wheel is clearly RIGGED, they’ve just taken a Fuck load of money off him, absolutely sickening. Those bounces were completely unnatural

  358. So hard to watch

  359. would bang the shit outta that blonde bitch for stealing ur money

  360. TAM BİR MALMIŞ =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  361. Another gambler who don’t know when to stop. Ouch!! Love the way your trying to close the window down before you start crying haha

  362. dumb

  363. Also look at 5:04, it bounces and goes into 32 then somehow gets drawn away into 2.. I think they know when you’re betting huge and control the ball with a remote.. Having doubts about ever playing here again

  364. is it me or does it look really like a fake at 4:00? vibrating balls exist

  365. Those bounces! fuck me, cheating bastards

  366. if it was riggedwhy would they let him get to 34K and then take it all away? He could have walked with the 34K. makes no sense

  367. Mate you need to get into Horse racing or Greyhounds best thing I ever did was get off the machines

  368. Spin at 2.22 is ridiculous.. This video especially that spin confirms the use of magnets. 100000%.

  369. Balls of steel

  370. wowwwwwww watching this has pretty much told me never to play live roulette online again as that hole session was dodgy as fuck i counted 3 times the ball had lost all momentum and then suddenly got a kick up the arse and darted in a direction with numbers you didnt have covered, I’ve seen a video on YouTube where the ball has a tiny motor in it enough to make it vibrate to dart the ball out of a winning number controlled by a little remote! fucking fixed!

  371. I am speechless.. I lost almost 8 thousand usd from Betfairbut today I realized that roulete is world fake 🙁 now I think how i recover the usdhave any idea anyone ????

  372. wow how rigged was that a 2.20!!! was going in 12 no way i will never play this game again RIGGED TO DEAF

  373. I just lost 2k and I’m fucking wounded but mate them bounces on that ball are not right at all in certain areas of the video. they wanted to clean you up. sorry for the loss mate

  374. also whatch her hands around 2:53-3:08. she pushes a button on the side of the wheel at least that’s what it looks like

    • Shes told via an earpiece what the massive bets are on……. once the ball comes near them numbers she hits a button and the balls thrown about again ………… so obvious

  375. Have you ever thought that the ‘livespins could in fact be pre-recorded? The spins in your big loss look so dodgy mate. Gek. I’m a firm believer, if you don’t bet big you don’t win big, but it does look like you was fighting a losing battle there.

  376. those ball moved so fcking retarded.

  377. oh fuck , i play this game too . I am lucky and loss , fuck this game haha , but is nice

  378. Real money?

  379. fuc cheatttttttttttttt NETent

  380. Rigged wheel. Stick to live sports betting.

    • Pj Faik easier said than done my friend.. Gambling is a massively addictive thing. I’d put it on par with heroine in terms of trying to rid yourself of it. Playing low level sports betting can be just enough to keep the demons at bay without destroying personal finances. Also it’s 100% legitimate. This wheel was without doubt rigged with magnets.

  381. Look how the ball changes position at 04:04 that is normally not possible. There is a magnet. The most online casinos use magnet. Dont play I tell the truth!!!! Its legal to cheat because the governments earn from the cheatings. The most people know it thats why online casino keep cheating with magnets. Even if you make a report to the police the law will refuse it. For the international security its allowed to cheat with magnets but normal people shouldnt know it!! You would have won normally about 100 000 Dollars if I calculated it right. ook 05:05 the ball moves from left to right. The government doesnt want the humans win without working keep that in mind!!!

    • The description of roulette is: a rotating plate with numbers and a ball. If there is a magnet or not doesnt matter, because it will still be a rotating plate with numbers and a ball. So its legal to put magnet under a roulette table. Thats it. The most Live Roulette tables are rigged because its legal. There is no law which say how much percent a human should win on a roulette table. Normally the magnets are placed on numbersfor every number a magnet -, that means the casino will never lose in roulette. But when the casino win a lot there is a good chance to bet high, because in this moment they let the ball roll.

  382. Is this for real ?

  383. Can anyone tell me , what does rocknrolla working? He plays with money. Sorry for my english i am from switzerland

  384. Scam when you play with big money insidecasino not gentlecasino only want money but don’t wanna take a risk!!! Its not gamble its scam no wonder many people become totally broke.
    ….stop playing don’t fool your self

  385. Dear Paulhow would you know if that site is rigged or not?
    Any Govt. inspectors?

  386. man sometimes those bounce make me Wonderthey might like you to gave you that step up,,,

  387. What the fuck is the point ?

  388. You can go for 100000 as long as you want but only loses

  389. Gambling is a complete waist of time u just lost dat amount of money tink what you could of done with that the only winners is the casino

  390. 2:22 om 2:25 Deny that fuxking roulette is not riggered

  391. I know it s fake a professional gambler never play 26 numbers,it’s just stupid people game

  392. Your videos are ace mate! You have balls of steel as well im happy when i win 300 quid lmao

  393. If you play 37 number you lol still loose get the fuck in there

  394. Odd question to ask on this channel but are there any people who have advice on how to stop gambling? I want to stop but I have those days where I cant control myself and bet anyway and its always the same when I win I keep on going till I eventually lose it. Its a loss/loss situation for me all help is appreciated

  395. Hi mate, thanks for all the videos! One question though: what is the purpose (if any) of putting so much chips around the table, instead of for example just putting a 5k chip on both first and second dozen? I mean, sometimes you’ve massive wins (like the video with a 8k win on one spin) but often the pay-out is ‘justaround 1:1 of 2:1. Of course, it doesn’t really matter in an online casion (think in real life dealers would get crazy of such betting) and it looks more exciting than just betting red/black but I was wondering whether there are other reasons for you playing this way?

  396. in Cassino you cant win.because ball jumped from big money.they control bullshit ball.

  397. This video proves the wheel must be fixed. every spin results in a loss , watch closely every number that has not been backed comes in for example : 6—–17——31——20—–27—– you have to feel for the guy . . online gaming is a scam

  398. That wheel looked dodgy as fuck

  399. I read most of the negative comments and basically who cares what he does. Its his life , his money and I tune in because I enjoy what he does, win or lose. At the end of it, I tune out and no longer give a fuck. It doesn’t affect me in any form what so ever.
    That said, Rocknrolla you give great enjoyment and certainly value for money.

  400. I watched a guy lose £8k a day playing two machines just backing one number on each for weekshe always turned round throw hands in air saying £8k I said that’s coz ya gambling is shit. Weeks and weeks later his topping up by card few different ones.. his never been seen since coz potless that’s how ya end up.. that kind of money ya never happy with a small win your be better off just spinning £10k a time red or black

  401. P.s. your wheel is crooked I hope ya know in the background a person has a remote control the size of a car key. The ball is the same to look at and sound but really its got magnetic inside. So they can press button the ball will still bump about but they can stop it where they want.. I see it used the guy stop ball on every number he wanted tosmall stakes ya ok but big stakes ya ain’t getting nothing in long run coz ain’t letting ya win big until ya ripped off for big money first..

  402. Ppl need to get own wheel ya will then see wat casinos use the magnetic keyring and who don’t.. your ball is 100% crooked as ya see they was cheating you out of £2k a bet landing the ball on ya lowest wins.. I’d take this video to an expert and sue the casino.. it’s clear to see it was rigged

  403. The bitch has the cheat button on he left hand side it’s under the black rim.. her left hand always rests same place and moves as she hits the magnet


  404. Stick to betting site casino’s like William hills corals they can’t afford to cheat on live wheels it will ruin em.. their ball ain’t rigged I only play the clump system good bet just red black.. there’s a fella on YouTube played on own live wheel over hour playing clump system

  405. If your a low stake player like me you can build up using this system.. I tried it 3 time and every time I’ve turned my starting money over x3 I then try normal play and lose it all.. if ya follow this system and save the money ya will do well.. I think this is nice system




  407. a big chance this kind of wheels got a magnet inside the wheel.if the owners wants,even the dealers know nothing.
    Time 4:02 its 100% not clear.trust me man.worked 15 years in that shits.

  408. Fuckin idiot

  409. It hurts to see how much you have lost!

    You set goals to win a certain amount and lose everything in the end.

    Sometimes you should not challenge your luck and look forward to small profits.

    I hope you have learned through this money lesson that greed lets one drown!

    Good luck on your way

  410. This is insane. Not healthy at all

  411. who in the right mind stakes £11,400 per spin you retarded or something?

  412. rigged roulette!!

  413. 100% vibrator ball

  414. Very clear

  415. Stop playing because u play like shit

  416. if that’s not rigged then what is

  417. your last 11k spin landed in 16 and the screen jumped and it switched to 20 watch it back a few times and ull see it mate

  418. Pff.. this is insane. They did everything to make you lose all your money. Distgusting pigs..

  419. Magnet activated.. respect for showing the huge losses aswell as wins Paul H, regards.

  420. rigged Lolllllll

  421. No no…. Not possible.. I think u killed this siteThieves

  422. I’ve played a lot of roulette and never saw bounces like these before. I would avoid netent.

  423. Hello from Germany, i have two questions, how much have you loss till today and what is your regular work

  424. 4:04 , 2:20 youtube.com/watch?v=51bc1ypNsrU

  425. 4:00 the magnet is doing his work

  426. Yep that really hurtfeel ya pain bro

  427. No loss feels good

  428. That ball is ridiculously rigged,they didn’t even try to hide it!,every spin the ball was rigged as fuck.

  429. 2:20 wow very munapulation fur black jack scren deception for rolete magnits

  430. Why not just grind at 100$ max per bet 1-19, 19-36 , odd-even , red/black . Im sure you could easily make 10k-20k per day with a huge bankroll like which you have . 10k is just 100 bets positive you could do that everyday for the rest of your life .

  431. Devils wheel

  432. This bloke is more than affiliated to the online casinos I reckon, look at his slots videos.. never had so many features and bonuses. It’s a clever rouse. Anyone can see that wheel isn’t right, it defies physics.

  433. 4min imAn ball is in fortheen go to twenty

  434. Have you ever watched the video bk properly they proper robbed u pal hav a look through slowlyill just point out 1 when the ball is bouncing round 26-12 area then boom all of a sudden 31 n ps there watch last few seconds of every loss the speeds up then just stopped dead they gave u a few 9.450 wins but I don’t actually believe u lost by being unlucky you was robbed n u even recorded it

  435. Im not even kidding them robbing you of 32000 pound i would take this to the police ive lost about 15000 but over the course of a few years but ive always been fishy about the live roulette n thisvideo n a few others on youtube have convinced me ther should be a massive investigation just think if every person is getting robbed like you there getting rich cause there making sure they win n there should be some sentences getting handed out cause its just a rob and company like william that let them use there website to play should be ashamed

  436. antwoord
    Manuel Chaves Nogales Maart 20, 2018 by 12:47 pm

    Totally rigged roulette. It´s impossible to have a massive win.

  437. jesus, you were a complete degenerate

  438. antwoord
    Make money on line tips Maart 24, 2018 by 9:08 pm

    minute 2:00 defenitely something is not right

  439. U suck thats all, we all suck at casinos dont wrry its still cool to watch you gamble

  440. Always had my suspicions but jesus this has just confirmed how rigged. 4:00 when it jumps out of 16 into 20. This is just ridiculous

  441. Rigged to fucking death that table

  442. Balls of fucking steal
    No risk no reward mate

    Bad loss tho ?

  443. Rigged af

  444. Fake free bets I bet not been funny if I lost 30k I be shouting trashing the house fake no one in right mine lose 30k don’t look like u have money

  445. Why Would anyone play that garbage? It’s rigged

  446. Can someone tell Paul to seriously stop playing these sites. The ball’s bounces defy the laws of physics. It’s actually comical how blatantly rigged the ball is. Stick to real life casinos Paul, for the love of god.

  447. You were stolen on this session . by 2.22 look how the ball which was landing on the 35 jump suddenly to the 31 , same at 4:04 . Try to avoid netent roulette , espacially if you play high stake sessions

  448. mate the wheel or ball is loaded IT DOES NOT BOUNCE LIKE THAT please mate look back on this just for a few mins and see what you think

  449. Money management problem

  450. That feeling M8
    From the Crazy Highs to the Mega Lows, both are like best friends to me

  451. Boss if you have this much money then why you are greedy

  452. 3:57 WTF! That looked dodgy AF!
    I normally don’t buy into all the magnet theorys people say about roulette but that looked like a magnet pulling that ball in!

  453. Just here so i can feel better about mysmall losshaha

  454. Why do you glorify this disgusting game ???

  455. Don’t do it again man

  456. if you were in las vegas with these sort of high value spins, i guess you would be considered a high roller and be entitled to the best room in the hotel…..

    • FrozenExplosion if they let you play those bets. Depends on your style of play. If they think you are playing with some sort of system they will not let you put those kind of bets on.


  458. 30k not 1 win??? Scam them dealers are laughing

  459. Anybody notice the way the ball moves at 2:20 en 4:00 en 5:00?! Looks pretty fishy to meEspecially at the 5 minute mark where it changes directions twice. Never really believed the people saying online casinos are scams but this is just too blatant not to believe it. Seriously dude I think you were being fucked big time!

  460. Man if I was that guy I’d be in a ball for hours walk away on a high withdraw the 20k play with 16 moderately then bail if it loses

  461. I felt that 20 black in my stomach

  462. I quit today hopefully forever

  463. First time I have seen this .Clearly rigged wheel.

  464. What do you do for a living?

  465. RIGED 4:00 min abs riged

  466. antwoord
    1000 SUBS AND I WILL BOIL WATER Junie 7, 2018 by 5:23 pm

    I find it amusing how he classed losing 2k at the beginning as MONEY BACk

  467. i lost in 60 dae 73550 dollars in netbet all money all the money I had saved in 10 jaar.
    to the trash because you want to win something and then recover the losses. The truth a stupid me

  468. Got a bit giddy there dint ya pal lol 30 odd grand lost in 5 mins is boarderline insane

  469. online gambling is fake, they pay max 75% back and when you bet big, they rigg the game

  470. Classic sneeze rigged spin . Your recent video of rigged spin had a sneeze in it !

  471. 3:55 watch the ball land on 16 and then, ignoring all the laws of physics it bounces away. sue those fuckers dude, u have video evidence here. 0.5 speed tells the truth

  472. Paul me and you do the biggest high stakes roulete and youchoob

  473. Hilarious you done fucking brains in hhaha

  474. You can clearly see there’s a STRONG magnet at work.

  475. @0:42 you see her push the button to vibrate the ball and spin it off course. Cunt is solely in on it.

  476. Do jou guys realy think u all can beat those gambling houses, keep on dreaming u will all lose your money

    • HAMALO they can be beaten and there are people out there doing it right now. Problem is most people don’t have the discipline or obsession to learn their game of choice to achieve this.

  477. You built up with 300 dollar and make so much profit. Damn your just stupid sry i have to say. Just ask yourself why u play? What about bankroll

  478. All these bounces are fucking rigged just like the vid you posted of them. I hope you never go back to these scums. I’m happy Immersive shows the bounce in slow-mo.

  479. Let’s assume it’s not rigged. That’s the most back spin on a roulette ball I’ve ever seen.

  480. 100000000% a rigged table. they have a vibrating ball. you were robbed

  481. guys listen up. the first rule when playing ro