1st time I hit a multiplier?? Had to put music over the first 1 minute!

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267 kommentaar
  1. Morning

  2. Go on lad

  3. Classic tune reminds me of the old Fifa days

  4. Nice win

  5. Woo Woo brilliant mate :-):-):-)

  6. Yeah baby ??????

  7. It’s money!

  8. Nice man if only 10 tho

  9. Good call cooling your account last night if that was the withdrawal lol …. well done mate

  10. antwoord
    Paul OSC Slots Dobbel Channel Maart 15, 2018 by 11:25 is

    Awesome hit Paulio!

  11. Nice win mate

  12. Wow….so close to the 10 also..but amazing hit

  13. Well played.

  14. Stream tonight or tomorrow?

  15. So close to the 35k 😀

  16. I may sound really dumb here but surely if u put money on yellow and it comes im you don’t actually make any money unless it hits 7× /2× before hand?surely its a waste of a spin if you only get your stake back. Sorry if i got that wrong

  17. Whenever a multiplier comes in I never get shit. Haha.

  18. antwoord
    Thewildmanarchieduncan Maart 15, 2018 by 11:39 is


  19. Get the fuck in Paul, finally a big win on dream catcher 🙂

  20. sick luck rolla

  21. Nice hit mate hope you cashed that out ?

  22. Get the ronza on ice my man !!!

  23. Id play that over roulette play 1s and 2s all day

  24. Nice fudgin win m8
    Notice how quick they changed the spinner when you started chucking a grand on lol that worked out for them a lol

  25. Nice one pal!!

  26. you gambled it all again yet then lol sigh

    • Well degenerates will never be rich gamblers either, since they will waste it all again, and quickly.

    • Most likely he’s a degenerate lol. but degenerates are the only one’s that can hit these wins, because they have the balls to go for it, the rest of us bottle out (or take the right option depending what way you look at it) and take smaller profits. Degenerate can be bad or good depending on what angle you look at it from. “sensible gamblerswill never be rich gamblers, or ever win the big hits to lose it again.

  27. Nice one mate get the fudge in there

  28. Paul soooooo fucking happy for you honest to god!!! After watching blackjack vid last week, had palpitations before I watched this. GTFIT!!!!!

  29. Get the Fudge in there 15g


  31. The music so annoying man seriously ..

  32. what the fuck!!!!! Hahahahha congrats m8 <3

  33. antwoord
    General Issam Zahreddine Maart 15, 2018 by 12:00 pm

    Nice win, deserved !

  34. Fuck me bud what a hit!

  35. Oooooo ma god!! Nice one Paul!!

  36. It’s money

  37. Booooooooooooommmm nice one Paul

  38. Goeie een. Spin up king! ?

  39. Boom nice one Rolla

  40. Ron zacapa win

  41. Kry die fudge in daar! Congrats!

  42. Lovely mate was this recently?

  43. thats nearly my 1 years salary lol well done buddy

  44. Nice one Paul. Wat 'n treffer

  45. @rocknrolla . when was this man ?!

  46. Nice to see that after the tilt on stream yesterday

  47. Wooh! ???

  48. Well done!!! So good to see you win big ?

  49. You’re off the fucking chain.

  50. That’s ma man mate do your thing and don’t listen to shithouses in chat fucking the vibe they play 10p stakes which isn’t a bad thing like but fuck them

  51. buzzing for you mate 🙂

  52. hate the music but love the video mate

  53. Paul mate get in der me lad. Cheers

  54. get the fudge in there. nice one Paul

  55. Nice one mate!!

  56. antwoord
    Sarah Rutherford/Wade Maart 15, 2018 by 1:05 pm


  57. Get In!!! Congrats

  58. Finally a decent tune on a video ? and what a fucking hit !! Well done ?

  59. great hit get the fudge in

  60. Thought this was gonna be that 700 quid u put on 1 last night lol. U were gonna put it on 2 but just missed a 7x too lol. Anyway gtf in there m8

  61. Subways!!!! Awesome choice of music pal! Remember seeing these in Cardiff years ago! Top top band

  62. Dream hit on dream catcher congrats bud

  63. Get the fucccccckkkkk in there pal! And about time too buddy!

  64. Soo happy for u bro.

  65. Nice One Great Hit !

  66. What a sick hit Rolla! Right hit at the right time enjoy lad!!

  67. Good job Paul 😀

  68. Ronza!!!!! Nice hit sir!

  69. Fantastic, but dont bet on single 1, odds are worse than red black on roulette. Great excitment.

  70. 14 grand in 2 mins

  71. 15k lovely but I know you were sat there thinking about how close that 10 was haha well done mate

  72. Very nice hit man, congratz! When was this? Didn’t see it in the description but I maybe just blind.

  73. Bit curi9us, is that one hit lucky wonder, or is like blackjack , you have many big losing attempts offline? Since you dont play it much on stream i think. Well done.

  74. Niceee! Big balls that! Get the fudge in

  75. I want to fucking murder every one of those croupiers. So cringerworthy.

  76. if that is yellow 1………..but no! Awesome hit! Much love Paul<3

  77. How much would the 10 av paid

  78. You deserve it Paul))… You got the balls now reap the rewards

  79. Great win tha mate deserve it tho the way u go for it..but wtf is up with tha second presenter?

  80. Nice one proper !!!

  81. If i hit 15k like that then fuck me il be on a binge for a week.. fuckinh have it mate well doneee!!!! It makes me happy to see you take these sites for big bucks lol

  82. Please to god no one try and copy this shit!

  83. Has anybody thought about trying the martingale system on dreamcatcher playing number 1? Sure 1 comes in so often it could actually work but i bet the site would close your account before u make a living from it lol.. how would you stay undetected? Gtfit pal

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel but if u started at 5quid turnover so bet 5 then 10 then 20 and so onacross 5 different sites to stay undetected then surely u can make more money than you would as a professional plumber? Obviously throwing in a few dummy bets aswelli might try that

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Maart 15, 2018 by 8:06 pm

      Has a maxbet of 1k plus with the rtp you’d be better off doing it on roulette I think

  84. antwoord
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel Maart 15, 2018 by 3:01 pm

    Fucking insane, your blood is going to be 90% Ronza lol

  85. Better than 1! ??


  87. Wat 'n treffer ?? POW

  88. Hope you withdraw a big chunk if it.. Get in there P

  89. holy shit thats crazy, hella intense.

  90. Thought it was going for the additional 2x as well. That 10 would have been a lovely hit, but still, £15k is hugenice one dude!

  91. Get the FUCK in !!!!!

  92. Nightmare catcher.

  93. get the mother fudge in there mate!!!!!!

  94. What a feking hit man !!

  95. antwoord
    BarbaNera Production Maart 15, 2018 by 3:51 pm

    Get the ….your insane my man and a lucky mf ??

  96. Hope that hit got you back ahead of any recent losses! Congrats

  97. You streaming tonight

  98. Nice one Rolla! Lucks changing ??

  99. big congrats Paul

  100. Do the people who run Dream Catcher just try to find the most annoying hosts possible? Surely they are dropping ecstasy in the staff room before they start their shift?? They tilt me soooooo much

  101. Boom ?

  102. DC pays

  103. Huge congrats mate makes up for the slots 🙂 My heart was rushing then watching that spin!

  104. Nice win Paul

  105. Nice hit enjoy

  106. Damn it was one rung away from being that 10 but fucking epic win

  107. Fs man ?????

  108. Fucccccck!!!!!!!!! Sick man

  109. are you streaming tonight buddy

  110. ?Be my, be my, Littol Rocknroll-Dream!?

  111. Good win but seriously you always put a good win up after getting flack about a ridiculous loss it’s standard !

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel I think you misunderstood me with underage viewing , if you don’t have account which kids shouldn’t you can’t apply restrictions and therefore can watch gambling streams you don’t need to fake account as you don’t need an account. log out of your account and see if you can watch your videos or bandits etc. Donations are good and a win win, Ive done a few over the years at the end of the tax year. £50k is good amount but not relevant to the conversation unless in went to gamcare or the likes so not sure of your point but if you look at the donations out of operating profit UK bookmakers have to make they are 7 figure sums but appreciate they larger . I doubt if a majority of your subscriber’s or other affiliates subscriber’s will even understand our conversation and that’s my point.

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Maart 15, 2018 by 10:26 pm

      No I’ve seen your comments on others so I don’t see it like that, I’m not trying to change your opinion as I do see where your coming from, I’m just replying with mine. The underage part though I feel there isn’t much you can do as nothing stops them from just making a fake account or just ticking a box to say they are 18 to watch porn etc a good reason why maybe there should be talks in school, I funded a guys project to do exactly that. I think I’m the clearest when it comes to my affiliate links in the description as some don’t even have one word. I never mention my links or casinos in stream or in any of my videos and have nothing visible in my screen setup or in the comments section, this isn’t me saying I’m better than anyone else for doing this but I truly think the people that want a better bonus know where to look and know exactly what signing up through one of my links means and those that simply want to watch can without any encouragement to signup. I agree the online casinos should be donating more and I’m hopefully doing what I can with this, (although it will never be to the high amounts they should) with 21 we have now donated over 50k, something I also wouldn’t be able to do without a link in description. Night mate

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel I appreciate you have to defend yourself but again I refer to all affiliates although talking with you as the others don’t bother. I don’t get the part about underage viewers having to be responsible as in they couldn’t go in to a bookies and watch someone playing a fobt yet can watch a live stream or video in anonymity. Again to make clear I refer to all affiliates some of which promote with cash incentives which I despise. People streaming personal gambling wins or losses I wouldn’t like but could live with BUT affiliates streaming gambling promoting casinos and offering incentives whether cash or tailored bonus awards I take issue with. If a William Hill employee streamed promoting William Hill casino there would be big problems and that’s why they don’t do it. but anyone can be an affiliate to these non UK based casinos that aren’t subject to mandatory donations to organisations such as gamcare and that I take issue with. If you feel I’m singling you out your wrong ask bandit or nickslots or chipmonkz etc but at least you have responded so I thank you for that. Goodnight Paul

    • +Lyrical Thesis I’m pretty sure that those who sign up using Rocknrolla’s affiliate link would sign up on some casino site either way, but I agree with you about showing income from sign ups if he wants to be completely open. It must be pretty large sum otherwise it would already be known.

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Maart 15, 2018 by 9:15 pm

      Well then? Never have I seen it as I’ve always wondered when others have asked the same?

  112. Nice one Paul get the fudge in hope ya lucks turning

  113. Get the absolute fudge in there..last nights miss of 2 coming in while you pondered over what to do well and truly laid to rest!

    • A £1500 miss and a £15000 hitif that still doesn’t make everything right in the world of Rocknrollathen we’re going to need to knock up some Ronza infused KFC or something to erase the bad memories

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Maart 15, 2018 by 7:16 pm

      I wouldn’t say well and truly but yeh this helps ha!

  114. fooking awsome m8 (Y)

  115. antwoord
    THE ENFORCER SIMON BALLS Maart 15, 2018 by 7:31 pm

    Heart was racing for you there Paul,Fucking quality hit,Yesssssss

  116. GTFIT!! ????

  117. Ah Paul. I played a game of pool with the lead singer of the subways back in harlow sqaure. Fuck thats years ago

  118. Total degenerate

  119. All the people that won like £150 etc. Paul wins £15000!!!!!! Lol

  120. Another 15k hit probably lost on roulette ? Same shit different day


  122. Result! Pay back for Screwing you over the other night 🙂 Much Love to you an your Family

  123. Get the fudge in. I think you needed that boost. Well done !!

  124. Sooooo close to the green asswell

  125. Unbelievable, in a good way!!

  126. Congratulations!

  127. Wow nice hit rock en rolla congrats man

  128. Get the fudge in ,,, awesome hit brother ,, thumbs up

  129. Most of the time I want you to win, more than I want myself to win..

  130. Nice work Paul lad ?

  131. Fucking hell ha ha degen as it comes, goeie een!

  132. Tune!! Kry die fudge in daar

  133. Wow was hoping u was gonna steam tonight lol nice win

  134. antwoord
    Puppydoo Online Slot Challenge Channel Maart 15, 2018 by 10:29 pm

    Your balls are large n made of steel buddy

  135. Good shot man. Nice one Paul

  136. You jammy little fucka? love it keep up the good videos

  137. antwoord
    Зайчик Весенний Maart 15, 2018 by 10:41 pm

    Mega Hard!!!

  138. Hahahhahahaa all I can say. Love it.

  139. AHhhh what a fucking hitnice one bruva”!!!

  140. get the fuck in there paul, much love brother 🙂

  141. ROCK N ROLL BABY!! 😀 Nice one mate!!

  142. makes up for the shitty computer blackjack games

  143. Hey, love your channel man! Good luck as always and keep swinging for those big hits!

  144. I hope you got out the fancy glass for that win! nice!

  145. Nice bro. Big win in ya face ^^. Good luck in future

  146. Nice!!!!!!!! What a time to catch the multiplyer! 🙂

  147. Hmmmm says you win 15000 but he says 16000

  148. Yeah! The real RocknRolla, wants the FUCKING LOT.

  149. streaming tonight?

  150. When was this mate? Wish there was a dream catcher at the casino, I would be all over it degen style, that’s my second favourite wheel haha after the devil wheel of course GTFIT

  151. When you on next Paul….?)))))

  152. Only just watched this, thought this was a cut from the previous night stream that you lost on lol. great win, geluk!!!

  153. DreamSnatcher well done mate

  154. Kry die fudge in daar

  155. Don’t fecking waste it on roulette, dhv mega session tonight?

    • antwoord
      Rocknrolla se Dobbel Channel Maart 18, 2018 by 3:46 pm

      Nah this was a much needed cashout and blocked my account for 24hrs just incase! I’m definitely going to do a mega session on that one day but not tonight as its poker night tonight

  156. Thats a result rockinrolla …. go treat yourself dont give back to the fuckers 🙂

  157. F##k me! Get the F####################k in there!
    Amazing win rolla…….
    Might be the perfect time to take it down a notch? No point in giving it back.

  158. what is the name of the song?

  159. Hij speelt voor die goksites, gewoon samenspel zodat mensen meer gaan spelen. Pure oplichting, word is tijd dat dat hele zooitje word opgerold. Vieze kk boef

  160. Great stream

  161. Why do ppl give this a thumbs down?? Begruding fu##ers.. nice win pal

  162. Fake really is can tell

  163. wonder WHAT he really winsthat goes from that place to his bank accountAFFILIATE thing here as fuck,…

  164. Was ist das für ne drecks Mucke

  165. Crazy luck that multiplier dropped never seen it happen

  166. How are you not bankrupt yet ?

  167. Does no one ever wonder why that plastic paddle thing that stops on a number is black like the background ? its obviously so it can be manipulated some how ……… why isnt it bright red to stand out from the black? deffo suspicious.

  168. You lucky bastard

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